Dear Forum…

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“Dear Forum,

I’ve always though these letters were made up but I found myself in the strangest predicament just the other day. I never thought it would happen to me but….”

Janie’s eyes scanned another letter. She wished they’d change the formula it was so clichéd now. The whole “I never thought it would happen to me” was almost a meme for erotic fiction in letter form.

Janie hated this job. She had dreamed that there was a glamorous world in glossy print media, she was wrong. Where she had imagined assorted desks scattered randomly around a large room were rows: separated by partitions and overflowing filing cabinets. Her chair squeaked as she leaned back and rubbed her eyes. To the right of her was a pile of papers she had already proof read… ‘letters’ for the upcoming issues. To the left of her.. an even larger pile that she had yet to get through. She sighed and put her feet up on the desk, she heard a noise.

Janie froze.

She thought she was the only one here.

Another noise. “Who’s there?” Janie asked in her bravest not very brave voice. A head popped over the partition, “It’s just me,” it stammered.

“Jesus, Matt, give a girl a heart attack!” Janie scowled at the undefined body of the cleaner.

“I.. I’m sorry” stammered Matt, he hoped that she didn’t realise he had been watching her.

Janie had always considered Matt a background character, eve gelen escort but she welcomed the intrusion tonight, “what are you doing here so late?”

Matt’s eyes darted from her face to her shirt then back to her face, “I’m just finishing off for the night,” he sounded as casual as someone who was nervous. She picked up on the peek. Though, instead of making her cringe, she felt a flip deep within her stomach. She stared at him for a long time. Matt shifted a little under her gaze, nervously scratched his arm and let his eyes dart around, “Do you want me to empty that?” he asked, indicating to the bin. Janie gave a small smile and nod.

As he leaned down she noticed that her earlier impression of him was wrong. His body definitely had definition, and there was that little flip again. Janie dropped her feet and picked up another ‘letter’. “What you reading?” Matt asked.

“Just some of our ‘letters'” she waved the paper in front of him.

“So, can you answer me something?”

She knew what the question was, everyone asked, “The reality contained in these letters remains are at the discretion of the publisher.”

Matt picked up a page and quickly scanned it, “I think you are a good writer.”

Janie laughed, “I don’t write them, I just get them ready for print” she turned toward her desk, she really should get on with this task. fatih escort

Matt spun her chair around and stopped it so she was facing him. Janie wanted to protest. Instead she reached forward and hooked her fingers over the top of his jeans pulling him towards her in one swift motion. He leaned down and lifted her face carefully planting his lips on hers. Her fingertips flirted behind his zipper, he let out a small groan as her tongue flicked over his lips. Her hands allowed his growing organ to escape the confines of his jeans. She was suitably impressed. He lifted her shirt and unhooked her bra in one motion. She was suitably impressed. Their kisses grew more intense as she stood up, his hands pushed up her skirt and pulled down her g-string.. she’d seen that before.

As he pushed her back toward the desk the pile of papers crashed to the floor. For a moment there were hands, legs and passion entwined. Tongues darting into accepting places, fingers finding willing warmth, Janie had not felt this for a while. She shivered slightly in anticipation of what was to come. She parted her thighs and Matt moved his hips between them. She was wet, glistening, ready to feel him inside her. He didn’t disappoint, the moment she felt the tip of his hard cock entering her, the waves started. Her pussy contracted, pulsating, as his shaft slid deeply inside her. Every nerve ending halkalı anal yapan escort was firing and she felt him throb within the walls of her wetness. She pulled his buttocks encouraging him to thrust deeper, she opened her legs wider and wrapped her thighs around him, her arms circled around his neck and he lifted her off the desk, not missing a stroke. He slammed her body against the partition which fell easily and they crashed to the ground together, not missing a stroke. He grabbed her hands and held them against the floor above her head, kissing her neck, her throat, her breasts, not missing a stroke. They moved together. Each thrust gaining more and more momentum, she let out a groan, he let out a moan, they rolled over and she was on top of him. Her thighs burned, sweat beaded, she arched her back so his shaft could thrust deeper, reach further. She moved her hips so the head of his cock would touch places mostly forgotten. He groaned again as her fingertips lightly touched and played with is balls.

He sat up suddenly and embraced her, placing his lips on her now salty skin. She encircled his neck and ran her nails along his back, he burst inside her. She felt the intense pulses, “oh!” she let out and bit down on his shoulder, as the waves of ecstasy course though her. Her pussy tightened around him, her clit swollen, dripping, pulsing.

They stopped and froze momentarily, each wrapped in their moment.

Their arms loosened, their bodies separated. They sat on the floor staring at each other. Without anything more than a slight smile she pushed her hair out of her face and stood, straightened her skirt and sat back at her desk.

She never thought it would happen to her…

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