Dear Debora Pt. 01

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My eyes opened and I grabbed my glasses and looked at the clock, it read “3:45.” “Fuck” I said to no one. After I looked at the time. I got up and staggered to the bathroom and performed my morning routine. I slipped on a pair of sweat pants, shirt and shoes and left my house and walked my neighborhood. I did my final turn and walked up to my back door hit the code that unlocked the door, and walked in. I was lucky my current employment status allowed me the daily half hour walk.

With today’s technology I did not need to make the half-hour trip to the office. My commute was a thirty-second walk from my dining room to an empty bedroom that I turned into my office. I write the advice column in the local weekly alternative paper. I inhabit the personality of “Dear Debra” My questions range from what wine goes with what food, who should take the lead if a date goes beyond dinner, to should I have oral sex on a first date.

I started about five years ago filling in for the real Debra and when she left I stayed. I have an editor that culls the questions and sends them to me and I select the three to four questions to handle for the column that needed to be back to the office by Tuesday morning.

I turned on my computer and scanned my email and found the one from my editor. There was a long attachment to her email. I opened the attached document.

“Dear Debra,

I have a great relationship with my boy friend we enjoy each other and have really great sex. The one sore point is oral sex. In past relationships with other men; I have had oral sex. “Darrel (not his real name) is really squeamish about me going down on him. I enjoy going down on men’s cocks. How can I relax Darrel so I can get some oral fun?

Maybe selfish Patty”

Ok I will work on this one. I dismissed the second and liked the third.

“Dear Debra,

What wine is appropriate for a large banquet? I am hosting a fifteen-person party and was wondering if I should purchase a Bordeaux, or something from California. My guests are not wine snobs and really would not know the difference. The evening will start off with cocktails and then dinner and desert.

Which Wine”

A pair of arms moved around my shoulders and my girlfriend’s head moved to kiss me on the cheek. “”Oh God Dear Debra, why do you write that stuff?” said Carol Farmer; my lover for the last three years. Neither one of us was young, but we seemed to get along.

“I write this to put food on the table,” I responded.

“You should have gotten me up I would have walked with you,” she said.

“I didn’t want to bother you. What is on your schedule my dear?” I asked.

“I am showing a house at 11:00 and closing a deal at 3:00 and if it goes through I am taking you out to dinner,” said Carol.

We both work out of the home office and Carol’s desk is across the room from mine. Our sleeping arrangements were interesting. Most of the time Carol sleeps with me but at times she uses the third bedroom where her wardrobe is stored. Selling Real Estate requires her to be well dressed. She is always on me to improve my wardrobe.

I met Carol when she sold me the house that we occupy. I had just gone through a divorce and was looking for a house either to buy or rent. I met Carol at the coffee shop near the place I was living temporally. We struck up a conversation and she said that she knew of a home that was on the market, that she thought I could afford.

She showed me the house and after two bottles of wine I made an offer. I was surprised that it was accepted. I was able to make the down payment from the proceeds of my old house that was sold to satisfy the divorce order. For the first few months I was able to make the note, but the ownership of the paper cut the fee for Dear Debra and it became harder.

I called Carol to put the house back on the market but she had another suggestion. It seemed that that she walked into her house and found her husband in bed with another woman. She was looking for a place to live and offered to help out with the mortgage. So we have had this interesting living arrangement for about three years. At first she lived in her bedroom and I lived in mine. We split expenses. For a while we carried on separate social lives. She even brought a gentleman home. One morning I was getting up and found Carol in bed with me. From that point on she sleeps with me most nights. We gradually got closer and after a while we were a couple.

I needed to get back to work the deadline was fast approaching. The fifth question and sixth questions looked good

“Dear Debra,

When I go out to eat with “Steve” his eyes are constantly moving all over the room. He rarely looks at me. Everything else in our relationship seems to work. Should I worry?

Nervous Nelly”

Dear Debra,

What can I do to control my boyfriend’s gaseous emissions when we are making love?

Bill needing a gas mask

I started to craft the answers.

Maybe Selfish,

Many maltepe escort people have different views on oral sex. If “Darrel” was raised in a household where sex in any form was frowned upon; he may have left over feelings of being sinful if he participates oral sex. It may take some time to get him over his apprehension. It is difficult to have frank discussions about this with your partner. But both parties need to be agreeable to oral stimulation. It is good that you want to perform on him, which may make it easier. It will take time. Check online bookstores for Fellatio and get a manual. It might give you suggestions for topics of conversation. Remember work slowly or you might drive him away.


You have to decide if you want to impress your guests or save money. Either wine will work and there are several wines from California that are every bit as good as Bordeaux. Since you didn’t give me your menu I can’t give you any suggestions on the wines you should think about. Consult the wine column written by my friend Steve Williams. That might give you an idea of what wines will go with your menu.

What people don’t know is Steve Williams is the same person as Dear Debra. I write the wine column under the name Steve Williams.


Is it possible that Steve has a touch of autism and is uncomfortable making eye contact with you? He may also be nervous in crowed areas. You might ask him why his eyes dart around the restaurant. If you come home and find another woman with him then you need to worry.


Monitor your partner’s food intake and limit those foods that promote the production of gas. There are over-the-counter medications that absorb the gas you can check out. Many people have very active bacteria in their guts that contribute to being flatulent.

I formatted the document and logged into the paper’s content management system and uploaded the document. I would revise my answers up to the deadline. But the paper had a column.

Carol was in the bathroom showering and I decided to join her. I slipped into the bathroom that was part of the shared bedroom. Dropped my sweatpants and shirt and climbed in to the walk in shower with Carol. My cock was standing at attention and I grabbed her nipples. Carol turned around and kissed me.

“Sorry darling but I have a headache,” said Carol.

“Like hell you do,” I said as I planted a kiss on her lips, I tried to get more active but Carol held fast and I backed down.

I toweled off and put my sweats back on. I went to the kitchen and started cracking eggs for breakfast. Carol came out and sat at the island as I placed a plate of scrambled eggs in front of her position.

“I am sorry darling about the shower will you give me a rain check? I wish it were Sunday because we would be drinking Champagne. But I need to have a clear head,” said Carol.

Carol finished and gathered her material and left. One of the advantages of living with Carol was the Bentz SUV that she drove. She dressed to impress and drove to impress her clients. The car and the clothes communicated success.

It was about 10:30 when my editor called.

“Mike, I read your Dear Debra story and its fine but we need to expand the Oral sex and the Autistic answer. Contact someone at the Autism society and see if you are on the right angle. Do some research on Oral sex and see if you can fill in. I need about two more inches,” said Tracy.

“Will do. Are you still on for Saturday?” I said.

“It is on my calendar. See you then. Mike I need those additions by EOB today,” said Tracy.

Well I had my marching orders. I looked on the Internet to find a local chapter of the Autism society. I found the number and called. I identified myself as the researcher for Dear Debra. After about a half an hour of conversation I had enough information to pad the column. It was nice to know that I was on the right track. I opened the document and added the material. Tracy would polish the copy. Oral Sex was another story. I knew an expert on the subject she was my ex-wife. Brenda Maddux PhD taught Psychology at the local university and sexual practice was an area of her research.

After our divorce I would get snarky emails from her when my Dear Debra answers were off the rails.

“Brenda Maddux,” she answered on the first ring.

“It’s your ex Brenda how are you doing?”

“What can I do for you?”

I read her the question and my answer and asked if she could add anything. After giving me the history of sexual practices from Victorian times to the present day; she actually gave me a few quotes I could use. She also gave me a few strategies that the correspondent could use to ease into oral sex on the reluctant.

“You and the Real Estate chick still together?” she asked.

“Yes and her name is Carol Farmer,” I replied.

“Hey who do I have to bribe to get on a wine panel?” said Brenda.

“I will let you know if I have an mecidiyeköy escort opening. Thank you for the information,” I ended the call.

I looked over my notes and edited the answer. I quoted Brenda Maddux PhD and uploaded the changes to the column.

0## Dear Debra for the week

My phone rang and Carol was on the line. “I am just a little pissed right now. My 11:00 canceled, and the closing was postponed to tomorrow. Hold on another call coming in.”

My line went silent and I waited for her to come back.

“Well my day is not a total loss. I am meeting someone to get a listing. I should be home about 3:00. I am still willing to go to Le Bistro, if you’re up for it,” said Carol.

“I am always up for mussels and a good white wine,” I replied.

“It’s a date. I will meet you there,” said Carol.

My next task was to call a friend of mine to get a recommendation on a set of wines to rate. I got the “Leave a message,” on his phone.

“Charles, give me a call, I need to talk Juice,” I recorded.

Charles James is my wine whisperer; he never answers the phone it was always leave a message and he would get back to me. My computer beeped indicating I had a new email message. From: [email protected]

Subject. Wine List.


Got your message and had this list ready. I think it is time for your group to sample some Pinot’s. He went on to list seven Pinot Noir examples, three from Oregon, two from Washington, and two from California. “Drop by the store and I will have these pulled for you.”

I hit the reply button and said that I would see him in the morning. In addition to his recommendations I might put one or two from my stash just to spice things up. I spent the rest of the afternoon setting up the column and doing research on the selections, both his and mine. I looked at the clock on my computer and saw that it was approaching 3:00 and I pulled up my smart phone and tapped on the Uber App and put a request for a ride. The app messaged me saying “Dave will be by in fifteen minutes, in a gold SUV. The fee was $15.00 that was charged to the credit card I stored in the App.

I do know how to drive but I did not have a car at the moment and used the ride “Sharing” services as well as public transportation. Carol would get pissed at me when she drove me the grocery or other places.

A gold SUV drove up and after the usual preliminaries, I got in and the driver took me to Le Bistro. The car pulled behind the German SUV that my girlfriend owned. Great timing I thought. I climbed out of the car said good-by to the driver and waited for Carol to walk to the entrance.

We kissed and entered. “Do you want to eat here or take it to go?” I asked Carol.

“Don’t worry I can get us home,” she said.

Carol and I stayed together because we enjoyed good food and good wine. We were regulars at Le Bistro and the hostess escorted us to a table in the corner that allowed us to look over the entire room.

“What do you think about Pinot Noir?” I asked

“Not for Shell Fish,” replied Carol.

“No those are the wines we are tasting Saturday,” I said.

“Fine. A funny thing happened to me today I got a listing from my Ex. The scumbag’s dick found a new hole and the woman that he was shaking up with moved out. He’s between jobs and needs to sell. I was the next agent on the board and caught the call. He didn’t seem to mind,” said Carol.

“Must be our lucky day I had to call my ex to get some information to pad out one of my Dear Debra answers,” I said.

The waiter approached the table. “Two plates of mussels and a bottle of Pino Grigio.” I pointed to the wine on the list.

“I want to get you home, and…” Carol said as the waiter approached with the wine. She expertly extracted the cork and poured samples for both of us. After we tasted she filled both glasses and left the bottle in the ice bucket and withdrew. “…and give you a tonguing that you will not forget,” she finished her thought.

“Well I guess I have something to look forward to,” I said.

The waiter approached with two enormous bowls of shellfish and a basket of bread. She placed the bowls in front of us, and the basket in the center of the table. We both dug in to the food. The cook did his usual job and the mussels were great. It took about an hour and a half hour for us to finish. I am afraid that we killed two bottles of wine. I got my phone out to summon Uber when Carol stopped me. “Let’s go, I’m fine. You drank most of the wine anyway,” she said.

I signed the check and we both leaned on each other as we walked to the car. Behind the wheel Carol became a different person and expertly got us home with out any problem.

I opened the house and Carol put her tongue in my ear. I was barely able to get the door closed before her hand got in my pants.

“See your ex and attack me, I will get him to see you more often,” I said.

It is either sex merter escort with you or a shower to get the stink off,” said Carol.

Unlike Dear Debra’s correspondent’s boyfriend I had no objections to oral sex. Carol had me on the couch and my cock in her mouth, shortly after we were home. Her head bobbed up and down, fucking my cock. She lifted off leaving my pole standing at attention.

“Let’s get your clothes off so I can do a proper job,” said Carol.

I stood and dropped my jeans and underwear. Carol pulled my shirt over my head; accept for my socks I was completely naked. Carol had her hand on my erection making sure that I did not go anywhere. “Back on the couch,” she barked.

As soon as I was reclining Carol was giving my cock her undivided attention. Between her mouth and hand I was moving my pelvis trying to get away from the stimulation. She rubbed the sensitive area where my cock crown meets the shaft and I shot like old faithful. There were puddles of cum on my tummy. Carol went to the Kitchen and brought a towel and threw it in my face. “Clean up mister,” she ordered.

Like a high school boy after masturbating I wiped cum off of myself. Carol never liked the taste of cum, but she liked oral sex. While I was cleaning up Carol walked back to the bedrooms. I heard her call my name and I gathered my clothes and started walking in the direction of her voice. She was in the same state as I was completely naked, when I found her in my/our bedroom.

We are two mature adults on the other side of thirty but Carol could star in a men’s magazine photo layout. She kept herself in shape; with nice breasts, trim waist and a beautiful ass. She was lying on the end of the bed inviting me to take her from behind.

“Got enough ammo left to take care of a sex starved woman,” Carol said as I dropped my clothing in the laundry basket.

I approached her and reached between her legs and started to massage her pussy. Carol liked having a shaved pussy with just a small patch of hair above her vagina. My cock had recovered enough that I could insert my sword into her sheath. I manipulated the area just above her pussy lips and that stimulated her contractions around my cock. I withdrew and Carol flipped over. I reinserted my cock and continued to fuck my lover.

“Um more like that,” she said as I continued to fuck her pussy.

I was fully lodged in her cunt and we were kissing as I was ramming my tool in and out of her pussy.

“I knew that there was a reason that I kept you around,” said Carol

“Well technically I keep you around as my name is still on the mortgage,” I replied.

“Well I don’t think that “Dear Debra” would pay enough to service the debt on the house.

“Truce,” I said as I continued to fuck Carol’s pussy. I arched my back and again climaxed shooting a load of cum in my girlfriend. I kissed her and my cock fell out of her pussy.

Carol was off the bed and out of the room before I could say anything. I again toweled off. The wine and the sex had stimulated my kidneys and I let go a long stream in the toilet. I walked back into the bedroom and Carol was pulling the cork on our favorite sparkling wine. She expertly eased the cork out with just a small burp. She handed me a glass and poured the pink wine in the glass.

“What are we celebrating?” I asked.

“That we can still make passionate love,” replied Carol.

“Works for me,” I said as I drained the glass and refilled hers and mine.

She started to laugh after the second glass and was refilling her flute.

“Ok what do you find funny?” I asked.

“I was thinking that it was funny that we were having sex and drinking Champagne,” said Carol.

I stood and took her glass and put it on the table. She was on the bed and I again climbed between her lovely legs and kissed her. My reenergized cock found her cunt and I gently slid the pole in her hole.

“I want on top sir,” said Carol.

We switched positions and Carol guided my cock into her cunt. When I was fully lodged she started to bounce up and down. I took a sip of the sparkling wine as I watched her breasts dance in my face. Carol leaned over and retrieved her glass as well. Carol’s actions again broke down my resistance and I felt my muscles tighten. There was a release and my cock shot another load in my girlfriend’s pussy.

Carol got off the bed and after picking the bottle up she refilled our glasses. The bottle was empty and I downed the rest of my wine. Carol began to leave the room; “Where are you going?”

“I have an early call tomorrow so you’re flying solo,” she said as she walked out of the room. I gathered the glassed and bottle so I could get them to the Kitchen in the morning. I found my PJ’s and got ready for bed. I shut the light off and was sleeping before my head hit the pillow.

My phone was on silent so it vibrated on the table next to my head. I reached for it and after three attempts I finally grabbed it. I swiped the screen and moved it to my ear.

“Good morning sunshine,” said Carol.

“Where the F___ are you?”

“I am on the road, I will be home at 8:00 I just wanted make sure that you were up,” said Carol.

“I will see you this evening,” I said and touched disconnect button and went back to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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