Dealing with the Devil

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This is my contribution to the Halloween 2014 Story Contest. I would appreciate any feedback you have as well as for your time to vote! Thank you, I hope you enjoy!


Irene checked her lipstick one last time in her rear-view mirror before knotting the two ribbons in her hands to hold her mask to her face. The black piece of material was lined with soft suede on the inside and was coated with sleek black feathers on the outside. Small white crystal rhinestones adorned the edges of her eyes and a beautiful single red plume attached to her left temple fluttered softly over her head. Her long dark lashes framing her solid brown eyes fluttered through the spaces left for them, and her deep red lips curled up in a smile at the sight of it.

She exited her car and gave the keys to the valet who nodded his approval at her attire before getting in and slowly driving off. Hugging her black knit wrap around her shoulders, she pulled her ticket out of her purse and walked up to the man at the door dressed sharply in a navy uniform.

“Ticket please,” he smiled warmly and held out his hand for the slip of paper.

She handed it to him and smiled back, moving through the doors and pulling off her shawl. She felt the doorman’s eyes on her bare shoulders and chest as she took out a tube of lipstick from her purse and tucked it snugly into her waistband. She handed her purse and shawl to the coat check, and smiled to herself, acutely aware of his gaze.

One of the walls in the grand marble lobby was plated in mirror tiles, and she glanced over again, checking herself from head to toe. Her feet were encased in black pumps, the toes peeking out from the hem of her dress. The deep red satiny fabric hugged her every ample curve, and the neckline plunged into a V while the halter top left her shoulders bare. The full skirt swished around her hips and round bottom, and the structured bodice lifted her large breasts high and together on display. The boning cinched in her slight belly to narrow her waist, emphasized by a black sash tied into a bow whose ends trailed down to the floor. A pointed tail was tucked into the wide black band, and her necklace was a black velvet cord with a small jeweled pitchfork dipping into her deep neckline. Her nails were painted dark red, and her eye makeup was dark, framing them underneath the mask. Her cinnamony skin glowed against the colours of her attire in the dim light, and her long curly black hair was swept up and pinned on her head, framing and peeking around a pair of lit-up devil horns that completed the entire ensemble.

Following the sound of music, she wandered to the entrance of the ballroom, passing large portraits of various historical figures along the way. The beautiful room had been decorated to match the occasion, with sheet ghosts and cotton cobwebs attached to the ceiling and jack-o’-lanterns on the tables. Standing and taking in the scene, her eyes scanned the people in the room, examining each and every face and costume. She was looking for him, looking for his half-smirk above the small silver stud through the soft skin just below his lip. She scanned the room for his trimmed goatee, dark skin, and tall stature, searching for what she could recognize amongst the sea of decorated masks and costumes.

He spotted her before she spotted him. Ryan had only been there for about ten minutes, and was thrilled she had agreed to go along with his plan. They attended his company’s Halloween Masquerade every year, but this time, he had suggested a twist. He had brought his costume to work, telling his lady fair that he would meet her at the masquerade ball, but not telling her who he was going to be dressed as.

“But if you won’t tell me what your costume is, how am I going to recognise you?!” she had protested, looking at him hesitantly.

At that he had scooped her in his arms from behind and began sliding his hands over her, feeling her melt into him. “You’ll find me. And besides, you’ve told me what you’re going as, so I’ll just look for the sexiest devil on the dance floor,” he had replied, confidently, earning a blush and a small smile from her as he nibbled her neck.

And now, he was watching her from across the room, remembering the slow and lazy lovemaking that had followed those long rubbing strokes with his hands up and down her body. Biting his lip, his eyes devoured her, imagining doing it again. He had known what she was going to impersonate, but had not known about the details of the ensemble. He mused to himself that asking her to come separately had left an element of surprise and allowed him this brief moment to watch her, but had also ensured that they even made it to the event. Smirking, he noted that if he had been at home to see her in costume, they would have never made it out the door. He had two glasses of champagne in his hands, and sipped from his, smiling to himself in approval. He watched her gaze uncertainly around the room, obviously looking for him, but decided to wait a few moments longer, enjoying the brief opportunity to watch the fabric of the dress move kağıthane escort over her skin and slide smoothly over her body. She had no idea she was being watched and her small mannerisms – tucking a lock of hair nervously behind her ear, biting at her lower lip as her head moved to look around – became much more endearing for it. He smiled to himself but it quickly faded to a suspicious glare as a pirate moved in, obviously heading for her. He decided to watch curiously, ready to step in at the hint of a problem, but narrowed his eyes when the pirate stepped close behind her, seemingly inhaling the soft scent of her skin and hair near her neck.

She jumped at the feel of hot breath on her shoulder. Whipping her head around and stepping away, she looked into a pair of eyes that didn’t hold her gaze for long. They flicked over her quickly and crinkled at the corners as their owner smiled. “Sorry, Miss, I didn’t mean to startle you, I just wanted to come over and see if you would like a dance.”

Irene eyed him and smiled politely. “No thank you, I’m here with someone, I just can’t find him at the moment,” her eyes did a quick check: blonde hair, fair skin, no beard, no labret piercing – not Ryan. This mask business was making this more difficult than she had thought it would.

The pirate in front of her tipped his hat and smiled, unabashedly letting his eyes roam over her once more. “Hmm. That’s a shame. If he doesn’t turn up, don’t hesitate to find me – there will still be a dance for you,” he bowed slightly and moved onward to the bar, her eyes following him. She was slightly flustered, not used to being so openly appraised, but the heat coming from her cheeks told her she was flattered. She watched his retreating back as he moved to the bar until a smiling face caught her eye. There he was! He was sipping on one glass, holding another, and watching her with that smirk that made her heart race.

He knew he’d been found when he saw her face smile in recognition, and his heart melted a little at the sight. Her steps quickened, and he noticed the pirate also watching her approach. His smile was smug, and he leaned against the bar, like Ryan, watching her curves slide underneath her dress as she approached. He opened his mouth to welcome her back so soon, but abruptly closed it in mild surprise when she walked up to the masked man next to him and planted a searing kiss on his lips.

“Hey you,” he smiled at her, handing her the full glass of champagne. “You look beautiful, and I see I’m not the only one who thinks so,” he smiled at her and then gave the astonished pirate a cheeky grin as he unabashedly let a hand roam quickly over her full bust before pinching slightly where her left nipple should have been.

Her squeak of surprise and blush told him he’d gotten it right, and she slapped his hand. “Behave! We’ve got a long night to go, yet,” she murmured and leaned in to nuzzle his cheek and ear. “‘Cause you look pretty good yourself, and I’m not letting you sleep much when we get home,” she nipped his ear, feeling more than hearing his sharp intake of breath. He had dressed as Zorro, incorporating his facemask into his costume. There was a slight difference – he had chosen a mask that had the edge and eyeholes embellished with small silver studs that contrasted against his own dark chocolate coloured skin. The soft black fabric covered the top half of his face, framing his own dark brown eyes as they sparked back at her. His hat sat askew on his head, and the soft black shirt he wore fell loosely around his torso. It was tucked into sleek but loose fitting black pants which were in turn tucked into a pair of black boots. He looked good, and the slightly faraway look he was giving her from behind his mask told her he wasn’t doing much more than repeatedly mentally undressing her.

“Ungh, this is going to be torture, Reenie,” he sighed and offered his arm to her. She grinned and placed her arm in his, squeezing it gently. As they both moved off to find some familiar faces, Ryan caught the jilted pirate glaring daggers at him. Not being able to resist adding insult to injury, he moved his arm down and back to slide around her waist, squeezing her firm bottom through the dress and feeling the glare intensify. He felt the slap on his arm from Irene and chuckled, sneaking in one more gloating squeeze before returning his hand to more innocently rest on her hip.

They quickly found his colleague friends and Ryan did the usual reminders to Irene of names and re-introductions. She didn’t see them that often (though she knew much about them from hearing stories at home), so it was expected for her to struggle with remembering faces — especially when they were masked!

She smiled politely at the compliments to her costume and tried her best to match names to memories. She began to chat with one of Ryan’s coworkers dressed as Catwoman and began to relax as the familiarity and champagne began to settle in. Ryan was quickly distracted with work conversation and it was many, many minutes later when he felt kartal escort a touch on his upper arm. He looked down into Irene’s brown eyes and she smiled at him. “I’m going to get another drink, would you like one?”

He quickly moved to tuck her in his right arm and hold her to him. “No, I am going to get you a drink! What kind of a gentleman would I be if you went? You keep chatting with Lisa – it looks like you’re having a good time. I’ll be back with another glass for you soon,” he pulled her closer and kissed her forehead.

She kissed him on the cheek in return, smiling and stroking his coarse, black beard. Teasing the small silver ball nestled below his lower lip, she whispered into his ear, “Walk slowly. I want to check out your butt in these pants.” She smiled innocently at his wide eyes, moving away from him to return to her discussion with Lisa the Catwoman.

His eyebrows still raised underneath his mask, he slapped one of his coworkers on the arm. “C’mon, Paul, let’s get some more drinks,” he began to walk, and after a few steps looked over his shoulder. Sure enough, he saw her watching him over Lisa’s shoulder, her brown eyes taking him in and her red lips curling into a smile. He thought he saw her wink, but Paul had begun talking about yesterday’s game, and he was forced to change his focus of attention.

After they had collected a couple of glasses each, Ryan noticed Paul’s eyes on Irene as they walked back towards the group. “Don’t take this the wrong way, man, but your wife is the envy of the ball tonight. I wish I was you,” Paul cracked a grin at Ryan. He joked, “she got a sister or something?”

Ryan saw the grin and the good-natured look in his friend’s eyes. “You wish, don’t you?” he grinned back and accepted the compliment. “Where’s Anna, anyway?”

Paul’s face darkened. “Somewhere else with someone else, I’m sure,” he quipped, shaking his head as he took a big swig from his glass. “We broke up a couple of months ago,” he grumbled.

“Oh, what, really? I’m sorry, man, I didn’t know –” Ryan was cut off by Paul’s smile and nod and shrug.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s fine — just seriously needing to get laid is the only problem I got,” he grinned and jabbed an elbow into Ryan’s ribs. “You sure you wouldn’t be willing to share?”

Ryan laughed. “Don’t make me kick your ass, man,” he joked back, “I don’t own her, so I can’t share her. She’s got a mind of her own!” He grinned at Paul’s sage nod in return.

He returned to Irene’s side and tucked his arm around her waist when he handed her drink to her. She smiled up at him and melted into him, putting her own arm around him as she continued to talk to Lisa.

He was quietly taking in the room and its decor when he heard her murmur into his ear, “You hardly walked slow enough, not fair!” He looked down and saw the long lashes and brown eyes sparking mischievously at him.

Grinning, he pulled her closer and kissed the top of her head. “You’re just not as good at the skill of mentally undressing as I am,” his fingers stroked lower, the tips curving over the swell of her ass in the silky material. The fabric of the sash hid his hand as he traced the outline of her ass cheeks and the curve of her hips as she chuckled at his response. “What I can’t figure out, though, and have been trying to figure out since I first saw you tonight, is what you’re wearing underneath this lovely red dress…” his voice trailed off as his fingers traced along her sides, trying to feel for a panty line or any hint of anything else.

At that, she turned her head up to look at him again and grinned mischievously. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” she asked, coyly. He squeezed her bottom in affirmation, as if trying to find an answer there, too. She laughed and kissed his cheek, murmuring, “I’ll give you a hint.” She stepped back, winking, and excused herself to go to the restroom. He noted she grabbed bunches of her skirt in her hands as she did, and he stared at her ankles as she walked. He groaned as she slipped out of sight. “Ungh, fishnets. Black fishnets and shiny pumps. Goddamnit, but are they stockings?” he muttered to himself, trying to remember if he had felt a garter belt or hoseline. Shaking his head, he downed his drink, not knowing how long he could handle stewing and thinking about her. He was thankful his pants were not skin-tight and were doing a good job of hiding his semi-hard cock but knew if he got any more swollen, he would have to find a way to adjust his clothing to hide it.

She was gone for a little while, and upon her return, his intimate knowledge of her told him something was different. Her cheeks were slightly flushed and her eyes were brighter, and her smooth skin was slightly dewy. She leaned into him and gave him a searing kiss, plunging a hand into one of his pants pockets. She kept her kiss short enough to be polite, but Ryan felt the heat and intensity behind it. He placed his hand in his pocket and felt a lacy scrap of fabric that felt very damp. Pulling her close again, after a few moments he dared küçükçekmece escort to try to not too obviously take a small whiff of his fingers, knowing what he would smell on them. He groaned.

“Damnit, Reenie, you’re killing me,” he was now restless and wanted nothing more than to put his hands all over her and peel the dress off slowly, exposing her round, smooth curves and beautiful tan skin to his touch. Her skin was always so soft, especially on the insides of her arms, along her tummy, and over her breasts. He could spend hours stroking her silky form and watching it contrast with his own much darker complexion. Her velvety brown nipples had the softest skin of all and the cries she made as he lathed them with his tongue rang in his memory. She watched his eyes glaze over as the thoughts and memories whirred through his mind and moved to stand in front of him, thoughtfully covering his hardening bulge with her body. She pressed her round bottom into him and he wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her neck, her hairline, and her ear while looking down her body and admiring the view. This woman had barely any edges on her at all — just soft skin, smooth contours, and so many delicious places to grab and squeeze.

She felt him stirring against her and his hands becoming increasingly daring. Not wanting to make a spectacle of themselves, she clasped his hands in hers and held them around her waist, drawing a soft groan of disappointment from him. Noticing the conversation had been carrying on without them for the past few minutes, Irene made a fast decision. “Ryan and I are going to go find the hors d’oeuvres – see you soon!”

Everyone looked up and nodded, smiling at them as the devil led her Zorro away. Ryan’s pulse quickened and his cock twitched, and he didn’t know why. He hoped she was doing what he thought she was doing, but the two drinks and his burning desire had him mainly focused on trying to keep his hands off of her body so he didn’t do something embarrassing. He followed his wife out the door and down the corridor, noting that she was striding with a purpose. She seemed to know where she was going, looking left and right as if she was counting passages and doors leading off the corridor. The mansion was huge, and he had already lost track of where they were when she finally stopped in front of one and opened the door. Looking around quickly, she dragged him in and tried not to slam it shut.

The change in events did not take long for him to process, and he immediately grabbed her into his arms and began kissing her hungrily. She squeaked in surprise and moaned as she began to melt into him, running her fingers over his chest and along his back. She returned his kisses, laughing as the long red feather on her mask swished with their urgency. His lips nipped at hers and her tongue stroked along his upper lip as their hands began to rove over each other, familiarity directing their touches. His hands raised to pull at the bow keeping her halter up and around her neck, sighing when the two pieces of fabric peeled away to expose the tops of her full breasts. He lifted them out of the bodice and tucked the dress carefully under them, exposing them fully and eying her firm nipples. The bodice of the dress was more structured, and he would not be able to get it off of her without unlacing it – he would just have to be satisfied with exposing only this much of her until they got home.

“Mmm, Ryan,” Irene’s voice was soft as his tongue snaked around her nipple and his fingers squeezed her large breasts together. He felt the weight of them in his hands and realized half the purpose of the dress’ bodice was solely to keep them in place. He planted several kisses over the soft skin, moaning his approval as he spent much time circling her nipples and lapping at them softly with only the tip of his tongue. He inhaled her scent: musk and the fruity body wash she used combined. Pressing his nose into her neck, he nibbled on it, noticing her red nails clawing at him more desperately as he continued to kiss her.

“Ryan!” she gasped, whimpering and squirming in his arms. She tugged at his shirt, at his pants, trying to get more of his skin exposed to her touch. Her hands grabbed at the bulge in his pants and he sucked in his breath sharply, stepping back in surprise and making a brief moaning noise as he remembered foggily to check his surroundings. He looked around briefly, noting the room was an old storage room filled with boxes before his mind went blank at the touch of her lips on the head of his cock. He grabbed her head in his hand and groaned, not caring about anything except the wet heat that he wanted more of.

She began to work her mouth up and down on him, smearing lipstick all over his cock and the base of it. Her tongue flicked over the underside of it, stroking along the ridges and contours that made him hiss and grunt in approval. His fingers got tighter and his hips began to tremble as he fought to resist the natural bucking motion that was so genetically hardwired into him. She took him in all the way, pressing her lips against his pelvis and leaving a bright red lipstick mark all around the base of his shaft. She released him with an audible pop and grinned at his panting breaths. “I’ve only been doing it ten seconds, love,” she laughed, feeling his balls jerk above her palm as she rubbed them soothingly.

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