De-flowering the Babysitter

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My name is Carly Cameron. My family and close friends call me CC. I just turned 18 last week. I celebrated by going out to dinner with my parents.

I’m in my last year of high school and I’m an advanced student who gets straight A’s. I’m headed to Uni in the fall to study Criminal psychology. I study hard and don’t really have time to work so I do a lot of babysitting. It allows me plenty of study time and offers good pay.

I work pretty steady for three families. Between them I make almost the same as my friends do working. I’m saving all my money for next year because my classes will be pretty heavy. I don’t want to work but I don’t want to be broke either.

During one of my rare free afternoons I like to get out on the trails and walk. Our city sports hundreds of miles of walking/biking trails and parks. It’s beautiful to go down and hike along the river. I’m a solitary creature, somewhat shy and very reserved. I don’t have many friends because all my hobbies and interests are solitary things. Puzzles, painting, reading.

Up until recently I did have a boyfriend but he got tired of begging me for sex. I’m still a virgin and want to stay that way for awhile longer. Jordan thought that if he waited long enough I’d put out and stomped home in a rage when he figured out it wasn’t going to happen.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like the idea of sex it was just that so far I hadn’t really met the right person. I had yet to meet anyone that turned me on. I had hoped it would be Jordan but it hadn’t. Anyway, He’s now happily humping Amy the head cheerleader at my school. It’s a little uncomfortable being singled out by them in the hallways between classes but I can handle it. I’ve been called worse names than “Ice Queen” and “Elsa the Frozen.”

See the trouble is Amy and I look a lot alike. We could pass as sisters and did when we used to be best friends. We both have long silky blond hair and stormy grey eyes. Hers are a bit more black and mine a bit more blue. We have thick dark lashes and peaches and cream skin. I’m slightly shorter and more petite. I reach 5’5 and weigh 100 pounds. Amy is 5’6 and 120 pounds. Both Amy and I are C cups and I’m a little less curvy but basically we are by many standards beautiful girls. The resemblance ends there.

Amy puts out. I don’t. She is outgoing and vivacious. I hate being the centre of attention. She drives. I walk. I could go on. My friendship with Amy ended on bad terms. Because she put out the guys we hung around wanted and expected me to put out too. They pressured me a lot for sex and Amy pressured me to give it up too. Eventually Amy and I fought about it and went our separate ways but not before some vicious name calling, tears and hurt feelings.

I arrived home after another long day. No one was home. Dad worked every day till 6 as a manager at a car plant. Mom did shift work at the hospital as an E.R. Nurse. There was a note for me on the fridge.


Put groceries away, walk Pete and empty dishwasher please. There’s 40 on my dresser for you. Dads not coming home till late. He’s going to the game. I’m on nights remember?

See you at breakfast,


P.S. Mr. Dewitt called. They need you tonight at 7″

I fished my cell out of my back pocket. First I called the Dewitt’s. It was to be a late night. Nick would be home by 11 but Cathy would be later. Both parents had to be there for one of them to drive me home so I was just going to stay over.

Then I called Pete. He is a massive bouvier that likes to sleep on my bed. Preferably with me in it too but he’d happily camp there and wait for me to join him. My parents got him when I turned 16 and I loved him.

Pete and I walked for forty minutes. I gave him fresh water and fixed us our supper. I did my chores quick and collected my money. Then I packed and put my school bag and my overnight bag by the door. Pete and I snuggled on the couch watching a movie while I waited for Mr D to pick me up. The movie I was watching was not that exciting and Pete and I fell asleep.

I woke up to the doorbell. Damn! I meant to be ready! I jumped up and ran to the door looking sleepy eyed and bedraggled. Mr D was there and I could tell he had been there a few minutes. He looked impatient.

“Hey Carly. What took so long? I rang the doorbell a dozen times.”

“Sorry Mr D! I fell asleep with Pete on the couch but I’m ready.”

Mr D laughed. “That hungry looking Jamaican will eat you alive one day Carly. Mark my words!”

I giggled. “Petes a harmless teddy bear Mr D.”

“To you Carly, only to you.”

I said goodbye to Pete who was at the door growling like a savage at Mr. D. Who was standing a healthy distance away. He licked my cheek as I pet him quick and told him to be good. I grabbed my bags, slipped out and locked up. Not that anyone would get in with Pete there but it was the responsible thing to do.

Now that it was safe, Mr D took my bag and walked me to the passenger side door of his car. He opened my door for me and deposited casino şirketleri my bag on the back seat. We made conversation on the way back to his place.

“How’s school going?” Asked Mr D.

“It’s okay I guess” I sighed.

“Uh oh” laughed Mr D. “Just ok? Carly our passionate student said school is ok? What happened to ‘School is awesome Mr D’ and ‘Oh fabulous Sir’? He teased.

“I broke up with Jordan.”

Me D lost his teasing tone. “Sorry to hear that Carly.” He glanced over at me. “What happened?”

“Well you remember Amy? She babysat with me a few times in grade 9.”

Mr D’s eyebrows went up. “The one that could pass as your twin?”

“Yes” I said.

“Ok. What about her?”

“She puts out.”

Mr D was strangely quiet. We were stopped at a light. I was very comfortable with him because I had been babysitting for him since I was 12 so I thought nothing of our conversation or what he could be thinking right now.

Of course I noticed that he was very good looking but I wouldn’t admit even to myself that I was crushing on him. At 32 he was blond, very fit and really hot! He was also easy to talk to about anything and very kind. He was a computer scientist which I thought was hot too. We started moving again as the light turned. We drove for a bit before he spoke again.

“And you don’t?”

“And I don’t what?” I was a bit confused. Mr D had been silent long enough for my mind to wander.

“You don’t put out?”

I shook my head no.

“I’m sorry Carly. I thought you did. I thought ALL teenagers did now a days!”

I laughed a light tinkling sound.

“So Jordan is with Your ex best friend?”

I nodded. “Yes. They pick on me a lot about being a virgin. They call me names and carry on in the halls. It’s a bit uncomfortable.”

“Ahhh…” Said Mr D as we pulled into his drive. “Well your better off without him Carly.”


I helped Carly bring her things into the house. My mind was blown. My incredibly hot and sexy teenaged babysitter was a virgin! That information went into my brain filed under ‘hot sexual fantasy: taking the homecoming queen’. My dick woke right up. I had to get away from her before she noticed. The kids discovered her presence right then and provided a great distraction. I slipped away as they climbed all over her.

In my bedroom my wife was getting ready. She was a beautiful business exec. I had fallen for her hard when I met her. A romantic at heart, I ignored all the ‘signs’ that she was a first class bitch until it was too late. I do’s all around and a bun in the oven kept me from walking out but we were far from a happy couple. Well I should say I was far from happy. My wife was content with her perfect ‘2.2 kids, house in the suburbs, better than middle class’ life. We had sex once a month ‘if’ she was in the mood. I was her patsy that was for sure!

“Down tiger.” She laughed her cruel spiteful laugh. “Im headed to a private exec party and I’m not getting there smelling of sex.”

I wished I could laugh in her face and tell her she wasn’t responsible for the marvellous wood I was sporting but she would only take that out on me later so I acted put out.

“Don’t look so sad ‘Darling’. If I win this contract maybe I’ll let you have some when I get home.” She laughed again as she headed to her walk-in closet looking for shoes to match her ‘little black dress’. Looking at her as she came out of the closet I had to admit she was stunning. Natural red hair piled high, naturally tanned looking skin, green eyes, a tight rockin body, sexy legs and buns of steel. It left me flat. As a romantic her hard face and harder personality failed to move me anymore.

I had thought more than once about leaving but I knew she’d fight me for the kids just because I wanted them and I was afraid that she’d win. She spritzed herself with perfume as Carly reached the door of our room. My two monkeys were literally hanging off of her. They both had their mothers red hair but took after me in looks. My blue eyes, my fair skin. Sarah 8 and Lilly 6 looked huge swinging on Carly’s tiny frame.

“Oh Mrs D! You smell amazing” breathed Carly. “You look fantastic in that outfit too!” Her eyes were wide in her fresh lovely face. She seemed slightly awed by Cathy’s beauty. If only she knew how well she competed. My little babysitter was a delicious little package of pure sex appeal and a sweetheart to boot!

“Hello dear.” Cathy’s voice warmed several degrees. I had to admit that she really was fond of Carly. We all were. My wife was ready and headed for the door. She prattled off instructions for Carly as she went.

“Your to order Chinese for you and the girls Carly. Get a bit extra so I can eat when I get home. I don’t dare even breathe in this dress. Our credit card is on file at the Dragon’s Gate so you won’t need to worry about cash or a tip. Nick will pay you for tonight. He will be home first. Lilly, thumb out of your mouth dear.”

I rolled my eyes at the girls. They all giggled. Cathy didn’t casino firmaları even notice.

“It’s a school night and I haven’t helped the girls with homework or lunches. Do you mind?”

Cathy didn’t even turn around to see Carly shake her head. It was presumed that she was willing.

“Are you free the 25th? I have a thing.”

“Uh hang on…” She checked her phone and shook her head. The poor thing looked so guilty. My heart went out to her.

Cathy turned hard glittering eyes on me as if it were my fault. I objected.

“You’ll just have to cancel Nick. I have to fly to Boston. I have no choice.”

Before I could protest Carly chimed in.

“Well I’m supposed to babysit for the Jamison’s but they have a couple girls they can call on so I’ll cancel and come here instead. Will that help?”

She looked between us. Cathy smiled and said “of course dear. Thank you!”

With that Cathy said good bye. Each child knew better than to mess her up. Three cheeks presented themselves for a kiss. Carly knew from long time experience that if she didn’t get her ‘kiss’ too the girls wouldn’t settle down and that would prolong Cathy leaving. Cathy surprised me with a kiss on the cheek too and without another word flew out the door.

“Gotta get moving too Carly or I’ll be late.”

“Ok Mr D.”

Suddenly pandemonium broke out. The girls were jumping on me screaming. I was kissed, hugged and ticked. I was about to leave when Lilly popped her thumb out of her mouth and said “what about Carly’s Kiss Daddy?”

I froze. Carly was used to this demand so she smiled at me and walked my way. My cock stirred back to life watching this sweet sexy teen saunter my way. Her big smile, happy bright eyes fixed at me. I watched her boobs jiggle slightly as she walked. I was getting hard fast.

As she approached me I got an idea. “Why doesn’t Carly kiss Daddy for a change?” Carly laughed and puckered those juicy plump lips at me intending to kiss my proffered cheek. Her kiss landed right on my lips as I turned my head and claimed a kiss. I sucked her lips with the faintest pressure. Her eyes flew wide and she gasped. I winked at her and the girls and shut the door amid their giggles and squeals.

Once in my car however my smile faded. My dick was rock hard and my lips were tingling. Just one kiss. Just one touch of those perfect plump lips had me fantasizing of them wrapped around my cock. I closed my eyes and moaned. What was wrong with me? Lusting after my 18 year old babysitter! I shook my head but I knew I was done for.

I couldn’t get her soft feminine voice telling me she was a virgin out of my head. It was a deeply rooted fantasy of mine to de-flower a virgin. One I had never had the opportunity to indulge in. Until now.

My wife was very experienced when we met. At the time it was a part of her allure. She knew how to rock my body and my mind. But this, this newly planted seed was hotter than any sex with my wife could be. Just the thought of taking Carly’s virginity had the power to make me orgasm right there in the car! Good thing I was hitting the gym before the game. I had a change of clothes in my bag in the trunk.

Shit. I was sunk.


My tummy fluttered and my pussy tingled. My heart was beating really fast. Mr D had just kissed me! I was so shocked! He was teasing of course. His big smile and flirty wink told me that but it didn’t stop my body from responding as if he’d meant it. I was so lame but it was my first kiss and was going to secretly cherish it even if it was a joke. I couldn’t stop the flood of lighthearted happiness that filled me. The girls weren’t helping either. They were laughing and singing “Carly kissed Daddy! Carly kissed Daddy!”

I got them settled down and ordered Chinese. We sat around the solid mahogany kitchen table and did our homework together while we waited. Lilly really struggled with her reading so I put my books aside and pulled her onto my lap. I helped her with her homework till the doorbell rang. I asked Sarah to put the books on the counter while I answered the door. “You help her ok Lilly?”

When I came back with the food she had the table cleared and was getting plates down from the cupboard. We ate in a fun atmosphere. The girls had great personalities and laughed a lot. After dinner we all loaded the dishwasher together and put the food away. I left Sarah to start the lunches while I got Lilly bathed and in bed. We were just about to read stories when Sarah came into Lilly’s room.

“Lunches are done Carly… Can I have a story too?”

Both girls were asleep before the first story was finished. I left Sarah in bed with Lilly and tucked them in. Shutting the light I went to finish my home work. Settling myself in the den I got to work. I must have lost track of time because I heard the door unlock in what seemed like minutes.

Mr D came in looking young and sexy in his faded blue jeans and his white T-shirt. I was confused because he left in his casual work clothes. Seeing my confusion güvenilir casino he explained. “I went to the gym before the game.” My mouth made a silent oh. I smiled.

Mr D sat beside me on the couch. He was so close as his weight shifted the cushions it made me tip over onto his shoulder. I was pathetic. I thrilled at the contact. My nipples got hard and jutted out looking for attention. That had never happened to me before from touching another person, just from being cold. I was so shocked I looked down at my shirt, drawing Mr.D’s eyes there too. Sure enough my rock hard nipples where poking out of my tank top on clear display.

I tried to cover them up with my hands but Mr D stopped me.

“It’s okay Carly. It’s just your bodies natural response to stimulation. It’s beautiful” he said softly.

I blushed and a gentle peach color flooded my skin all over. My nipples got incredibly harder knowing that Mr D was looking at them with me. My pussy was waking up and getting wet at the thought.

He leaned back and put his head on the back of the couch. His feet went up on the coffee table. I looked up at his face. His eyes were closed. His hands cradled his head and his elbow touched my hair. I could smell his deodorant and aftershave. He smelled so good. I wanted to lean back in his arms and put my feet up too but I held myself rigid. With his eyes still closed he asked “How was your night?”

I swallowed hard. His sexy voice seemed to be directly connected to my pussy! I felt myself get wetter as he spoke. I had goose bumps!

“O…okay” I stammered.

Mr D heard that and he opened his eyes and looked at me hard. He was staring at my mouth.

“The girls behaved?”

My mouth was dry so I simply nodded. Mr D studied my face so I looked down at my books. A shiver passed through me hardening my nipples even more. They were screaming for attention.

Suddenly Mr D put his feet on the floor and arched his back. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of cash. He counted out 60 dollars and put the rest back. I couldn’t help but stare at the bulge in his pants. I couldn’t see his face so I didn’t see his eyes follow mine. His bulge got bigger. My eyes widened at the sight.

My body was responding to the visual stimulation of seeing Mr D with a hard on. It grew warm and my breathing got slightly heavier. I was gently panting through my open mouth. I had never felt these feelings before.

I looked up at Mr D’s face. He had sat up and was turned slightly toward me. His one arm almost around me as it lay across the couch. His eyes looked directly into mine. I watched his pupils dilate. We stared at each other for several minutes.

I broke eye contact first. I was confused about what was happening to my body and suddenly I felt exposed. Like he could see everything I was feeling through my eyes. I felt Mr D get up. He put the money down on the table. His soft “Goodnight” was barely audible.

After a few minutes my body settled down and I could think straight. I noticed the 60 on the table. It was too much! I took 40 of it and headed toward the bedrooms. Mr D was just coming out of Lilly’s room and closing the door. The only light in the hallway came from his partially open door down the hall.

“You gave me too much money!”

I stopped directly in front of him and tried to hand back the 40. He put his hand over mine and closed my fist over the money. He was looking in my eyes again making my heart flutter. My tummy turned over at the sexy look on his face.

“Keep it Carly. You bailed me out last minute so I could go to the game. I appreciate that and you earn it keeping my house safe and taking good care of my children.”

His hand was still over mine. His other hand covered my neck and pulled me closer. Mr D kissed my lips. They were slightly open so he sucked my bottom lip briefly. Then he let go of me everywhere. He walked the short distance into his room.

I was frozen in place. This time he had really kissed me. No teasing. My heart was pounding! I was about to turn away when I heard a zipper go down and his groan. I looked back and saw that his door was still opened part way. I crept closer. I could hear Mr D moaning.

I got close enough to see into The room without being seen. Mr D was laying on the edge of his bed. He had his pants down and his huge cock out. His hand was holding it straight up at the ceiling. I had never seen an actual penis before so my eyes grew real wide at the sheer size of it.

Then his hand started stroking it. Mr D was breathing heavy as he beat his cock slowly. I was embarrassed watching and was about to turn away when he moaned my name. My head shot up. Mr D was hard because of me?

I watched him rub his cock and started to tingle down there. I could feel wetness gathering and my nipples hardened again. I had never touched myself. I had never felt turned on or inquisitive about my body before. But I was getting very turned on watching as Mr D’s hand stroked his hard cock. Then Mr D started mumbling. I edged closer so I could hear.

“Oh yes baby. Suck my hard cock Carly. Suck it harder baby… God I want in your tight little pussy so bad Carly. Let me fuck you baby. Let me have your sweet cherry!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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