Daytona Bike Week Ch. 01

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This couple had met on the beach a year prior to the beginning of this story and that story is in a post entitled “The Conference” in the Erotic Couplings section. This is really a continuation of that story but it is not necessary to read it first as this one is simply a new adventure by the same couple…..This story is told by both him and her containing both their thoughts…


Him….We had traded emails for a year now and had gotten to know each other’s minds and found ourselves to be compatible there as well as with our bodies. Our chance meeting on the beach was a wonderful experience and surely there was a way to unite together again. My motorcycle buddy and I went to Daytona for the Bike Week celebration annually and I asked if you would like to fly down and spend the week with me there. I was to drive down and he would fly in later in the week. That would give us several days alone before he joined us. Room rates are quadrupled during this event so it was cost prohibitive to get two rooms. Besides we had experienced sex with an audience before. You agreed that it could be a lot of fun and you really wanted to see me again in the flesh.

I met you at the airport on Monday night and you would not have to leave until the following Sunday morning so that would give us nearly a whole week to become re-acquainted. I was waiting for you as you got off the plane and there you were standing out in the crowd in a bright colored sun dress (my favorite kind) and black converse basketball shoes. Just kidding….you wore average height heels with sexy straps that wrapped around your legs a few inches. We held each other and kissed and didn’t care who watched us. I took your hand and led you down the hallway feeling proud to be seen with you. After getting in the car you slid over next to me and put your arms around me while we drove and nibbled on my neck. If we both hadn’t been so hungry, I think I would have stopped at a red light and laid you down right there. We stopped at one of my favorite restaurants that were quiet at this time of the night and we got a booth at a window overlooking the water…..

Her….Truth be told, when we met, it was with much more passion than I had anticipated. We clutched at each other, pressing groin, stomach, and lips. We kissed so hard, my teeth drew blood from your lips. All the chemistry from the week at the conference came in like the Santa Ana winds, making us half crazy. You helped calm things down with a soft stroke of my arm, before taking my hand to walk out of the airport.

You had those plans to sit and talk, while eating. We looked at the water and reminisced about our week together last time, sometimes laughing, sometimes remembering that beach and all it brought to us. I ran my foot up your leg to let you know you had been with me all this long year. I couldn’t, however, figure out how you knew I had a pair of Converse All-stars.

We wanted to be more adult about our first night together, but it was too much to try to linger after the meal for chit chat. We headed for your room. We didn’t make it, though. As soon as the car was parked I was in your lap. You ran your hands up my dress and I ran my hands down your chest to rub and then kiss and bite your nipples, and then unbuckle your belt and zipper. Your hands pushed my dress up which loosed my breasts and you held them under there with your eyes closed. Soon my dress went over my head so that we might touch skin – ah, that skin I loved so much. God, you had become even more of a man. Your muscles and arms were stronger. Your dick was now a cock. I loved it, and showed you by sucking it again for the first time – long slow sucking and long wet licks. You pulled me back on your lap so that you could finger me over your cock and gently eased me down on you.

I had waited so long for this. My breasts were at your eye level, so you were sucking on them and holding your face between them. I couldn’t stop kissing you. Once again, you held yourself while moving in and out so that you could feel the movement of you going inside. You looked down and raised me up, almost pulling me off you, only to plunge me back down. We did this until, after rubbing me, we both came together. You held me on you until everything calmed and your cum had oozed out, which you then rubbed on your stomach and mine, fingering me one more time.

After relaxing a bit, we dressed and headed for the room.

Him….We lay on our bed and cuddled and held each other like spiders for a couple of hours and drifted into sleep. I woke up feeling a moist sensation around my dick and realized you were giving me my favorite wake up call. I said that’s so good baby but rather than getting all worked up I am going to try to lay here with my eyes closed and just feel the sensations you are giving me. Your tender kissing and soft touching of my balls became a little harder and you began sucking me very deep and with great suction. You were so good. It came to a point where I was trying to make up my mind on whether to save myself innovia escort for later or let you continue until I shot off into your mouth. Eventually I came to the conclusion that I wanted to come and said, “baby let’s make a little rule, lets never put off the completion of any sex act to save ourselves for later. If it feels good do it!” And you said that was great and then sucked my cum right up to the top and then you stopped and squeezed my dick tight to keep me from coming yet. Then you brought it right back up and held me again. Then you wet your finger and playfully pushed it up into my ass and started sucking me again. I said you better get ready because you are fixing to get a mouth full. It was a double sensation being sucked and fingered at the same time. I liked for you to play with my ass and hoped you would do that again sometime. I exploded in you and you took it all in your mouth and crawled up and kissed me giving me half of my cum to eat. I laid you back and got between your legs and told you that you were going to get the same present. I ate that pussy good and you came twice but I never slowed down and kept going. Then I put my finger in your ass to reciprocate and you started squirming and pushing until you came again. That time you pushed my face away as it was getting a little sensitive and needed a rest.

We decided to go for a walk on the beach and I wore shorts with no shirt and you wore shorts with a thin blouse on top. We walked along the beach holding hands and I stopped and unbuttoned your blouse so your titties could feel the night breeze and I could touch them occasionally. We sat on a lounge chair we found and lay back looking at the stars and talked about what we had been doing for the past year. On the way back to the room we noticed the whirlpool was deserted and we were feeling our drink we had taken with us. I dared you to get in naked with me and relax in the hot water and jets of squirting water. A few minutes later a girl came out and sat on the side. We lowered ourselves down into the water hoping we would not be discovered naked as jaybirds. We noticed she was crying and we became concerned. I told you that you should go over and see if you could help and I would stay there so she would not see me naked. You still had your top on but it was very obvious from the wet material that one could see those nice tits though it. Yall talked for a while and then I saw her get in the water with you and you hugged her neck as if to console her. She seemed to not want to let go of you and the next thing I knew she was her pulling your face around and kissed you….

Her….The girl was upset, but wouldn’t say why. She was tense and needed someone. I was glad you encouraged me to talk with her.

When I came close she looked at me and said to not worry, she would be fine. She needed comfort, but wouldn’t say why. She slipped into the water after kissing me and held me close. The three of us looked at each other but she didn’t seem to mind that you were close at hand. She held me tight and soon began to run her hands down my body and to my breasts. She was inflamed by this time and obviously wanted more. She ran her hand to my crotch, pulled back to see how I was reacting, and when she saw I was enjoying it and had begun holding her breasts, she began to finger me. When you saw this you moved across the hot tub to be near and perhaps participate.

She and I held each other close and kissed, using our tongues so you could see it. It seemed to comfort her that we were doing this partly for her and partly for you. We might never know why she was upset, but if this would help, we were going to be involved. She lifted me in the water so that we could wrap our legs around each other and lock our crotches together. This brought her comfort, as well. I held to the side of the tub and she very voluptuously hunched her hips to rub. Our breasts floated in the water while she and I held and rubbed each other. She was already near climax. I ran my fingers around her clit and into her.

You couldn’t help yourself. You moved to stand next to us and began sucking our breasts. Since our crotches were close, you held and sucked them, also. I reached over and bit your nipples and held them while you fingered both of us. The girl was in ecstasy, which caused you and me to want even more. Soon you turned her around while I held her up, and opened her legs to help her get off. I held her breasts while you caressed her and rubbed her clit and then entered her. Right then, what appeared to be her boyfriend walked to the edge of the tub.

Him….He said he was sorry he had acted like such a jerk but he just couldn’t understand why she would not give him oral sex during their lovemaking. Damn he said, are you doing what I think you are doing in there? She replied that she agreed to have sex with us to punish him and she hoped he wouldn’t get mad again. He said, damn baby, that’s more exciting than a blow job seeing you with another woman. We were relieved we istanbul escort didn’t get shot for fucking this guy’s girl and asked him if he would like to get in and “relax” with us. He took his clothes off faster than he could say yes and sank into the pool with us. He squeezed between you two and started kissing y’all while I watched. You reached down and found his dick and held it in your hand. Holy cow you said, honey how do you take this big dick up your little tight pussy? She said it wasn’t easy and she had always wanted to find a girl that could take all of him to satisfy him. You told him to sit on the side of the tub and let you get a good look at it and he might just get that blow job from somebody. You took that big dick in your mouth and showed her how to suck a dick. You asked her if she would like to learn how on me as I wasn’t near as big and it may be easier. With that we both lay back and let our women suck us. The girl just played with me a while and finally got the tip in her mouth and started licking me. She said that wasn’t so bad and took a little more. It was exciting to get sucked by this young girl but she certainly wasn’t as good as you.

You wanted to feel that big dick in you as you were getting so hot and bothered with all this and said y’all climb in the water and let’s see if y’all know how to fuck your women. We got in and pushed y’all against the wall and put our dicks where the sun don’t shine. Her pussy was tight and she could definitely fuck better than she could suck. She had muscles in that thing and she kept pushing me out of her with them. We could see that you were taking that entire dick and fucking the hell out of him. She said don’t cum yet baby, I want to do this all night long. Darn, I said, so much for watching Jay Leno tonight! We laughed and you two girls started deep kissing each other while you got your pussies plucked. We stuck our heads in there and all four had our lips together in a four way kiss. We asked if y’all would like for us to fuck y’all in the ass while y’all made out and you both agreed to bend over and let us have it. The girl seemed to be relieved that I would be the one fucking her as my dick wouldn’t hurt her ass so bad…..

Her….The girl was enjoying the action and was up for anything. After you guys enjoyed yourselves with the butt fucking, she and I wanted to relax. The first thought was to move to a seat together and float on the water. We moved to the end of the tub where the water jets were. It felt good on my back and she giggled and said it tickled. She ran her hand around my crotch, cleaning out the cum and massaging the small of my back. I did the same for her. We lay in the water and turned to each other to relax and hold each other and fondle each other’s breasts. We kissed long and softly and I knew you were watching. Her boyfriend was too, but I couldn’t tell how he was responding.

She felt so good. Her breasts were small but firm and fit right into mine. She liked it that hers would tuck between mine and we held each other’s breasts and kissed. Before long she was not satisfied with just kissing. She was holding my cunt and rubbing. She and I looked at each other and realized a perfect situation. I would hold her, legs spread, into the water jets. We did it, and I held her hips and moved her so that the jets were hitting her clit. She writhed with the sensation. You saw the opportunity to make her feel even better so moved over to put your fingers into her while the water kept her aroused. You and I kissed and ran our tongues out, then onto her breasts. Her boyfriend moved into this but didn’t know quite what to do, so you pulled me to another water jet and moved him over to hold me on the water jets. You had been holding her up, but let her down so she could suck on you.

The boyfriend wasn’t into the water jets, and turned me around to suck on my clit himself. He clutched my breasts and rammed himself into me. You were sort of concerned because I cried out. It took a bit, but you slowed him down by holding and rubbing his dick. You then gently led him to me and inserted his dick while you and his girlfriend watched. The two of you touched us, rubbed his nipples, fingered his ass, and sucked my breasts. He pounded hard. He pulled out, grabbed his girlfriend and rammed himself into her. He wanted only her and knew now that she would be his true partner. He held her hips and gave her all she wanted. When he turned to her, you and I looked at each other and smiled. Your dick was up, and I was ready. My back was arched, breasts in the air, and it was time. You rammed home, bringing us to climax.

Him….We all rested for a few minutes and decided we would call it a night and hopefully meet again one night so the girls could play with that big dick of his. With that I reached out and put it in my hand and gave it a little playful squeeze. He did the same to me and it felt good. It was as if we had bonded by sharing our women with each other. He bent over and kissed the tip and said thanks kadıköy escort for fucking his wife well and he thanked you for showing her a good time. I kissed her good night and he kissed you.

We went back up to the room and made a drink and went out on the balcony to feel the wind and listen to the ocean waves cap on the beach. We were naked and it felt so good to be alone again. We talked and gently touched and kissed occasionally. You rubbed my leg and came close to my dick but never touched me as we wanted to rest for a bit. I went in later and made us another drink and got us a cigarette to share. I wasn’t a habitual smoker but I liked one after a good meal and a good fuck. It relaxed me and it made me a little high. We took turns on it and sipped our drinks. I told you that your pussy milked my dick so good that I bet it could smoke a cigarette. You laughed and said well let’s just see. I spread your legs apart and pulled you lips apart and inserted the cigarette in about an inch. You could make it stand up and go side to side with your pussy muscles. I told you to act like you were sucking my dick up into you and you pulled on your stomach muscles. I took it out and told you to push outward and damn if smoke didn’t come out. That was one hot smoking pussy. I asked if you wanted us to finish it or let your pussy smoke it and laughed. We smoked the rest of it and went into the room to go to bed and snuggle.

You said you wanted to show me something and went to your suitcase and brought out a large black rubber dildo and brought it over to me. Damn that thing was larger than me and the guy we had just fucked put together. I asked for you to show me what you did with it and you started rubbing it on your pussy getting it juicy….

Her….We were tired, but I couldn’t resist getting it out. I knew we would use it two or three times during the week. After I held it to get myself and “it” ready, I had you turn over on your stomach and used it to stimulate you, creaming it more and then inserting it in your butt. You really liked that. Your back arched like mine does when I’m excited. While holding it, I also held your balls and then held and pumped your dick with my other hand. You moaned and hunched and soon flipped over.

Once again we used the oil on both of us. I loved seeing you rub oil on yourself and then when you rubbed in on me; it was all I could do to slow down. You massaged my breasts with it while straddling me, then moved to oil my stomach. After pouring more in your hands and on your fingers you made certain there was plenty on my crotch and inside. You held your fingers there to push while leaning over me so I might massage, hold and pump your dick. It was also easy to get to your nipples. You were getting hard and the heat was coming on fast.

I spread my legs, you picked up the dildo, and while holding your own dick, you inserted it in me. I raised my hips to make it easier, but you gently pushed me back down so you could put your arm around the small of my back while pushing it in and out. In and out. I was holding onto the backboard of the bed with my knees up. You bent my knees farther, and pushed. Soon you were pushing it in and out rapidly. You liked watching it go in and out and held the lips open so you could do this. Your dick was rock hard so I pulled you around so I could suck you. We were now 69 – me sucking you and you pushing in and out. When you were about to come, you pulled it out and massaged my clit – that gentle way you have that gets me off instantly. You came, but while doing so I pulled you out of my mouth to wrap my breasts around you to finish. You came all over my stomach, so you used that cum to grease the dildo and put it in again so you could watch one more time. I asked if you were still hot, and when you said yes, I took it and put it in your ass while you were still over my face. Watching you writhe with pleasure, and having you lick me, got me off just about the time you came again. What a man!

Him…The next morning we got up and got dressed and went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Coffee, eggs and bacon really hit the spot after burning off several thousand calories fucking each other in every way imaginable. We then walked down Main Street to look at the motorcycles and the wild folks riding them. There were half naked men and women galore with lots of tattoos. They were there to look and to be seen. We shopped for biker T-shirts at all the famous biker bars. The girls behind the bars were almost topless with string bikinis or a sticker pasted over their nipples. You and I both got a good look and wished we could suck on some of them right then and there. I found a leather shop and wanted to buy you a leather vest and hot pants to wear on the streets. You took one into the dressing room and tried it on. You came out and modeled it for me but it was a little loose and I wanted it to form fit those nice tits and show them off. The girl helping us got another one and said she would put it on you. Without even going back into the dressing room she unbuttoned this one and while you stood topless in front of several people she put it on you and buttoned it up. She brushed your nipples several times and they popped out for all to see. With the leather tight the nipples were still visible and I said that was the one.

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