Dave Meets Vicki Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

The Whole Story: Ch. 02

Dave’s self control slowly began to return. At first he was afraid he might have hurt the beautiful woman with his maniacal fucking, but her caresses soon put him at ease. He nipped her soft neck. He kissed her ears. His tongue slid smoothly into her open lips. Their tongues mingled and danced. Her breasts pressed firmly into his muscular chest. He hadn’t gone fully soft before their after sex enjoyment was bringing his cock back to life. He gently hunched his cock into her pussy.

Vicki broke their kiss. “Wait a minute big boy!” She ordered with a smile. “You’ve just fucked my brains out, and you’re ready to do it again?” His meat thickened inside her. Her nipples responded proudly.

He smiled at his sweet partner sheepishly. “I hope I didn’t hurt you, Vicki.” He murmured shyly. “I’ve never really let go with a woman before. I… I….” He looked at her lovely form beneath him.

“Oh, I don’t think you did any permanent damage, sweet heart.” She responded, ” I just need to pee, and get a drink and maybe something to eat. I think we’d burn up, if we did it again out here, dear.” She pushed the big man off her body. A sudden emptiness filled her vagina as his cock slid out.

“You’re right. I think I’d better find a place to take leak, too! God! the time really has flown!”

She picked up her bikini, and grabbed his semi-hard cock. “Come with me, honey.” She commanded in a sexy voice. Dave grabbed his shorts and shirt and followed the statuesque blond into the house. He admired her full curves. Her ass swayed like it was hung on ball bearings. Dave’s cock pulsed in her dainty fist. She brushed the cummy dew drop that had formed on the head with her thumb.

“What about my tools, Vicki?” Dave asked.

“The only tool you’ll need is right here!” She responded, playfully squeezing the iron hard shaft. Her body gleamed with a mixture of perspiration, oil and sexual fluids as they entered the roomy, air-conditioned expanse of the family room. Her aureoles were protruding, along with her hard nipples, from the shock of sudden temperature change.

Dave snuggled up behind her, dropping his clothes, and capturing both tits in his sweaty hands. She pressed her ass into his groin and stood enjoying his fullness against her back. He slid a hand lazily down her firm belly and through her skimpy blond pubic patch, stopping at her moist crotch. She tilted her hips to allow him a quick feel of her privates before protesting with a smile, “If you don’t stop it, I’ll pee all over myself!”

His cock jumped at the sexy image his mind conjured up of the warm, golden piss streaming down her lovely thighs. “Not a bad though, lady.” He replied. His finger pressing into her. The extra beylikdüzü ucuz escort pressure caused her to run into the bathroom down the hall to pee. She left the door open for her lover to follow. Dave looked at the tastefully decorated home as he followed her.

She sat on the commode, holding her cunt lips as the warm spray squirted into the water. She leaned forward thrusting her 38D tits straight out. Her back arched delightfully. Her relief was almost a sexual feeling. She flipped her clit with the piss soaked digit.

“What a waste!” Dave joked. He stood before Vicki. His cock was inches from her pretty face. “Hurry up, Vicki, I’ve gotta go too!” His cock was still hard. “I don’t know how I’m going to aim this monster at the toilet, though.”

Vicki rocked back from his raging piss hard-on. She allowed him to see her golden shower and her finger action. She used the other hand to heft his nuts and caress his manhood. “You really know how to use this thing, Dave.” Complimented Vicki. “I’ve never had such an incredible orgasm, let alone two!”

“You’re pretty good yourself!” Dave returned. “Here, let me help.” He crouched down and ran his thick fingers through her splashing piss as the last few dribbles squirted from her urethra. He slid one big finger up her cum soaked snatch, swirled it around, and slowly, deliberately pulled it out. Her juices and his cum covered the finger. He held it up for her to look at. He inched it closer to her face.

She sat perfectly still. Her eyes were wide as she examined the love mixture. She licked her lips. Her tongue extending lewdly toward the forbidden sauce. “I will if you will.” She whispered with a catty smile, looking him in the eye.

Dave was a true hedonist. He had no qualms about such things. This moisture was the result of their fantastic love making, and therefore, must be good. The aroma of the sex sauce was enticing. He snaked his tongue out to its full length. Her eyes widened in surprise. She felt her cunt contract at the sight of his talented tongue. Their tongues met on both sides of the slimy finger. Their tongues lapped and shared the mixture. He slid the finger into her mouth. She sucked it like a cock. Her tongue flicked over it playfully. She slid her hand into her crotch for a fresh batch of the sauce. While she sucked greedily on his digit, she held her finger under his nose. He sucked it greedily. The same as if he’d been sucking her firm tit.

He stood again. “I’m sorry, Babe, but I gotta go now!” His cock was an angry red color. His bladder was painfully full.

She liked the have power of the helpless man. “What if I don’t want to move, big boy?” She teased, squeezing his firm beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort testicles, while she frigged her damp pussy.

“The I guess I’ll piss in the shower!” He exclaimed as he stepped into the elegantly tiled stall, his hard cock bobbing.

He closed his eyes and tilted his head back as he released his golden stream at the slick tiled surface of the shower wall. Vicki’s clit pulsed with the sight of her lover’s peeing. She had always wanted to watch a man piss. She crept to the bronzed man’s side and slid her hand around his spraying organ. His water stopped, and he looked down at the woman holding his penis. A sly smile slid across his handsome face. “Go ahead, Vicki.” Dave encouraged. “You can control it, if you want.” He released the stream for her.

She jacked his member slowly, watching the stream change and slow. “Oh, look!” She murmured softly. She lightly pinched the flow off, and released it several times. Her curiosity had her in control. She was mesmerized by the spitting snake in her little hand. She pinched the flow and slid around in front of her lover. Releasing the golden stream slowly, his piss showered her bulging breasts. She squirted her protruding nipples. The warm liquid ran over her flat belly and dribbled from her distended cunt lips. She arched her back and aimed the spray directly at her tumescent clit. Dave’s eyes were locked on the sexy babe kneeling before him. She looked like she was worshipping his penis. Her eyes were frozen on his cock. Her lids partially closed. Her mouth hung open. Dave ran his hand through her blond hair and slowly pulled her sweet face toward his pissing member. He could tell she wanted to taste the bitter liquid, but was in another world. He slowly put a finger to her lips and opened her mouth as he pulled her in front of his cock. His stream splashed from her pussy – up her front – up her long thin neck – and finally on her chin, into her mouth. She felt the piss in her mouth and thrust his cock into her mouth while it still sprayed its final streams. Dave flexed his cock muscles. The steam shot into the wanton bitch’s lips like loads of cum. She let it run back out of her lips and down her front.

As Dave’s stream began to diminish, he turned on the shower, adjust the spray to cover them both. The warm clean water ran down his chest, over his taut belly, into his crotch, along his thick cock, and into her mouth. She continued to allow the water to flow into her mouth until the acidy flavor of his piss was washed away, then she slowly slid his cock into her throat. Dave felt it slide past her tonsils. He could feel her throat muscles milking the head of his manhood, as her tongue beyoğlu escort slithered over the shaft and balls.

Vicki pushed three long fingers into her pulsating pussy. Her little finger brushed her puckered anus. She it into her nether opening. All her fingers were working on her crotch. Her thumb flipped her little clit. Her head bobbed back-and-forth along his meat. Her other hand was busy massaging his balls and cock. The warm shower water mad them slick. She slid a finger into the crack of his hairy ass, stimulating his little anus.

Dave felt an electric shock run from his ass hole to the tip of his dick, which was buried in the beauty’s throat. “Shit!” He exclaimed. “That’s it, baby! Suck that cock!” He could see her frigging herself in the full length mirror in the shower. His balls jumped as he thrust his mighty weapon into her waiting gullet. He sprayed her esophagus with his sperm.

The first shot went straight down her throat. She savored the pulsation in his cock. Then she slid it back to catch the rest of the sexual elixir on her tongue. “Umm!” She hummed. Her fingers danced inside her ass and pussy. She slid her finger into his dark, musty hole causing his orgasm to continue. Her long, tapered legs flexed as her orgasm washed over her. Her mouth bulged with his sticky load, and she began to swallow. Some of the milky liquid overflowed her dainty lips and drooled out around his shaft, dribbling onto her tits. Her own juices filled her palm as she mashed her fingers into her holes.

She sucked and licked the last dribbles of his cream from the cock monster. She looked Dave in the eyes as she ran her tongue over the head. Her wanton look made Dave’s cock jump. He could see a stray blob of cum on her tongue.

Dave sank to his knees in front of the wanton woman. Her own orgasm had subsided. She held her sex-slick fingers to his face. He sniffed and sucked them. His tongue played over her hand. Then he took her face in his hands and they shared a long french kiss. Dave could taste himself in her mouth as his tongue fought with hers.

He looked her in the eye – like he was offering a dare – as he lowered his lips to her cum covered nipples and sucked them clean. Then he returned to her with the mixture, and they shared it in another long kiss. “God woman!” Dave whispered, “You’re fucking great!”

Dave and Vicki stood and washed in the warm shower spray. His hands played over her soapy-slick skin. She rubbed her slippery tits and body against his. They frolicked in the spray for a few minutes, mixing their ablutions with playful caresses in the afterglow of their sexual satiation. Vicki grabbed two thick towels. She threw one at Dave and exclaimed, “I could eat a horse!” Toweling her fine body. “Come in the kitchen for a sandwich, when you’re done. My step-mother should be back soon.”

Dave nodded as he briskly rubbed the towel over his well- developed physique. He replayed the incredible events of the morning. He was sorry it was over. He put on his cut-offs, leaving his t-shirt by his tool box, at the back door.

To Be Continued…

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