Daughter’s Best Friend and Her Mum Too Ch. 01

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Barbara, a 44 year old divorcee in the UK, lived with her two daughters since her husband left when they were small. She kept herself in good shape, 5’10” with short brown hair, (38D 28 38) but had lost interest and trust in men.

Her two daughters, Alannah and Millie (20 & 18) still lived at home, but times were tough with work being hard to find. Alannah was working part time and her sister was at college.

Alannah had a stunning figure, unlike her curvy mother she was a thin 5′ 6″, 32B 24 28, she had long straight natural blond hair and while she dressed to impress, had a hard time keeping a boyfriend because she didn’t want to earn a reputation. Millie was more or less a younger version of her sister, thin but she wore her hair shorter and was a little less fussy about putting out…

Alannah had a group of very close friends including Jane, a close friend since childhood who had recently returned to university.

Alannah and her mother went to Jane’s house to collect some things that she had left a previous weekend.

Barbara knocked on the door and it was answered by Jane’s father Adrian, a 50 year old who had let himself go a little over the last few years, but still had an air of confidence about him.

After the usual pleasantries Alannah asked if she could go to Jane’s room to get her stuff and disappeared up the stairs.

Adrian, wanting to make small talk, told Barbara that she looked very nice in the halter top dress she was wearing.

Barbara blushed and struggled to say “Thank you.”

Adrian looked on and couldn’t help but stare at Barbara’s bust.

Again, chancing his arm a little, he said, “Do you miss the company of a man?”

Barbara didn’t know how to respond, she deliberately avoided going out wearing anything provocative and hadn’t considered a trip to her daughter’s friend’s house to be too risky.

“I’m not sure I know what you mean,” she finally responded, feeling the butterflies in her tummy.

Adrian, seeing a way in, immediately took a step closer and said in a low voice “I think you do, I’m asking if you miss the intimate touch of a man.”

There was silence for a few seconds while Barbara blushed fiercely, she could see a bulge appear in the front of his trousers and she could feel her nipples hardening from the attention she had not expected.

Adrian noticed and decided to go for broke.

“It looks like this conversation is having an effect, isn’t it?” he said raising a hand towards her breast.

Barbara couldn’t believe what she was hearing… But she also couldn’t deny the stirring in her stomach and the dampness developing between her legs.

She looked straight at him and with a confidence she wasn’t sure she could back up said “Do you think you could handle me?”

At that moment Alannah came down the stairs, “Got my stuff mum, let’s get going.”

As they turned to leave Barbara couldn’t stop herself from turning with a smile and mouthing, “Really?”

As they got into the car to go home, Alannah noticed her mum’s flushed face and hard nipples.

“Something seems to have got you all fired up mum,” she said.

Barbara didn’t know what to say, simply responding “He’s quite a gruff chap isn’t he…” Alannah laughed and responded, “Yeah, but he’s pretty horny for a 50 year old!”

Barbara couldn’t believe her ears for the second time in 10 minutes. “Alannah, how can you say that about your friend’s father?”

“Well mum, I’ve been hanging out with Jane long enough to notice he can’t keep his eyes to himself, they almost fell out when you walked in earlier.”

When Barbara got home she couldn’t shake the thought of a man really wanting her, she had avoided this sort of attention for a long time, and as the afternoon progressed she could feel herself getting more and more frustrated.

After dinner she cleaned up and excused herself while the girls were watching TV.

She got to her bedroom and closed the door, as it closed she leaned back against it and sighed as she sank her hand into her damp panties.

She immediately pushed two fingers into her wet cunt and rapidly rammed them in and out, realising that it had been months since she had pleasured herself.

Feeling the need for release she stripped out of her halter neck dress, pulled her panties off and lay on the bed. Whilst reaching between her spread legs with her left hand, she fumbled in her bedside draw with her right looking for her trusty vibrator.

Once she retrieved it she plunged it straight in, letting out a deep sigh as she began to fuck herself slowly and deeply.

“Yes Adrian, I do miss the touch of a real man,” she whispered to herself as she felt her climax start to build.

Faster and faster she rammed the vibrator home, at the same time finding and stroking her engorged clit.

Her climax ripped through her and she let out a small scream as she bucked off the bed until it receded.

Barbara climbed off the bed shaking her head and thinking to herself “Wow, one little bit of attention and Alannah is right… All revved up and hot under beylikdüzü otele gelen escort the collar.”

Several days later Barbara stopped for gas on her way home from a job interview. She was wearing her best make up and a light blue, tight cut business suit with thigh high’s. She knew she looked pretty good in it and as she went in to pay she realised that Adrian was ahead of her in the queue.

As he turned to leave, he stopped, hesitated for a second, and said “Hi Barbara, how are you doing?”

“Fine,” she said “Nice to see you,” he responded looking her up and down, “Can I… can I call you?” he asked.

“Err… yes, of course,” she responded, feeling the butterflies in her tummy. Adrian winked to her and walked out.

As Barbara left the store, she was embarrassed that she felt like a teenager.

As she drove home she realised that her panties were damp…

Later that evening, Barbara found herself in her bedroom once again with her hand in her panties rubbing herself gently, slipping two fingers into her wet cunt imagining that Adrian was fingering her when the phone rang.

Alannah called from downstairs “Mum, it’s for you.”

Barbara cursed but could hear her bounding up the stairs, she jumped off the bed as the door opened and before she could react Alannah came straight into the room…

“Oh, sorry… erm… it’s for you… it’s a guy…” she said handing her Mum the phone.

“Hello,” said Barbara.

“Hi, it’s Adrian,” said the voice at the other end of the phone.

Barbara didn’t know what to say, she was standing half naked in front of her daughter with what she hoped was a horny man on the other end of the phone.

Alannah stood still for a moment taking in the scene…

Her mom was standing in bra and panties, and it looked like there was a damp patch between her legs.

Also, she could smell sex… No, she could smell cunt… It was pungent, it was slightly different from the smell she made when she played with herself, but undoubtedly the smell of her very horny mother.

“Out,” Barbara said, pointing to the door. Alannah came to her senses and turned and left.

“Hi, it’s Barbara,” she responded.

“You said I could call,” Adran said, “I have to admit that it’s been a struggle to hold off for just a few hours.”

Barbara, still in a heightened state of arousal, wanted this man to know she was available.

She threw caution to the wind.

“So, what’s up?” she asked.

“I wanted to follow up on what I said last week,” he stated.

“OK,” she answered, “What did you have in mind?”

“What are you wearing?” he asked.

“Bra and panties,” she said, sitting on the edge of the bed and slipping her hand back into her panties.

Her breathing became a little more ragged.

“Christ, you’re masturbating aren’t you?” he asked. Oh my god she thought, what am I doing.

“Yes,” she moaned, feeling her excitement start to grow.

“Put me on speakerphone and strip,” he ordered and she found herself taking off her panties and bra.

“Lay on the bed and spread your legs as wide as you can,” he continued.

Barbara lay down and spread her legs. She looked toward the door and absently noted that it wasn’t closed.

“Left or right handed?” he asked.

“Left,” she replied

“Take your left hand and put three fingers in your pussy.”

She obeyed and immediately felt her orgasm start to rise.

“Slide those fingers in and out nice and slowly.”

“Now, with your right hand, pull your gorgeous little love button as far as you can so that it starts to hurt.”

Barbara moved her right hand to her clit and pulled it between her thumb and forefinger as far as she could.

As she did she slipped a fourth finger into her sopping cunt and started to ram them home.

Alannah stood outside the bedroom door, terrified she would get caught by her mother.

She knew it was wrong, but she felt compelled to stay and listen.

Her panties were soaking as she listened Jane’s dad telling her mum to finger herself to orgasm.

She pushed her jeans to her knees and started to rub her pussy frantically as her mother’s moans got loader and louder.

She needed to see what was happening.

Very slowly she peeked her head around the doorway

As she did Adrian said quietly “push your whole fist in Barbara.”

“I can’t,” Barbara panted, obviously very close to release, “It’s too much!”

As she did this she whispered “I’m Cummmmmiiiinnnngggg.” and frantically thrust her hips into the air with four fingers ramming in and out of her sodden cunt.

As her climax receded she heard grunting from the phone. “Are you jerking off?” she asked, “Yes.” Adrian groaned, “Cumming…”

Alannah had moved back from the doorway and furiously pulled at her clit so she could climax too.

She stifled a scream as the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced raged through her body.

She was shocked, and confused. Watching and listening beylikdüzü rus escort to her mother climax had just given her her most intense orgasm ever.

A few seconds passed, then “My god Barbara, that was fucking hot, can I come over tomorrow evening?”

“Yes,” she replied without hesitation before adding “Come at 11, the kids should be in bed by then.”

She hung up.

The next day Barbara couldn’t stop thinking about the coming evening.

At 11 on the button, there was a gentle tap on the front door.

Barbara, wearing just a nightgown, went to the door and there stood a clean shaven well dressed Adrian.

“Come in,” she said, and walked to the lounge, Adrian followed her in.

“The girls?” he asked, “In bed, out of our way,” she replied.

Adrian stared intently at Barbara.

She let her nightgown fall open revealing her naked intent.

Adrian smiled, looking her up and down several times. As he did, he started to strip. As he pulled his pants and shorts down he revealed a hard thick 7 inch erection.

Barbara didn’t say anything. She felt her pussy moisten as she moved slowly toward him, she kissed him as she wrapped her hand around his cock.

He tasted of spearmint; at least he’s making an effort she thought as she ran her hand up and down his shaft.

“Shall we take this upstairs,” he asked.

Barbara led him up the stairs to her bedroom careful not make any noise.

As soon as the door was closed Barbara slipped her nightgown off to reveal her naked curves, “Very nice” he said “very very nice.”

She turned to see him leaning against the door gently jerking his cock.

“Well?” she asked, parting her legs, cupping her breasts and pulling on her erect nipples.

He moved to her and as they kissed he moved her arms behind her back.

He turned her and asked her to lie face down on the bed.

He spread her legs noting that her cunt looked damp, her lips were already parted.

Very slowly he ran both hands up her inner thighs.

Barbara was soaking again and she raised and dropped her hips as she looked over her shoulder to get a look at that seven inch cock.

Both his hands reached her soaking gash at the same time and he penetrated her gently with four fingers.

Her breathing deepening she raised her hips and thrust her body towards the invading digits.

“So you like it thick” he said. Barbara turned again and breathed “Yesssss.”

Adrian withdrew his hands and pulled her up to her knees.

He spit on his hand and slipped four fingers straight back in, his thumb rubbing her clit as Barbara began to rock back and forth.

Barbara started to rock more vigorously on his hand as he tried to push his thumb into her gaping cunt.

“It’s too much; it’s just too big,” she panted, then, looking over her shoulder she purred “Fuck me…”

Adrian didn’t need to be asked twice.

He climbed onto the bed, positioning himself behind her.

He gently rubbed his cock up and down Barbara’s wet cunt. “How long since you had a man Barbara?” he asked.

“Too long,” she breathed as she rocked back onto his cock.

He pushed forward slowly, all the way, in one thrust. “Oh my,” she whispered, “that’s so good.”

Adrian slowly began to thrust in and out.

As he gathered speed he could see that Barbara had put her hand between her legs and was busily rubbing her clit.

He started to piston in and out of her.

Adrian could feel the muscles inside her start to spasm.

“I’m not going to last long” he said as she started to moan “I’m Cummmmiiinnngggg”.

She started to shake and pushed harder back onto his cock.

Looking over her shoulder straight into his eyes she said in a sultry voice “cum inside me baby”.

That was too much for him and his balls boiled as he spurted jet after jet of hot cum into her.

They both slumped forward onto the bed, utterly spent.

After a few minutes, Adrian said in a low voice, “Where have you been all this time? That was an amazing fuck.”

“Just here, struggling to bring up two daughters,” she smiled, “I really want to do that again.”

“Now or later?” he asked with a smile.

“Can you stay?” She responded.

“I can,” he said.

Barbara looked down at his now flaccid cock and said “Let’s clean up, then get a coffee and come back up in a bit.”

Twenty minutes later Adrian was busy fingering Barbara as she kneeled on the bed.

“I’ve always preferred doggie style,” she admitted, “it just makes me feel less in control and with a cock like yours the penetration is fabulous. I’ve always fantasised about being fisted as well and it gives me, shall we say, my ‘widest opening’.”

Adrian laughed and asked “Do you like to suck cock as well?”

“With a cock like yours, yes I do,” she chuckled as she pulled forward off Adrian’s fingers to turn over.

Barbara screamed.

Adrian turned to see an almost naked Alannah standing in the doorway.

Her mouth open, her left hand down beylikdüzü türbanlı escort her panties, her right pulling at her very erect nipples.

“Christ Alannah, what’s going on??” Barbara shouted.

“I’m a woman too mum,” Alannah replied.

“What’s that supposed to mean” Barbara asked, not blind to the fact that Adrian had stood and was gently pulling his growing cock.

“Sorry mum, I guessed it was Jane’s dad by his voice on the phone the other night.”

“Sorry Adrian but you’re so fucking horny, every time I go to your house you make my panties damp just looking at me, you almost always have a bulge in your trousers, it’s like he can see me naked when I’m dressed mum.”

“When I came into your room with the phone the other night it smelled of sex. I stopped outside the door to listen.”

“When Adrian told you to strip and put three fingers in yourself I just had to do the same.”

Alannah approached the bed continuing “I listened to you talking and I think I can help you out.”

She pointed at the Adrian’s now erect cock. “I want that cock in me,” she said.

“But first I want to do this,” she reached between her mother’s legs.

“What the hell!” Barbara tried to close her legs.

Adrian smiled and leaned over to push Barbara’s knees apart. “I think I know what she has in mind.”

Alannah reached towards her Mothers cunt and gently pushed three then four fingers in.

Barbara tried to protest, gave up, then laid back and opened her legs as far as she could.

She closed her eyes…

Alannah looked over at Adrian’s cock, then back to his face.

She smiled, turned back to her mother’s cunt, closed her thumb into her hand and pushed.

“Oh my god,” Barbara breathed as Alannah slipped first 6 then 8 inches past her wrist into her wanton mum.

Adrian moved on to the bed and tapped his cock on Barbara’s lips.

“Suck me.” he said.

Barbara opened up and he thrust into her.

She choked and he pulled out, “Sorry, it’s been a while… and I’ve never been involved in anything this hot in my life.”

“No, do it again,” she said.

He pushed the head of his cock gently this time past her lips and she took more and more until about 4 inches went in.

Adrian began to pull out then started to fuck her face.

Alannah couldn’t believe how hot this was.

She was fisting her mum while watching her suck a huge cock.

“Mum, I want that cock in me,” Alannah repeated quietly, looking up to Adrian as she gently continued fisting her mom.

Adrian pulled out of Barbara’s mouth and said “What do you think Barbara?”

“Have you taken one that size before?” she asked.

“No, but I’ve been fantasising about that cock for so long, I just want it.” Alannah pleaded.

“Ok, be gentle with her,” she said.

Turning to Alannah she panted, “Just make me cum baby,” as she thrust back and forth on Alannah arm.

Alannah kneeled with her knees wide on the bed and with her right hand pulled her panties down revealing her shaved and very wet swollen cunt.

Adrian kneeled behind her and thrust his face into her, pushing his tongue into her young cunt.

Alannah screamed and thrust herself back into his face “No one’s ever done that before,” she breathed.

Adrian slid his tongue up and down her slit, flicking her clit.

Barbara slid round so that she could see what was happening.

“Fuck her Adrian, fuck her now.”

Adrian stood, pushed his shoulders back and started pulling up and down his seven inches.

“I’m going to fuck you hard.” he stated as he took up a position behind Alannah.

He stepped forward and brushed his cock up and down Alannah’s leaking cunt.

He pushed forward a little with the head of his cock just entering her.

“She’s tight” he breathed.

Alannah was shaking, breathing very heavily, “Do it,” she whispered.

“Ok, here it comes,” he said, “Get that arm as far into your mum as you can and then make a fist.”

Barbara screamed, Adrian grabbed Alannah’s thin hips and thrust forward, Alannah screamed.

He sunk his cock into her in one long stroke, stopped for moment, then gently pulled back and began to stroke in and out.

Alannah looked over her shoulder and straight into his eyes. “Fuck me like you mean it daddy.” she said.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Adrian said, thinking you guys have issues…

Barbara meantime was panting raggedly under Alannah.

“This is so hot, I’m gonna cum” she breathed.

“Do it!” Alannah and Adrian said together.

Barbara lifted herself off the bed rapidly and screamed again, “I’m Cumming, I’m cumming,” as her orgasm washed over her, then slumped back onto the bed.

Alannah slowly pulled her arm out of her mum and put her hand to Adrian’s face.

He sucked her fingers eagerly “Your cunt tastes fucking gorgeous Barbara!”

“Thankyou.” Barbara said sarcastically as she slid off the bed and grabbed her phone.

She held it up and started to take pictures as Adrian began to vigorously thrust into Alannah’s little body.

She then reached between Alannah’s legs and started to rub her clit.

Alannah immediately gasped “I’m Cumming!” and shuddered for a minute as her orgasm washed over her, before sagging forward onto the bed.

Adrian stood with his cock proud in front of him and asked “Who wants my cum?”

“I do” they both replied and laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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