Dark of the Night

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It was the dark of night.

She crept into the bedroom silently, her mind steadily focused on him. She had gone out to the club, singing dancing, men flirting to her. They paid her great compliments with their eyes, but she was not theirs, she gave herself only to him. He was asleep, his well muscled body resting in bed from a long days work. She traced out his features with her eyes before she crossed over to him and dropped her black lace panties to the floor. She crawled up onto the bed, her ample bosoms spilling out of her party dress. Her supple flesh brushing against his leg over his crotch and onto his belly. She pulled the sheet off then ripped his tight fitting briefs down to his knees. She was always impressed by his sizable package, and she gazed at it lustfully while he gently woke up. She crept forward to him on all fours, creeping like a tigress hunting for meat. Until his face was smothered in his massive breasts. Then she rocked back and sat up. He smiled widely, almost unsure if he was lost in dreams and fantasies, or if this was a real fantasy come true. He moved his hand slowly up her inner thigh to under her dress, and made a slowly circle around her womanhood. Curiously, almost experimentally she traced a line down the middle of her pussy, then parted it to reveal her dripping honey. He took one long slow pass of his fingers and playing gently with her clit, teasing it.

“Get your hand out of there.” She demanded, her tone deeply indicated she desired halkalı eve gelen escort something else instead. By now he was almost fully awake and hard, ready to please her. She reached down and placed just the tip of his cock inside her. Wetness dribbled down his shaft and she grinned in anticipatory glee. She pulled her dress off over her head and bent forward onto him again. Her lace bra filling his field of vision with her bountiful cleavage.

She slowly started circling her hips while the head of his massive swollen cock rubbed against her luscious wet pussy lips. Each time she circled his animalistic desires grew for her. She bent down and licked his nipple tracing her tongue in circles around it. Slowly making her way up to his neck. She came to his ear lobe. And nibbled. She let out a small moan as his swollen cock made its way deeper into her tight wet pussy. She was rocking her hips with his. Their bodies moving together.

She leaned forward planting her chest on his face. He kissed her breasts passionately, her great bouncing boobs igniting him, setting fire to his loins, stirring his heart and giving bestial force to his pelvic thrusts. Each primal gyration bouncing her titties into his face, driving him further into his ecstatic trance. She slid her pussy onto his cock, grinding her slippery clit into his pelvis, feeling the tip right down in the bottom deep inside her love canal.

“I’m ready, make me cum halkalı grup yapan escort lover.” She whispered over her panting breath. ‘ make me cum now.’ she pleaded to him. His eyes wide and heart pounding he grabbed her wrist and pushed her off of his body. She lay on the bed on her hands and knees, waiting what whatever would come next. He jumped to behind her and made a loud slap with his hands and he grabbed her ass and pulled it to him. She bucked her hips and moaned. “Make me cum.”

His powerful hands slid up her back to the base of her head and pushed her face into the pillows. She bucked again trying to find his dick with her wanting womanhood. She moaned again, knowing well what pleasures he could perform on her, knowing what his member did for hers. She put her hand between her legs and pulled his cock into her body. Taking his cue he thrust into her open wanting lips with the effort of a steam train. Immediately he began a fast paced rough sexual torrent of deep thrusting and ass slapping fury. She bit into the pillow as if holding on for her dear life while he worked on her rear with all the passion of his life. He loved it, the warm wet feel of her velvet soft lips sliding over him, each simple but deliberate movement was like her tight pussy was stroking him closer to his eventual climax. She was already at the zenith of pleasure, riding waves love emanating from him and their union. He felt as her warmth closed in halkalı masöz escort around his tool, felt it tighten in her orgasm, and let go himself. He relaxed for half a second then concentrated on her, thought of her beauty, her soft plush features, her exotic wetness. And the pounded deeper, faster, harder. He felt the tight knot within him grow tighter begging for its own release, felt every thrust bringing him closer. Sweat poured off his brow as he worked harder and harder for his orgasm.

And then she broke her silence. She roller her head to the side and loudly exclaimed. “OH YES! JUST FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER!” And moaned loudly.

For her it was a crescendo that rose ever higher, a feeling that never stopped but continued all the while that he worked to gain what he had already given her. For him her moan was like a tipping of a scale that let loose a mighty volcano. The knot in him tightened and then released, the spasm from below that spewed his man juices out into her awaiting love tunnel. And with it a spasm of everything, love, joy, pleasure in mounds, relief of his pent up lust and desire. The muscles in his whole body tensed and relaxed and his orgasm radiated through his body. A wave of satisfaction washed over him, and finally he was finished.

She fell over, panting hard. And he nestled in beside her, becoming the big spoon to her little spoon. He sent tingles through her sensitive body as he lightly grazed her skin tracing his hand from her hip to her breast, which he then kneaded and groped affectionately. She made a half turn to him as she caught her breath and kissed his lips lovingly, open mouthed, tongues seeking and finding one another intimately.

“Good night my love.” He said earnestly.

“Sleep well hon, I want some more in the morning.” She said with a devilish smile.

The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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