Danny One Way and Ken the Other

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For all you guys out there who maybe scrabble about if you are one way or the other, and those who know they are gay but are scared of coming out or meeting someone in the flesh to play with, take it from me, you will feel so much better for letting it all out.

Just be you, you are what you are, if you are gay then that is how it was meant to be, so let go off that silly guard you hide behind and do what I did, find someone you really like and he thinks the same about you and simple chill and let it flow.

If you are blessed with effeminacy above anything else then take to female stance with your guy and let him shaft the ass off you. Danny was the first to do that with me over the edge of the bath after we’d played with each other and he’d fingered me, letting me know his intention. I can tell you that okay; it hurt a bit first time because Danny was not one for holding back. But then after he’d fucked me once, the next time was beautiful and I simply loved the feel of his lovely cock, a cock with which I was to become much more acquainted.

I had found myself and discovered my leaning and later, I discovered that I enjoyed to take the masculine stance as well, so that is where Ken came in. Danny was not that way inclined but I was more than happy with that. It would not have quite been the same somehow.

I love Danny’s fuck, so perfect and he sets me on fire each time he enters me. The feel of it after having sniffed and tasted it makes it all part of our relationship.

So I have two guys now, at different times of course and none knows about the other. It is not a case of wanting to cheat but I feel I am two different people, I am Alex for Danny and Peter for Ken and it works beautifully.

It works so why hassle it? In shagging Ken I can sense just how it feels for him, when I take him beautifully over the edge of the kitchen table, his beautiful rump pouted for my pleasure, and I do many of the things Danny likes with me. That is when we both really get heated up and anything goes. I regularly suck Ken’s ass and his cock now and it is a very beautiful part of our relationship, just as it is casino şirketleri spunking into Danny’s mouth when he wants that and vice versa. A think I rejected it at first because it made such a sticky mess, but it was so much fun revving Danny up and it made for a great climax, He makes for a beautiful spurt and I can tell you the feeling as it drenches my tongue is out of this world, I find myself taking his fresh spunked cock into my mouth and finish him off. He usually explodes twice more and my mouth is filled with his spunk. It tastes salty, like sea salt but I barely swallow because that is difficult. But Danny is happy with that although he likes to swallow mine.

I do occasionally when the mood takes me, after we have shared a really wondrous deep fucking sequence when I play doggy for him.

So what I am saying here guys is; okay I like you reading my real life accounts as they are right now. (This afternoon Ken will be around and I know he will be wearing those divine tight brush cords I adore him in. That is because usually he is hinting for me to spank him and why not? he enjoys it and so do I and having him bent subservient like across my lap and administering a sound spanking it good for the soul and a perfect pre-fuck experience.)

When I fuck that plum red hot fresh spanked ass and feel its warm tight response it is all that it should be, I fuck him sound and hard, that is the way he wants it, shafted deep and hearing my balls slap against his ass as I thrust in and out of him, feeling the suck and draw of his anus rapture me, until I spunk him all over that ripe plum red ass. What a perfect way to complete a wonderful afternoon. Now I have got myself all worked up but I shall wait for Ken and give him what for!

But guys, if you are up for it and you really want to come out, go for it, let the world know and they will now too, and you have immediately a 90% chance of meeting the guy for you.

Imagine just being with someone who shares your aspirations and all, and how perfectly wonderful that would be. You will feel complete and like me, will have accepted your true self and that is casino firmaları very important in my book. And really it is so very thrilling simply to meet someone with your own aspirations and getting to know just how one can please another. Danny and I broke the ice with a couple of drinks, and got around to rubbing each other, cock to cock through our jeans. Then gradually having enjoyed that, the sheer exuberance of unzipping and letting it all hang out, cock for cock. His was bigger than mine but it didn’t matter because he was the giver. From that point we played with each other in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways just to see what we preferred in the art of foreplay.

I wish I could put into words just how it is with Danny and me, I have tried to explain how it is in former stories but there are no words to really describe how it is. And as we progress and learn more about each other as we are enter into a very new and exciting time.

Danny has decided he would very much like to try role play with me which, I shall be honest) did not appeal at first. I somehow got the notion that he was tiring of me and did my utmost to give him my very best, lots of wonderful deep massage and sucking and the rest of it. We shared wonderful quality times with each other and I so wanted that to continue, to serve the effeminacy in me.

But as it was, what Danny wanted would do that exactly, he said I had the stance of a woman and how good I would look in feminine gear, like girls jeans and a thong and maybe a tight mini black skirt. He explained he had always wanted to enjoy his kinky notions of looking under a girls skirt , having her geared up in sexy black fishnets and all the suspender stuff too.

I then discovered a new facet about myself. It was almost like I had been a girl at one time, perhaps in another life, and when Danny French kissed me and touched me under my skirt, pretending I was a woman; that gentle rimming and tinkering around my anus, he was well and truly away in a trance and I enjoyed a first full fuck of him on the edge of the bed, skirt rolled up and all.

It was good for Danny and good güvenilir casino for me too. There are always new and exciting things to do provided you both agree. But even of you don’t at first, if anything my seem uncouth to you, just give it a try and you may be surprised learning something about yourself that you never thought existed. Like when I first sucked Danny.

His second visit, having stripped and washed himself in the bathroom, he came into the lounge stark naked with a huge erection making the way before him, sat down and said: “Well here it is” as if to invite me to do what he thought I wanted.

It looked different to mine, he was circumcised and it looked very blue and unattractive.. I hadn’t noticed the day before when somehow we just focussed into each others eyes as we played.

I felt it awhile. He said it was nice and not to stop, that I could suck it if I wanted. I grew to enjoy the feel of it, so warm and easy to manipulate in my hands and tease with my fingers when he also said I could have fun with his balls, and in doing that he slipped more to the edge of the chair so I had full access to all. It was all so very lovely and gorgeous,

He asked me to suck him again, that if I did he would suck me too and maybe then we could fuck.

I went for it, closed my eyes and said to myself now or never. The taste was unique, not unfamiliar because when wanking myself and sniffing my palm, I started to like the smell of cock, in fact it helped me to finish the job, and now I had doing that again, and his scent was in my palm, but now in my nostrils as I went for it and sucked hard, tasting the pungency of stiff throbbing cock and all, It was so nice and it wasn’t long after that, when he sucked me, in fact we sucked each other before he had me fair and square over the edge of the bath.

It is such a lovely experience simply lavishing the feel of hot sweet cock all over my face and he didn’t seem to be minding it either. It was so wonderful to experience all those new and exiting feelings down there.

Anyway, I am sorry, I need to finish now because Ken is due, and he will not want to wait. I can see the swell in his jeans now, he will want that seeing to as I shag him and that’s for sure.

But that’s what it is all about. Enjoy whilst you can, that’s me.

I hope I have given some of you guys some inspiration.

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