Daddy Next Door

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For Olivia, turning 18 offered up a whole new world. It was a day she had looked forward to since middle school, and finally, today, she was able to celebrate her liberation from childhood restrictions. No more curfew, no more begging for her parents’ permission if she wanted to pierce her ear, and from now on, Olivia’s age wasn’t a limitation when it came to men.

Olivia, as excited as she was, took her time getting ready. People would be arriving for her party around noon, and it was still only 10. There was no way she was going to let her eagerness to celebrate, keep her from looking as beautiful as possible. After a long shower, Olivia stepped onto the tile floor of her bathroom, wrapped in a towel. She opened the door to let out the steam, and admired herself in the mirror as it began to unfog. Her blonde hair, usually the color of a sand, if sand were made of silk, hung slightly darker with the wet, down past her shoulders. The dripping locks framed her head, and made her stunning blue eyes stand out even more than they usually did. The body that twelve years of dance had sculpted, small framed, but lithe and toned, made it impossible for her not to smile at her reflection with a devious, and prideful, glint in her eyes. The fact that she was finally eighteen played over and over in her head. ‘Even if I still might look sixteen,’ she thought. It didn’t bother her. Olivia knew it would only add to her appeal.

After drying herself off, and finishing up her morning routine, Olivia stepped into her bedroom and looked at the outfit she had picked out for herself the night before. A blue sundress, low cut, offering an inviting view from above, and hemmed just above her knees, showing off her long, shapely legs. A spiraling white floral pattern guided any observers gaze around the young girl’s toned body, over her enticing chest, with the end of the vine steering the stare up towards Olivia’s eyes. A specially chosen outfit, innocent enough to keep her dad from complaining, but provocative enough to guarantee the desired admirers at her party were sure to notice. Despite Olivia’s two-year relationship with her boyfriend, Matt, teasing other men remained one of her greatest pleasures, and today, she had every intention of indulging it.

Olivia hooked the front clasp on her black push-up bra and stepped into her matching panties, looking at herself from all angles in her full-length mirror, then adjusting her 30 b-cup breasts until they looked like c’s. After she was satisfied, Olivia slid into her dress, running her hands down the light fabric to smooth out any creases. Stepping back into the bathroom, Olivia applied her makeup. With just enough eyeliner to make her deep-sea irises pop, and a dark red lipstick she knew would fix men’s eyes to her mouth whenever she spoke. She looked herself over, and didn’t even try to fight back her thin smirk of pride. She knew she deserved it.

Barely touching the ground, Olivia danced down the stairs, spinning into the kitchen, kissing her dad on the cheek, and sitting down next to her mom.

“Happy birthday, Sweetheart,” Olivia’s dad said throwing her an apple. “You look absolutely beautiful.”

“Happy birthday, Honey,” her mom said squeezing her hand lovingly.

“Thank you, guys,” Olivia answered with a warm smile. “Can I help finish setting up the backyard?”

“Finished up while you were getting ready,” Olivia’s mom said smiling. “People should start getting here in about a half-hour.”

Right on time people started trickling, and soon pouring in. Dozens of friends from school, including Matt, and all of them telling Olivia how beautiful she looked. By one o’clock the backyard was packed, and the smell of the grill filled the air. The drink in Olivia’s hand, pleasantly making its way to her head, giving her face a gently blush that only added to her charm.

After spending the polite amount of time, moving from group to group with Matt, thanking everyone for coming and showing off her college-bound, football-player boyfriend, Olivia made her way alone, back to her parents. She found them with a herd of neighbors, her dad, surrounded by beer bellies, manning the grill, and her mom sitting under the umbrella covered table with the other neighborhood ladies. Sitting down at the table first and finishing her drink, smiling at the constant stream of not-so-subtle, salacious comments from the half-drunk mothers about Olivia’s newly legal status, despite her gentle reminders that she had a boyfriend. It didn’t take long for Olivia to start to looking around the party for guests she hadn’t spoken with yet, who could rescue her.

Just then a cell phone began to buzz on the table. Olivia’s next-door neighbor, Alexa Hoyt, picked it up and answered it.

“Hello, this is Doctor Hoyt,” she spoke into it, pausing to listen. “Alright, have him prepped. I’ll be there as soon as I can,” she answered, hanging up the phone and standing up. “I’m so sorry. Emergency at the hospital. I’ve got to go.”

Olivia, along with the rest of the ladies, said goodbye and good esenyurt anal yapan escort luck, then stood up, giving her a hug, and thanking her for coming. Alexa hurried over to her husband, David, who was standing with all the other dads by the grill. She let him know that she had to leave, gave him a kiss and rushed out of the yard’s side gate.

Olivia didn’t watch her leave. Her eyes were still on David. He had moved in next to them, along with his wife and daughter, about ten years earlier. She’d had a crush on him for the same amount of time. Since then, it seemed like he’d only gotten better looking. His dark hair had developed faint, appealing flecks of grey, his lightly tanned, and gently weathered skin, as taught over the athletic contours of his body as it was the day they had arrived. Olivia starred long enough for David to notice. He turned his head to meet her gaze for a moment, before both of them to smiled politely and looked away.

Olivia looked down at her empty drink, and decided it was time to head inside for a refill. She stood up from the table and made her way through the sliding glass door, closing it behind her. After ladling a generous amount of the heavily tequila-ed punch into her glass, Olivia took took several swallows, then leaned back, eyes closed, against the cold stainless steel of the fridge to cool off.

Olivia heard the sliding door open and lifted her eyelids, again meeting David’s gaze as he walked into the house, empty beer bottle in hand.

“Hey birthday girl,” he said warmly, giving her a teasing smile. “Toasty out there.”

Olivia returned his smile, and answered, “Hey, Mr. Hoyt! Yeah, it’s a little warm… had to step inside for a sec. Did you want another beer?”

“Yeah actually, that’d be great, thanks!” he said, still smiling.

Olivia opened up the fridge and grabbed a beer, popping the top off on the opener bolted to the fridge door. “Here ya go!” she smiled. Searching for something to talk about, Olivia’s mind went to David’s twenty-two-year-old daughter. She asked, “How’s Dana doing? I feel like I haven’t talked to her in forever,” leaning back onto the fridge.

“Oh, she’s fine. Just finishing up her senior year. Got a job lined up already,” David said proudly. “I remember not so long ago, when she’d come over here to babysit you. Not long after that, I remember when you’d come over to our house so the two of you could watch scary movies in the basement.”

“That was so great! We were basically sisters,” Olivia laughed.

“So, your dad says your off on a dance scholarship next year. That’s fantastic! You know it’s crazy to think that after ten years of living next to you, I have not seen you dance once; barring the backyard displays,” he teased.

Olivia, approaching the bottom of her recently filled drink, laughed pleasantly embarrassed. “You weren’t really supposed to see those. Actually, my parents put like a compilation of my most recent shows on the T.V., if you wanted to see…”

“I’d love to!” David said brightly, taking a sip. “Lead the way!”

The two of them stepped over into the empty living room, where the video Olivia’s dad had made was playing on repeat. They had walked in halfway through Olivia’s most skimpily clad performance. Its name escaped her but the show involved Olivia wearing a dark upper linen wrap that left little to the imagination, along with a very short, matching skirt that rose up every time she twirled. At the sight of it, Olivia turned bright red and looked down at her the last of her drink, quickly finishing it.

It wasn’t until she saw David’s reaction, that Olivia forgot her embarrassment. Failing in his effort to appear unaffected, his breathing had picked up, and he had begun to blush. Olivia glanced down quickly, and saw that the outline of a bulge had begun to grow in the left leg of David’s khakis. David had noticed his reaction too and quickly looked for a place to sit down.

“Wow!” David said, forcing the return of his relaxed tone. “No wonder you were offered a scholarship! I thought you walked gracefully, but this is a whole ‘nother level.”

“Thank you so much!” Olivia bubbled in her most innocent tone. In a seat across from David, Olivia sat down, crossing her legs, so that the hem of her dress slid up. “You’re so sweet to say that,” a smile tugging at her lips.

David, glancing down at Olivia’s exposed legs, then up to her hypnotic eyes, fighting for a fatherly smile, then abandoning it for a long swig of beer, he shifted his eyes back to the T.V.

“I’m gonna refill my drink. Can I get you another beer?” Olivia offered.

David laughed lightly, “It’s not like I’m driving home, right? I’d love one, thanks!”

Olivia stood up, providing David with an effortless sway of her hips as she passed him. She had no doubt he was watching her as she walked back to the kitchen. Now out of eye shot of the older man, Olivia let her excitement show on her face, but stifled her squeal. She could feel herself getting esenyurt escort wet at the thought of turning-on her married neighbor, a man she’d had a crush on for as long as she’d known him. Her heart pounding and the smile on her face growing, Olivia took several deep breathes as she opened up the fridge, pulling out two new beers. She opened them up and walked back into the living room.

“Here ya go!” Olivia said offering one beer, while taking a sip of the other. “It’s too bad Mrs. Hoyt had to leave so early,” she said casually, and taking the seat next to David.

“Yeah, just part of the job,” David answered, seeming to have calmed down, and smiling back at Olivia.

“Any idea how long she’ll be?” Olivia posed lightly.

“Probably going to be a late night. Seemed like it was bad,” he answered leaning back and taking a sip.

“Hmm, guess you’ve got a bachelor pad for the night, huh Mr. Hoyt,” Olivia teased.

David laughed and said, “You know, you’re eighteen now. You can call me by my first name.”

Olivia laughed with him and replied, “I don’t know… it’s a habit, why break it? Right, Mr. Hoyt?” following her words with a slight lean forward, an alluring smile, and a brush of her hand over David’s leg, lasting just a moment.

David, eyes involuntarily flashing down at the valley created by his teenage neighbor’s breasts, then quickly back up into her piercing, sapphire stare, he felt the bulge he’d fought off, returning with force.

“Whatever you say, Olivia,” David answered with a light laugh. “Maybe we should get you back to your party.”

Olivia laughed and said back, “Yeah I’ve probably neglected the rest of my guests long enough. It’s just hard, you know? Playing hostess, I mean…” Emphasizing the word she knew would excite him the most.

The married man and his teenage neighbor walked back out to the patio, shared one last smile, and separated. David went back to the dads gathered around the grill, and Olivia, the subtle, proud, smirk she’d worn several times that day, back on her face, walked over to her boyfriend, letting him put his arm around her. Unable to even feign interest in the conversation her friends were having, Olivia’s mind was still fixated on the man standing next to her father.

The rest of the party went by slowly, people gradually beginning to leave after saying goodbye to the birthday girl. Olivia’s large group of friends, boiling down to just a few people, Matt among them.

Matt leaned down, his arm around Olivia, and whispered in her ear, “Hey babe, did you feel like heading up to your room for a little?”

Olivia looked up at him with an apologetic pout on her face, and a hand on his chest, she answered, “I’m sorry, baby. I’m way too tired right now. I promised I’ll make it up to you though,” smiling and kissing him quickly on the lips.

Matt smiled down at her, “Don’t worry about it. I think some of us are gonna head over to Duke’s house to hang out for a little. Did you feel up to coming?”

“Nah, not tonight. You should go though! Have fun, Mattie,” she said, giving him another quick peck with her lips, the boy having no idea how insincere her kiss really was. Even as Olivia gave it to him, her mind was filled only with thoughts of another man.

It was getting dark as Olivia walked the last of her friends out to say goodbye. She hugged each of them, and kissed her boyfriend one more time, before closing the door and hurrying up the stairs to her room. She got undressed and jumped into the shower, this one far less leisurely than the one she’d taken that morning. After getting out, Olivia retraced the beautifying steps she’d taken ten hours earlier, except this time she didn’t put on a sundress. This time she pulled out the matching set of pink lace lingerie that Matt had gotten her for their anniversary. After putting them on, she pulled a white t-shirt over her head, tying the front into a knot, and then stepping into a tantalizingly short, red plaid skirt. Walking back into the bathroom, Olivia reapplied her makeup, using a little more eye liner than before, then coating her lips with the shade of red that matched her skirt.

She stepped back and looked herself over, taking deep breathes to calm herself down. Her hair was perfectly messy, her knotted top showed off just enough of her toned stomach, and her pink lingerie just barely stood out from behind the white fabric of her shirt. Pleased with herself, Olivia slid long white socks up to her calves, and then, finally, a pair of black, low-top converse sneakers. Olivia listened for a second at the top of the stairs, to make sure her parents were in the other room. Certain that they were, the eighteen-year-old ran down to the first floor, then out the front door, yelling as she went,

“Hey I’m gonna meet Matt and some friends over at Duke’s! Thanks for everything today guys! Be back later!”

She heard the rushed response as the door closed behind her, “Have fun! Stay safe!”

Olivia jumped in her car and starting esenyurt eve gelen escort it, pulling out and driving just around the block, parking on the street. After making sure she was out of sight of her parents’ house, she started walking back the way she came, but turned into the driveway right before her’s. Taking a few more deep breathes, Olivia calmed herself down, then raised a hand to knock on the house’s side door. After ten long seconds, David opened it.

“Olivia,” he said breathless at the sight of her in her carefully selected outfit, that turned the already stunning young girl, into something nobody could resist. “What are you doing here?”

Hands behind her back, causing her chest to be pushed out, Olivia, swaying, chin down, eyes up, greeted her older neighbor, “Hey Mr. Hoyt… I was just thinking; we really didn’t really get a chance to talk as much as I would have liked… I figured maybe we could fix that,” then giggling, the light from inside catching her sparking blue eyes, “Plus I got you two drinks today… I thought you might want to return the favor…”

“Jesus Christ,” David almost moaned under his breath, then shaking his head, “No. No, Olivia please. Alexa could be home any minute. I can’t let you in. You know that.”

Putting a hand on David’s belt and gently pushing in, Olivia said in a quiet voice, “She’s not gonna be home for a long, long time… Let’s just have a quick drink, and finish talking… I promise, Mr. Hoyt, that’s it,”. By her last few words, David had opened the door enough for Olivia to walk in. Her hand still wrapped around the belt, her eyes filled with lust, the teenage girl, with almost no space between her and her much older neighbor, stopped her face inches from his, her glistening red lips, only just parted.

It was only as she started to see David’s head begin to lower to hers, that Olivia broke off her alluring stare. She turned and began to walk down the hallway towards the cavernous living room, looking over her shoulder and in a hushed, flirtatious tone said, “C’mon, Mr. Hoyt. Let’s have that drink…”

Without breaking stride Olivia used one foot to pull the shoe off the other, leaving them lying in the middle of the hallway forgotten. David, standing in the door, mesmerized at the sight of Olivia’s smooth and toned legs, carried her tight, athletic body away from him, swaying the whole time. Feeling almost drunk, although it had been hours since he’d had a sip, he followed the teenage girl further into his house.

Olivia, bouncing lightly across the floor, moved to the little bar, hidden inside an old-fashioned globe in the corner of the living room. In a bubbly voice that forced a little smile from David, Olivia called back to him, “Does whiskey sound good?” As she lifted up two glasses with one hand and a crystal decanter with the other.

“Yeah,” David said hoarsely, then clearing his throat, “Yeah, I could use one. Just one though…”

Olivia smiled over at the older man sitting down on his couch, looking dazed. She poured each of them a generous amount of whiskey, then using the graceful, subtly seductive walk she’d earned over her years of dancing, she moved back towards David. She handed him the glass of dark liquid, then sat down next to him on the couch, so close that her thigh touched his.

Raising her glass with her stunning smile, she jokingly said, “Happy birthday, Olivia…”

Touching his glass to the young girl’s, David responded with a quiet, “Yeah, of course! Happy birthday… Olivia,” then followed it with a heavy swallow from his deep glass. Neither spoke for a minute. Olivia, taking occasional sips, stared smiling at David. David could only look down at his quickly depleting glass. “Olivia,” he started in a low voice, “what are you doing here?”

Putting her free hand on David’s thigh, Olivia dared softly, “Tell me to leave…” David didn’t say anything back, so Olivia took the hand she hand she had on him, and started to gently massage his leg.

David finished the rest of his drink, his deep breathes betraying his nerves, said, “Olivia, we can’t do this. I’m married. I love my wife. You even have a boyfriend.”

Whispering in the same soft voice, the young girl responded, “neither of them are here right now… It’s just you and me, Mr. Hoyt.”

Still not looking at her, David shook his head lightly and said, “This is wrong. You’re friends with my daughter. I’ve known you since you were eight!”

Keeping her calm, seductive hushed tone, and still running her hand over David’s leg, Olivia answered, “I’m not eight anymore, Mr. Hoyt. We both want this.” At her last words, the young girl let her hand drift farther up and in, towards something that Olivia was sure would be a very hard. She started to feel it farther down the leg than she had expected, and her fingers running over it were accompanied by David’s surprised gasp. He grabbed the teenager’s wrist but didn’t move it away.

“Olivia… Please… We can’t,” he said, clearly fighting his desire.

Olivia pushed her captured arm forward, and David made no attempt to keep it from slipping through his hand, as the newly legal girl began gently rubbing his cock through the fabric of his pants. “We can, David. Just tonight… Don’t fight it,” Olivia whispered in his ear, leaning forward and lightly touching her full, young, deep red lips, to David’s for the first time.

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