Dad , Daughter Meet Mom , Son Ch. 01

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This series has lots of sex between father and adult daughter. They meet sex loving mother and adult son that live in the same building. Sex with all 4 together. Girl/girl but no guy/guy. There is also role play, some light anal, and mature in the mix. LOTS of breast play. There’s even some romance! But again, I write what I like to read, lots of sex. So be warned if that’s not your thing. Everyone else, enjoy part one!

“There’s some eye candy in 4A,” my coworker whispered, “but there’s also a screaming brat alert four rows back.” She sighed.

A lot of us flight attendants hated flights into Orlando and the parks, and it was just the luck of our crew to do just that. It was usually full of kids that were sugar bribed to behave, that tossed it all back up at the first sign on turbulence.

I finished my preflight check and had a look at 4A. “He is a hunk,” The shock on her face was priceless as she watched me walk back and say a couple of words to him before giving him a kiss.

“Alessia! Whaaaaat,” she said somewhat astounded.

“My Dad, it’s my Dad,” I said, laughing.

“Yes, I can see the resemblance but he doesn’t look much older than you!”

“He’s not really. Let’s see, I’m 28 so that makes him 46.”

“Whoa, he was a young Daddy at 18.”

He was young but always cared for me. Watched out for me. Mom got knocked up and resented us both for ruining her life. Dad more than made up for her lack of love. I lived with her, but saw him more. Definitely depended on him more.

I had a few moments to talk to him while we passed out drinks from the cart.”Dad it’s great to see you. We are always like two ships passing in the night,” I said sadly.

“You look great, honey. I’ll be in Orlando for a week, but I suppose you’ll be off into the skies again right away.”

“Actually no I have a few days off! Can you wait for me when we land?”

“Of course!” He was busy with having his every whim met once my coworkers discovered it was my Dad. That he was drop dead gorgeous helped too, I thought, laughing to myself.

He was waiting for me at the end of the jetway. “I have a place near downtown Orlando if you’d like to stay with me. I know you’re working but you can have a key to come and go.”

“Oh honey I can’t turn that down. We have a lot of catching up to do.” He texted to cancel his hotel reservations and we headed to my car.

I pulled into my parking slot next to the Spanish inspired building. My apartment was a real find and there was a constant waiting list for the twelve units. We walked through the lush tropical courtyard and past the shimmering pool.

“It was love at first sight,” I told Dad. “Not huge so we all know each other. The U shape gave us privacy and security since we could see all the other units, six up six down. We’re all relatively close in age and some are also flight crew.”

A couple of the girls at the pool checked him out. That was pretty common growing up. He is tall and tanned, black hair with silver temples. The type of presence that commands attention and success in business.

“I can see why you love the place,” he said, as I unlocked the door. The interior followed the same Spanish influence with arches and heavy architectural touches.

I led him to the guest room. “Only two bedrooms and unfortunately one bath.”

“I don’t mind. It’s very nice and you’ve done a wonderful job making it home. He hung his suit jacket in the closet. “Would you like to go out or eat in?”

“Out? I have a fav Mexican place I think you’ll love!” I said. “Oh, Friday evenings we all cook out and hang out by the pool. Would you like to join me tomorrow night?” He agreed and we headed out to eat.

The next morning I ran into my neighbor at the mailbox. “Who is that gorgeous hunk I saw you with last evening?! I haven’t seen him this morning so you must have worn him out last night,” she laughed.

It was always fun growing up because no one took him for my Dad since he was so young. For some reason, I didn’t mention that Dad was 18 when I was born.

“He was on my flight and followed me home!” I mean it wasn’t a lie. Really.

“Honestly Alessia, you have all the damn luck!”

We shopped for the vegetables for salad for the barbecue, and Dad who is apparently quite the chef, picked up a few things as well. We were content to relax in the apartment and catch each other up with our lives until it was time to prepare the salad.

“I’ll give you a hand, Lessie.” I smiled at his childhood nickname for me and had a wave of warm fuzzies wash over me.

The kitchen is small so we we ended up in each other’s way mostly, but neither of us minded. It had been so long since we’d spent time together, it felt good being close.

Swimwear was the attire for the barbecues and Dad ran out to get some pool shorts while I got ready. My bathing suits didn’t vary. I wore bikinis, mostly brief, but various colors. I loved my body, took care of it and liked to show it off. A lot of teasing bahis firmaları and tantalizing went on when we had these Friday night barbecues. There might be some groping in the shadows, underwater shenanigans, or intimate dancing, but even though it wasn’t with your regular partner, it was okay because they were there. Somewhere with someone. Some chose to sit, drink and visit and were comfortable with that. We had a great group here and I hoped it would never change.

I didn’t feel Dad would be shocked. As good looking as he is, I’m sure he’s a player,. I found the vision of him fucking more than a little arousing, but I’m not sure where that came from. A place where I’ve never gone in thoughts of him. I actually didn’t mind, although he might object, I thought to myself, chuckling.

His pool shorts were perfect. Not those super long and baggy like a lot of guys wear but closer fitting. His eyes skimmed my body, taking in the three triangles of my suit.

“Lessie, damn honey you’re a knockout,” he murmured, brushing my long hair back, holding my shoulders and giving me another look. At 34C I wasn’t the biggest in my crowd, but I never had a complaint. His eyes might have lingered a little longer on them, but I didn’t mind. Some men like tits, some like ass. Now I knew which one Dad was, I laughed to myself.

Much of the group was there when we arrived. I made introductions as Greg, not Dad. My Mom gave me her last name so no one realized the connection, and neither one of us mentioned it. I knew mine, but wasn’t sure of Dad’s motive.

Nevertheless, they thought of us as a couple, and that’s how we acted. I wasn’t conscious of him having his arm around me when we were talking to others. It just felt right. I didn’t give a second thought when I leaned into him behind me in the food line. It came natural that he leaned down to listen to me, his lips brushing my cheek. Our mouths close when we talked. Like lovers. Not father and daughter.

As the evening wore on, more alcohol was consumed and it seemed everyone began to pair off for pool play, shadow groping and general sexy fun and games. It was tradition.

Dad came up behind me with his arms around my waist. “This is quite the barbecue,” he whispered, chuckling.

“Are you shocked?” I found myself leaning back in his embrace and head on his shoulder. His lips were near my ear and I could hear his breathing get heavier.

“I guess I’m more shocked at me,” he said.


“Because I’m enjoying having my daughter in my arms much more than I should. The nearness of her body is affecting mine.” He moved and I felt his hot hard cock against my ass. I’d worn colorful platform sandals that matched my yellow bikini, which put me at the perfect height.”And it’s wrong.”

I sighed and pushed back against him. “It’s not wrong if we both want it.”

“Oh honey, I want. Yes. I really want. I’ve wanted for quite awhile now.”

“Really? I wish I’d known. We wasted a lot of time.” I thought for a moment. “I want you enough right this moment that I could push you down on that chaise and straddle you and ride you until we both had the wildest orgasms of our lives. But what I really want is to take our time. Enjoy our teasing, getting to know each others bodies, responses and pleasures.”

“Yes, I’d like that too.” He kissed the side of my neck and I melted. “To be honest, watching all this is very exciting. The couples in the pool, the intimate touches of the others. Does that make me a voyeur… If so I just learned something about myself.” He chuckled softly.

“Yes it does, Daddy,” I whispered, loving his quick intake of breath when I called him Daddy. I untied my top and moved his hands to cover my breasts. “And now we’ll be exhibitionists too.”

He circled my breasts rubbing the palm of his hand over my nipples. I arched my back, pushing my tits into his hands. He massaged my tits, pinching my nipples harder in his fingers.

“Oh yeah just like that,” I moaned softly.

“Lessie you’re so fucking responsive. You have me harder than you did when you were nineteen.”

“You wanted me then?”

“Like you couldn’t believe. I never knew if I was hiding the hard on I had from you, although I tried.”

He found a chair into the shadows and pulled me onto his lap. His hard cock was against my hip. His mouth found my nipples and I gasped as he suckled. “You’re driving me crazy, Daddy.” Hearing me call him that inflamed him. His cock throbbed against my hip.

Ice tinkled in someone’s glass reminding me that we weren’t alone and these people didn’t have a clue who he was. And I planned on keeping it that way. There would be too many questions to answer, judgments formed. Incest is the big taboo and usually not acceptable. Even though I am adult enough to make my own decision. Could I have handled the weight of it when I was nineteen. I don’t think so. Nine years later has give me a lot of life experience to know what I’m getting into now.

“I’m going to get kaçak iddaa another drink, do you want one?” I left my bikini top off as most of the girls were either topless or totally nude. How our barbecues usually went.

“Here you go, Greg,” I said, putting emphasis on his name, handing him the icy drink. He smiled, knowing why.

There were still some couples in the pool enjoying each other. The couple on the chaise were fucking and had the attention of most everyone that wasn’t already involved.

“Wow,” Dad said. “Am I supposed to enjoy watching as much as I am,” he said wryly.

“Well, it’s not like you’re a peeping Tom voyeur. Everyone knows they’re being watched and only go as far as they’re comfortable. I have to admit it’s rare to see fucking. Usually the whole barbecue is foreplay and the real stuff happens at home.” We watched for awhile and started squirming on Dad’s lap. “I’m liking this a lot myself.”

“And I’m getting a lap dance out of it too!”

While we cleaned up I noticed one of the older residents had found Dad. I’d guess her a couple of years older than him. Although I didn’t know her well, I did know she was very nice and very charming and I’m sure turning that on for him. She had him laughing and touching during conversation.

Maddie was topless and definitely had the biggest tits of all the residents. She also liked to show them off. They were heavy but not drooping, with big upturned nipples. Double D’s no doubt. She was facing him and went up on tiptoes to whisper in his ear while rubbing her hard nipples on his chest. His hand went to her waist to hold her against him.

Oddly enough I didn’t feel any jealousy, but just the titillation of watching. Her back arched when she threw her head back to laugh, teasing his chest with those lush titties. He was laughing and totally enjoying her attentions. I didn’t want to distract him, and stepped back into the shadows to watch the tantalizing seduction.

She guided him to a chaise, but he paused and looked for me. He seemed to hesitate a bit more looking around. She said something, and he stretched out on the chaise beside her. She lay with her leg over his, hand splayed on his chest. They were back out of the line of sight of most everyone else, who were by now into their own thing.

As she captivated Dad, I tried to remember who was at the barbecue with her. Or who I’d even seen her around the apartments with. The only one I could remember was a younger guy.

She had a knockout body and even though older, could easily attract any age man. Her long flaming cloud of hair gave her a wild untamed look. Although she had double D cups, her waist was small. Shapely round hips and ass gave her a sexy curvaceous figure. She is the type of woman we other women love to hate, but she seems to sweet to hate her.

Her long uncontrollable mane spread on Dad’s chest. She whispered in his ear and nipped little kisses on his jaw. His lips parted in a gasp and I saw she’d slipped her hand in his pool shorts.

I wanted to pleasure myself while I watched him cum. I moved into the shadows. My cunt was so wet from earlier with Daddy and now, watching this seduction, my pussy tingled.

His hips moved, thrust up, sliding his cock through her hand. She hefted one of he breasts in offering and he latched on. Daddy was obviously a breast man I thought, remembering how he wildly suckled on mine. I knew what a temptation Maddie would be for him for many reasons.

He had his hands around the creamy soft flesh, squeezing and kneading while he suckled. He continued fucking her fist. She moaned from his titty attention. My fingers were covered in my hot juices and since she kept his cock in his pool shorts, I had to imagine and look forward to the surprise when I had him in my bed.

I saw him thrust high and stop while he pumped into her hand. He took a moment to recover.

He hefted both her titties together and gave them more attention. He squeezed her ass and pulled her onto his thigh, his other hand on her cunt. She ground against his thigh, his fingers inside her. The muscles in her ass clenching while she rode his thigh, his fingers. He was murmuring to her the whole time, taking her higher until she threw her head back moaning.

I moved to sit with the others. I didn’t want him to know I watched them. I don’t know why. I didn’t want him to feel guilty maybe. How could I explain how turned on I was watching him with another woman. We were still in new territory. I didn’t know what I was supposed to be feeling. He wasn’t mine and never really could be. This relationship could get very complicated if we weren’t careful.

“I hope I didn’t get too carried away. I don’t want to embarrass you,” he whispered, pulling up a chair next to me.

He glanced down. “Oh my god those breasts drive me wild, honey.” Totally distracted by my bare breasts.

“No you didn’t get too carried away and in fact it was sorta hot,” I admitted. “You’re a real breast man aren’t kaçak bahis you!” I laughed. “I’ll never measure up to Maddies titties. Double D’s!”

He laughed. “That’s what she said. All natural. And also there’s no measuring up involved sweetheart. No one will ever take the place of you. We’re in a tangled love affair,” he joked. “I honestly don’t know where we are going with this, or if you even want to go further..”

“She’s usually here with a guy about my age,” I reflected on Maddie. “I do want to go further Dad. I’m very attracted to you.”

He slipped his fingers in my hair and brought me close for a steamy hot tongue sucking dueling kiss. A pretty good indication he was attracted to me as well.

“Yeah, her son. She said he lives nearby and is here on Fridays for the barbecue sometimes.”

“Ah okay. That is the only time I ever see him, so makes sense.” I was glad I had a moment to cool down. I didn’t want my first fuck with my Dad to have an audience.

“She asked about you.”

“Really. What did you tell her?”

“Nothing really. I changed the subject. I wasn’t sure how much of your private life you wanted others to know.” He held my hand rubbing his thumb across my fingers. “I do know I don’t want to sell front row seats.” He winked and said, “Not this time anyhow. But seriously, I know the first time I slide into you… The first time we are locked together and you’re holding me deep inside you, will be the best thing ever happened to me.”

“Yessss, I’ve been thinking of that as well. I want to feel your hard cock pushing in. So intense. When we are actually joined together. It’s the closest we can ever be with someone.”

He pulled me up and we said our goodbyes and locked the door behind us.

My bikini bottoms dropped to the carpet. I felt as though I was baring more than my body to him. I felt totally exposed. There was a closeness that I couldn’t describe. I hooked my fingers in the waistband of his shorts and guided them down, his cock lurched up, red and angry. I knew he’d cum not long ago and was surprised he was so ready now.

“You’re so hard,” I said softly, taking in his manhood. A thick cock nestled in fat balls, trimmed perfectly for sucking.

I had dropped to my knees and nuzzled his manhood. I licked a drop of precum off the helmet like tip of his cock. He groaned and wove his fingers through my hair. I twirled my tongue around the protruding ridge and flicked across the underside, near the hole.

“Oh honey, damn you’re good,” he said looking down, groaning as he watched my lips wrap around the head of his cock, scrubbing the sensitive area with my tongue and lightly scraping with my teeth. He trembled. “So fucking good. My god Lessie what you’re doing to me,” his voice quaked.

I pushed him back onto my bed. I needed to take the lead this first time. I needed to orchestrate his pleasure, which would be mine as well. I knew as the seductress he would have no reason for regrets in the morning. The first light of day is always when reality hits. It will be no mistake that I was the one that tempted him.

I crawled doggy style up the bed, between his thighs. My long hair trailed up his thigh. I swept it across his cock and balls and he gasped at the sensation.

His body arched and twisted, moaning even louder when he felt my breath on his throbbing rod. I nibbled up the underside to the tip and nibbled his whole cock into my mouth. My hands were under him, squeezing his ass, the other holding an overflowing handful of balls.

“Daddy, you’re beautiful,” I whispered. He groaned low and long at the word. “Daddy you’re hard for me,” I said moaning softly. “And these balls. So fat and full and all for me.”

“Yes take care of your Daddy, he needs you so bad,” he said low, his voice cracking.

“And I need you too Daddy. This red hot rod sliding in my cunt.” The words only taking him even higher. The long slow foreplay of the evening, the teasing, the anticipation, the fact that we were related, both adults that know what we’re doing, and about to become as intimate as people could get. All that led up to this point.

I crawled up and straddled him. Kissing him first, then lowering my tits on his face. He moaned and held them. Squeezing them together and sucking my nipples hard.

“Yessss just like that Daddy. They’re so sensitive. They’re yours Daddy, all yours.” I reached between my legs and held his cock, rubbing it down my wet slit. “Look what you did to my pussy Daddy. You made me so wet for you.” I lowered agonizingly slow taking in the length of his cock deep in my center.

“Baby I need to fuck you now!” He shouted, reared up and drove deep, nearly knocking me off. I hung on for the ride. “My beautiful Lessie. Yes fuck me. Take me deep in that sweet pussy. I want to feel you cum on my cock. Oh my god you’re so tight.”

I rode him fast and hard, his words driving me crazy. His hands still on my tits, squeezing and kneading. Pinching my nipples hard the way I love.

“Daddy! I’m cumming,” I moaned, leaning back and grinding down on his throbbing rod and at the same time feeling the first pump of his seed deep inside my womb. “Yes Daddy cum inside me. I want it all!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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