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I irritably flick the annoyingly thin pages of my magazine over for the twentieth time, hopelessly wishing I would find a riveting article that would last for half an hour. I had been staring out the window, lost in my own thoughts for a while, but then an old man sitting opposite me had said that ridiculous phrase – ‘Cheer up, love, it’s not the end of the world!’ – and I had kind of lost interest, and resorted to a magazine I’d read over and over again. I leant my head back on the rest, and blew the strands of curly red hair off my forehead, letting them fall back on my ears. Staring at the faded blue ceiling of the train, I let my head roll to the side, and I gazed out of the grimy windows, my magazine just something for my fingers to fidget with now.

My thoughts led to Andy, the guy I was on my way to meet. We’d corresponded over the Internet for months, talked on instant messenger numerous times, many of those occasions getting us both aroused and ending in cyber-sex. Kind of ironic that I had had cyber-sex with so many guys I couldn’t remember them all, but I was still a virgin in reality. I’d met Andy in a chatroom, I was bored one day and had decided to go and talk to people online, and ended up chatting to Andy.

That first conversation was really just about us, our looks, names, music tastes etc. He was 19, and I was just 18. I logged off, having added him to my instant messenger account, with my mind in a whirl; he was so similar to me in likes and dislikes I found it slightly hard to believe.

For example, music. We were both huge Queen fans, and liked some of My Chemical Romance, although preferring their old music, excepting the song Mama, although Andy had a soft spot for Cancer. We both thought Avril Lavigne had become pure teenage pop bullshit, and her old music was far more soulful – we both liked Van Morrison, Billy Idol, Kirsty MacColl – although we definitely differed when it came to Jim Croce. I thought he was great, but Andy viewed him as old-fashioned country style crap.

And here I was on my way to meet him. I’d met him before, he’d come down to where I lived for that, and we met in a coffee shop, just to get a drink and say hello. We’d clicked at once, and ended up exchanging a heated kiss as we parted, which I know could have grown into more, but I didn’t want to just then, I needed to be certain that I wanted to lose my virginity to this man.

Over the next few months I grew more certain that he was the right guy, and he knew that I felt like that. When he suggested meeting again, I agreed instantly, and couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day.

And now, here I was, less than… God, ten minutes away now! How had the time gone so quickly? Had I really been daydreaming about Andy for that long? I felt myself give a little secret smile, and let my head roll back again. I could spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about Andy sometimes. I closed my eyes, and remembered an email he had sent me a few days earlier.

I can’t wait until you come down; just the thought of seeing you has me touching myself at nightmare, imagining your tight, delicious pussy here with me, along with the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known. I imagine lightly holding your hip as I kiss you, sliding my hand across your stomach to the hem of your panties, just resting there for a moment, happy to wait for you. As our kissing gets more heated, our lips connected, tongues touching as we taste each other, an urge to discover your most secret taste overcomes me, and I let my hand slide underneath the cool material of your panties, kissing down your neck. I hear a soft moan emitted from those beautiful rosy lips, as my finger touches your pussy, caressing it as my lips draw ever closer. I catch your hardened nipple in my mouth, letting you feel my finger strongly pressing into your pussy as I softly suck on your nipple, feeling your ribcage rising and falling rapidly beneath my free hand and mouth. You hold my head to you, stroking my hair, running your fingers through it, as I taste you. I move away from your nipple, kissing it softly before moving down your body again, circling my tongue around your belly button as I slowly remove your damp panties from your body. You spread your legs, desperately caught in passion, needing my tongue and mouth to caress you, to grant your release as I swallow your come. I’m so ready to taste you now, my tongue creeping across the soft skin underneath your belly, so close now, your breathing coming so fast as my finger teases you, giving you pleasure but not enough pressure to grant you your exquisite release. My tongue gently brushes your clit, making you jump, and a low moan escape from your mouth. I love that sound, so my tongue reaches out again, touching your clit again, but you’re ready for me, you won’t be caught by surprise that way again. I groan, and slide my finger deep inside you, hearing you gasp, and tilt your hips up at my face, pushing into my face as I lower my mouth to your pussy, and lick slowly up and down, tasting you, your beautiful taste. I casino şirketleri hear your breaths are becoming erratic, fast, hard, and I know you’ll come soon. I withdraw my fingers, and quickly thrust my warm tongue up your dripping wet pussy, rewarded with a throaty cry, as you spread your legs even wider, and your hands hold my head to you as you come into my mouth. I lick every drop of your come off your pussy, cleaning you, before rising up and kissing you to pass on the taste.

Does that sound good to you? We’ll have to find out when I see you, hmm?

Love you forever,


I dwelt on his words, imagining how it would be if – when, it became a reality. I only had to close my eyes to see his face, the dark shaggy, unkempt hair falling constantly over liquid chocolate brown eyes, the kind of eyes you can’t help but stare at. A strong face, very attractive to a girl like me, due to his high cheekbones and long eyelashes giving him a slightly feminine quality… very sexy, I thought, but I’ve always liked that look in guys.

Andy and I both looked very different. While he had very dark brown hair, mine was naturally red, and very curly, whereas his was just… shaggy. He was tall and strong, I was medium height and quite slim, but I was by no means very blessed in the breast area, they were a C cup, but didn’t really look that size – a trait that has always considerably annoyed me. Andy seemed to like them though, when we kissed as we parted last time, his hand had made its way straight there, despite the fact we were at a train station and it wasn’t exactly the most appropriate of places.

The cool female voice startled me out of my reverie, prompting me to thrust my magazine into my bag, and shrug it on to my shoulder as we neared my stop. I moved jerkily through the crowded seats, and succeeded in hitting several people with my bag as I went, quickly jumping off the train and taking a deep breath of fresh air… air which turned out to be thick with sweat and the sharp catch of cigarette smoke. I released the breath through my teeth, scanning the crowds for Andy, but unable to see him. Frowning, I looked again, taking a couple of steps forward and standing on tiptoe.

Just when I was starting to get a bit disconcerted, I felt a pair of strong arm wrap around me from behind, catching my fingers in his hands, and I leant backwards into them, laughing slightly.

‘Hey, you.’ His voice said affectionately. ‘You thought I’d forgotten about you, hmm?’

‘I wasn’t certain.’ I replied, smiling up at his upside down face as he squeezed my body before letting me go. Stepping back, he let his eyes roam up and down my body, a smile slowly curving his mouth. As his hand still loosely remained in mine, I tried to return his gaze, but couldn’t help letting my eyes flick downwards and a childish pink blush appear on my cheeks.

‘I like it when you blush,’ he said softly, letting his hand escape my fingers to brush against my hot cheek. His cool touch brought butterflies soaring into my stomach, as he let his hand lift my chin, and his mouth touched mine. He gently touched the tip of his tongue to my lips, feeling me open them, entering me, tongues exploring, heat where he touched, his hand on my face, butterflies, heat engulfing us, alone in our secret world where it was just the two of us, the two of us kissing softly, alone and secret. Our eyes were closed as his warm mouth covered mine, our tongues dancing with each other and exploring.

‘Excuse me? Sir? Miss?’ A vague voice disturbed our respective reveries, as we slowly broke apart, my eyes still closed as I tried to hold on to the moment.

I felt Andy hustling me away, as he bent his head to whisper in my ear, ‘I think that guy thought that we were about to get seriously inappropriate.’

I let out a slightly laugh, but the close proximity of his lips to my skin had me slightly breathless, as he clearly knew it, as I caught a glimpse of his eyes twinkling as he kissed my ear lobe, and bit it slightly, as he drew his arm around me and we carried on walking, starting to chat about nothing in particular.

I’m not really certain where exactly we were going, I think we were just wandering aimlessly when we came across a sweet little coffee shop. It was one of those old-fashioned ones that are cropping up all over the place, with a slightly Victorian air to it.

‘Coffee?’ Andy asked, nudging me and gesturing towards the place.

‘That would be great… I’m thinking Mocha?’

‘Oh yeah, you’ve mentioned Mocha coffees so much over the last few months! I should have come to meet you with one, hmm? Now, that would have looked all romantic and like I listened to you!’

‘Well, you can make up for it now by getting me one!’ I laughed, patting his arm as we went into the shop. We wandered up to the till, and my eyes were drawn to a couple at the back, sitting close together and laughing, caught in their own little world. The woman was about 20, the man a bit older, but they looked so happy it was casino firmaları hard to believe anyone could find such bliss. I felt Andy slide his hands down my arms to capture my hands, standing behind me.

‘What are you thinking of?’ He whispered, kissing my neck.

‘I’m thinking about how happy that couple look.’ I answered him, leaning my head back to rest on his shoulder as he continued to kiss me.

‘They’re sweet.’

Before we get the chance to continue the conversation, the bored looking middle aged woman behind the till nodded us over, and we shuffled forward to place our order.

‘I’ll go find a seat, okay?’ I muttered to Andy, when I saw that the café was getting quite busy.

I scanned the room, having got an affirmative nod from Andy – and an affectionate pat on the rear – and spied a spare table near the couple I had been watching. I swerved my way over to it, adjusting my bag on my shoulder, and sat in the seat, swinging my bag over my head and dumping it on the seat next to me. The woman saw me making myself comfortable, and smiled at me, indicating with her head at Andy. I smiled back, blushing slightly, and glanced over at him. He was self-consciously making his way over to the table, and finally reached it with a couple of cups of frothy coffee.

‘Hey,’ I said, smiling at him, as he sat next to me, and rested his arm around my shoulders.

He looked at me for a second, and then smiled, a smile with a definite dirty undertone to it. ‘You want to know something?’ he whispered, leaning in towards me.

‘Yeah, what?’ I replied, letting my hand catch his.

‘When I was over there, all I could think about was what you would taste like.’

‘What do you mean?’

Andy gave me a suggestive look, and moved his free hand on to my thigh, stroking me through the skirt fabric. At this, my face flushed, and he chuckled.

‘I love it when you blush,’ he said, and kissed my cheek softly.

I reached up and stroked his cheek. ‘You should blush sometimes. It would suit you.’

He started laughing at this, and shook his head. ‘Not going to happen, honey, I haven’t blushed since I was ten and some girl gave me a black eye and told the entire class about it.’

‘She did that?’ I chuckled. ‘Kids can be so mean… why did she give you a black eye?’

‘I trod on her Barbie, and accidentally ripped her dress.’

‘I hate Barbie’s, so I have to say well done!’ Andy laughed, and hugged me, before passing me my Mocha coffee. Before taking a sip, I glanced up, and saw the woman watching us with a faint smile on her face. As I looked at her, she snapped out of her reverie, and grinned at me, half laughing at herself. I raised a hand, and smiled back, and saw her readying herself to leave with her partner.

I took a long sip of my coffee, feeling Andy’s foot nudging mine under the table, and smiled into my cup. He quickly drank about half of his cappuccino, and made an appreciative sound, winking at me.

‘This place does fantastic coffees. How’s your Mocha going?’ He enquired, nudging my calf with his sock clad foot.

‘It’s good. I think it’s second only to that theatre place in London… they do the best Mocha’s ever.’

‘Wow, really? We’ll have to go there sometime.’ His foot was gaining a bit more confidence, working its way up my leg and stroking my thigh. I moved forward in my seat slightly, enjoying the feel of his toes rubbing my skin.

‘Yeah, we will. I’m thinking coffee and a doughnut… they do great doughnuts as well. During my work experience thing a while back, I used to go there after the day was over to have a coffee. Very de-stressing.’

Andy chuckled. ‘Sounds like a good time.’

‘It really was.’ I said, slightly breathily, as his toes were stroking the fabric of my panties now, making my own toes curl. ‘Mmm…’ I heard myself let out a low sigh, moving my hips forward to press his toes into my pussy. His arm around me pulled me closer, as he bent his leg in a manner that surprised me, seeming inordinately flexible, pushing his toes into my pussy, frustrating me in the fact that he was so close, yet so far in the fact that he was limited in how far he could reach while my pussy was protected by my panties.

‘You want to get out of here?’ Andy whispered in my ear, biting my earlobe softly and smiling as I let out a soft moan.

‘Yes.’ I answered, and after his toes grinded into my pussy once more, I slung my bag over my shoulder and we left the café, his arm loosely around my shoulders as we walked.

‘I live about five minutes walk away from here,’ he said, as we walked along, breaking the amicable silence, which was slightly marred by the sexual tension that has considerably built up over the last ten minutes or so.

‘Okay,’ was my quiet response, as my mind was working overtime, a thing that was clearly obvious to him, judging by his look of amusement and the swift tightening of his arm around me.

‘What are you plotting in that clever little mind of yours, hmm?’ he güvenilir casino wanted to know, as we walked through the high street and turned into a calm looking road.

‘Not really certain myself.’

He let out a low laugh as he gestured at a house that was clearly divided into flats. ‘Here we are.’

We walked up to the red front door, the paint slightly chipped from more or less constant use, and Andy pulled a key out of his pocket, his random Donald Duck key ring making me smile.

As we entered the hallway, I followed Andy up the worn stairs, and stepped into the door at the top after him. As we entered, I stood still and looked around, as Andy crossed into a door across from me. He had the walls painted a cheerful butter yellow colour, a colour I remember vividly from my childhood, my grandmother having used that colour in every room in her bungalow. It brought back some very happy memories. There was a old-fashioned woven rug on the dark wooden floor, and a homey looking table to the left, with a small bowl of dried flowers in it, something I’d never seen in a mans house before – well, a man who no longer lived with his mother. It was pleasantly refreshing.


His voice made me jump slightly, I was absorbed in his hallway… a fact that made me smile as I wandered through to where he was, a room that turned out to be a kitchen. Andy was at the sideboard, grinning at me. ‘Do you want something to drink?’ he asked, winking at me.

‘No thanks, I’m still pretty satiated from my Mocha.’ I answered, smiling back at him.

‘Okay.’ He continued watching me, and as our eyes connected, moved slowly away from the side, his strong hands pushing him away, and move towards me, never taking his eyes off mine. He stopped when he was less than a centimetre away from me, his hot breath caressing my cheek, his hot gaze boring into me. His hands lightly held my arms, his fingers curled around my skin, I could hear his breathing speeding up, his hot breath on my face, as he suddenly lowered his head and kissed me, his heated mouth finding mine, kissing me passionately, his lips pressing against mine, his tongue caressing the inside my mouth, tasting me and knowing he was predicting my most intimate taste as he did so. His hand rose to tangle in my hair, as the other slid around my slim waist and held me to him, touching my spine and covering some of my hip, burning wherever it touched me. His lips burning mine, his hand sending fire into my body where it touched, touching heaven with just one kiss.

He slowly drew away from me, and stared into my eyes, slowly backing away and pulling me with him.

‘Come to bed with me.’ He whispered, his words causing flames to erupt deep inside my abdomen.

‘Yes, oh yes – ‘ I don’t know how the words came from my mouth, but as they fell out, his eyes darkened, he swooped, lifting me off the floor and carrying me through a door, placing me on a large bed. I lay on my back, propping myself up with my elbows, as he sat on the edge of the bed, watching me.

‘Please, Andy.’ I whispered to him, watching him watching me. ‘Why are you waiting?’

‘Are you certain you want me to take your virginity?’ He whispered softly, his heated eyes staring at me. ‘Are you sure I’m the right one?’

I reached out and took his hand, staring up into those eyes that looked like they were reading my soul. ‘I can’t think of anyone I’d rather give it to.’ I answered him, speaking from my heart, as he smiled slowly, and stroked my cheek.

‘So beautiful.’

He moved in to kiss me, prompting me to lie on the bed, my hand in his hair, the other lightly resting on his back, as he rested to the side of me, his hand curving around my stomach to rest on my breast. His fingers slowly undid my buttons, letting it fall open, a puff of cool air soothing my heated skin, as he slowly pulled it to the sides, exposing my smooth flat stomach and breasts. His hand stroked the skin, as I drew my arms through the blouse sleeves, and shed it, dizzy from his kisses and letting it drop off the edge of the bed to the floor.

His hand cupped my breast, massaging it as he rubbed my nipple, feeling its’ hardness through the thin fabric, hearing me moan softly against his warm mouth. His other hand slid around me, lifting me off the bed as he unhooked my bra, sliding it from my shoulders and releasing my breasts. He removed his mouth, and kissed down my neck, tracing my collar bone as he kissed down in between my breasts, taking them in his warm hands as he took my nipple on my mouth, making me jerk, and start to suckle on it. The sensation were overwhelming my body, I knew without having to feel that my pussy was wetter than it had ever been from this simple assault on my breast.

‘Andy… Andy, Andy…’ I heard myself moan, his name escaping my mouth as I writhed underneath him, feeling his hardness against my leg, as he slowly withdrew his mouth. He sat back, and stroked the nipple that was aching from his wonderful attention.

‘I liked your bra, by the way.’ He said to me softly, as I smile. ‘A bit plain maybe, but tomorrow… I’m thinking… I’m thinking La Senza, that sexy lingerie stuff they have at the back on the left, about three racks to the rear…’ his voice dies away as he sees me start to chuckle.

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