Curious Jade Ch. 07

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Asian Doll

I was barely inside the door before Lynn pounced on me from behind and pushed me down on the couch. I struggled to flip on my back, but Lynn was straddling me. Once she had my arms pinned behind me I could feel her lowering herself down my body until her hips were directly above mine. I could feel Lynn’s breath on my neck as she lowered her face to my ear.

“You think you’re pretty sneaky huh,” she whispered.

“Me sneaky? You’re the one who stole a razor from that grocery store. You’re just mad I caught you,” I said as I bucked my hips and was finally able to roll my hips under Lynn’s and get on my back.

As I landed on my back, Lynn’s body came back down on mine and I smiled up at her, watching her full breasts casually jiggle. When her hips came back down on mine her pelvic bone landed right on my bladder and I let out a groan. Lynn rolled her hips back and as she slid down my body I could feel her shaved lips glide over my bush. She knew what she was doing and slowly traced her fingers down my front, pausing to cup my breasts and push them together creating a wave effect. I could see the lust in her eyes as she was focused on grinding her pussy against mine and teasing my nipples.

“That’s right honey. I was a bad girl and you caught me, but you’re the one who’s going to get punished,” she said, reaching a hand down between both of our legs and grabbing a tuft of my little hairy mound. “You can say goodbye to this little pleasure patch of hair. I’m going to take care of that.”

With that she grabbed me by the back of the neck and brought my face to hers for a passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around her drawing her in and she in turn wrapped both legs around me entangling us in a human pretzel, wildly making out with each other. As our tongues danced in each other’s mouths, our bodies were moving in perfect tandem; her nipples rubbing against mine making all four stand firm and erect, our hips swaying in rhythm forcing our clits to tease themselves out from under their cover. I could feel my heartbeat start to rise and an all too familiar feeling in my loins. My hands rubbed up and down Lynn’s back, stopping at the small of her back and working back up to the base of her neck. Lynn broke our deep kiss and brought her mouth to my ear.

“You feel our pussies grinding into each other,” she whispered. “I bet it would feel so much better without all that hair getting in the way.”

As she was breathing in my ear, I licked and nibbled on her earlobe. I could feel Lynn squirm and roll her hips back down into my crotch.

“Well I guess you didn’t steal that razor just to shave our legs, did you? Since I don’t know what I’m doing though, I’m going to need your help getting this little kitty smooth.”

“I would love the chance to shave you clean baby. I’ll go run us a nice, hot bath and we can get you all lathered up,” Lynn said, giving me a mock sponge bath with her hands.

“Aren’t you forgetting something honey? There’s no hot bath to be had here…I guess it’s a good thing the moon is so full tonight. Let’s head on down to our swimming hole.”

Lynn gave my breasts one last flip together before licking her lips, gliding a hand between my legs, and giving a tug to my lady fur. She then stood and turned to gather the supplies to give me my shave. I took the opportunity to repay her boob juggling with a little return tease and reached my hand up between her legs, sliding my hand all the way from her mound, through her lips, and up her butt crack before caressing her left cheek, then giving it a firm smack and pinching her right cheek. She let out a little yelp.

“You know I like balance sweetie,” she said, pushing her ass out further and shaking it at me.

I lovingly caressed her right cheek and gave it a smack before reaching over and pinching her left.

“Is that better my queen?” I teased, giving her a curtsey.

“Much better smart ass, and may I remind you: we are heading down to the creek so I can pamper you with a nice, clean shave.”

Since Lynn had burned the only clothing we had brought with us on our trip, we made our way down to the creek side in our birthday suits. There was plenty of cover with the treetops but every so often some moonlight would peek through and dance off Lynn’s body, which I made no effort to hide my delight in stealing peeks of. Every so often I would catch Lynn looking over and doing the same to me. After several turns of butt smacks and titty grabs, we eventually settled on holding hands and walking in silence to our watering hole. Finally, the cover opened up and we heard the babbling of the creek water. As we made our way down to the edge of the water we could see what looked like steam rising off the water. Lynn set her bag down on one of the flat rocks, emptying its contents.

“Hello Miss, welcome to Lynn’s spa. I have you marked down for our extreme pamper package,” Lynn said in her best customer service voice. “Looks like you’re bursa eve gelen escort ready for your sponge bath, why don’t you go ahead and get into the tub,” she said, waving me towards the creek.

“You’re such a dork.”

“You love it,” she said, grabbing an oversized car wash sponge from her bag.

We made our way into the water, which was surprisingly warm in contrast to the cool night time air. Lynn came up behind me and grabbed my hair, pulling it back off my shoulders and putting it into a high bun. She then grabbed the sponge from beneath her arm, dunked it in the creek, and brought it up to my shoulders. Starting on my left shoulder she dragged the sponge along my neckline, gently squeezing the water out of the sponge, letting it drip down my back. I rolled my neck back and around letting the tension fall from my shoulders with a deep sigh. Dipping the sponge back into the water, Lynn grabbed my chin and held it in its titled back position. She then brought the sponge back up to my neckline, this time dragging it along my collarbone, dripping the water down my chest. As the water ran down my breasts, I could feel my nipples firm up and goose bumps form on my arms. Lynn continued to sponge me off as I stood in the moonlight, naked as the day I was born. My eyes were lightly closed and I let myself drift off into a daydream.

“Okay honey, I can’t have you falling asleep on me. I think it’s time we start the next phase of your package,” She said, rubbing the sponge down between my legs and giving me a gentle shove in the small of my back with her other hand.

I made my way to the large, flat rock where Lynn had sprawled the items she brought down with her.

“No peeking at my supplies,” she said, tilting my head up to hers. “I’ve got some surprises in store for you. Just lay back, close your eyes and trust me.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” I said, opening my legs and slowly lowering myself back onto the cold rock.

I felt a gentle tug on my hairy patch, followed by a release.

“First, I’m going to have to trim this up, then we’ll shave you smooth,” came my lady barber’s voice.

She continued to trim up my bush, going from the top of my mound all the way down between my legs. Once she finished trimming what she could, I heard her put down the razor and pick up what I assumed was shaving cream.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to have to make do with what I had available. The little country store didn’t have any shaving cream.”

I felt something drip down onto the top of my bikini area and felt a trail of it ooze down as Lynn drizzled the substance down onto me. It felt cool, but not cold and I felt Lynn reach down start rubbing it around my whole pubic area. Suddenly I felt a finger on my lips and then a familiar sweetness poke through into my mouth.

“That’s right, some sweet honey to shave your honeypot,” Lynn teased, bringing her lips to mine, sharing a sweet kiss. “We’ll be able to use this after too.”

With that she broke our kiss and picked up her razor again. I felt a hand on my thigh, holding my still, and knew that meant don’t move. I felt the razor start at the top of my bikini area and slowly make its way all the way down to the top of my pussy. Lynn continued to shave my mound before gently bending down, and kissing my now bare mons pubis. She then gently blew on my lips which caused me to shudder.

“Don’t worry babe, as long as you stay extra still, this won’t hurt a bit,” she said before darting her tongue out at the top of my vagina, stroking my clit hood, sending another shudder down my spine.

I spread my legs a little wider and Lynn worked her way down, between my legs. With one hand, Lynn reached down and held my right leg out. With her other hand, she slowly started shaving from just inside my leg ending at the top of my right lip. She continued moving in long, straight strokes until she was teasing my butt crack at the end of her pass. I then felt Lynn’s tongue lick me from just under my pussy all the way up my right lip. I reached down and ran my fingers through her hair before she withdrew, and I felt her shift and restart the process on my left outer lip. Once she was finished, I figured she would tell me she was done and we’d go back up the cabin, but as it turned out, Lynn had other ideas.

I felt a cold drop on my left nipple, then a long, slow trail over to my right, before the honey trail made its way slowly down my body to my freshly shaved snatch. I kept my eyes closed and decided to let this play out however Lynn decided. I could feel Lynn’s cool breath on my right breast before I felt her tongue slowly circle, sucking the sweet honey off. She swirled her tongue, expertly teasing my rock-hard nipple in her mouth, before letting it drop out with a “pop” sound as the suction grip she had locked onto it with failed. She sensually licked up the trail of honey, bridging bursa escort from breast to breast. I arched my back, grabbing her head, forcing her mouth onto my nipple, letting her know she was driving me wild. As Lynn slowly crawled backward, making a pathway to my nether region, she left behind a track of kisses, licking up the honey as she went. Just as she got to her target, I decided it was my turn to surprise her, and grabbed her by the shoulders.

“Not so fast Pooh, you’re not getting all this honey for nothing,” I grunted, pulling her up to my face and rolling her to her back.

I reached over, grabbing the honey, and dripped a pool onto Lynn’s lower tummy and mound, and watched it start to drip down her lips. I then squatted over Lynn’s chest and lowered myself down to Lynn’s sweet hole. As I did, Lynn grabbed my thighs, and my pulled me back into position. I pushed my forehead against Lynn’s thighs, driving them apart and buried my face into the valley between her legs. I felt Lynn reach up and grab both my ass cheeks, rubbing them and opening my lips as she rolled her hands in large circles. I reached my hands back around her thighs and returned the favor by teasing her tight butthole with my middle finger. I used my tongue as a push broom, taking the pool of honey on her mound and cascading it over her slit, ending with a long kiss on her clit hood. Lynn moaned, and began her own investigation of my privates pushing her tongue as deep into my pussy as she could. She drew her tongue out and reached up with her left hand, rolling her forefinger over my love button.

I was pulsing my middle finger in Lynn’s sensitive backside, while sliding my other hand around, spreading her lips and sneaking my other middle finger as deep inside her vagina as I could. As both my middle fingers were going to work, my mouth focused on Lynn’s center of pleasure. I closed my mouth around her hood and flicked her bean with my tongue, teasing and coaxing it. Her legs closed around my head, forcing me to hold my position, which I knew meant Lynn was enjoying exactly what I was doing. I could feel her nectar on my tongue and knew she was building towards an orgasm. As much fun as Lynn was having, I could barely focus, as Lynn was feverishly working my pussy with two fingers, stroking my G-spot, and sloppily licking my lips. With her other hand, her thumb was gently pressed against my rear hole, forcing me to teeter on the edge of my own Earth shaker.

We both started moaning loudly as we continued our mutual campaigns on each other. Lynn’s legs started to quiver around my head and I could feel her stomach contract just as my own body started to convulse. Had our mouths not been locked on each other’s vaginas we both would have been screaming out in ecstasy, but as it stood, we were convulsing and whimpering into each other, each in the throes of their own passionate explosion. My body continued to spasm and the only thing keeping me from blacking out from the stupor was the task of making Lynn’s body quake like she was making mine. We continued holding each other in suspended bliss for what seemed like a whole minute.

Finally, our bodies could take no more and I fell, body limp, to Lynn’s side. We laid there, head to toe, until I eventually regained enough composure to bring myself back up to Lynn’s side, kiss her the cheek, and spoon her. She rolled to her side and we lay, sweaty, sticky, and exhausted, in each other’s arms, still groaning and panting.

“However much this spa is costing me, it’s not enough,” I gasped in Lynn’s ear. “You’ve got a new customer for life.”

“This is just the start, ma’am. You’ve still got the post shave bath, lotion, and snack sessions to go…but I will need a second to regain my composure before continuing,” Lynn professed as she pushed her butt back into my crotch and grabbed my hand, bringing it around her waist to her chest.

We laid there, motionless, until we had both caught our breath. Finally, before she took the initiative, I stood up, grabbed the sponge, and head down to the water. I wade into the water until it was mid-thigh level. As I reached down wetting the sponge, I turned and saw Lynn drop to her knees in the water and was taken aback as she stood and ran her hands up her front as the water ran down her full breasts and toned tummy.

“Hey, that’s my job,” I scolded, holding the sponge out in front of me.

Lynn held her arms high above her head as she continued walking towards me, shaking her breasts as she sauntered. I dipped the sponge back down into the water and as she made her way to me I put the sponge between her beautiful orbs and reached around her with both arms, pressing our boobs against each other and wringing out the sponge. Without letting the sponge fall, I slowly rubbed my chest against Lynn’s rolling our boobs against each other’s. Lynn let out a whimper and I pulled back just enough for the sponge to fall back into the görükle escort water, but not breaking my hug with her. I reached down, grabbed the sponge, and brought it up to Lynn’s shoulders squeezing it hard against her back. I rubbed her back with the sponge from her shoulders all the way down to her crack, until I dipped it back into the water and repeated the process. I sponged off each arm individually and then refocused on her front side. Taking a step back, I once again dipped the sponge into the water, then brought it up to the base of her neck and let the water seep down over her globes before sponging her off. Finally, I made my way down her tummy and reached between her legs.

“Okay hon, I think you’re done touching me there for at least a little bit,” Lynn said, backing her hips and snatching the sponge from me. “Besides, you’re the one being pampered here, remember?”

“I think we went a little tit for tat on that one,” I said reaching out and pinching her nipple.

Lynn smacked my hand away and began sponging me off, paying special attention to my perky tits and newly bare folds. As she started to wash my boobs for the fifth time, I couldn’t help but giggle.

“Okay, okay. I think they’re clean now.”

I gave Lynn an appreciative hug and kiss and we turned, holding hands, and walked back to the rocks. As we climbed out onto the rocks, Lynn reached down and grabbed a bottle of lotion.

“You’re right, they are plenty clean, but now I need to make sure they stay nice and soft,” she said spurting a big glob of lotion onto my chest.

I let out a little yelp as the lotion was much colder than I expected. Lynn threw the bottle down and grabbed my shoulders, then her hands drifted down my chest and started massaging the lotion in. Taking one breast in each hand, she slowly pushed them together, and ended by rolling each nipple between her forefinger and thumb. I squirmed under her touch and she backed off. She put both hands on my right shoulder and rubbed all the way down my arm, guiding my hand between her legs. As she reached back up to my shoulder I flicked my wrist between her thighs, grazing her exposed pussy. Lynn Jumped in surprise and shot me a knowing look.

“Now, now. You behave little girl, or I’ll have to punish you,” she said, reaching down and giving my little bare beaver a light slap.

She went over to my other shoulder and continued my pampering, then went behind me, and squirt some more lotion down my back. As she massaged the lotion into my back, I started to anticipate her reaching my butt and couldn’t help but get a little excited again. Just as she reached the top of my crack she took her hands away and I tilted my head to see her kneeling down behind me. Not knowing what to expect, I straightened up and spread my legs to shoulder width apart. Lynn placed a dab of lotion in her hand and took my left ankle in her hand. She slowly slid her hands up my leg, kneading my calf and hamstring as she went. When she reached the top, I once again found myself itching with anticipation, hoping she would sense my building desire and quench my lustful thirst, but again, she turned and slid her hands back down my leg, prolonging my torture.

When she was done with my left ankle she did the same with my right. When she was done with both legs, she started to stand up, and I finally gave up hope that she was ever going to tend to my buttocks and nether regions, figuring that the post-shave 69 session was all the release I was going to get for the evening. Just as I had given up hope, I felt a cold sensation in the crack of my ass and then a burst of laughter.

“Oh my God, you should see the look on your face!” Lynn snorted. “Did you really think I was going to leave you high and dry?”

With that she grabbed a butt cheek in each hand and slapped them together, forcing the lotion in my crack to explode out and I felt it shoot onto my back and down on my legs. Lynn laughed again, then slid her hand between my cheeks, teasing my tight, little hole as she tickled my crack. My whole body shivered and I tensed up momentarily. Lynn knew that my crack was a highly ticklish spot for me and loved to take any opportunity she could to torment me with it. She took plenty of time massaging the lotion into my firm cheeks and then reached around to my front. Standing behind me still, she reached under each breast and pulled me back into her, gliding her hands down my firm tummy, rolling from my ribs down to my belly button and then from my hips down to the tops of my thighs.

Once she was done there she once again placed her hands on my hips, but this time as she rolled her hands toward my thighs, she dug her finger tips in and pulled back, forcing my legs to spread slightly. Just as my legs started to spread, she rolled her hands inward again, only this time her hands were squarely on either side of my outer labia. With her thumbs, Lynn rolled her hands down my mound to meet the rest of her hand and stopped just above my clitoris, then she rolled her fingers back until she had formed two fists in my crotch. The feeling was too much, my neck melted and my head fell back against Lynn’s shoulder with a heavy sigh. She repeated the motion and I reached up with my hand and cupped her head with my hand.

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