Cure Ch. 01

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Note: This is story is an extension of Shiprat’s story Indian Social Worker and The Bully. Shiprat left his story open ended. The part which disturbed me most was plight of Shikha. I think Shikha indeed behaved like a wayward person but she was manipulated to do so and I firmly believe she deserves a second chance for redemption.

I request everybody initially to go through Shiprat’s story for better understanding. Finally I would like to thank Shiprat, without his contribution this story would have never been written. I tried to contact Shiprat about same but as no reply came from him so I decided to move forward with my idea. So here is my small contribution.


Sunaina the receptionist ushered the last patient of the day into the office. Dr. Kiran was pleasantly surprised to see his patient; she looked something around 30 years of age, dressed in loose white shirt and long green skirt and was very attractive indeed. But along with the charm and attractiveness there was a shadow of apprehension and melancholy on her face.

“Hello Shikha!” Kiran said, with a warm smile. “I prefer to use first names, it makes people more relaxed, so please call me Kiran. It’s nice to meet you, please take a seat.”

“Oh thank you doctor, I mean Kiran.” Shikha said nervously.

“I have been appointed to examine and follow up of your case from our mutual friend Dr. Nita.” Kiran paused for a moment to check Shikha’s reaction. But none came from her.

He continued, ” She had to attend a conference about mental health at London and will stay there atleast for two months. So she has transferred your case to me. I think she has already corresponded about it to you too.”

Shikha nodded silently in affirmation.

Kiran smiled and continued, “Good. First of all don’t worry at all. See I am a qualified GP and also a qualified psychologist. My field of expertise is helping people of both sexes with sexual problems, whether they be physical or emotional or both.”

“Nita has informed me everything about your unfortunate incident with Lallan and his rogues and the subsequent separation from your husband.”

Shikha’s eyes started flowing involuntary and her body flinched as she heard her tormentor’s name. For a moment the room filled will heavy and uneasy silence.

“I am extremely sorry about the trials and tribulations you had to go through. But you are in an absolute safe place now.” He said softly holding her hand.

“Trust me what happened between you and Lallan was not your fault at all. You always hated that sick bastard. He just simply took advantage of your loneliness and your vulnerability. He manipulated you and got you into an extremely unhealthy abusive episode of perverted sex and violence just to satisfy esenyurt ucuz escort his own sick needs. You have done absolutely correct and courageous act by sending him to jail.”

Shikha gave a half hearted smile after hearing this.

“After studying your case thoroughly, I can definitely say that you are neither a sex addict nor an abuse addict. You are perfect normal girl who deserves love, happiness and a perfect normal relationship. And believe me there is absolutely nothing in the world which can’t be fixed.” Kiran asserted by softly squeezing her hand.

Shikha was now on verge of emotional breakdown. She had almost forgotten that how it is felt to be loved. Lallan had really messed up with her body and mind which needed heavy repair but with soft, kind and careful touch and approach.

She started sobbing and breathing heavily. Kiran tried to calm her down with glass of water. But her emotions were too overwhelming. After emptying the glass she continued her soft sobs. She curled in her chair and started crying uncontrollably.

“Don’t be ashamed, feel free cry as much as you can!” Kiran said consoling her and brushing her scalp with his firm hand.

After the huge outburst of tears and emotions Shikha tried to compose herself. She apologised for her outburst and said, “Please Kiran, I really want you to save me from this web of torment. I don’t want to fall in that abyss again. I want to go back and live my life as a normal person. Help me out. PLEASE!”

“Definitely, that is why I am appointed.” Kiran assured her by patting on her shoulder.

He further continued, “It’s my prime duty to save you from this dark path of violence, hate and abuse. And guide you to path of love and normalcy. But for that I would need your 100% trust and co-operation! Are you willing to do that?” Kiran asked.

Shikha nodded affirmatively. Taking her hands into his he guided her to the sofa. “Do you trust me?” Kiran asked Shikha again nodded affirmatively.

“Now you have to listen carefully follow my instructions. In case you are not comfortable we will end this session then and there.”

Kiran looked in Shikha’s eyes they were filled with guilt, shame, despair, sorrow, humiliation and defeat. She tried to look away but Kiran firmly held her cheeks and brought his face so near that she could feel his warm breaths on her cheeks.

Shikha looked at his cabin door anxiously. Kiran understood her concern and replied, “Don’t worry at all you are my last patient for the day, the door is locked and my receptionist has left for home already.”

Kiran touched her face and cheeks again with sympathy and compassion. He softly but firmly kissed on her forehead, her eyes. esenyurt üniversiteli escort He tasted her moist and salty cheeks. Shikha closed her eyes waiting for Kiran to make his next move. He asked her to open her eyes. Then he hugged her and softly kissed her lips.

That was the touch which Shikha longed for. She felt an unfamiliar but assuring warmth in Kiran’s arms. After Lallan’s absence and few sittings with Nita she regained her senses and she started feeling disgust towards abusive sex which she longed everytime when Lallan brutally raped and abused her. Shika felt Kiran’s touch soothing and healing both to her mind and her body.

He softly kissed her ears and whispered, “You are very beautiful and very strong woman Shikha. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally too. You are born to be loved, adored and respected.”

Saying this Kiran started undressing her slowly. Shikha felt warmth and moisture building in her loins and was too much surprised about her positive responses to the sensual romantic advances of a unknown person whom she just met. The one which she never felt even with her husband Anup.

Kiran slowly unbuttoned her shirt and kissed her cleavage. He laid his palms on her both soft mounds and gently squeezed them. Shikha sighed. He started peeling her layer by layer, both physically, emotionally and mentally.

Kiran was extremely shocked and saddened to see the healing scars and bruises of Lallan’s brutal acts on her body. “Oh Shikha!” He sighed and hugged her with an honest compassion. He was disturbed to the core, by marks and scars that were left by Lallan and his associates on Shikha’s body. He softly touched her wounds and bruises with his fingers .

“Please love me Kiran, tonight I want to put behind all these dark memories and scars behind. Love me and free me from this pain.”

Shikha cried from bottom of her heart! Kiran felt Shikha’s tears dampening his shirt and his hands started gently caressing contours of her buttocks. He searched and found zip and buckle of her skirt. Soon it fell and lied crumpled on floor.

Now Shikha had her modesty covered only in her lingerie, a very conservative white bra and panties. She had stopped wearing skimpy clothes even internally after the last horrific episode with Lallan and his brute associates. Kiran took his time to undress himself till he was left only in his brief containing a very powerful and straining erection. Shikha was eagerly and anxiously watching the movements happening inside Kiran’s brief.

Kiran looked at Shikha and smiled. Shikha responded back a bear hug. Kiran felt her heart thumping very loud near his bare chest. After caressing her back he putting etiler escort his fingers behind her back smoothly unhooked her bra and let it fall.

Instinctively Shikha covered her breasts which were marred by bites from Lallan’s teeth. “Don’t hide those scars let me see and heal them.”

He then kissed on her breast and latched himself on her jet black tits. He swirled his tongue around them making them rock hard and sucked them like a hungry child sucking raw mangoes. Unlike Lallan he took utmost care not to hurt them.

Shikha’s mind was now filled with surging emotions and lust. Both her mind and body were extremely aroused, feeling warm and happy again. Infact she was feeling sensations in her body which she never felt even during her brutal ravishment by Lallan. She held Kiran close and pushed whole mound of breast inside his warm mouth. She started moaning with every swirl of his tongue around her erect nipple. She covered her mouth with her palm to minimise her moans.

“Don’t!” Kiran said by taking her hand away from her mouth. “Moan as much as loud you can. Free yourself from every restraints.” And he touched her damp panties.

“Oh God!” Shikha gasped as she felt his fingers probing her pussy over the panties.

“I think it’s an absolute correct time to get rid of those. Can I?” Kiran asked.

Shikha was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t reply anything. She just made a soft noise from her throat as a consent.

Finally Shikha was in her most vulnerable state. But even after that she felt very protected and safe around her psychatrist who had opened treasures of true love, emotional and passionate sex to her.

Kiran then carefully parted her pussy lips and drove his swift tongue inside her nethers like a serpent swishing in a jungle.

Shika’s gasped and moaned. Kiran inserted his tongue deep insidek and started exploring her. He softly teased those pussy lips with his fingers and parted them slowly until her clit was visible. He gently but firmly licked it.

“Hmmmmphhh!” Shikha moaned and body shuddered from head to toe. Her body was simmering with passion and lust. She firmly held Kiran’s mouth against her pussy and spread her thighs more to give more access to her most intimate area of her body.

Kiran doubled her erotic pleasure on her pussy by introducing his shapely fingers inside her wet and warm cavern.

Finally Shikha exploded like a bomb and it’s impact was felt on the bed, Kiran’s face as well on her trembling body!

After he finished Kiran washed and wiped his face. While Shikha on bed was still trying to recover herself and making sense of events which just happened with her.

“Well I am really happy about your quick and positive response towards therapy Shikha, I think you will need two to three more sessions for complete recovery. So see you next week, same time.” Kiran said and kissed her lips.

Shikha now completely recovered, freshened up and dressed up herself. She kissed Kiran goodbye on his lips left the clinic with a heartfelt smile and exciting thoughts about her next appointment.

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