Cultural Awakening Ch. 03

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After the milk and cognac mixture and the wonderful lovemaking with Ingrid I had no difficulty at all falling asleep with her beautiful stepdaughter lying naked in my arms.

As I slept I dreamt of the wonderful welcome I had already been afforded from this German family who had taken me into their home for the Christmas holidays. I dreamt of sweet Andrea pressing her succulent breasts against my chest as she kissed my neck and lips and stroked my hard cock. The sensations were so good that eventually I awoke and found it wasn’t a dream after all; Andrea was stroking my hard throbbing cock with her dainty hand and kissing me.

When she saw my eyes finally open she said it’s about time my sleepy new bruder (brother).

I replied you would be sleepy too if you had been through what I have in the past 48 hours. Flying half way around the world, thrown into a new culture and then making love to my new sister and her step mother in the same day. Then I slapped her on the rump and said wouldn’t you.

Andrea faked a scream and laid her head on my shoulder pretending to cry.

I stroked her back with one hand and raised her face up with the other and kissed her gently. She just giggled in her cute way and said you have to make up for spanking me now and I know the perfect way.

Without another word she threw back the covers, straddled my hard cock and slid it deep inside her wet hot pussy as she thrust down upon me. She started riding me faster and faster and started moaning fuck me Bruder, Fuck me harder. Yesssssss, Oh Yesssss.

Who was I to argue, I started thrusting harder and harder into her as I caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples. Faster and harder she road me until she finally shuttered with her orgasm. As she climaxed her pussy gripped and squeezed my cock it caused me to release my seed deep inside her.

Andrea then collapsed on me and we held each other and kissed for several minutes. She then sit up and said gleefully, Come we should shower and get ready to go pick up her sister from the airport.

After showering and of course touching and caressing we got dressed and went into the kitchen to find both Manfred and Ingrid sitting at the table eating breakfast. Ingrid had prepared the traditional breakfast of soft-boiled eggs, assorted lunchmeat, and cheeses as well as several different types of marmalade. And of course strong German coffee to go with the breakfast. It was a new type of breakfast for me but I enjoyed it and learned much about the German way of eating and doing things. We talked and discussed many things as we ate breakfast. Including the morning wake up call and shower I had just received. I guess the walls was not that thick and Andrea’s and my morning adventure did not go unnoticed.

I was somewhat surprised to find that there were no hard feelings about it at all but rather everyone seemed to be happy that we were getting along so well and had already formed a bond. Then Ingrid said I know that you and Elisa will get along as well as you and Andrea do. I just kinda gasped and could only imagine what that remark meant after what I had already experienced with both Andrea and Ingrid in the past 24 bakırköy escort hours.

After breakfast was finished we all cleaned up together then went to the Mercedes to travel to the airport. I started to climb in the back with Andrea and Manfred said, No the men sit in front. Ok another custom that I was to find somewhat strange but accepted as I tried to become a part of this new land.

As we traveled the 100 kilometers to the airport we talked about many things and I learned that Elisa was in her third year of college and that she was learning business management to take over the firm when Manfred retired. Several times as we rode along I saw Ingrid and Andrea whispering and smiling at each other. I could only imagine what those two were up to.

Eventually we arrived at the airport and went to the waiting area to meet Elisa. I was shocked once again in the difference of culture when I saw German Custom Police walking through the airport with a German shepherd on a leash and carrying Uzi sub-machineguns. I told the family I had never seen that in America, but they said you have not had the problems in America we have had with terrorist.

Finally passengers were coming through the exit doors. I felt somewhat uncomfortable being in dress uniform amongst all the civilians but shrugged it off and waited patiently.

Then I heard and saw Andrea scream and wave to Elisa. I followed her eyes and saw one of the loveliest women in my life.

Elisa stood about 5’9” tall, had silky red hair, green eyes, and a body that most women would die for. I would guess her measurement to be 36D-24-32…. Wow what a doll! She was dressed in a sweater that clung to her curves you could clearly see her erect nipples trying desperately to poke through the sweater. A tight pair of jeans that had to have been wet when she slid into them. I could clearly make out her pussy lips and tell she wasn’t wearing any undergarments at all. Wow is all I could say as she came to the family and hugged Manfred, Andrea and then Ingrid, kissing each of them and saying how much she missed each of them.

Manfred then led her a couple steps to me and said this is your new American brother; he will be staying with us for the holidays. I went to shake her hand but Elisa wrapped her arms around me, pressing her luscious breast hard against me and kissed me on the lips and said welcome to the family. Mom and dad already told me there would be an American soldier they would bring into the family for the holidays. I want to make you feel a part of the family and if there is anything I can do all you have to do is ask.

Needless to say I was shocked but also looked forward to getting to know Elisa even better, all I could mutter was Thanks it’s nice to meet you too.

We returned home the same way as going with the men up front and the women seated in the rear of the Mercedes. As we drove again I observed the women whispering and one time saw Andrea look at me and spread her hands showing Elisa the size of my cock. Elisa looked at me and I saw a gleam in her eye as she licked her lips slowly dragging her tongue across her lips. I just smiled and shuddered bakırköy eve gelen escort thinking about what seemed to be in store for me. I had found paradise in Germany it was plain to see.

Rather than going straight home we stopped at a Gasthaus (restaurant) for lunch. A Gasthaus is like a tavern with a dining area if you have never been to one. It is a place where the locals gather and talk as well as enjoy a good German meal.

When we were seated I found myself with Andrea on my left and Elisa on my right while Manfred and Ingrid sat across from us. As we ate and drank and talked about our lives and backgrounds Andrea and Elisa continually touched me either on the shoulder, chest or thigh to emphasize a point. There touches as the evening progressed became more and more bold as they touched and stroked higher and higher on my thigh. Of course I was not complaining, but I was indeed becoming extremely turned on having two beautiful girls caressing me.

At one point Andrea went to the bathroom and Elisa reached over and slid her hand into my lap directly on my hardening penis. I almost jumped but she leaned over and whispered I can’t wait to taste that my big brother. She then leaned over and kissed me deeply on the lips, sliding her tongue into my mouth then pulling away and said I am so happy to have you as my new brother. I was somewhat shocked after all she did it right in front of her parents, but when I looked at Manfred and his wife I clearly saw their approval. All I could think of was what did I do to be blessed with such an experience?

When we arrived home I helped carry Elisa’s suitcases upstairs to the girls, and now my room and then we returned to the living room and sat and talked and drank for several hours. Once again I found myself between these two beautiful daughters as we talked and drank. During the course of the evening the stereo was turned on and I found myself dancing with both girls and their stepmother. Each of them didn’t hesitate at all in molding their lush bodies to mine as we danced. Manfred also danced with all three and I saw the closeness of their bodies as well as the caresses during the dance with their father. Oh well what could I say I am just glad I am accepted as a part of this wonderful family.

Finally, we decided it was late and time to turn in for the night. As I went upstairs to the bedroom with a beautiful girl on each arm I wondered if there would be any sleep for me this night.

Once we got in the room I asked if we were all going to sleep in that one bed or do I need to sleep on the sofa. Both girls laughed at me and flung themselves at me pushing me back onto the bed with them on top of me laughing and giggling saying No we all sleep together. Who was I to argue with that arrangement?

The next thing I knew we were kissing and undressing each other. Elisa started kissing down my chest and stroking my hardened cock as Andrea kissed me passionately and then pressed her full breast to my mouth to kiss and suckle. I was enjoying the excitement that I was giving Andrea that I hardly realized that Elisa was kissing the inside of my thighs, bakırköy grup yapan escort but when she took my testicle inside her mouth and sucked on it gently I could do nothing but moan.

Mmmmmmmm oh God Elisa that feels so good .

Elisa said you haven’t felt anything yet as she licked up the underside of my cock and then moved her tongue to taste my pre cum as it leaked from my slit. She slid her tongue into my pee hole and then took me in her mouth and sucked and licked my cock to heavenly bliss. As she was giving me one of the best blow job I had ever experienced Andrea decided her pussy needed some attention too so she straddled my face and lowered her sweet cunt to my mouth. I quickly slid my tongue inside her and started lapping like a thirsty dog that hadn’t drank in several days.

Ohhh Yesssssss, Yessssssss just like that my brother Andrea cried. You’re going to make me climax!!!

I continued lapping and sucking Andrea’s sweet pussy as Elisa was bringing me closer and closer to my own orgasm. As she was sucking me she had slid her hand down to her own soaked pussy and was stroking her clitoris as she drove me crazy with her mouth and tongue.

Goddddddd Yessssssss Elisa I cried.

Mmmmmmmmmm she responded you taste so good my big brother.

Arrrruuugghhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh Yessssssss screamed Andrea as she drenched my face with her first orgasm, clenching my face tightly with her thighs I thought I would suffocate. Andrea seemed to have one orgasm after another as I sucked her clit into my mouth and drug my teeth across it.

Needless to say her orgasm and what Elisa’s mouth was doing to me caused me to explode in Elisa’s mouth filling it with my sperm. I could feel her swallowing as fast as possible, continuing to suck and pull me into her mouth deeper, draining me of every once of cum I had to give.

UMMmmmmmmm yessssssssssss I heard Elisa cry as she also came following Andrea’s and my lead. She quivered and shook as she erupted in a mind-blowing climax.

Finally both girls crawled back into my arms and we kissed and caressed each other, coming down from the orgasms we had all experienced. We lay there for it seemed like hours kissing and touching.

I have to feel you inside me brother, Elisa said as we cuddled. I have been dreaming of it every since I felt you under the table and heard what my sister and stepmother said about how good you cock filled their pussies.

Andrea said what about me? Elisa said lie down and let me taste you as our brother fucks me as beautifully as you and mom says he does.

And that’s exactly what we did. Andrea laid down with her legs spread wide showing her pink fold for Elisa to eat and Elisa stuck her butt up and I slid my cock into her pussy from the rear. She was so wet and the muscle control she had in her pussy was like a hand stroking you. As I drove my cock in and out of Elisa I reached under her and stroked her clit and with the other hand fondled her perky breasts. Each time I slammed into Elisa she would slide her tongue harder and harder up and down Andrea’s cunt and clit. We continued in this manner driving each other again to a mutual orgasm.

Finally all of us were satisfied and we curled up together and fell asleep. I know I had a smile on my face. What more could a lonely American soldier of asked for for Christmas?

To Be Continued

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