Cul-De-Sac Ch. 5

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My next-door neighbor arranged for me to hang some curtain rods and blinds at her house. Her husband never seemed to have the time or patience for this type of work I think that the dummy didn’t know how to read a ruler or a level. Well, anyway, it was work and the opportunity to spend a few hours with an attractive middle-aged lady.

Karen is about five foot five. She looks like she must have worked out when she was younger. She has noticeably wide shoulders for a woman, but with her nice wide hips, she has a sort of hourglass figure. Reasonable tits and a pleasant face make Karen a head turner. I’ve often ogled her over the back fence when she has been working in the back yard and they use their pool a lot in the summer. I can look into the pool area from the middle room in my house. Karen has a nice butt and good legs. I was looking forward to spending some time with her.

It started out with my taking her to the local K-Mart to buy the curtains and blinds. We got the curtain rods there also, but we made a stop at the Home Depot to get the hardware that I needed to mount all this stuff in the sheetrock walls. I like to use wallboard anchors for this sort of thing. Well, we got the stuff and brought it home. We put it in the garage and she sorted it out by room. She bought new blinds for the living room and dining room. She got new curtains and rods for all three bedrooms. Karen also picked up three sets of those little curtains that you put at the top of the window for the master bedroom. It looked like at least a full days work to me, maybe more. I promised to return the next morning and get an early start. I suggested eight o’clock, she negotiated nine. OK by me.

I arrived on time the next morning. This would be a pretty easy job since all my tools were within walking distance and I didn’t need to load anything into the truck. My wife Mary was staying home, but I was sure that she would not bother me while I was working. Before I left the house, Mary asked me when I wanted lunch, I said, “How about noon time?”

“OK, see you then,” she said.

I think that she went back to bed.

I knocked on Karen’s door and she opened it right away.

“Were you waiting for me?” I asked.

“No, not really, I was sitting here watching my morning programs when you arrived.”

Damn, I had hoped that she was “Waiting” for me. Oh well, down to business. Karen was wearing a pair of snug white shorts and a pale blue V-neck pullover blouse. The shorts weren’t too tight and the V-neck wasn’t too low cut. But, they got my attention. Karen asked if I would like a cup of tea before I got started, I accepted and we went into the kitchen. She poured tea from the teapot, we sat at the table and went over the list of things that I was going to do that day. When the tea was finished, I went out into the garage and started to bring in the blinds. One set went into the living room and the other into the dining room. I figured that I would leave the bedroom stuff until later, after we got to know each other a little better.

I went back to my garage and got my short ladder, my drill and driver, my rulers, level and hammer. I brought these tools back and quickly got to work. Karen took the old blinds from me as I took them down. She trashed them and generally hung around while I was bursa escort working. She watched me as I measured and marked and actually looked interested as I mounted the hardware and put the new blinds into place. The living room and dining room took until close to lunchtime. I brought the curtain rods and remaining hardware into the bedrooms, put them on the beds and moved my tools into the back bedroom. I figured I would leave the master bedroom for last.

I went home and had lunch. I was now convinced that Mary went back to bed after I left earlier. She was obviously still a little groggy from her ‘nap’. Well, I would probably do the same if I had the chance. I finished my sandwich and Mary prepared for a strenuous afternoon of watching her soaps. I promised to be home in time for dinner at six and went back next-door. Karen was just finishing up a little lunch when I got back.

I went back to work and by two-thirty I was ready to do the master bedroom. I started on the right hand window. I put up the curtain rods. Karen said, “Is there anything that can be done to make those vent covers look a little better? “

“Take them down and paint them,” I said. “They come off and you can spray paint them any color that you want.

I moved the ladder over and took off the vent cover that was above her dresser. I handed it down to her and came back down. Karen said that she liked this idea but she wanted to do all of the vents in the room. That meant the other two over by the bed and the one that had to be behind her dresser. I looked at the dresser and it was big, really big. From the way it pressed into the rug it was heavy, really heavy. I tried to hint that moving the dresser would be a big job but she said, “Not if we take the drawers out first.”

I couldn’t argue with this logic and anyway it was not yet three o’clock and I had time. So we started to remove the drawers and stack them on the bed. I got the chance to look into her underwear drawer and I saw the drawer with all her lacy nighties. Then, in the second drawer down on the left side, I spot a red rubber enema bag with a nice log coiled tube. It had a black plastic tip and was just lying there on top of the other stuff in the drawer. When Karen saw me standing there looking at the enema bag, she smiled and kept looking at my eyes. I couldn’t think of anything to say.

Karen took the drawer from me and placed it on top of the others on the bed. Then, she said, without turning around, “Sometimes I need to use that and sometimes I just like to use that.”

My heart was racing. I said, “I understand, that’s not a problem for me.”

She turned around again and gave me a big smile. I wasn’t sure if this was an invitation or not, but I felt a little daring. I said, “in fact, it’s one of the odd jobs that I do best”.

This seemed to get to her a little, and she said, “Well, if there’s time after the curtain rods, maybe you can do a little work on me. I already have all the tools.”

Now I was really going. My heart was racing and I’m sure that my breathing must have stopped or something. I could feel the woody growing in my pants and I was sure that Karen had already noticed it too. I said, “I would be very happy to accommodate you like that, at any time.”

We removed the remaining drawers bursa escort bayan without speaking. I slid the dresser away from the wall and removed the vent cover. I slid the dresser back into place and Karen was standing there with the bottom drawer. As we replaced the drawers I noticed that the enema bag was not in any of them. She must have moved it while I was taking off the vent cover. This was getting more and more exciting.

We finished with the dresser and I put the remaining curtain rods up. I was done just a few minutes before four o’clock. I gathered up my tools and put them in her garage, just inside the door. I figured that I could open the garage door, and take my tools home easier that way.

When I walked back in from the garage, Karen was standing in the kitchen. She was warming something in a small pan. I could see that it was water and there was a small bottle of olive oil on the counter. On the other counter was the enema bag along with a big jar of Vaseline. Wow, it was happening. I walked over to her and she kept stirring the water with a spoon. She put her finger into the pot and said, “just the right temperature.”

Karen picked up the enema bag and removed the stopper. She poured the contents of the pan into the bag and replaced the stopper. “Lets go,” was all she said.

I followed her into the bedroom. She hung the enema bag from a hook that was near the top of one of the bedposts. She picked up a big bath towel and spread it out on the bed. Then she took one of the pillows and put it on the towel. She did all this without saying a word.

When all appeared as she wanted it, Karen turned to me and said, “are you ready?”

“I sure am,” I replied. “What do you want me to do?”

“Well, I’d like you to give me the contents of that bag.” She said. “Then, if I need it, I would like you to be my stopper-upper so that I can hold it a while.”

I was about to pass out from a lack of blood to my brain. At this time, most of my blood had been diverted to my cock and the rest of me was feeling a little weak. I stood and watched as Karen slid down her shorts and panties. She lay on the bed with her tummy on the pillow. Her beautiful ass stuck up into the air and I wish had a camera.

She put her hands at her sides and said, “I’m ready.”

I picked up the jar of Vaseline and opened it. I put my finger into the jar and pulled out a bid wad. I reached down with my other hand and spread her cheeks until I could see her perfect little rosebud. I applied a generous dab of the Vaseline to her ass hole and worked it in a little with my finger. I then wiped the remainder onto the enema tip. When all appeared ready, I again spread her ass cheeks and slowly inserted the nozzle into her pucker. Karen let out a sigh.

I found the shut off and clicked it off. I could see the tube flex slightly as the warm water began to flow. Karen began to let out a low moan. I put my hand back down to hold the nozzle in place. When Karen felt my hand there, she lifter her butt a little and I could see under her better. I could see her vagina and her cunt lips. I slid my hand under her and quickly found her clit with my fingers. I began to massage her clit. As I did this, Karen’s moans became a little louder. She began to move her hips up and down and pumped escort bursa against my hand and the pillow as the water flowed into her. We kept this up for a few minutes, then she started to come. She let out a loud “Ooooh” and began to move her hips with a lot of energy. She was coming and it lasted about a minute or so. When she was done, she closed her legs slightly and I took that as a hint to remove my hand.

“How much is left in the bag”? she asked.

I hefted the bag and it felt just about empty. “I think that you have it all in you,” I said.

“Good, now give me your stopper so that I can hold it for a while” she said.

I wasn’t sure, but I hoped that “My Stopper” meant my dick. I stood next to the bed and dropped my drawers. I picked up the Vaseline again and applied a generous amount to the head and shaft of my cock. I got on the bed behind her and put my hands on her hips. I lifted her up into a kneeling position and then took hold of the enema tube. I snapped the shut off closed and then slowly withdrew the tip from her ass. I quickly brought the head of my cock up against her ass hole and she started to push back against me. I had guessed right!

I had little trouble entering her butt. She had obviously done this before. Although I had done a few women in the chute before, this was the first time that one of them was ‘holding’ anything in there. Well, the warm water felt really great. It was a totally new sensation for me. I began to pump into her and she reciprocated and rocked back against me. After a few strokes, she started to lean forward and I followed her back down until she was again lying on the pillow. This was absolutely great. I took a few more strokes and exploded into her intestines. I came for what seemed like a very long time. It was great.

We lay there for only a few moments when Karen said, “well, I think it’s time to let this one go.” I withdrew and she got up and waddled into the bathroom. Women walk a funny sort of walk when they have an ass-full. Karen was carrying about a quart of warm water and olive oil and about another quart of my come. She looked a little like a penguin and she walked away from me.

I took the opportunity to put my pants back on. I straightened myself back up and walked back out into the living room. After a few minutes, Karen appeared wearing a robe. She walked up to me, kissed me on the lips and said, “Thank you, I needed that.” I stammered a little, then replied, “I really enjoyed it too.” This was becoming an awkward moment. I wanted to leave and I think Karen wanted me to leave also. I told her that I had better be going and she nodded. I walked through the kitchen and out into the garage. I pushed the button to open the garage door. Karen waited in the kitchen so as not to be seen from the street.

I said, “I’d better be going.”

Karen again nodded, then said, “I’ll paint those covers over the weekend, maybe you can come back next week and help me put them back on?”

“Absolutely” I replied. “I would be glad to help you out, anytime.”

I picked up my tools and headed home. Mary was just finishing up making dinner and she said, “just in time, as usual.”

I agreed and went in to wash up for dinner. This was one of the first times that when I washed up for dinner it included my dick.

The next day, there was an envelope in our mailbox from Karen. It contained a check (Damn it!) and a short note thanking me for my work and my ‘attention to detail’. I really looked forward to putting those vent covers back on.

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