Cuckold Ch. 02

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After our threesome escapade and you thoroughly torturing me (letting me think you would fuck another woman in our bed), I thought that my transgressions were forgiven. You had other plans . . .

I got home from work completely exhausted. It had been a long day and I hadn’t had much sleep the night before because I had spent much of it sucking on the pussy of a stranger while you fucked me from behind. I went to the bedroom to strip the sheets off of the mattress to throw into the wash, and started to undress. I had a meeting with an important male client that day, and had worn my pencil skirt and a cleverly placed corset top underneath a button down that had a rather plunging neckline. The man spent to whole time staring at my chest, subtly licking his lips. Needless to say he signed with our company right away. I stepped out of my black stilettos, and pulled off the button down just as you stepped out of the shower.

You wrapped a towel around your hips as you surveyed my curves.

“Hi, baby.” I said, hoping all was forgiven.

You walked over to me and laughed a bit maniacally. You circled me like I was prey, and ran you hand across the top of the corset, grazing by breasts with your fingers. You stopped behind me and kissed my neck, and bit my casino şirketleri ear.

As I purred at your kisses you whispered in my ear, “you didn’t think I’d let you off that easily, did you?”

You gave me a quiet “Tsk. Tsk. Tsk,” as you slapped my ass….hard.

“Oh no, baby. You’re still not forgiven. You have to be punished, don’t you?”

I nodded, knowing that tonight would be another long one.

You kissed me all over as I nodded, and called me a good girl. It made wet just hearing those words. You picked me up with ease and threw me onto the bed. You began to unzip my skirt slowly, as you nibbled my ear. You slipped off my skirt to reveal a black lace garter belt, black garters, black lace thigh high stockings, and no panties. You looked up, and smirked at me, knowing that I had intentionally avoided underwear. You gripped the corset, and slid down until your tongue was on my pussy. I was already soaked just from your teasing, and you took the opportunity to gently insert your fingers into me. Slowly spreading them apart to stretch me out. At this I moaned out loud, you know how much I loved the feeling of being stretched around you. You kept your fingers spread inside my pussy, and parted my lips with your other hand. I opened my legs, casino firmaları unable to resist the ecstasy from my stretched pussy and your tongue beginning to lick at my clit. As your tongue lapped at my cunt, you flipped your hand up, and began rubbing my g-spot.

“Oh fuck”, I moaned, and ran my fingers through your hair.

“Mmm, good girl. Cum on my face, baby.”

You could feel my pussy gripping your fingers tighter, and you knew I was close. You probed your tongue deep into my pussy, tasting all of my juices, licking my g-spot. I can’t hold back any longer, and you press down on my pelvis as my orgasm ripped through my body. My back arched and I shutter in pleasure.

Immediately you are on top on me, on the bare mattress, with your towel stripped away. You ram you hard cock in me, and started fucking me as my orgasm winds down. You flip me over and untie my corset while fucking me from behind. You pull it off and grip my tits hard. I’m wearing nothing but the garters and stockings as you start to spank me.

“You’re a bad girl aren’t you?”

I grunt my agreement as your cock slams into my pussy again.

“You want to be my good girl again, don’t you?”

I’m so close to cumming again that I nearly scream my answer, “Yes!” güvenilir casino

“You’re going to do whatever I tell you?”

Another hard spank hit my ass cheek, and I know it’s left a sexy red print.

“Yes, baby. Please, make me your good girl.”

“Tell me why you are in trouble?”

I hesitate, not wanting to reopen newly healed wounds in our relationship but you grab a handful of my ass and fuck me faster.

I moan and whimper, and whine my answer, “because I fucked your brother.”

“Mmhmm,” you fuck me hard and fast and you can feel my pussy gripping your thick cock again. You lean forward and whisper in my ear.

“You liked fucking him so much, youre gonna fuck him again, but this time, I get to watch…. Understood?”


I scream out as I cum hard on your cock, you hold on to me, tight as my body convulses in waves of pleasure. When they subside a bit you start slamming into me again.

You tell me to turn around, and open my mouth.

You plunge you cock in my throat and pull it out as I start to suck off my cum. You hold my hair as my head bobs up and down on your pulsing cock. I start to massage your balls,and I can feel them tighten as your salty cum hits my tongue. I swallow all of it.

“You’re fucking my brother tonight. He’ll be here in an hour.”

“Should I shower?”

You smirked, and shook your head “no”, before you flopped down next to me.

We may as well get a cat nap before this long night, right?

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