Cuck on a Bike

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The weather was finally warming, and despite being more of a cool weather person, I was enjoying the skin-tingling kiss of the sun on my arms and face. I had been for the past couple of weeks, taking my workouts more in the afternoon sun than in the morning sunrise. I was no olive blessed goddess, but my swallowed skin had become a little more like toasted bread. The sun was hanging low now as I stepped off the greyhound bus with my one little duffel bag. My best friend was on vacation, and my boyfriend and I had made plans to come down and see him, to enjoy the great weather together. Unfortunately for me, my boyfriend’s bus ticket had gotten shifted to a later visit, so I was about 12 hours ahead of his scheduled arrival.

I scanned the crowd looking for sign of my friend, Matt, but couldn’t see much in the shadow of the setting sun. I shrugged, and traipsed towards the bus terminal, figuring I could at least stretch my legs a minute. Just as I ducked into the shaded corner, a motorcycle revved loudly behind me, and I narrowed my eyes.

This mother fucker did not.

Turning my head over my shoulder, this mother fucker DID. Helmet on his hip, there was Matt, astride his beautiful black motorcycle, with a cocky grin plastered on his face. I shook my head and chewed on my lip in irritation, and walked over to him.

“You little shit. You know I don’t ride bitch.” I said, putting a fisted hand on my hip.

He laughed and said, “Well toots, if you want to walk to my place be my guest but it’s a hell of a lot faster to just ride with me.” He patted the seat behind him for effect.

I sighed heavily, and considered whether I genuinely preferred to ride or walk. Having seen the map of the area, riding with Matt would only take 5 or so minutes to get there. But walking, would take an hour. And it would likely be well into darkness by then, and I wasn’t armed for defense as I didn’t want to risk my good knife being confiscated by the bus company.

He read my mind, as he often did, and lifted up the helmet, smirking.

I grabbed it roughly from him and said, “I’m not your fuckin’ bitch though, let’s get that straight. And it’s not happening again.” Once the helmet was on, and secured, I slipped the backpack straps of my duffel over my shoulders and straddled the bike behind him. I pulled my feet up and kicked down the passenger pegs of the bike, and wrapped my arms around his torso roughly. I felt him chuckle as he kicked the bike into drive and navigated us out of the terminal parking lot.

The full ride to his house, I pinched his flesh in random places, not hard enough to really hurt him, but hard enough it would leave a mark. A few minutes later, we arrived at his house, and he coasted into the driveway. I hopped off the bike as soon as it had stopped, but before he had popped the kick stand, and got the helmet off my head. I preened my hair slightly, smoothing back some of the helmet hair, and shifted my duffel to a single shoulder.

“Never again, mister” I told him, eyes narrowed. He responded by laughing and making a general “ok sure” face.

We shuffled into the house, avoiding as much of the family areas as possible so as not to interrupt his roommates and whatever they were doing. When we got to his room, I dropped my duffel onto the couch and turned to Matt.

“Sooo whatchu want to do for now? I don’t wanna check out those spots we lined up until Damien gets here tomorrow morning. Buuut I brought uno?” I said cheerfully.

“Uno it is! WE GO!” he said, bouncing onto his bed and flipping around towards me, legs crossed. “C’mere nerd we’re playin’ Uno!”

I grabbed the deck out of my bag, and joined him on the bed, cutting the massive deck in half and handing one half to him. “You shuffle those, my hands aren’t big enough for this whole deck.” He obliged, shuffling his half majestically, cards weaving in between each other back and forth. His hands flexed with each shuffle, esenyurt otele gelen escort veins raised against the smooth skin, curling around each knuckle like rivers between mountains. Matt cleared his throat, bringing my attention back up. “Hmm?” I said, reaching a hand out to take back his half of the deck.

“Something on your mind?” he said, smiling broadly.

“Oh, not really no”. I dealt our hand, and eyed my cards carefully, organizing first by ROYGBIV, and then by number. The order pleased me, even though I still usually lost.

“MMmm. Okay then.”

As we played, conversation drifted around and around, several hours going by barely noticed. We got hungry, and stood to raid his meager stash of snacks. He reached from behind me to grab a handful of chips as I turned around with a handful of my own, and our faces nearly crashed into each other. I instinctively stepped backwards, only to have the bar height countertop press into my back, unable to move away. Looking up, his lips had slightly parted, arm frozen over the chips. I could smell him unreasonably well this close, and the scent was intoxicating. A very masculine scent, slightly peppery, but still very much pleasant. My breath hitched and I stared at his lips, finding myself licking my own as I imagined his upon them.

“Cait, you really shouldn’t have come alone tonight…” As he trailed off, his eyes burned steadily into my own. My heart raced as he reached a hand up to my face and rested his thumb on my lower lip. A shiver trickled through me, and I reached a hand up to his wrist to block as he traced his thumb back and forth. When he pressed the tip of his thumb slightly into my mouth, my tongue flicked out and wrapped around the intruding digit, urging it to explore deeper. His pupils dilated, and his chest rose sharply with his breath. Slowly, so slowly, he slid his thumb further into my mouth, my tongue wrapping and curling around it. I nipped my teeth down slightly, glancing up to his eyes to make my challenge. One eyebrow and the corner of his mouth ever so slightly lifted; He accepted my challenge. He curled his thumb down, like a fish hook into the bottom of my jaw, and clamped his other fingers upwards from the other side, pulling me down to my knees before letting go. He roughly flicked his belt open, and shoved his pants just below his stiff cock in one fluid motion.

I looked up to see his cock twitching inches from my face, and licked my lips. He held it straight towards me expectantly with one hand, the other hanging relaxed by his side. Looking higher, his gaze was burning down at my face, his jaw clenched. “Open your mouth” he said huskily. My jaw dropped open half an inch on its own, lips still wet, and his free hand reached forward to grab a fist full of my hair. With his other hand still supporting his cock he leaned forward and pressed the head into my mouth, and then thrust the rest of the way until I felt my eyes sting with moisture as he blocked the airflow to my lungs. I stretched my mouth to accommodate his size, and danced my tongue around his shaft, moaning in pleasure as the taste and smell of him enveloped my senses.

The predatory gaze on his face briefly softened as I moaned, eyebrows lifting and furrowing in tandem with a breathy, “Oh… god…” as he closed his eyes tightly in pleasure. I felt his cock throb along my tongue and reached out to grab the back of his thighs. My fingers curled, nails digging into him, pulling him deeper into my throat every thrust. My throat was on fire now, feeling tender, so with every retreat from my mouth, drool vainly tried to coat my throat before being displaced out of my mouth with every forward thrust. Feeling my gag reflex trigger on a deep thrust, my body wrenched backwards instinctively and my eyes watered heavily.

“I’m sorry Daddy” I said, pouting up at him and leaning forward, tongue extended, reaching for esenyurt rus escort his cock again. Matt smoothed the hair away from my face that had gotten stuck to it, and leaned down to kiss my forehead.

“Don’t apologize baby, tell me if you need a break though.”

“No, please Daddy, I’ll do better” I said, anxiety rising in my belly.

He chuckled, dimples creasing on either side of his grin as he straightened back up and gathered my hair into a high ponytail shape. Grabbing the base of the hair firmly, he tugged towards the wall behind me, and I crawled to it, looking up into his eyes in anticipation. His free hand grabbed the base of his cock again, and I opened my mouth, wide this time, tongue stretching towards it eagerly.

“Do you want this cock?”

I nodded, eyes darting down towards it as drool pooled down the tip of my tongue. Without waiting for me to adjust to anything, he thrust fully into my mouth, then removed his guiding hand to brace himself on the wall with it. Still grasping my hair, he pulled my head onto his cock with every thrust, an occassional “…God…fuck…” coming softly from between his lips. I closed my eyes, focusing on not letting my body gag again, hands resting with clenched fists at my sides. Every trick I could use, I was using, so he could focus only on cumming. I felt my mouth pucker slightly, and moaned, recognizing the taste of precum. His thrusting slowed, and lengthened in stroke, as hot cum filled my tongue and coated the back of my throat. He released my hair, both hands bracing him on the wall, and he looked down at my face. My body was quivering in excitement, pussy absolutely drenched, and my eyes were closed as I enjoyed the taste of him in my mouth.

“Fucking hell, Cait” he said, causing me to blush and open my eyes sheepishly. As he pulled out of my mouth, and re-adjusted his clothes to be presentable, I dipped my head and glanced away, suddenly unsure of myself. I went to stand, and wavered, nearly falling to the side if not for him reaching an arm out quickly to steady me. When I was standing, he used the supporting arm to pull me against him, kissing my forehead again.

My face was hot to the touch, and heavily flushed, as I quietly dried the drool from around my mouth and straightened my hair. Forehead to mine, he said, “Guess what”. I met his amber eyes with mine and whispered, “What?”

He reached behind him, grabbed a motorcycle helmet and said, “You’re putting this on. Now” and turned away from me, putting the other helmet on himself. Eager to be rewarded, I didn’t object and immediately strapped the helmet onto myself, following him out the door to his motorcycle. We straddled it in silence, myself instinctively sliding hands around him and settling my feet on the passenger pegs.

After a short ride, we were coasting under the bright lights of a convenience store. He kicked the stand out, and my foot braced on the ground, as he removed his helmet. Handing it to me, he quietly growled “Stay” and strode across the dim parking lot with a confident swagger that sent molecular spiderwebs of arousal through my body. I softly moaned, and ground my pelvis into the seat of the motorcycle, eager to pleasure myself. I let my eyes drift closed, and continued to gyrate against the stiff leather seat, flush rising again in my face. Lost in my pleasure, he walked up to me and stood for a moment, heat radiating, when a low growl from his throat startled me. Gasping, I looked up and his eyes were low as he chewed on his bottom lip. He grunted, put his helmet back on, and swung his leg back over the bike.

He turned us to take a different path home, and I braced against his core nervously. Wanting to discourage him from speeding too much, I let one hand slide down his torso slowly, feeling every inch of him I could down to his waist and thigh. Sliding inwards, I inched my warm hand over his cock and squeezed, esenyurt türbanlı escort grinning when it pulsed back at me. I felt his chest vibrate against me as he either laughed or groaned, and spread two fingers on either side of his stiffening cock. I slid my fingers up and down his restrained shaft, twirling my fingers near the tip slowly each time. His body leaned forward, and I leaned with him, bracing for the burst of speed he was about to do. We rode in the cool, pitch black night on the side highway road for a few minutes before we came to a bridged overpass crossing that was quiet with lack of traffic. He pulled over to it, gravel crunching under the wheels, jerking at them slightly, and quickly shut the engine off. Swinging his leg over, he grabbed my neck under the helmet and pulled me towards him, unbuckling his helmet with his other hand. I got my helmet off and he gently set the two of them on the seat of the bike and lead me by my neck to the concrete support wall of the bridge.

Spinning me so my back was to the concrete wall, he shoved me against it with one hand, blood slowly being limited to my head by his hand on my neck, fingers applying even and gentle pressure. I gasped, unexpectedly aroused at the lightheaded feeling, knees growing weak in pleasure underneath me. I was still painfully wet, and aching to feel him inside me, so I arched my hips towards his body, urging him to come closer. He dropped his hand from my throat, blood rushing back to my head, and grabbed both of my wrists. He crossed my arms and spun me around, pressing me against the concrete with the full weight of his body before dropping my arms and grinding his cock against my ass.

“Yes, please Daddy” I whispered, pressing against him as hard as I could. His hands grabbed my waist and roughly pulled my pants halfway down my thighs, and then he squatted behind me. Hearing his belt unbuckling I groaned, softly at first, then louder as his breath tickled at my ass moments before he thrust his tongue inside me. I dug my nails at the concrete, and struggled to spread my legs against my pants to open myself to his twirling and thrusting tongue. I felt moisture trickling down my thighs, and couldn’t tell if it was his drool or my own pussy eager to be fucked. Not that I cared. Every inch of my skin was aflame against the comparatively cool air, and I was aching, deeply. I grunted as my knees tried again to give it, and braced my body against the wall. He stood, pressed my face into the wall, and slid a condom over his cock one-handed before thrusting fully into me in one motion. I winced against the intrusive pain as it quickly gave way to a deep feeling of fullness.

Deeply sheathed inside my pussy, he groaned and rested his chin on my shoulder, relaxing a moment, and giving me the chance to adjust to his girth. I clenched my pelvic muscles against him, urging him to continue, and he chuckled lowly. “Careful what you ask for mami” he said, pulling out halfway and thrusting sharply into me while he sank his teeth into the curve of my neck and shoulder. I cried out, suspended between pleasure and pain, and thrust back into him. Every push he made, my face ground at the concrete, and my nails tried to dig further into the gritty walls. His thrusting got shallower and harder, and he reached a hand up to rake his nails down my back beneath my shirt, eliciting a gutteral outcry from my throat. We continued fucking roughly, neither making coherent words for several minutes, until he shifted his hips and angled at my belly.

Electricity shot through me, and my pussy clenched against his cock so hard he nearly slipped out on the next thrust. He twisted my hair and used it to pull my body against him in time with his thrusts as they got shallower. Every other thrust was angled perfectly as it jolted me repeatedly to climax. My orgasm sent pulses of pleasure through my body, and my voice caught in my throat, hoarse and pained. My knees did give out now, and he followed me to the ground, arms holding me towards him to keep me from collapsing. As we caught our breath, he gently pulled the condom off, tied it, and threw it behind the concrete wall that was imprinted on my face. We gently re-straddled the bike to head back to his house, my cheeks flushing the whole way as I contentedly rested against his back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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