Cruzin in the MGB

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A big storm was moving in from the west, and the rain became too much—I needed to find some shelter because the MGB didn’t offer any without the top.

No houses were in sight, so I turned the MGB onto a long, narrow lane that had a mailbox at the main road. I wasn’t sure what laid ahead, but I pushed on while hoping to find a small shack or lean-to where I could wait out the storm. To my surprise, there was a house back in the woods at the end of the lane.

The sport exhaust on the MGB had announced my presence long before I appeared in front of the house, stopped under a large tree, and stepped out of the car. I was soaked from head-to-toe, and it was getting colder as the storm moved in. As I approached the front door, I wasn’t sure if anyone was home, but I knocked (hard) anyway. After a few minutes had passed, I returned to the topless convertible.

Unsure of what I should do, I looked around and saw only outbuildings with padlocks on them—there wasn’t anywhere to put the MGB inside or under. Being without the top for the car was the worst part. Something told me someone was in the house. I had no real reason for thinking that (it was only a hunch), however, when a six-foot tall, soaking wet man shows up at your doorstep, I’d guessed not too many people would’ve answered the door.

I was looking to the west while trying to see if I could still get ahead of the storm, or at least find someplace dry, when I heard a soft voice speaking to me.

“I’m sorry, but my husband works out of town and only comes home on the weekends. He isn’t here, so if you’d just leave, I’d appreciate it. If you don’t leave, I’ll call the police!”

I smiled and waved goodbye, got back into my car, and fired it up—the sport exhaust barked as the rpm’s came up and I put it into gear. I backed up and was about to drive into the storm when the door of the house opened and a beautiful woman stepped out onto the porch.

She was wearing only a sheer, blue nightgown and, even from where I was, I could see it was all she had on. I turned off the engine and she ducked back into the house.

A moment later, she returned wearing a pair of too-big-for-her cowboy boots and a heavy coat over her nightgown. She was carrying some keys and walked to the nearest outbuilding, unlocked the door, swung it open, and then turned to me.

“I can tell by your eyes that you’re a good man, so it’d be wrong of me to send you back out into that storm, especially being so far from town. I’m sorry about before, but I’m alone and have to be careful.”

I smiled and nodded to her before backing the MGB into the shed and then followed her beckoning. I turned and walked with her into the house. It was a smaller house, but very comfortable and smelled very nice (like jasmine)—even to this day, I can see her face whenever I smell jasmine.

She helped me with my wet clothes—she even pulled my size nine boots off for me—until I was soon standing in front of a roaring fire in a robe she’d brought me and nothing else but shivers. As she brought me a cup of hot coffee, my deep voice boomed.

“Thank you!”

I could see her reaction to my voice. When I saw her shudder, I was reminded of a woman who’d once confided in me that I could make her cum without anything more than my voice. An awkward silence then came over us, and I was feeling the seconds dragging by—the way they can in such a situation.

What happened next is burned into my mind forever.

She stood up from her chair (and without saying a word), looked into my eyes, pulled the nightgown over her head, and stood there esenyurt anal yapan escort in the firelight…she was a vision! With her dark hair and eyes that were as blue as the clear sky, she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.

She didn’t say a word, but came to me and pushed her hands into and under my robe before pressing her naked body against mine. Her body felt very warm (almost hot) as mine was still cold from the rain, but there were signs of a heat wave moving in…fast!

She turned, with her hand in mine, and led me to her bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed as she moved about in the darkness. Moments later, she lit a wooden match, leaned forward, and lit a candle with it. The silhouette of her naked body was perfectly outlined by the candlelight.

Perhaps one of the most erotic moments of my life was seeing the vision of her against the light of the flickering candles as she moved around the room while lighting one after the other.

The anticipation was so erotic anyway, but knowing that I was going to get fucked (hard) added to it. The juices of my mind were flowing with things I wanted to do and things I would do.

After lighting the last candle, she came to me, stood in front of me, and we looked into each other’s eyes. She was a tiny, perfect angel with a look that “lit my fire.” As she kissed me, she pulled herself (hard) against me. As I slid my big hands under her ass and picked her up off of the floor, she threw her legs around my waist.

We didn’t speak, but I knew her thoughts as though they were my own. Without being told, I felt what she needed and threw her onto her bed. Her face was flushed, yet I could see the fire flaming up inside of her eyes.

I pulled her legs apart as I pulled her farther down the bed toward me until her ass was at the edge and I was kneeling between her perfect thighs. Her needs were so urgent, she couldn’t wait as the heat swept across her like a wildfire. She wanted me to take her fast and hard, but I didn’t. We had nothing but time, and I was going to make sure she’d never regret inviting me inside of her house or inside of her.

I started with a kiss to the inside of a thigh (at the knee) and then licked a circle around the spot I kissed. Then I continued moving, a few inches at a time, farther up her thighs (kissing and circling) until I got to the places where her thighs ended.

I pinned her hands down and made her keep them there because (at that moment) I knew something she didn’t know, yet…she was about to lose total control!

As her legs shook, I used the tip of my tongue to softly separate her pussy lips and then ran it the full length of her pussy. I flicked my tongue, like a whisper and as soft as a feather, along the very outer edges of the lips and up across her clit. I kissed up to and around her hip bone, flicked my tongue out to tease the crease between her hip and her leg, and then across and down to the top of her clit without touching it.

Then I slid my hands up and pulled the skin away from her clit. She arched her back, which pushed her pussy against my face, I licked her pussy lips (from bottom to top), and then lowered my mouth until it covered her entire clit. Using only the tip of my tongue, I flicked her clit up and down and then gently sucked it into my mouth.

By then, her mind was reeling because she was about to have her first orgasm, and I was moving slowly, which was driving her insane. Her pussy was gushing juices as I closed my teeth around her clit to gently bite and grate esenyurt escort across it as I pushed my tongue out of my mouth and then quickly sucked it back in.

By repeating that process over and over, I began seriously sucking her clit (hard), biting it, and holding it in place as I ravished it with my tongue. As she exploded, her orgasm crashed over her like a huge wave as she squirted all over me and my teeth.

Not waiting for it to finish, I became more aggressive by slipping one arm down from around her perfect ass and pushed two of my big, long, thick fingers all of the way into her swollen, wet pussy as my tongue continued ravishing her clit.

I began to bang her pussy with a slow (but steady) pace as her hips were pushing up toward my eager mouth. I slid my other hand across her silky skin and up to her beautiful, pink nipple before pinching and twisting it as the speed of my fingers increased inside of her pussy.

Then, using the full width of my tongue, I licked her pussy lips to her clit—stopping only to lick it like a lollipop—and then back down to where my fingers were thrusting in and out of her. I stopped only long enough to lick some of her juices off of my fingers to enjoy her sweet flavor.

As she came again while violently thrusting her crotch against my face, I knew the time was right for a new level of satisfaction.

I stood and walked around the bed until I was standing only inches from her face—she was still reeling from her last orgasm—pulled my robe open, and let it fall onto the floor. All of the licking and banging had given me a huge and very hard, hard-on—it was sticking up along my abs and bouncing with each of my heartbeats.

She grabbed it and began licking and sucking it, so I reached down and started to rub her clit in a quick, circular motion as she pleasured me. What a beautiful, hairy pussy and swollen clit! Her pussy was hot, wet, and ready for anything—it took only a few minutes before she was thrusting her hips up and down as another orgasm rushed forward.

I could “feel” her moans of pleasure against my hard cock…that sensation was incredible! I used one hand on her head to guide my cock in and out of her all-too-eager mouth until I couldn’t take it any longer. Oral is very erotic (for sure!), but my cock wanted pussy and in the worst way, so I pulled away from her eager, hungry mouth and positioned myself between her legs—she was so wet.

The head of my cock resembled a huge mushroom because it looked oversized compared to the large, thick shaft. I had to manipulate it, by twisting my hips and hers, in order to force it into her. Once inside, I held still as she felt the head swell up with blood again.

As I gripped her hips and pushed my cock all of the way in, her eyes rolled as the huge bell rubbed against that “little spot” just inside. After going all of the way inside of her, I stopped and just held my cock in place…buried deep inside! Then I flexed my cock inside of her, no grinding or pumping.

Damn it was so hot! She looked confused for a few seconds. She wanted it (hard), but I just continued flexing it deep inside of her. She relaxed (somewhat) and laid back as I set a pace between contractions. I felt her pussy getting hotter as I held her flexing hips (hard) against me—she couldn’t hold still any longer.

She arched her back up, which pushed her beautiful, hairy, young pussy against my cock, and moaned…she was out of control. She’d been swept away and was living only in the moment as her orgasm hit her very hard, causing a scream esenyurt eve gelen escort to escape from her beautiful lips.

I flexed faster and faster as she experienced her cum.

Just thinking back on the sounds she was making as the orgasm rolled over her makes me hard…even today!

At first, I began slowly grinding my hips against her’s and then more violently. My huge, swollen cock inside of her tiny pussy became too much for her. She bucked out of control, scratched at my shoulders and back, and stared into my eyes—her eyes were showing an inner fire that had turned into an inferno.

I wasn’t pumping in and out, but only grinding inside of her as she was grinding back harder and harder. The heat was so fucking incredible (very animal-like), and it took only a short time before I felt another orgasm building inside of her.

It came with a rush! Her body and head thrashed back and forth, and her moans became screams as she thrusted her hips to get every ounce of pleasure possible—it was her most intense orgasm, yet!

I gripped her hips with my big hands and ground into her like a man possessed. I knew that moment of totally losing control would come for her because her orgasms come in a flood, one after another. I held her tight with my cock buried inside of her…she was almost more than I could control!

Her orgasms were still rolling across her as I pulled her hips off of the bed, held her sweaty, hot ass, and began to pound my cock in and out of her cumming pussy.

By then, I was out of control with lust as I was fucking her (hard) as the orgasms blurred in her mind—one upon another, no end, no beginning, one calling into the next. Her pussy tightened and the sensation upon my cock was incredible as my balls slapped her ass.

It was hot and sweaty lust, and we fucked like animals. It was so much more than what I’d imagined. I knew it’d be a great fuck, but at that moment, I too lost control. We were fucking so wildly that we slipped from the bed to the floor without missing a single thrust.

Her cum lubricated my thrusting, pounding cock…the feeling was incredible! She was far beyond screams by then as only high-pitched squeaks left her throat as she threw her head back and forth. I love it rough and I was truly having my way with her then.

I pulled her hair and rammed my cock so deep inside of her, she finally managed a scream as multiple orgasms swept her from reality to fantasy and back again. However, she was up for the challenge and met each of my thrusts with thrusts of her own.

It was what I lived for and at long last, I felt my balls tighten…it was going to be as intense as hell! I held tight to make it last, while fighting not to cum, until the force was beyond my control and then with an explosion, the cum began shooting from my balls.

I used all of my strength to shove all of the way inside of her one last time. She actually “felt” the spray of cum as it was hitting the deepest depth of her pussy. The hot juices flooded the inside of her pussy and she thrusted her hips as she rolled from one orgasm into the next, cumming again and again from the sheer sensation of my hot cum squirting inside of her.

I slumped over her while still buried to the hilt and grinding to get the last drops of cum out of my cock as her body quivered uncontrollably as the last half dozen orgasms ran their course. The whole while, she was squeezing my cock with her pulsing pussy as our sweaty bodies were melting into each other. Oh, my, what a ride! What an incredible night we had while locked in passionate lust.


During breakfast, we laughed because we hadn’t introduced ourselves when we first met the night before.

“Hi! My name is Michelle!

“Well, hello, Michelle! I’m Don!”

After breakfast, the sun was beating down upon my face as I kissed her goodbye, fired up the MGB, and made my way back to the open road.

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