Crush on My Female Friend Zone

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I am a college student living independently in my relative’s apartment. Their entire flat is used by me as they live in their bungalow in Delhi and I stay here like a king.

I made new friends and one of them got a special place in my heart. Her name was Sakshi. Little short heighten, perfect figure, dark color and good in studies.

Within a few months everyone realized that she already has a rich and smart boyfriend since 2 years. I was sad, very sad. I wanted to move on but I could see her in my classroom everyday. I used to stalk her a lot. The thought that I couldn’t get her made me even more attracted and horny for her. I noticed everything about her. She used to put her pen in mouth and dangle her foot while listening in the class. That sight of her shoes almost sliding down made my hard all the time.

2 semesters passed. We were good friends in group by now. Everyone knew that I live alone and sometimes used my place for house parties. It was difficult for girls to have a night out as they were not allowed by family and they didn’t have a place to wait. But one fine day she asked me,

“Ravi I need to ask you something.”


“Can I stay at your place sometime, when I have late night plans?” she said and I had butterflies in my stomach. “Please Ravi, then I can tell my parents that I am staying at a friend’s place and will come back home in the morning.”

“Of course you are welcome anytime.” I agreed to a slight flush on my face

“Awwww thank you. You’re such a good friend. I knew you would understand.”

“Won’t your parents mind if…”

“I will tell them I am staying with safina (her friend)”

“Of course. When are you planning to come?”

“Tomorrow, I have a late night party planned”

I was excited. Why wouldn’t I be. I was about to host my crush. I prepared everything, got drinks, cleaned the place and then I waited. She told she would be there by 11. I called her but she didn’t pick up. When I lost my hopes, the doorbell ranged at 12:30.

I casino şirketleri ran towards the door and opened. She was standing with a big smile along with her boyfriend!

That was not what I expected. Why is he here.? The last person I would ever want to meet. She hugged me at the door and wished me. I realized that they were drunk!

“Hi raviiii my darling.”


They entered and sat on the sofa I closed the door.

“You wouldn’t mind if he stays here too, would you? I know you’re my sweet ravi. You won’t say no to me.”

“Yeah but,” I said hesitantly.

“Awww you are so sweet. You know we had a little bit of drinks and dance and fun.” She said looking at him and they laughed.

“I’ll get some water” I said and went to the kitchen frustrated. I was sad on my luck. I wanted to kick these guys out. The guy didn’t even had eye contact with me and was sitting on my sofa. I had hopes to spend a little time with her alone and she brings along her asshole boyfriend. I took a moment, Took bottle out of fridge and came back.

They were not there in the hall. The door was locked. Did they left?

Then I heard something. I followed the sound which led to my bedroom. The door was closed. Sakshi had seen my full house before only so she knew where was the bedroom. I opened the door and to my misery I saw them making out!

They were so drunk that they didn’t care if I was around. His pants were down and suddenly he started fucking her. My first intention was to beat him out but I didn’t. He was humping her like a pig. I stayed there and realized that I was getting hard watching them. This was very strange feeling. Why was I aroused watching my crush getting banged by someone else?

Then she made him stop and got on top of him. They hadn’t remove their full clothes until then. She removed her top and his shirt. Now he was sucking on her tits while she became the cowgirl. The sight of her ass and bareback made me very hard. I was already nervous and couldn’t casino firmaları resist to rub my dick in my pants.

I heard him moaning and cumming. She got off and laid there. I wanted sight of her boobs but she lay on her stomach. Instead I saw his cock covered in condom and his cum. He threw his condom out and they stopped. I had no choice but to go and sleep on my sofa. I was heartbroken but I was still hard and confused until I fell asleep.

Next morning was a Sunday. She woke me up at around 11 am.

“Good morning ravi. You slept well?” She said in a lazy voice.

“Morning” I took my time to wake up.

” I am so sorry I was drunk slept in your bedroom only.”

‘I’ I taunted

“I am sorry it was not planned but he wanted to come with me and we were drunk so he could not go back to his house.”

“It’s okay. Is he still sleeping?” I asked in misery.

“No he left an hour ago.”

“Okay.” I got up trying to regain myself. I moved toward the kitchen.

“I am so tired will you please make me a coffee? Please.”

“Yeah sure.” I said thinking to myself as if I can say no to her. I brushed my teeth and went to the kitchen. Made 2 cups of coffee and returned.

“You are a sweetheart.” She said grabbing her cup. I sat beside her and she wanted to lay a bit so she kept her feet on my laps. “Perfect coffee”

“Thanks”I said touching her feet and appraising her nail polish.

“They are hurting”


“I did a lot of dancing last night in those shoes. Now they hurt so much.” listening to this I started to press her feet softly. “Oh please do that”. She said with a sigh of relief. They smelled a little, which of course I love. I finished my coffee quickly so that I could focus on her completely.

“They are smelly but it doesn’t seem to stop you.” She said while giggling. I did my best and massaged every part of her foot. I heard her moan slowly and I had to be hard by now. She slowly started to lay down on the sofa completely.

After güvenilir casino a little while she said “I saw you last night.” I looked at her and she was looking right back in my eyes. “I saw you in the mirror while we were.”

I stopped massaging her feet and got all sweaty out of embarrassment.

“I am sorry.” Is all I could say.

“It’s okay. It’s your room you should know better what the mirrors can see!” She said in a sexy tone. “I could see you were enjoying yourself too.” She said it as she was getting her left foot near my dick. It was rock hard. “Oh, you still are enjoying yourself!”

She rubbed her foot on my cock for a while and I could not stop but moan.

“Tell me, You liked watching me fuck my boyfriend?”

“Mmhh” was all I could utter. I started to kiss her other foot. I sucked on it and she was smirking in amusement.

“I can get used to this, you massaging and making out with my feet.” I sucked her foot, heel to toe. “How long have you been fantasizing about something like this?” She said while slapping my face with her foot. “Tell me, tell me.”

“Since forever, I want you.”

“Wow!” She giggled as she moved her other foot near my mouth. I worshiped it with full dedication and loved everything about it. “You are a very good boy. I like good boys.”

She starting rubbing her foot on my dick again and I felt the amazement. I wanted to devote my life to her. I wanted to be with her irrespective of everything. I was in heavens and she was the queen. And then I burst.

“I love you.” Is what came out of my mouth while cumming and having the best orgasm of my life. I came in my pants with her one foot on my mouth.

She laughed and slapped my dick with her right foot, looked at me like a boss. Then she got up, patted my head and went in my room getting ready to leave. I couldn’t move. Seeing her going towards the main door I got up.

“I will come next weekend too with my boyfriend.” She knew I couldn’t say no to her. “If you remain a good boy then maybe after he leaves, I’ll have something for you too.” She said with a grin.

I couldn’t say anything as she left. I was just watching her and trying to recall what happened, and started to anticipate what will happen next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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