Cruiseline Fling

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Melissa saw the 5’10 brown eyed, dark haired Troy every month when he was her client, coming into her office for probation supervision. It was her favorite part of the month, a time she dressed a bit more appealing at times. He had this sex appeal that would make her tingle in places she thought was nonexistent. He was tan from the outdoors and had a very athletic body. One could tell that he worked out regularly and took care of himself. He had these mesmerizing brown eyes and a smile to melt any lady’s heart. Melissa found herself making the appointment longer than all her regular appointments.

There was easiness in their conversations and some innocent flirting, but that was as far as it went. Only in her mind did she fantasize about Try and wishing she could feel his lips on her lips, neck, breasts and clit. She would imagine him being endowed and thrusting his hard cock into her wet tight pussy. If only I wasn’t married and so damn professional Melissa thought to herself, but she was and had to push him into her deep thoughts. She would often think of him regularly when she would break out her thick vibrator.

She was happily married to her husband Ryan, but lately things have been rather rocky. He hasn’t been feeling like himself for awhile and the sex drive is practically non-existent. All marriages go through a rough periods especially in the 40’s right, she would often question herself. Ryan was a good provider, very supportive if her career and aspirations of being a writer. They both had their hobbies and activities and sometimes Ryan’s job sent him other places to work. She often would think of different scenarios for different story lines, some so different than the ones she really had in mind. Troy crept into her thoughts during those times she really was alone and horny. Who knows she thought, maybe one day when he was no longer her client and she wasn’t in a position of authority and she wasn’t happily married and drunk.

She laughed quietly to herself. Months have passed and the chemistry between Melissa and Troy grew and the flirting became intense. In fact one day she caught Troy glancing at her cleavage and another time at her ass as she bent down to pick up something that fell on the ground. He adjusted himself in the chair trying not to be so obvious. He was a great client, always doing what his probation required of him, but also because he was becoming a better person. It came to a point when his attorney was able to get his case closed because he successfully completed his conditions of his probation. She was sad to see him go and wish she would be able to see Troy again.

Opportunity presented itself when Melissa and her family were on a cruise heading out to the Caribbean islands. She was board the ship in the fitness center working out with her sister. Melissa heard a familiar voice calling her name; she turned around to see the very handsome Troy in a workout tank top and shorts. Both showed off his muscular body. She smiled when she saw the sexy client; she lusted over for almost a year. He introduced himself to her sister and she smiled and excused herself to do her run around the deck. They were almost at a loss for words when all of a sudden she felt off balance and almost tipped over on the treadmill. He instantly caught bizimkent escort her from falling. She felt the warmth of his body and his strength.

“Be careful there young lady, you wouldn’t want to yourself tripping now!” Troy joked with her making a reference to one of the stories she told him in her office back at work. They both smiled and laughed at the insider joke. They carried on talking and nearly forgot where they were or what they were supposed to be doing at the fitness center. “Perhaps we may run into each other again on the cruise!” Melissa smiled,

“I am glad to see you again Melissa under these better circumstances, maybe we can meet up some time for coffee or drinks?” Troy said in a rather inviting manner.

“I would love that, sounds like a plan!” Melissa replied and the two parted ways. Melissa thought to herself “sounds like plan, really Melissa couldn’t you come up with something better to say!” She shook her head in disbelief from her mere utterance. Time had passed and she rejoined her family up by the pool after she changed into her sexy royal blue bikini. She spent almost the whole year getting her in shape power walking, giving up some bad habits and now she is reaping the awards by being able to wear whatever she tried on. She was turning heads without even realizing it. Her sister Tricia pointed out to her the effects of all her hard work. She mentioned she had an admirer,

Melissa teasing Troy said “Huh, who would that be?” as she sipped on her frozen tropical drink flirtaciously. Tricia mentioned the handsome guy at the fitness center was checking her out from the side deck. Melissa tried not to get worked up, but it excited her by the thought of him checking out her cleavage and ass as he used to do back at the office.

Later on after the poolside with her family Melissa retreated to her cabin to get ready for dinner at the ships restaurant. She decided to wear a sexy but elegant royal blue knee length party dress, it brought out her blue eyes and underneath a matching pair of panties and bra. She loved the way the silk felt against her soft skin, she imagined his soft touch upon her skin. Dinner was very elegant and lighthearted. Her children were aboard with her on their first cruise and they were having a blast. They wanted to finish dinner quickly so they could go off with the other teens in the ship’s arcade. Melissa and her family finished up and she kissed her boys and reminded them of their curfew. They sighed and went on their way.

Melissa smiled and started walking down the corridor; she looked up and saw Troy coming her way. He was dashing in his dark suit with a royal blue shirt and tie.

“Great minds think alike!” he said pointing to their matching colors he smiled widely,

“Are you sure you were spying on me as I got dressed this evening?” Melissa stated in a teasing manner. “If only I was.” Troy responded as winked at her. She felt herself blushing, her nipples harden and her pussy wet. They walked down the corridor toward ballroom, they walked in and he asked her to dance. The two danced to some old eighties stuff and then the music played some slow moving music and he pulled her in closer. It felt like there was no one else in the world, just the two of bostancı escort them. Melissa could feel their two hearts beating faster, the smell of his cologne and the feel of his strong body next to her. She looked up at him and could see he was getting as excited as she was and they exited the dance floor.

“I don’t know if it was just me or was it getting really hot on that dance floor.” Troy said as he loosened his tie, she agreed. They walked out onto the deck and felt the coolness of the night air. She got some goose bumps and shivered a little bit. They were sitting off where no one could see them; he took off his jacket and placed it around her shoulders. She looked up into those melting brown eyes. He leaned down to kiss her lips, she knew she shouldn’t be encouraging Troy, but she couldn’t help herself. The kiss was soft at first but gradually became more intense. He could tell she was getting nervous and paused to ask her if she would like to go somewhere quieter.

She responded with a yes and they walked to the elevator to the balcony suites where his cabin was located. They were looking at one another on the elevator like they could read one another’s minds and what they wanted to do to one another as soon as they were alone. They exited the elevator and continued on to his cabin.

Melissa was surprised how big the cabin was and great view of ocean from the balcony. She turned around to see Troy looking at her up and down smiling with approval of his former probation officer. All kinds of things were running through her mind at the moment, should I or shouldn’t I. Those thoughts were brought to a halt when he started running his hands up her arms to her face and bringing her in closer to kiss her. The moment their lips met, they were on fire. The chemistry they were feeling all those months were finally released. He was kissing her lips, then down her face to her neck and her ears. The feel of his lips and the feel of his breath on her aroused her, Melissa wanted him so badly as much as he wanted her.

Troy slowly unzipped her dress being very careful not to rip her dress; he sipped it down her shoulders as he continued kissing his way slowly down her neck, shoulders and collarbone. His hands followed down finding his way to Melissa’s hard nipples, rolling them in his fingers. Melissa let out a soft moan of approval as her hands roamed down his back. She started to unbutton his shirt and sliding it off his muscular arms; she ran her hands over his chest feeling the soft hairs. He started kissing her lips again except this time more passionately with a feeling of urgency. He paused to tell her how much he wanted her from the first day they met at the office and how he had to keep his sexual desires from showing.

“I want you so bad!” he whispered to her and he started kissing her lips again and then moving to her neck and nibbling on her earlobe.

‘MMMM don’t stop!” she said breathlessly. Troy continued kissing her neck and down her shoulder and collarbone as his hands found their way back to her hard nipples. He continued rolling them and pinching them softly. He put her two breasts closer together and started sucking on her nipples, biting them softly. They lowered themselves down to the bed, never büyükçekmece escort stopping the heated moment. She was in heaven as Troy continued nibbling and biting lightly her nipples. Melissa’s pussy was aching so badly for him now, wanting him to move down to her hot pussy. He must have read her mind for he started kissing and licking his way down her stomach to the soft flesh of her thighs. , he moved his fingers to her wet pussy. He looked up at her as he started licking her clit and sucking on it. She was arching her back and trying not to squirm but it felt so good.

Melissa moaned a sound of approval. He definitely had a talent for pleasing her clit. He slid one finger in her pussy moving it in and out as he continued to lick and suck her to multiple orgasms. She felt like she died and went to heaven, she wanted to return the favor. She let him know she wanted to please his cock as he did her pussy. He lay on the bed. She started off slowly by kissing his lips, kissing him passionately, moving to his neck and his ear lobe, He moaned a sigh of approval, she moved down slowly kissing and licking him all the way down his chest, his navel. His cock was thick and hard, he is definitely endowed she thought to herself.

Troy begged “Don’t stop Baby that feels so good!” She took his stiff 8 inches into her one hand and his balls in the other. She started stroking him slowly as she started sucking his hard cock. She could tell it was turning him on in a major way, he was moving his body with her movements.

“Get that sweet pussy over here so I lick that clit!” he said breathlessly “Damn you taste so sweet. God I want to fuck you so bad!” he said.

She was licking and sucking his cock like it was hers for the taking, he returned the favor to her with urgency. “I want you so bad Melissa moaned. Give me that thick cock!” Troy stopped and Melissa straddled herself over him and lowered her wet pussy onto his thick cock. Both moaned in unison. She move slowly at first on his cock, savoring each move, she gyrated her hips and he moaned from the pleasure he was experiencing. He met every single movement of her body as if they were as one. It was such an intense pleasure. The movements were slow at first but became more intense. They both paused. Melissa got herself on all fours so Troy could enter her hot pussy from behind. He slipped his hardened cock into her, starting slowly and picking up the pace. Melissa kept up with every thrust; he grabbed her hips and started thrusting his cock in and out of her.

“Ohh …Fuck me hard baby… Don’t stop!” Melissa let out her dirtiest thoughts to him. He slightly tugged on her hair, pulling her upward; he kept thrusting in and out as he started kissing her neck. He tapped her ass. Melissa let her lover know she was coming hard; her pussy wet and very satisfied, he wasn’t too far behind when she felt his cock stiffen and he exploded. They both slowed down but not stopping. He had his arms around her waist and he bought her closer. They fell together onto the bed and smiled at one another.

Melissa and Troy continued the cruise talking every day when they weren’t busy with their families; they would slip off when no one was missing them to spend some “quality time” together. They agreed to keep their cruise fling under the radar and exchanged phone numbers and emails. Melissa was sad to see the cruise end, but it was back to reality and back to work. The next day at work, there was a beautiful dozen of roses with a card that read “Anchors Away Skipper xoxoxo”, Melissa smiled and returned to her stack of files on her desk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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