Crossing the Line

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Back in the late 70s, when I was a young naval officer serving on my first trip, we were doing a six month deployment in the western pacific. One of the traditions of the sea is crossing the line, when the ship crosses the equator and moves from north to south or vice versa. Most ships hold a ceremony where those that have crossed before, called shellbacks, initiate those who are crossing for the first time, called pollywogs, into the mysteries of the seven seas. This usually involves some typical harassment, being forced to wear funny clothes, crawling through stinky garbage, being sprayed with cold water, having to appear before different judges and having to pay fines. Shellbacks almost always carry shillelagh’s, cut up fire hoses used to spank pollywogs. This could sometimes get out of control on Navy ships as shellbacks would sometimes capture wogs during the night and make them special cases, harassing them for hours before the festivities would officially begin at dawn.

As a junior officer, the Captain assigned some of us to take turns patrolling the ship that night to keep things from getting out of hand. Unfortunately for me, things did not work out so well. A band of shellbacks dressed as pirates from deck division grabbed me as I passed by the aft bosun locker. Despite my protests that I was on official business, they stripped me, and tied casino şirketleri me up after taking turns smacking my ass with their shillelagh’s. My hands were tied together to a tie down on the deck. My feet were tied together to another deck tie down. I was stretched out laying on my side, on top of some rags. Shortly, thereafter they pulled another guy in, a large sailor from guns division. They also stripped him down, his dick looked to be about eight inches. After taking turns smacking his ass they tied his hands and feet to the same tie down that mine were, so we were laying against each other his front to my back.

I lay there feeling very uncomfortable and praying for morning. There was no air conditioning in the space and with his body next to mine we were both sweating. With the motion of the ship and the sweat providing some lubrication, I began to feel his cock start to harden. I became very concerned now and tried to move away but I was too stretched out to move far. The shellbacks left to look for more wogs and we were alone. Once we were alone, his cock grew even more, and he started thrusting against me. I told him to stop, but he just said my ass felt good. His dick was pushing against my rosebud trying to penetrate me but I was able to hold him off. Suddenly his cock swelled and I could feel his hot load flooding my rosebud casino firmaları and filling my crack. I was shocked and could not believe how violated I felt, but also how exciting it felt.

The shellbacks returned empty handed, I immediately pushed myself against him to hide what had happened. The shellbacks spent about an hour sitting there talking. Every time he pulled a little away, I pushed back to keep us covered. He figured out what I was doing and started to take advantage of it, using my embarrassment to gently massage his cock. By the time the shellbacks left his cock was coming back to life, his sperm trapped between my cheeks providing a slicker and more effective lube. Once alone, his cock sprang back to life and this time I was powerless to stop him from entering me.

He began actively fucking my ass, I could do nothing to stop it and from the sensations it was causing I was not sure I wanted it to stop. I tried to act like I was not enjoying it but my own cock gave me away. Harder than it had ever been, I was going crazy from not being able to jack it or rub it against anything. I could feel an orgasm building up, but I was fighting it so he would not know what he was doing to me and so if I came, my cum would not betray me. Eventually I could not contain it any longer and a very strong orgasm overtook me. I let loose several güvenilir casino long satisfying spurts. He stopped his strokes and laughed, telling me he could feel me clenching his cock as I came. He called me his bitch boy and said I was his now.

Almost immediately after his words, the shellbacks returned, again empty-handed. I was mortified that they would see my cum, but I guess the rags we were laying on made it hard to see. Also his rock hard dick was still inside me, I pushed back to cover his dick and felt him slide even deeper inside me. After laying still for a few minutes not moving, while the shellbacks were watching us laughing and talking about what they were going to do to us during the ceremony later – I felt his cock swell and start pumping his load into my bowels. I could feel it move through his dick as it passed my anus and as it dumped into me. I could not believe how good it felt and felt jealous of all the girls I knew, since this is what they felt all the time.

Eventually his cock deflated and slipped out of my ass. The shellbacks untied us, allowed us to dress and herded us to the ceremony, warning us not to tell on them. I decide to forget what had happened and never mention it again. Unfortunately, the next night while my stateroom mate was on watch, the sailor from guns division entered my room telling me he would tell what had happened and ruin my career if I did not do what he said. He closed the door, unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, stepped over to my rack and put his dick in my mouth…just like he would do most nights for the next four months of deployment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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