Cream Ch. 09

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“Manny and his money,” Griffin said as he was driving in the St. Catharines neighbourhood leading to Kim’s house. “It’s the only thing he’s ever loved. If I had my way, money wouldn’t even exist.”

“What would we have instead, then?” Kim asked. “Oh, there’s my house–

25. What would the economy be based on, without money?”

“Exchanges of gifts,” Griff said, driving into her driveway and parking. “You give me something, I then do something for you, that kind of thing. People helping each other, instead of using other people, just for gold and colourful pieces of paper.” They got out of the car.

“So, you rescued me, and I gave you pussy in return,” Kim said, noting some of her cats on her lawn approaching her.

So full of love was she for her adorable cats that she forgot that she was still completely naked, and in her neighbourhood in broad daylight. Her neighbours weren’t oblivious to it, though.

“No, wait,” she said, bending over with her legs spread to pick up a cat. “When I gave you my pussy in return, the exchange gave pleasure to my pussy, too.”

The sight of your pussy and asshole are giving ME lots of pleasure, a voyeuristic male neighbour thought.

“Speaking of pussy,” Griff said, now surrounded by meowing cats.

“Yes, I’m a crazy cat lady,” she said, picking up a purring cat. “I feed these strays ’cause I love ’em.” She stroked its back and kissed its head.

“And what do they give you in return?” Griff asked.

“The love I never got from my parents,” she said.

“Except the wrong kind of love,” he said with a frown.

“Yeah,” she said, putting the cat down. “Like Manny, my dad tried to trick me into believing I was enjoying the sex when he was fucking me, his eyes and filthy hands all over me.”

Griffin then noticed all the curious neighbours. “Speaking of eyes all over you, maybe we should go inside, Kim. Remember your neighbours, and your nakedness.”

“Oh, yeah,” she giggled in embarrassment, her hands over her tits and crotch. They rushed over to the front door with all the cats, Griff right behind her to hide her behind from her oglers. “Good thing the door’s unlocked.”

They went inside, letting all the cats in.

She led the cats into the kitchen and quickly laid out some cat food for them. They rushed at the bowls.

“Hey,” she said. “No pushing or shoving. Mommy has enough for all of you. Gosh, are my little sweeties ever hungry.” She stroked their backs as they ate, bent over with her bare ass pointing at Griff’s face.

He just watched her and smiled, though not so much out of lust: it was so good to see other sides–kind, loving sides–to the beautiful, nude woman he was in love with…and all this, after having seen–and known–every side of her physicality.

“OK, enough of that,” she said, walking out of the kitchen and taking Griff by the hand. “Come with Come, Oddity.”

She took him upstairs to her bedroom.

“We gonna fuck again?” he asked.

“Patience, lover; in a minute,” she said, bringing him to her dresser and pulling open the top left drawer. In it was a motley array of lace brassieres and panties. “Which of these would you like to see me wear, when we go to Jack-In-the-Box?”

He looked over all the yummy colours: dark red, purple, pink, peach, light green, black, white, light blue, and orange. Looking over at a laundry basket in the corner of the bedroom, he saw the ‘granny panties’ she’d worn when he saw her at the beauty contest. He looked back at the ones in the drawer. “Hmm…I think I like the black ones.”

“OK, I’ll wear those,” she said. “After our shower together.”

“Oh,” he said with a grin, following her into the bathroom.

“But first, I gotta pee,” she said, sitting on the toilet seat with her legs wide open. “As I recall from the day of the nude beauty contest,” she began peeing, “you like watching me pee, right?” Out the piss poured, in all its golden glory, into the water of the toilet bowl. She looked up at him and grinned.

“Yes, I do,” he moaned, standing before her and looking down between her legs.

As she continued peeing, she put her fingers on the sides of her pussy to open it and let him see it coming out of her urethra better, the piss now splashing against the front side of the toilet bowl. The last few squirts and drops of liquid gold came out, then she reached for the roll of toilet paper, ripped some off, and wiped herself.

She stood up and reached for the flusher, but he stopped her. “Please,” he said, “let me look at your apple juice for a few more seconds.”

“OK, my adorable little Oddity,” she said, stepping aside so he could look at her piss in the bowl.

After a few more seconds of staring at it, he flushed the toilet. “OK, let’s take a shower together, now that I’m nice and hard.”

“OK,” she said with a smile, and she stepped into the shower stall while he started taking off his clothes. She turned on the water and got the shower head to spray warm water all over her.

Now nude, he bakırköy escort got in the shower stall with her. She was lathering the soap, and began rubbing it on his chest. He took the bar, lathered his hands, and soaped up her breasts. They gave each other a few soft pecks on the lips.

They were rubbing lather on each other’s backs, alternating between hugging and soaping each other up. They were now French kissing.

Then they got lather on each other’s asses, fingering soap inside each other’s assholes, too. Always moaning and kissing each other, they then lathered up each other’s hips and thighs. Kim was kissing his neck, and he was kissing her forehead.

Next, she was soaping up his pointy cock and balls, careful not to make him come; and he was rubbing soap all over her vulva, getting her clit hard, her labia swollen, and sliding a soapy finger up her cunt, tickling her G-spot.

“Oh!” she sighed, kissing his chest.

Then she squatted down and soaped up his legs and feet, tapping his fully-erect dick with her nose and making it swing up and down. She giggled at it. He was rubbing shampoo on his hair, moaning at all her excitations of him. He rinsed his hair off.

Then she stood up, and he squatted down to soap up her legs and feet while she shampooed her hair. He was rubbing his nose against her clitoris, making her sigh to the point that she was worried shampoo would go in her mouth. She rinsed her hair, then turned off the water.

They got out of the shower stall, got two big towels off the rack on the wall, and dried each other off. Then she took him by the hand and led him back into her bedroom.

She got on the bed on all fours, her asshole and pussy proudly on display. He got behind her on his knees on the bed, and pointed his dick at her. He so wanted to penetrate her pretty anus, but when he just touched the tip of his cock against her puckered anus-lips, she stopped him.

“Uh-uh-uh,” she sang, taking his cock in her hand and lowering it to her vaginal opening. “Not until I get some anal lube. Be patient.”

“I know,” he sighed. “I just wanted to see what it would look like there for a second.” He pushed his cock in her vagina a few inches. “Uh!”

“Oh!” she squealed, her eyes squinted shut and her mouth wide open. She reached back with her left hand and fingered her clit.

He pushed in further, going half-way. Both of them moaned together. Then he pushed in all the way.

“Ah!” she screamed.

He was shoving in and out now, him grunting and her squealing to the rhythm. He put his right finger on her anal orifice and gently coaxed it open. Then he slowly slid his finger in a half inch.

His balls were slapping against her wet pussy, getting her even hotter. Her finger was rubbing her clit with frantic speed now.

He reached forward with his left hand and fondled her left breast. She leaned her head against the wooden headboard for balance, and with her right hand she fondled her right breast, pinching the nipple. He was pinching her left nipple.

“Oh!” she screamed. “I’m…almost…there. Ah!”

While he was very hot, he wasn’t yet about to come, so he kept poking in her with ferocity. Finally, she came a cascade all over his shaft, screaming with pleasure.

He pulled out, and she turned around.

“You need a little more?” she asked in panting syllables.

‘Yeah,” he sighed.

She got off the bed and knelt on the floor. He sat on the side of the bed with his legs on either side of her. She took his cock in her hands, looked up at him with a grin, and kissed the tip.

“Oh,” he moaned, looking down at her.

She licked the underside from the base to the tip, stimulating his protruding corpus spongiosum. Never letting her loving eyes stray from eye contact with him, she then wrapped her wet lips all over his shaft, getting her come off it and in her mouth, and deep-throated him.

“Unh!” he grunted, squinting his eyes shut.

Keeping his cock all the way in with impressive control over her gag reflex, something she’d learned from practicing on former boyfriends, she shook her head slightly back and forth, jiggling his balls in her right hand.

“I’m…gonna…come. Oh!”

And he did. Powerful sprays of gism shot out of his cock and down her throat. Always looking up at him with his cock still all the way down her throat, she gulped down every last blast that came out, not missing a single drop.

When he was spent, she slowly slid her lips up his shaft and took it out of her mouth, never taking her eyes away from his. When it was out, she licked her lips and smirked lewdly.

Looking down at her, he panted, “That was incredible.”

“All that practice I had on asshole former boyfriends was useful, after all,” she said, getting up. “Now I have a worthy man to use my skills on.”

He smiled and got up. Then he went back into the bathroom to get his clothes.

Then Kim noticed a chorus of meows from downstairs.

“Oh, shit,” bakırköy eve gelen escort Kim said. “I forgot about my babies. We’ve gotta get to Toronto and get my car and purse, anyway. They’ve been waiting too long. Honey, could you go down and let the cats out while I get dressed?”

“Yeah, sure,” Griff said. Now fully dressed, he went downstairs.

Kim went to the dresser and put on some makeup: dark eyeshadow, pink blush, thick black mascara, and dark red lipstick. Then she put on the black lace bra and thong he had chosen. She admired herself in the mirror, slowly turning around and gyrating her hips, while waiting for him to return.

Where is he? she wondered. Doesn’t he want to check me out in my undies?

It turned out that the cats had made a mess in her living room, having knocked over things on her coffee table, bookshelves, and the desk where her laptop was. After letting the cats out, he decided to clean up the mess.

“Griff?” she called down to him. “I’ve got the black underwear on. What’s taking you so long?”

“Your cats made a mess, so I’m cleaning it up,” he said.

He is such a sweetie, she thought; no man I ever met before him was so considerate. For the first time in my life, a man wants me for more than just my T and A.

A tear ran down her cheek.

“Well, I can’t wait forever,” she said, then put on a tight red T-shirt, jeans, white socks and sneakers, and a baseball cap and sunglasses. “I hope this disguise keeps Manny away.”

She went downstairs to see Griffin finishing up the cleaning in the living room. He looked at her.

“Wow,” he said. “You look so different. You’re…you’re…”

“Dressed,” she said. “Let’s go.”


Kim walked into Jack-In-the-Box alone. She made a beeline for the room where all the strippers’ lockers were, but she didn’t disappear into it without first being seen by a man in a trench coat, fedora, and sunglasses. He twitched, then got out his cellphone.

“Michael?” he said into the phone.

“Yeah?” Michael said into his. “Is she here, Manny?”

“Yes, she is,” Manny said with a grin. “She’s wearing a red T-shirt, jeans, a baseball cap, and sunglasses.”

“If her face is so well covered up, how can you be so sure it’s her?” Michael asked.

“I can feel it,” Manny said.

“What do you mean, you can ‘feel it’?”

“Look I just know it’s her, OK? Don’t worry about how I know. Just follow her in your car, as I told you to do. Go wherever she goes, and find out where she lives. When you do that, I’ll work things out with my brother, and you can have him in bed.”

“I’ve never known Griffin to be gay. Are you sure he likes me?”

“Yes! I’m his brother, aren’t I? He confided in me recently. He’s never been with a girl ’cause he’s been struggling with his homosexuality.”

“And you’re not going to use Cream on him?”

“Not at all. Hey, she just came out from that room she went into. Do you see her?”

“Yeah. Red T-shirt, baseball cap, sunglasses, big tits.”

“That’s her. Get in your car and follow her. If you see Griff, don’t talk to him. I’ll arrange your meeting with him. Go!”

“OK,” Michael said, hung up, then went out of the strip joint after Kim. He saw her get into a black 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS. He got in his car and followed her out of the parking area. “I still don’t understand why Manny can’t just follow her himself.”

Manny stayed at his table, watching the stripper onstage and considering her as Kim’s replacement demo. She was a tanned, skinny brunette with small but firm tits and a shaved pussy. Completely nude, she had her legs spread before Manny.

Griff never went home, Manny thought; Mom and Dad are worried about him, not that I care, of course. He’s probably living with that bitch. I can’t get too close to her now that the drug effects of Cream have worn off. Griff stole and destroyed a lot of my stuff, but he never got his hands on the secret ingredient that makes Cream what it is.

The nude stripper then rolled over and got on all fours. Her ass was pointed at Manny, who could see her brown asshole and purple pussy. Her legs spread wide open, she slowly crawled away from him.

I’ll never forget the day I went camping, about twenty years ago, when I looked up in the sky at dawn and saw something hurtling to the earth, hitting a hill not too far from my tent, Manny continued thinking; without telling any of the other campers, I rushed over to that hill with my backpack on, and saw a meteorite sitting on a clump of grass at the top of that hill. A glowing, yellow liquid was sticking to a part of the meteorite.

The stripper got up and went over to the pole. Holding on to it near the top, she swung around it with her legs spread wide.

Curious to study this liquid, I got out a jar from my backpack and scooped enough of it to fill the jar to the brim, Manny continued in his meditations. Stupidly, I used my bare hand to scoop it in; but bakırköy grup yapan escort its contact with my skin felt good, healthy, healing, even strengthening. With this encouragement, I decided to take the yellow stuff home and experiment with it. I had other jars in my backpack, so I scooped the rest of the yellow into those.

The stripper looked over at Manny and walked to the front of the stage, near where he was. She squatted so he could see her pussy. She smiled at him, using her fingers to open her labia.

As I began experimenting with the yellow stuff, I made sure never to tell anyone about it, Manny thought; as far as everyone else is concerned, Cream is 100% my invention, all from chemicals and stuff from my lab. People think I started my Cream experiments from when I was 22, but it started three to four years before that. I have to lie about the secret properties of Cream, because there are potentially dangerous things in it…at least I think there could be.

The stripper got up, turned around, and grabbed her ass, opening the cheeks and showing off her asshole to Manny.

When I rubbed the yellow stuff on my skin, I felt myself regenerating, Manny thought; it didn’t take me long to learn that it stops aging, heals wounds, and cures diseases. That yellow stuff is ALIVE, and highly evolved. My experiments showed that it communicates with its environment somehow, and it can reproduce itself; very convenient for me, since I’ll never run out of it.

A contortionist, the stripper was now with her ass on the floor, pulling her legs back to get her feet behind her head. Always facing Manny, who, of all the men in the bar, was showing the most interest in her, she had her pussy and asshole showing for him. He raised his beer bottle in acknowledgement of her talents.

There are, however, inconvenient aspects to the yellow stuff, Manny thought; its communicative abilities lead to empathy. A contradiction exists in the abilities that the alien yellow stuff gives us: more exposure to it gives us a connection to everyone and everything around us, allowing me to feel Kim’s presence and vice versa; but more exposure also makes us feel pity and compassion, and I can’t let myself feel that, since it will jeopardize my business. So I had to have Michael follow her instead of doing it myself.

Standing up again, the stripper was playing with her little breasts, smiling at Manny and pinching her nipples.

I have a fond memory of my first experiments with Cream, Manny thought; I mixed acids with it, and there was a violent, scorching reaction in the beakers. Then I had all my siblings come over to my lab and try it on, promising that it would be good for their skin, this promise requiring a lot of clever bullshitting to get them to believe me. Of course, their skin burned off immediately on contact with Cream, killing them all almost instantly (Manny grinned then.). Only Griffin, who wasn’t available at the time, didn’t suffer their fate, though I’d intended for him to. Lucky him. I remember the hate I felt for my brothers and sisters as they were dying. I knew my hate was helping them die, since I’d rubbed the yellow stuff, sans acids, on myself, too. It gives us mental powers of some kind or other.

The stripper was sliding a beer bottle in and out of her cunt now, and faking sexual arousal.

That’s why I had to mix drugs and aphrodisiacs in with the yellow alien liquid, Manny thought; intoxication and horniness would distract the girls, and stop them from using those powers against me. I don’t even know what those powers ARE, beyond a superficial level, since opening myself to that knowledge means allowing myself to empathize.

The stripper’s song was over, so she got off the stage, taking her purse, her black lace bra and thong, and high heels with her. Staying nude, she walked over to Manny, who’d waved his hand to have her come over.

“Hi,” she said, now standing before him. “I’m Peggy. Want a lap dance in the VIP Room?”

“I was hoping you’d ask me that,” he said, holding a jar of Cream in his trench coat pocket.


Back in St. Catharines, Kim drove her car into her driveway, seeing Griffin’s already there. As she walked towards her front door, she noticed one of her neighbours smiling lewdly at her.

He must have been one of the ones who saw me the last time, she thought with a blush.

She went inside, followed by some of her cats. She saw Griff watching TV in the living room.

“Hi, baby,” she said, going over and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“After dropping you off at Jack-In-the-Box, I went to a police station and talked to some cops in Toronto about Cream and the missing girls,” he said. “They didn’t seem to show any interest in looking into it, though. They claimed I didn’t have enough evidence for a compelling lead, even after I argued with them for several minutes.”

“I figured they’d be unhelpful,” Kim said as she held and stroked a cat. “Manny’s paid them off. I can feel the other girls, though, and I think I felt Manny’s presence in Jack-In-the-Box, though he didn’t follow us, thank God. I stopped by The Showcase before coming here. I asked for a stripping job, and they hired me immediately.”

“Great,” Griff said.

“Stay with me, Griff,” she said, hugging him. “Live with me; don’t go back to live with your parents.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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