Cousin John

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It was that time of year again. Everyone was hustling and bustling trying to get their holiday shopping in at the last minute. Searching for the perfect gift. Well, Ray had gotten all his shopping done a couple of weeks ago and now had time to enjoy the holiday season without the shopping pressures involved. In fact, he was heading over to his Uncle Bill and Aunt June’s house for a holiday get together. Little did Ray suspect how much he would be “getting together” that night. He always enjoyed the family get-togethers, his parents were there, His Aunt and Uncle, his sister, and his cousins. It was always exciting around the dinner table, plenty of good conversation, good food, and good wine.

Ray arrived before his parents did and Aunt June greeted him happily, “Merry Christmas Ray!! Come in out of the cold and relax, can I get you anything?”

“Merry Christmas to you too,” Ray replied. ” I don’t need anything right now, let me just sit down in front of the fire and warm up some….When are Mom and Dad getting here?”

“They should be along soon” June said from the kitchen.

Uncle Bill came in and sat down next to Ray and offered him a glass of red wine. Ray took the wine and thanked his uncle. They made small talk, Bill asked Ray how school was going. Ray replied that everything was great. He was a sophomore at a nearby university. The rest of the family began to show up: Mom and Dad, and the cousins, Susan, Marie, and John. Susan and Marie were twins, they were beautiful…..wavy brown hair, big green eyes, pouty lips, and luscious bodies to match. Susan and Marie were seniors in high school and did everything together. John was a manufacturer’s rep for several large home electronics companies. He had a couple of big chain store accounts that kept him busy and kept the cash rolling in. John was a tall man, at age 26 he measured 6’2″ and about 185 pounds. He was muscular, but not bulky, dark hair and his sisters’ green eyes matched his olive skin wonderfully.

Ray had secretly found John to be a very attractive man….as far as men go anyway. Well, dinner continued and everything was delicious. The wine flowed freely and by the end of the evening everyone was buzzing. John asked Ray if he wanted to go down to the local pub and have a couple of more casino şirketleri drinks. Ray jumped at the chance and secretly began fantasizing about what it would be like to be seduced by his cousin. They climbed into John’s 2000 Mercedes 320E and took off. They got the bar and sat down and ordered a drink. “I really envy you John,” Ray said. “Great job, great car, killer apartment, you get to travel…man you’ve got it made.”

“Don’t worry cuz..your time will come. Besides don’t let yourself think that travelling for work is all that great. It’s hard to build any kind of relationship with anyone.”

“I bet you get all the chicks,” Ray said.

“Who said anything about chicks….it’s been so long for me since I’ve even got a blow job I’d probably take it from anyone now” laughed John.

Ray’s mind soared….maybe he had a chance after all.

After another drink and some small talk they decided it was time to go home. “It’s so late, do you think I can crash at your place?” Ray asked John.

“That’d be great!”

They climbed into the Merc and took off heading for John’s penthouse apartment. Ray’s mind was racing….should he make the first move? Ray’s hand crept towards the center console of the car accidentally on purpose brushing his cousin’s arm. John didn’t react at all. Ray decided to get a little more bold and touched his hand. John looked over at Ray and smiled. Ray saw the go ahead I dare you look in John’s eye. He had to respond to that challenge. His hand slid to John’s thigh and began to massage it. John spread his legs a little to give Ray more access to his package. Ray’s hand searched for John’s cock and found a semi erect penis that felt like it had a lot of potential. John moaned as Ray’s hand rubbed the hardening piece of meat. “Oh Ray, that feels so good” Ray unzipped his John’s pants. John lifted his ass of the seat so that Ray could slip his pants and underwear off his ass. Ray wanted total access to John’s prick. Ray leaned down and took his cousins beautiful cock in his mouth. It was burning hot and silky smooth. Ray’s cock was hard as a brick as he slurped on John’s pole. Up and down his head bobbed on his cousin, his tongue swirling around the cock head and licking the shaft. Ohhhhh it was so hot. Ray’s hand casino firmaları gripped John’s cock and pumped up and down while he kept his mouth sucking on the head. John’s cockhead was swelling, getting bigger and bigger. “Oh, Ray I’m gonna blow any really suck cock good.” At that moment John’s cock began to erupt. Thick ropes of sperm shot out of John’s love pole. Ray tried to swallow as much as he could but a lot shot out onto his face. Ray sat up and leaned back in the car seat breathing heavily. “That was so good,” he said “I’ve been dreaming for this for years” John smiled and touched Ray’s face, scooping some semen off of Ray’s face he moved his finger to his mouth and tasted his own juice. “That is good….I wonder what yours is going to taste like?’

“Get me home and you’ll find out” Ray declared. With that John hit the gas hard and sped home. When they got home they practically ran to the elevator. On the long trip up to the 18th floor John turned to Ray and kissed him long and deep, their tongues intertwining with each other. It was a big openmouthed kisses that go on forever. Their hands were trailing all over each other’s bodies, squeezing each other’s ass and searching for hard cocks locked away in their pants. Ray turned so his back was to John. He pushed his ass out towards John. John pulled his head back and began to kiss and tongue his neck. Ray could feel John’s hard cock wedging itself between his butt cheeks. John’s hands roamed all over the front of his body pinching his nipples and rubbing his cock. The elevator door opened and they walked hand in hand to John’s door.

They got in and immediately began kissing again, savagely stripping each others shirts off. John dropped to his knees and began to undo Ray’s buckle and unzipped his pants. John pulled Ray’s boxers amd pants off, he took off Ray shoes and pulled the pants all the way off. “What a big hard dick you’ve got” John said, let me suck it for you. With that, he began giving Ray the blowjob of a lifetime. John’s smooth tongue licked and sucked on Ray’s dick, his tongue went lower and he took one of Ray’s balls in his mouth. His tongue was all over the place, on Rays’ nuts, cock, head everywhere it wanted to go. John’s hands roamed all over Ray’s ass as he sucked his güvenilir casino cock. A moistened finger found Ray’s ass and began to probe. Ray eagerly pushed his ass out to John’s digit. With Ray showing that much eagerness, John spun him around so he was facing Ray’s ass. John’s hands spread Ray’s cheeks, and his tongue snaked out to Ray’s brown eye. Ray almost screamed in ecstasy. John’s hot mouth was tonguing his ass hole and it felt wonderful. John made his tongues as hard as he could and inserted as much as he could into Ray’s hole. John and Ray moved over to the big leather sofa. John put Ray on the sofa, kneeling with his arms over the back of the couch. He was looking out a big window at the city skyline as his cousin had his tongue all over his wet hot ass. John reached over to the endtable and pulled out a tube of lube. He put some on his finger and spread around on Ray’s hole, his finger slipped in began to explore cousin Ray’s ass. Ray had never felt anything so awesome. He pushed his tail back to John begging for more. John smeared some lube onto his cock and placed at the entrance of his cousin’s hole. “Please give it to me,” Ray begged. John slowly let his cock slide into his cousin’s ass. The pleasure was too much, Ray’s eyes rolled back and he moaned “Fuck me good Fuck me good Fuck me good” he repeated. John’s cock was in the tightest hole he had ever had and it was fabulous. He began plunging his dick faster and faster into Ray’s hole, in and out his cock moved…John pulled his cock out all the way and bent down quickly to get a taste of Ray. Ray’s hole was wide open and John could be his tongue deep down into his cousin. He quickly put his cock back into Ray and pumped him some more. John could feel his balls tighten up as he neared orgasm, I’m cumming he groaned and his cock began to fill Ray’s ass with cum. Ray could feel John’s cock expand as it pumped hot jiz into him.

Ray and John both collapsed onto the couch in a heap, breathing heavily. They lay there for a moment savoring the feeling. John began sucking Ray’s cock again, not wanting to be too selfish since he already busted two nuts and Ray hadn’t come yet. He slowly, taking his time sucked on Ray’s prick murmuring how much he wanted to taste his cousin’s sperm. After about ten minutes of serious cock stroking and sucking Ray erupted into his cousin’s mouth. John greedily accepted it all. He moved up and kissed Ray. Ray could taste himself on his cousin’s lips, it was delicious. They slept together content to hold each other until the next morning…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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