Cottage 69 Ch. 02

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This story is entirely fictitious; enjoy.

The first section is for those who have not read chapter 1.


In the beginning God created both man and woman in his own image and they were both naked, and they were not ashamed.

However, they sinned by tasting fruit from the tree of knowledge. So, God sent forth Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Thereafter, they discovered that the fruit trees must be pruned and the grass must be tended; it must be cut.

And so it was that Miss Janette (Jan) Prentice and her companion Miss Frances (Fanny) Lambert realised that the grass at their rented cottage need to be mowed regularly.

Janette was a girl-next-door type. She was a red-head with captivating green eyes. Frances was a natural honey-blond with bright, mischievous blue eyes.

They met at Wollongong Teachers’ College two years earlier and had both been assigned to Cedar Hill high school for their practice-teaching semester.

They had arranged to stay in a fully furnished, 2-bedroom cottage which was called “The Oaks”. Its street number was number 96, but the screws had broken and now the sign read 69.

Of all of the students in all of the classes Janette attended, the one that drew Janette’s attention the most was Richard (Dick) Quinn. He stood out because of his constant unhappy countenance. He aroused her motherly instincts.

It wasn’t until the next Tuesday night that a news report mentioned that three people had died in a car accident; and that he, Richard had moved to Cedar Hill to live with his Aunt and Uncle, who were now his only living relatives.

A week later, when the girls first noticed that the lawn around the cottage needed to be cut, Janette organised with Richard to mow their lawn, for a reasonable fee of course.

The following Saturday, when Richard had finished mowing the back-yard, Janette seduced him. Fanny observed their love-making from her bedroom and thought how she wished it was her with him.


As Janette gave Richard his payment she asked, “Would you like another lawn to mow for an additional payment?”

“Why yeah.”

“Well then, I think you might offer to mow the lawn of Aunt Tessie. You could do it for a few dollars less than she pays the mowing guy, and you would both be better off. What do you think?”

“Who the hell is Aunt Tessie?”

“Well she is not actually my aunt; that’s just how she introduced herself. She’s the elderly lady who runs the small haberdashery shop in the village. We’ve continued to call her auntie because she is friendly, like part of the family.”

“And whereabouts in the village does she live?”

“Sorry; didn’t I say? She lives in the house next door.” Janette pointed to the west.

“Do you know how much she pays the mower guy?”

“When Aunt Tessie suggested we might employ him, she told us she pays him the going rate, that is $50 to do both the mowing and the edging.”

“Really! I’d be glad to do it for $40.”

“I’m sure she would be more than glad to accept that.”

Immediately Richard went next door and knocked three times.

Soon the door was opened by an elderly lady. She had short grey hair and he could see that her happy disposition had been etched into her face over many years. She wore a pink dressing gown.

“Well hello; what can I do for you?” She asked with raised eyebrows.

“Hello; I’m Richard Quinn. The girls next door said you might be interested in having me mow your lawn if I only charged $40.”

She thought for just a second, and then she saw that he only had a lawn mower with him. “That sounds like a good deal to me. However, I’ll only let you do it if you can do the edging as well as mow the lawn. Is that acceptable?”

“Yeah; I think I can get an edger.”

“Good. Then come back in two week’s time; that’s when my yard will need doing again. You see it was mowed only last Wednesday.”

“OK, see you then.”

“Yes;” then Aunt Tessie winked, “and you never know you may get lucky again next door.”

As he walked away, Richard contemplated her remark; he thought, ‘Good God; she must have seen Janette and me making out in the back yard. Oh well; it’s done now.’


Meanwhile, back at the cottage:

“What were you doing spying on Richard and me?” Janette demanded.

“Oh; so now it’s Richard, is it?” Fanny teased.

“Yeah; so, what of it!”

“So, are you two an item now?”

“Come on; that’s the first time we’ve made out… And like I said, why were you watching us?”

“Actually, I was admiring Mr Quinn’s fine physique when you appeared and seduced him. You can’t blame a girl for watching you two at it, now can you?”

“Pervert! … Well actually knowing you were watching really turned me on; thanks.”

“Now who’s the weird one?” Fanny teased with a big smirk as she returned to her reading of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”.

“Huh!” Janette snorted as she went to her room.


At school first thing Monday morning Michael asks Richard, “Did avcılar rus escort you have a good weekend?”

Michael Lahore was one of Richard’s friends.

“Yeah; sure did.”

“Sounds interesting; what did you do?”

“Among other things, I mowed the lawn of those two trainee teachers.”

“You mean Miss Prentice and Miss Lambert?”


Just then Walter Dickson, another of their friends, joined them; “What was that?”

Michael elbowed Richard as he answered, “Richard has been visiting Miss Prentice and Miss Lambert at their place.”

“Wow! How did you manage that?”

“Janette; I mean Miss Prentice asked me to mow the lawns at the cottage where they are staying.”

“How come you know her Christian name is Janette?”

“Well that’s my business; and I’m not going to kiss and tell,” was Richards immediate response; however, his demeanour gave things away.

“Oh! So now we’re a real gentleman, aren’t we?” Michael quipped.


Over the following days Janette avoided Richard at school. She was afraid that if she did approach him she would be unable to restrain herself, and she was sure that intercourse in the school hallway was not actually acceptable.

After a few days, Richard realised that he hadn’t seen her at those times when their paths normally crossed. And even in Mrs Horner’s class, where Janette acted as a teaching assistant, she never looked his way. He thought she must have regretted seducing him on Saturday; or perhaps she just thought there was no future in it for them as a couple; and besides it was literally sexual harassment for her to be using her position as a teacher to demand sex from him, a student under her.

Then he realised that she hadn’t told him not to continue mowing the cottage lawn, so he must be wrong about her feelings. He would certainly get a better idea when he next went there to mow.


On Thursday late-night-shopping at the village ‘Vinnies’, the girls bought a timber outdoor setting that consisted of a small table and four chairs. They asked the young sales assistant “How can we get this setting home? Does the shop deliver?”

“Where do you live?”

“In Central Avenue, near the high school.” Janette answered.

The assistant was volunteering at ‘Vinnies’ along with his mum, and he yelled out, “Mum! Can I use our ute to deliver this outdoor setting for these Ladies?” To him, an innocent youth, anyone no longer a school student was already an adult.

“Yes love!”

The assistant had a P-plate licence; however, he was quite capable of driving the manual four-on-the-floor ute.

The two teachers and the youth sat on the ute’s bench seat; Frances sat straddling the gear-shift lever, while Janette sat next to the window.

Frances had a mischievous though, ‘Can I get him to feel me up while he changes gears?” With this in mind she made sure her mini-skirt rode high up her thighs as she slid across the seat and lifted her leg past the gear-shift lever.

After one gear change, Frances coerced the youth to move his hand from the gear-shift leaver onto her naked thigh; but in his innocence, the youth did not understand what permission she was giving him. Anyhow, the trip was so short she did not have time to make her intention clearer by moving his hand up under her skirt.


Saturday was warm and sunny, so the two girls decided to work on their suntans. Janette wore a blue bikini; however, Frances decided to get a complete tan and wore nothing.

As they sat back in their chairs, the chicks in the magpie nest high in the right oak tree could be heard.

Now there were two houses that backed onto the rear fence of the cottage. In the eastern one, there lived a family of four; this included thirteen-year-old Billy and his eleven-year-old sister Leanne.

Billy was playing with his sister in their yard (no not like that; they were playing hand-ball), when they heard the screeching of timber-on-timber.

Looking through the paling fence, Billy called his sister over, “Do you think the lady on the left is wearing a flesh coloured swim-suit, or is she nude?”

“I can’t see any pubic hair, so I think she has bathers on.”

“Yeah, but I can see her nipples.”

“OK; perhaps she is just topless.” Leanne said as she stared harder at Frances’ groin.

Just then Frances spread her legs. “Hang on; I can see between her legs now. I think she must have shaved, because she looks just like me.”

“Really! Can I see yours?”

“Only if you let me see your dick.”

“OK… Well you first… Come on.”

Leanne looked about, then with her back toward their house, she lifted her dress and pulled her panty to the side. The skin around her pussy was fair, having never seen the sun, and covered with an almost invisible coating of peach-fuzz; a hint of what was to come.

Billy was especially excited by the closeup view of his sister pussy and the knowledge that the lady next door wasn’t wearing anything.

“Now avcılar türbanlı escort it’s your turn, pull your dick out.” Leanne insisted.

It was with a great deal of difficulty that Billy pulled the leg of his loose shorts aside and dragged his erection free.

“God you huge! Have you got a hard-on?”

“Yeah; so what of it.”

“Does it hurt?”

“No, it doesn’t hurt; but I sure can feel the pressure.”

“Can I feel how hard it is?”

“Only if you let me finger your wee-wee.”

Leanne was really keen for a feel and immediately started to wiggle out of her panty.

Now some weeks earlier, the two children had noticed the magpie nesting high up in the oak tree. However, they were so preoccupied now that they did not remember the nest, even though the young chicks were squawking for food.

Just as Billy reached for Leanne’s pussy, one of the chicks put its tail over the edge of the nest and ‘just hung loose’. The result landed in Billy’s hair and ran down in front of his ear.

Leanne was doubled up with laughter as Billy ran inside to clean himself up.

Just then a blue wren and his harem of jenny wrens landed in the lower limbs of the other oak tree, but no one noticed; Leanne had already joined her brother inside and the teachers were too drowsy. The wrens hopped about excitedly picking the insects from the leaves. They were soon joined by a pair of king parrots which feasted on the acorns. Still no one noticed.


The following weekend, Richard was shown how to start the petrol edger by his Uncle before he used it around his Uncle’s yard.

He did have some trouble starting the edger again when he arrived at Aunt Tessie’s, but after a few well-chosen curses he managed to get it going.

After trimming along the fences and the path to the front door, he mowed the grass.

When he finished, he knocked at Aunt Tessie’s front door.

She had his money ready, but when she invited him in for a drink and biscuit, he declined, saying “I want to do next door before it gets too hot.”

“But a few minutes won’t make that much difference; and besides, you need to replace the liquid you have already lost doing my lawn.”

Richard could see her point, so he reluctantly entered.

Aunt Tessie’s dining table was at the back of the combined lounge/dining area. There was a big picture window facing north. It allowed a magnificent view of the back yard.

“Would you like a cup of iced tea?” Aunt Tessie asked.

“Yes, that would be fine; thanks.”

Aunt Tessie prepared 2 cups of tea and placed an ice cube in each. As she put them on the table along with a plate of biscuits, Richard asked, “How long have you lived here?”

“My husband and I moved here right after we were married; let’s see, that was about 50 years ago. We liked this cottage because it was so close to the primary school and high school.”

“So how many children did you have?” Richard took a sip of the tea; it was nice and refreshing.

“We had 3 children, but they are all grown up now; and since my husband died some years ago, I have been on my own.”

“Do your children visit you very often?”

“Well the youngest, Ken lives in Wollongong and Douglas, the eldest is an engineer in Sydney. So, they and their families come here for the weekend whenever one or other of the family members has a birthday. And normally they visit over the school holidays and Christmas.”

Richard finished the biscuit he was chewing… “What of the middle child?”

“Oh, that’s Victoria; she lives in Ireland. When she finished her IT degree, she went to Europe for a holiday; met an Irish lad and stayed there.”

“You mean you’ve never met him?”

“Yes, I have; I went to Ireland for the wedding, and every few years they come here for Christmas.”

Just then a kookaburra broke into laugher in the oak tree next door and momentarily drowned out the squawking of the magpie chicks.

Aunt Tessie took a drink of her tea and then asked, “What did you say your name was again?”

“Richard Quinn.”

“Sorry, but I didn’t know there was a family named ‘Quinn’ living in or near the village.”

“Well you see, I’m staying with my Aunt and Uncle Bailey.” Richard had another sip of his tea.

“Oh! I do know your Aunt and Uncle; they’re really a nice couple.”

“Yeah; I’m lucky they are willing to let me stay with them.”

They both drank more of their iced tea.

“I’m told your Uncle is a really good mechanic. Does he ever ask you to help him in the garage?”

“No, he hasn’t. Well; except that he insisted I mow his lawn in exchange for using the mower and the trimmer.”

Richard finished his tea with one more sip.

Aunt Tessie resumed the conversation with, “I assume you met the teachers from next door at school?”

“Yeah… Oh, speaking of them; I think I best go and mow their lawn now.” He stood, and added as he walked to the front door, “Thanks for the tea.”

“Good luck!” Aunt Tessie avcılar ucuz escort shouted after him.

He went immediately next door and knocked. As he waited he stared at the broken house number and contemplated Aunt Tessie’s wishing him luck; luck with what?

As the door opened, Richard continued to look at the number and asked, “Would you like me to fix the number?”

Miss Lambert greeted him, “Oh hi Mr Quinn; Miss Prentice said you would be coming to mow the lawn today.”

Fanny was wearing a translucent short-sleeve blouse and a silky micro-mini skirt that was only just below see-level. Through her blouse Richard could just make out the darker areas of her nipples and areolae; apparently, she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Where’s Janette; sorry I mean Miss Prentice?”

Fanny eyes scanned Richard from head to foot, pausing at his groin; it was as if she was trying to visualise what lay beneath. She had seen his tool and bare chest from afar 2 weeks earlier, and that had only fuelled her curiosity.

“Ah well, you see; her mum became ill on Thursday, so she went to visit her mum immediately after school yesterday.”

“Oh! … It’s alright if I mow, isn’t it?”

“Yeah sure… Would you like a cool drink before you start?” Fanny couldn’t wait to get her hands on his dick.

“Oh, no thanks; Aunt Tessie just gave me a drink. Anyway, I’d like to get it over and done with.”

“OK, but Janette did say I should make sure I looked after you when you’re finished.” Fanny replied with a smirk.

Fanny closed the front door and returned to her book. It was one given her by a friend; it had a brown-paper cover and the title page was missing, so she never knew its title. In the chapter she was part way through, the couple had just finished having sex; the woman sucked the man’s penis immediately after he had removed the sperm-filled condom; she discovered she liked the taste of what little cum remained on his cock. Fanny had often tasted a man’s juices, and she paused from reading long enough to remember some of those occasions, and to wondered what Richard’s would taste like. Would she be able to seduce him and find out?

After he had finished mowing, Fanny again offered Richard a cool drink. This time he accepted.

“Would you like a soft-drink or a root-beer?” Fanny asked as they walked onto the patio.

“I think I’d prefer a root-beer.” He replied with a slight emphasis on the word ‘root’.

He sat on the patio, facing the kitchen, in the chair nearest the backyard.

Fanny fetched a small orange juice for herself and the root-beer for Richard. She placed the drinks on the small table, and then she sat opposite him, facing him. The back of her micro-mini skirt barely touched the seat.

She spread her legs just slightly so he could see between; she was hoping to get him aroused.

The sun bounced of the polished floorboards of the patio and illuminated up under her skirt; this ensured Richard had a well-lit, unobstructed view of her hairless fanny; as always, she wasn’t wearing underwear. Her outer lips were full, smooth and rounded as if she had injected them with some hyaluronic filler; there was a hint of her inner lips showing between them, like a tongue sticking out of a puckered mouth; inviting; tempting; teasing; saying, “come and kiss me; suck me; fuck me.”

He was frozen; transfixed by the sight. He stared; unable to move his gaze. He even drank some of the root-beer while studying the fair soft skin between her legs. Fanny saw this; smiled happily, before her eyes went to his groin.

Fanny was reluctant to break his trance, but she stated the conversation with, “What subjects are you studying Richard? Oh; you don’t mind if I call you Richard, do you? Janette told me that’s your name.”

“Yeah, it’s all right. I’m doing higher maths, physics, chemistry, drafting/design, and of course English.”

“Have you decided what you want to do next year?”

“Well if my grades are good enough, I would like to do an electrical engineering degree at one of the Sydney universities.”

Then Fanny saw that an ample bulge had developed in his pants, so she sprang into action, saying boldly, “Now that you’ve had a good damn drink, do you mind if I help myself?”

As she stood, Richard expected she was going to the fridge to fetch another drink for herself. But she walked straight up to him and had his fly open before he knew it.

“What the…?” He began to protest, but she put a finger to his lips.

“It’s alright; I saw that Janette gave you a big thankyou kiss before you left last time.” By the time she’d finished this statement, she had freed his raging cock; his pants were now about his ankles.

Fanny studied Richard’s dick briefly. She saw the veins spreading upwards like the branches of a deciduous tree in winter; they extended all the way to the shiny tip where a droplet of pre-cum sparkled in the centre.

She extended her tongue and licked the droplet up into her mouth. She looked up into his face and smiled as she sucked her lips.

She held his stiffened cock in one hand and lightly kissed it; it was so thick that her fingers couldn’t full encircle it.

Fanny appeared to know exactly what to do. She licked the tip and then ran her tongue around its foreskin. And then she kissed her way down to its base and onto his balls, which she sucked softly.

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