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Randy was going to be late, so he pushed down on the accelerator, increasing his speed to eighty-five as he sped up I-85, north of his hometown of Atlanta. It was Friday evening, and he was supposed to meet his lover Mark at his house at six o’clock, and it was already after six. The gym he had been to was packed that afternoon, and he couldn’t rip himself away from the place. There were way too many hot men to look at. But he did skip the showers, and now he tried to make up some time as he drove.

At twenty-three, Randy already had a steady, well paying job, and the gay life in Atlanta was more exciting then he could ever imagine. He and Mark had been seeing each other for about six months, and they were passionate lovers. But Mark was a little more serious about their relationship, and he wanted to move in together, which Randy was hesitant to do. Mark was thirty, and he was ready to settle down. Randy thought of him as he weaved through the traffic. He could see Mark in his mind; about 5’11’, short black hair, mustache, and a nice slim body. Randy began to get an erection as the picture of Mark nude floated through his head. His cock pushed against the flimsy fabric of his shorts, and Randy squeezed it with his left hand as he drove.

Randy didn’t notice the Atlanta City policeman tailing him, and he jumped when he heard the siren blare behind him. He checked his speedometer; it read ninty miles an hour. Randy slowed down and pulled to the right side of the highway, and reluctantly slowed to a stop. He knew he had screwed up. The only problem was that his cock was still at full staff, and he could only try to hide it with his hands as the cop approached his Taurus. Randy could see him in his side mirror as he approached. He looked to be quite handsome, and in fine shape, but it was kind of difficult to tell through his uniform. Men in uniform proved to be one of Randy’s intense turn-on’s, and his heart skipped a beat as the policeman reached his window. The guy was gorgeous, and Randy felt weak.

“Good evening, sir. Liscense and registration please,” the cop requested. Randy took his registration out of the glove box, and fumbled through his wallet to find his license. As he did so he had no choice to expose his bulging crotch. He didn’t say a word as he handed them to the cop. He placed his hands back over his shorts in an attempt to hide his erection.

“Mr. Thompson, how fast do you think you were going?”

“Uhhh, I guess around ninety, officer.”

“Good guess. I clocked you at ninety-three. Any explanation?”

“Well sir, I am just running late. I don’t have any other reason.” Randy’s eyes moved to the officer’s crotch, and he could see the obvious outline of a growing hard-on in his pants. His cock looked to be huge, and Randy felt like rubbing his own dick instead of trying to hide it. Randy looked at the pin on the officer’s chest. It read C. Bryant. The cop was looking over Randy’s license carefully, but it was difficult to really tell where he was looking due to the dark sunglasses he wore. Randy wondered if the cop was checking him out instead.

He could be into guys, Randy thought. Randy knew a cop once who told him most policemen are kinky anyways. Always the bold one, Randy decided to take a chance. He placed his hands on the steering wheel, exposing his raging hard-on, hidden only by his thin shorts. He looked up at the cop, and smiled broadly. He could see a bead of sweat running down the side of the officer’s face, and at that moment the policeman removed his sunglasses. He was definitely looking at Randy’s cock. Randy’s eyes again moved to the growing bulge in the cops pants, and the outline of it was perfect, laying to the left, pushing against his tight trousers. Randy licked his lips without thinking. He was getting to this hunk of a man. The cop tried to keep some semblance of professionalism.

“Mr. Thompson, I will be right back,” he said.

“Sure officer.”

The cop went to his car, and he was only there for about five minutes. During this time Randy kept squeezing his cock over and over. When the officer came back to his car, the head of his dick protruded out from his shorts and the crown glistened with pre-cum. Randy was enjoying this. As the policeman again stood by his car, Randy could see a wet spot on his pants. Sweat was pouring off his face now.

“Randy, I am going to let you off this time, but please keep the speed down. By the way, my name is Charlie. I get off work soon. Would you like to go drink a beer with me?”

Randy was stunned. The guy was asking him out.

“Well Charlie, I would love to do that, but I have to meet my friend casino şirketleri Mark at my house. We could meet you.”

Randy could see Charlie was staring at his cock again. He pulled back his shorts to expose the entire length. He heard Charlie groan.

“Great. Do you know of the bar Hideaways?” Charlie asked.

“Yes, been there a few times. It’s a cool place.”

“Meet around eight?” he asked.

“Sure, sounds good.”

“Good. See you then.”

And he got in his patrol car and sped off. Randy told Mark of his experience when he got home, and to his surprise, Mark was all for it. They showered together, ate some dinner, and drove to Hideaways, getting there a little before eight. Charlie was already there, sitting at the bar, surrounded by three other men. Charlie left them as he saw Randy and Mark come in, the he greeted Randy with a hug. Randy introduced Charlie to Mark, and they all sat at a table, getting to know each other.

Randy and Mark wore jeans, but Charlie was dressed in tight shorts and a tank top, and he oozed confidence and sexuality. Randy and Charlie were dominating the conversation, while Mark just seemed to listen. Every once in a while Charlie would sneak a glance at the bulge in Randy’s jeans, and he could feel his stomach churn. It was that special, sexual feeling. Randy could see Charlie’s erection in through his nylon shorts, and it was an even clearer profile of this man’s huge cock. Randy new it was going to be an exciting evening.

As the night wore on, the three men discussed having sex, plain and simple. Randy was pleased to here that Charlie was as submissive as Mark and wild thoughts ran through his mind. It was around 10:30 by then, and he made the strong suggestion that the three of them go somewhere, either to Charlie’s or to Mark’s. Charlie quickly agreed they should go to his house, and the three of them left the bar for the short drive to Charlie’s place.

His house was in a relatively nice part of Atlanta; it was a nice two-story, with a basement. Charlie obviously was making a nice living as a policeman, or perhaps he was just very frugal with his money. At any rate, soon they were sitting at the kitchen table, each man drinking another beer. Randy and Charlie still did most of the talking, with Mark listening attentively. After only a few minutes, Charlie suggested that they all grab a few more beers and head upstairs to the master bedroom. Once there, the three men stripped, without saying a word. Charlie was the first one nude, and he watched as the two men in front of him slowly removed their clothes.

Charlie’s cock was hard, pushing out from the dark patch of pubic hair, and it pulsed to his heartbeat. He watched as Mark knelt in front of Randy; both men were nude now, and Mark began to lick the sides of Randy’s cock. Charlie moved to their side of the bed, and he bent over the edge, right next to Randy. Randy began to massage Charlie’s balls, which were high and tight against his body. Mark was soon taking Randy’s cock deep down his throat, and Randy took his head in his right hand, fucking Mark’s face. Mark was stroking his cock as he went down on Randy, and moaning loudly as Randy’s balls bounced off his chin. He loved sucking Randy.

During the time that Mark and Randy had been seeing each other, Randy had definitely asserted himself as the “top” in the relationship, which suited Mark just fine. He was a natural “bottom”. Mark was very feminine in the way he acted and his slender body and round butt turned Randy into an animal. Mark would give Randy head anywhere he liked. He simply loved the way Randy made love to him, always fucking him in different positions. They would fuck fast and hard one night, and then slowly and softly the next. Mark felt totally dependent on him, and would do most anything to make him happy. Both of them had not slept with any other men since they started seeing each other, but Mark was willing to let Randy have all the fun he wanted with Charlie. If it made Randy happy, it made Mark happy.

Randy had Mark’s shoulder length hair rolled up into a knot in his hand. In this way he could make Mark suck him at any pace he wanted, and Mark always kept up. He was an expert cocksucker, and Randy loved the way Mark’s cheeks sucked in and out as he slid the entire shaft down, and then back up, his throat. But Charlie was something else, and Randy could not take his eyes off that tight hairy ass. Charlie was up on his toes now, moaning softly at Randy’s caressing of his balls. The round cheeks of his ass flexed each time Randy squeezed his nuts, and Randy knew that this man was primed to be fucked. Randy had casino firmaları been in a few threesomes before Mark, and he the situation he was now in reminded him of how sexually exciting it was.

Here he was with two submissive men, and he loved it. He reached farther under Charlie, taking his hard cock in his hand. By this time, Charlie was ready for anything. He hadn’t had a man in months, and he was way too horny for that. Feeling Randy stroke his erection nearly sent him over the edge, but he was able to keep control, barely. Charlie spun around, and dropped to his knees next to Mark. Charlie was still pumping Mark’s mouth full of hard cock, and Charlie inched forward. Randy let go of Mark’s hair, but Mark didn’t miss a beat, keeping up his sucking of Randy’s erection. Charlie began to lick at Randy’s balls, swirling his tongue in circles. Randy finally broke the silence.

“Mark, feed him my cock,” Randy dictated.

Slowly, Mark let Randy’s cock slip out of his mouth. Then he lightly grasped it in his left hand as Randy turned slightly toward Charlie. Mark then guided Randy’s big dick into Charlie’s begging mouth, and Charlie moaned a long sigh of sexual release as he felt the soft skin of Randy’s mouth slide between his lips.

“Yes, that’s it, you cop-stud you, suck my cock, you know you love it,” Randy encouraged. “Mark, go down on him now.”

Mark bent over, and he began to slowly lick the head of Charlie’s dick.

“Ohhhhhhhhmmmmmppphhhhhhhhh,” Charlie groaned as he kept up his oral assault on Randy’s cock. Hearing Randy call him a “cop-stud” had really made his heart skip a beat. He loved that. He wanted Charlie to fuck him; it was that simple. And he had to have it now.

Charlie pulled off of Randy’s cock, and stood up, wrenching his own hard-on out of Mark’s mouth. He partly pushed, partly eased Randy back onto the bed, and crawled on top of him, feeling Randy’s cock slide between the cheeks of his ass. Randy could feel the hair on Charlie’s ass sliding all over his dick, and it made his cock jump. Charlie leaned over and slid his tongue deep into Randy’s mouth, and the two men enjoyed a deep French kiss. Mark jumped up on the bed also, and began to stroke Charlie’s cock with both hands. These three men were now on sexual overdrive, and they writhed and groped like animals.

Charlie got off the bed for a second, and reached into his nightstand drawer, taking out a bottle of lubrication. Mark began to run his tongue up and down the sides of Randy’s cock, keeping him extremely hard. Charlie poured some of the lube into his hand, and began to rub it all over his ass. He stared at Randy’s cock as Mark kept him hard. Charlie rubbed the oil up and down the crack of his ass, and he slowly penetrated himself with his index finger. His muscles instantly relaxed, and he knew he was ready for Randy. He slowly moved back on top of him, and as he did, Mark moved behind him.

Randy pulled Charlie down to him, and once again they shared a passionate kiss. Mark took Randy’s cock in his hand, and began to guide it into Charlie. The head of his cock pushed past the opening, and Randy moaned at the warmth. Mark had never before seen anything so sexy. His man was fucking another man. Mark stood back and stroked his cock, and just watched as Randy pushed deeper into Charlie. Mark was ever-so-lightly squeezing his balls as he jacked off, and he relished in the sight of Randy’s cock driving deeper into Charlie’s round ass. Charlie began to ride up and down on Randy’s cock in a steady rhythm, and Randy was holding Charlie’s cock and balls in his hands, relishing the sight of Charlie’s obvious delight.

“Oh man, oh damn Randy. Fuck me baby. Fuck this tight cop ass,” Charlie whispered.

Mark took the opportunity to stand up on the bed, balancing himself on Charlie’s shoulders, straddling Randy. He offered his cock to Charlie, and Charlie greedily took it in his mouth. Charlie’s hunger for cock was simply overwhelming his senses and he grabbed Mark by his ass, pulling that thick cock in and out of his mouth. Mark was groaning at the pleasure Charlie was giving him. He would take Mark fully in his mouth, and then slowly work his way back to the crown of his cock, finishing the stroke by swirling his tongue in circles around the tip. Then he would dive back down again. Randy was now fucking him at any pace he wanted; he would fuck at a steady rhythm, and then increase his speed. At this point, Randy knew what he wanted to happen. All three men would orgasm together.

“Mark, ready to cum soon?” Randy asked.

Mark was holding the back of Charlie’s head with one hand and massaging his own güvenilir casino balls with the other. Charlie was trying to suck the cum right out of him. “Oh yes, yes, Randy. Cop-stud here gives…oh fuck…great…head.”

“Ready, cop-stud?” Charlie’s cock was lubricated with his own pre-cum, and Randy could tell by the feel of this throbbing dick that he was ready. A few more good strokes and Charlie would blast his cum. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm.” That was all Charlie could manage to say, his mouth being filled with Mark’s cock.

The sight of Mark’s ass above him was driving Randy to the edge. He was now motionless; Charlie was doing all the work, continuing to impale that round ass on his cock. A few upward thrusts was all Randy would need to reach his peak, but Charlie would cum first, and then he and Mark would fill Charlie full of cum.

“I’m close, Randy,” Mark called out.

“Mark, when he cums, we cum, got it?” Randy ordered.

“Yessssssssss,” Mark replied.

Randy formed a tunnel with both of his hands, wrapping them around Charlie’s hard cock. He pumped his hands twice, stopped, and squeezed.

Charlie’s eyes were wide open, and as he started to orgasm, he pulled Mark’s cock all the way into his mouth, grabbing at Mark’s ass as hard as he could. Hot streams of fluid began to spray from Charlie’s cock. It was uncontrollable, due to Randy’s cock splitting him open. Charlie could not use his muscles to regulate his orgasm. His cock, with a mind of it’s own now, just blasted cum all over Randy’s body. Charlie never made a sound through all of this.

Randy was amazed by the volume of cum Charlie was raining all over him. His face, neck, shoulders, and chest were being covered in Charlie’s cum. Charlie’s cock felt so incredibly hard in his hands; he could not help but wonder what it would be like to feel it inside him.

Mark was beginning to orgasm as he fucked Charlie’s mouth. His legs shook, and every muscle in his body was tensing up. Randy never sucked his cock like this. It was always the other way around: he would suck Randy before Randy fucked him. He loved Randy, but the thought of cumming in another man’s mouth was incredible for him. Mark threw his head back and closed his eyes. He could feel cum splattering on his legs as Charlie writhed in orgasm. He could feel Charlie squeezing his ass tightly. Mark held Charlie’s head, and he began pump his cum into Charlie’s mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkk… Yesssssssssssssssss,” Mark yelled. He started to fuck Charlie’s mouth, driving his cock in and out. He could feel the blasts of air from Charlie’s nostrils as he shot stream after stream of juice into Charlie’s hungry throat. Mark was tossing his head back and forth as he did his best to stay standing as he orgasmed. Mark was feeling total pleasure as Charlie devoured him.

Charlie was concentrating on drinking Mark’s cum, and he made sure he breathed deeply though his nose. He welcomed Mark’s orgasm deep down his throat. His own cock, shooting long streams of hot cum, seemed to be detached from his body, his orgasm off in the distance somewhere. For some reason he thought about his love for all men, his homosexuality a badge of honor to be worn like his police force badge. He loved these two men. He loved them for making him feel so fulfilled.

When Mark started to orgasm, Randy could no longer hold off. He drove his cock into Charlie’s ass one last time, and he erupted, still jacking Charlie’s cock with both hands.

“Ohhhhhhhh…damn…yesssssssssss…cop-stud!” Randy bellowed. His cock grew even harder, and he shot deep into Charlie’s ass. Randy raised his head to see Charlie’s cock still spewing forth streams of cum, and he pointed it directly at his own face, feeling the juice splatter on his lips. It seemed as though his own cum was shooting into Charlie, and then forcing its way back out through that hard dick in front of him. Charlie’s ass was like a furnace, taking in Randy’s fire.

Hearing Randy cum inspired Mark to fuck Charlie’s mouth even faster. He continued to fill his mouth, although the intensity was subsiding. He could only wonder at Charlie’s ability to drink such a huge volume of his fluid.

Charlie stiffened as Randy shot off inside him. His cum was hot, almost burning him from the inside. He loved being filled by men, and he felt total pleasure. He would want it again and again and again.

The three men were all cumming together. Sounds of sex filled the room: groaning, slurping bodies slapping together. It seemed to go on for minutes. Slowly, the sounds began to subside, and the bodies fell from one another. Randy, Mark, and Charlie all rested on the bed next to each other, kissing and feeling each other. After some time, three hard cocks appeared, desiring more caresses. For Randy, Mark, and their cop-stud, the night would go on forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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