Consumed By Desire Pt. 02

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Waiting tables for the remainder of the evening lasted an eternity. Being assigned his area was torture. Every visit brought further arousal, every course further twitching, every drink order flashbacks.

She was a professional, she took to her tasks. Trying not to make eye contact, she needed to concentrate. Okay a quick glance, the smallest look as she passed.

He talked authoritatively to his guests as she served. His voice made her melt inside. That accent. She could listen to him talk for hours. He held court, guests waiting on every word, she only heard the slightest of stumbles when she bent to pick up a guest’s dropped fork. This gave her a warm feeling inside.

The keycard in her pocket which dug into her thigh served as a pleasurable reminder of their earlier interlude. It dug into her much like his finger nails. Her ripped tights were a delightful irritation. She could feel the cool air on the tear. Part of her wished she packed a spare pair though. She hoped no one could see.

At 11pm the guests departed and the maitre d gathered the staff. The support had been delayed and the waiting team need to assist the tidying of the venue. No help no pay. She rolled her eyes and pouted. She was conflicted, It wasn’t as much a choice as an order and she did need the money. They cleared rapidly but the key card still burned red hot in her pocket.

Finishing at midnight she should have been exhausted, but she was alive with excitement. Nerves started to take hold. Should she really use the card he’d left in her pocket? Earlier she had been swept up in the moment but now having time to think she was conflicted. Her family, the excuses…how could she explain?

Her memory of his steely blue eyes, breath on her neck and him powerfully inside her made her decision easier.

The staff were leaving and calling, she made her excuses and exited to the shower room to freshen. It was all she could do to control herself as she showered. The warm water pulsing on her bruised body served as reminders of his touch, his nails, his teeth. Painful pleasure pulsed through her.

Fresh now, she returned to her black uniform, and shoved her ripped tights into the bin on the way out the door. She made her way through the hotel lobby towards the lift. Her cheeks reddened as she passed a quizzical doorman, but after the flash of her key card he lost immediate interest. Stood by the lift she was joined by two drunk male party guests who immediately attempted to engage her in conversation. Rolling her eyes, again she pressed fifteen. Her stomach churned as the lift rose, it wasn’t too late to bail. He might not be interested. He’s probably asleep. Thirteen fourteen Fifteen.

She walked along the corridor, key in hand. It was the last door, of course it was the last door. She stood outside listening, heart thumping, cheeks flushed. Should she knock or just herself in. What was she doing? She didn’t even know his name.

Light of a television shone from under the door. She hoped he wasn’t asleep. If he was she would just leave. Taking a deep breath she inserted the pass key.

The door opened and the television immediately clicked off. He was sat on a wingback chair,

Shoes and jacket off, shirt buttons undone, bowtie still hanging loosely around his neck. He smiled. She knew she hadn’t made a mistake.

Heart racing she stood there stupidly looking at him for what felt like an eternity

“I’m sorry I’m late. I…”

“How sorry?” he cut in.

Her nerves abated instantly at the sound of his voice.

“Sorry sir, I’m this sorry…”

She dropped to her knees and crawled slowly towards him. Glint in her eye. Smile addressing the corners of her mouth. She made sure that her cleavage was front and centre, button popped on her shirt, she was glad she’d spent an inordinate amount of time this morning choosing her black underwear. Her ass moved in an exaggerated wiggle as she crawled.

Reaching him she sat on her heels and looked at him with big eyes.

She tried to maintain eye contact but couldn’t help glancing at his pants and took tremendous joy when she saw what wasn’t so much as a twitch but a heave.

He gestured ever so slightly for her to stand.

She stood slowly as he rose from the chair.

His avcılar elit escort warm breath on her face and she smelt a hint of wine and Colgate and yes shower products. She realized that sneakily he’d freshened up too.

She fought the urge to kiss him first. She wanted his control, him to take charge. He leaned in and disappointed by kissing her softly. Romance is not what she needed tonight. Her husband was distant lately. He never held her anymore, never looked at her. He worked away more and those late night phone calls he took…

She kissed him harder biting his tongue encouraging him to be rougher, tongue flicking and probing his mouth.She wanted to be taken , wanted to be fucked, wanted him to take control. Her life was full of constant decision making. She wanted to give herself completely, not have to think, just obey.

Popping two more of his buttons she ran her hands across his chest stopping to squeeze his nipple roughly. As he was stroking her chestnut hair she was transported back to childhood safety. “Good girl” he whispered in her ear. Urgh she melted.

Unsure of what came over her, blushing she nervously whispered “Can I call you Daddy?”

“Of course… Would you like to sit on my lap?”

“Yes, Daddy “, she purred.

Leaning back, he guided her to follow, encouraging with with the slightest touch to her waist. Goosebumps rose on her arms. Hitching her skirt, she sat astride him feeling him pressed against her cotton panties. Hard bulge digging into her groove.

The feeling of him rubbing against her clit as she made slight grinding movement was intense. She lost herself in the moment concentrating on the slow deliberate movement.

“How does that feel Princess?” He whispered , hands on her waist. “Good Daddy” she said pressing harder into him. She’d never called anyone Daddy before, but with him it felt so right, she felt safe and wanted to please him. Even saying the word had her on the edge.

She felt the telltale tightening of her loins as she moved against him. She held his shoulder for purchase. He now matched her gyration. She wanted this feeling, but didn’t want him to cum just yet. He’ll have his time.

He tore at her shirt ripping the two sides apart exposing her black bra. Clawing at that too he yanked, exposing her pierced nipples. They were hard to the touch. She had never needed to come so badly… and really needed to come right now. He drew her nipples into his mouth, one at a time. First gently sucking and then biting, testing her pain threshold. God this was good. Then she felt it. Fuck…

“I’m cumming Daddy” she moaned, almost in disbelief at the suddenness of it all. She rarely came. When her husband was intimate it was over in minutes and even then she was sure he wasn’t thinking of her.

Pulling her to his chest, he yanked her skirt slapping her ass sharply. He had her full attention now. She loved the sting his smack had left but looked at him with big pouting eyes. She could tell from his face he wasn’t happy at all. It came from nowhere, he gave a slap to her cheek. Not enough to hurt but enough for her to take notice. She felt momentarily dizzy from the surge of arousal following his slap. Instinctively she reached up to rub her cheek as the warmth spread.

“I didn’t say you could cum” he scolded.

But she had, he pulled her close. She was conscious that her sex was still throbbing against his erection. Holding against his chest, he stroked her hair and whispered “Princess, that’s my pussy and only I decide when you cum”

“Sorry Daddy” She whimpered, disappointed to have upset him.

She wanted to make amends, please him. Taking the initiative she climbed from his lap and unhooked his belt. With one swift movement it swished free from the pants. Fashioning a loop she placed the belt around her neck and, making sure her hair wasn’t caught, presented him with the end.

“Daddy should teach me a lesson” she pouted. “I’ve been bad. Perhaps he should punish me?”

Seeming momentarily hesitant, he took the belt. Wrapping it around his clenched fist, he drew her towards his face. She felt his minty breath as she got close, the leather tightened and the buckle took hold. The restriction felt good. He was avcılar escort clearly careful not to pull too tightly but just enough to give her a feeling of being owned. She was his. At least for tonight.

She felt his rough hand on her panties, massaging her center. Her orgasm had left them soaked. She knew he was pleased with the effect he had on her and wiggled so he could get the full effect.

Wrapping his hand in her hair, he pulled her back off of his lap and led her to a wall where she rested her arms. The air was cool on her soaked panties He kicked her feet apart.

“Spread your legs for me” her crotch spasmed.

She stood in front of him, legs apart, breasts exposed, feeling vulnerable and aroused.

Keeping pressure on the neck loop he held the free end and without warning smacked her panty covered lips. Her immediate reaction was to recoil, but he held her firm.

Three more hard whacks in quick succession left her aching and breathless. Her mound raw red and thumping from the leather. The buckle digging into her throat. She coughed and was instantly released.

She dropped to her knees and took lungful of air, heartbeat pounding in her head. She felt a tug on the makeshift leash and followed on her knees until he sat on the bed. He guided her until her head was eye level with his groin. She was hypnotised. She so wanted to free it, to touch it.

She looked up expectantly, waiting to have him in her mouth.

“May I suck your cock Daddy?” she managed. A slight nod was all she needed.

Unzipping his fly, she saw his black trunk briefs and aching bulge. She removed his pants then his trunks. As his hardness sprang free, she knew her memory of his curved rod had not exaggerated. Leaning forward as far as the belt would allow she took him full into her mouth, pleased to note the salty taste of pre cum as she went to work. She took hold of his shaft but a sharp tug of her makeshift leash drew her up short. The sudden roughness only serving to further her excitation.

“Suck me, no hands are allowed” he commanded.

“Here” He said pulling the loose tie from his collar. “Hands behind your back” dutifully she placed her arms behind her and he proceeded to bind her wrists. The silk tie digging in causing her to lose a little circulation. He sat back allowing her to continue.

Taking him into her mouth, without the benefit of her hands she struggled not to gag as he was sliding further and further into her mouth. Pressing on the back of her head he forced himself in to her throat, holding her feeling her muscles finally relax around his shaft.

Hand wrapped in her hair he pumped her throat three further times before releasing her, clearly enjoying her gasp for air.

“Thank you Daddy.” She managed once she had caught her breath , “Am I a good girl?” She asked, hopefully…

“Better, but I haven’t finished with you yet.”

Eyes watering, pussy aching and hands bound she felt so good. To finally give control. She was his and she wanted to be used badly. His initial reticence was no more. He had become more assertive, rougher and comfortable with his role. She loved it.

Guided by the leash, she worked now on his balls, Taking them into her mouth one at a time, flicking his sack with her tongue, dragging her teeth across as she withdrew.

She was rougher than intended and felt him balk. She was instantly yanked up by her leash. Eyes flashed, he slapped each breast hard and followed by tugging at her nipple rings. She bit down on her lip to quell a pleasurable squeal.

Grabbing her chin forcefully, he pulled her face to his and kissed her hard, forcing his tongue into her mouth, she moaned in return. He bit her lip solidly as he drew away. She licked her lip, tasting blood, enjoying the tender soreness of the bite.

“Turn around and bend over” he ordered. With her face down on the bed, he released the belt long enough to yank soaked panties down. She couldn’t resist rubbing her swollen clit against the sheets swaying, creating friction. She imagined his cock lurching as she grinned into the duvet. She knew how badly she needed to feel him inside of her, she was aching to come.

“I know what you’re doing, stop it right now”.

Smack! avcılar eve gelen escort She jumped at the sudden assault to her ass. He continued spanking, delivering blow after blow to each check then periodically to her swollen labia. She braced herself between each stroke, savoring the stinging pain of the aftermath.

He dipped two fingers into her soaking slit, pushing inside to the hilt. He presented them to her for cleaning.

“Ughhh, yes Daddy” she groaned.

“Clean yourself off of my fingers princess”.

Eager to please, she greedily sucked at his finger, loving the feeling of being so naughty.

“Please fuck me” she begged.

Picking up her panties he shoved them into her mouth.

“I make the rules. I’ll tell you when where and if you will be fucked. All I need to hear is yes daddy or thank you daddy. Understand!” She nodded

He returned to her flower, rubbing her clit. Her legs were quivering, Each stroke he gave made her spasm. Sliding in and out , over and over. She clenched resisting the urge to come. She needed to wait, to do what she’d been told.

“Would you like to come now?”

She gave a muffled yes, nodding her head furiously. Pulling the panties from her mouth he whispered “I can’t hear you” he continuing to rub her clit and dipping two fingers inside of her.

“I want to cum Daddy! Please please let me cum” she cried.

Regaining his hold on the belt, she loved the way he made her beg. She could tell he was in need of release, his cock was craving attention.

He spread her open. She could feel the tip of his dick on her lips, he paused. She wanted to ease backwards but didn’t want to risk any further punishment.

“Good girl” he whispered as he slid slowly into her.

He held himself inside her and whilst she was still her walls were spasming. Feeling the heat radiating from her welted ass was driving her wild.

Gathering pace, he grabbed the belt and lifted her up from the bed, fucking her vigorously. She was powerless and choked for air. Wetting his thumb with her juices, he massaged her puckered rosebud and popped it inside. She wasn’t going to last much longer. The asphyxiation, his delicious cock and the tightness brought by his ass play. She was teetering on the edge of climax.

“Daddy please”

“Wait princess”

He pumped harder, slamming into her quivering folds. She felt it rising, she tried to hold back. Each thrust had her leg involuntarily twitching. Struggling to breathe, it was now or never.

“Come for me” he ordered slamming home. He held himself to her ass, tapping home. God he was in deep. The pressure of the leather on her neck was matched by the growing pressure in her abdomen. She felt him twitch, knew he was coming and she let herself go. She gasped for air and lights flickered in her eyes as she screamed her release. Bucking, enjoying every moment her pussy spasmed, gushing uncontrollably. Her arms almost giving way as their juices melted together.

Easing himself out of her, he carefully unbound her hands, which tingled as their blood flow returned. Exhausted and throbbing, she turned and cleaned his still hard cock of their juices and fell to the bed, completely spent. Releasing his choke hold he lay next to her. Pulling her head to his chest he stroked her hair. She took in his aroma, a hot musky mixture of sweat and shower product. She instantly felt comfort in his arms.

“You’ve been a very good girl” he whispered.

“Thank you daddy” She settled into him.

Devoid of energy she lay there listening to his heartbeat. It fluttered then soon moved into a somnastic sound. She was safe, she was happy she’d never felt like this before. Soon her breathing slowed and she fell into a deep satisfied sleep.

Shaking herself awake she looked towards the right side of the bed. Empty. Fuck. What had she done…Jesus. Looking at her naked body she saw the marks of last night. Her mound ached from her night of passion. She couldn’t believe he’d left. Hugging a pillow, regret started to sink in. She couldn’t blame one moment of madness. Tears welled. How could she be so impulsive.

She heard the door. The maid! She couldn’t be seen like this, bruised mascara running. She pulled the sheet up and covered herself, wishing she could disappear.

He walked in backwards, smiling with a tray in his hand. Fruits and pastries, coffee and juice. Croissant in his mouth. Putting it down he flopped on the bed next to her and offered her a bite. Blue eyes flashed in the morning sun.

“So it’s a little awkward but erm what is your name?”

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