Conquest of Elysium Chapter 05

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Chapter 05

A warning to readers.

This story features the themes of sexual slavery, bestiality, among with others that are not always liked by many individuals. If these are not things you wish to read about leave now so your not offended by the above mentioned contents of this story do not continue reading. Farther more don’t fill up the comments section with ones like *bestiality sucks” or ” your sick” and so on.



Also absolutely no character engaging in any sexual act is to be considered under eighteen years of age. With a story of this nature I will not be able to list the ages of every character or make specific notations regarding ages of groups. Please do not read something into the story that wasn’t intended by the author.

Chapter 05

Reenforcing a deception and facing down a goddess

Walking the market of recently conquered city is always an interesting sight. Normally this city’s markets would be filled with merchants selling their goods. Though now most of the stalls were empty due the merchants were now slave bitches. Still the few male merchants had decided to bring out some of their wares in the hopes of making a little bit of profit given the circumstances.

Though mostly they had their cheaper merchandise on display as they tested the waters. Not that I could really blame them on being cautious considering thanks to us all of their female competitors were in the cages waiting to be sold. That and most of their competitors’ goods had been confiscated by our forces.

Yet given what we did take we always tried to leave enough for the males left behind to live off of while we established the occupation. While we did usually end up taking in most of the males as volunteers for the next conquest. Those left behind as overseers for the agricultural slaves would still need enough to survive. This time wasn’t much different save for one fact. We weren’t going to be leaving this area anytime soon and our banners would remain hanging from the city walls for the duration of the conquest.

In fact given the location of Vestus’s capital the decision was obvious. For the time being we would be moving all our resources to this city. King Edward had already moved into the palace. Prince Daniel had taken over the manor of a enslaved Noble Bitch given to one his sergeants. While I took the temple as my own base of operations.

Granted openly being back in the temple would feel awkward for awhile. Though I was now living within the former sanctum of the priestesses instead the guards’ barracks. The Wolf Scouts had also moved their head quarters near the temple grounds. Though despite my offer for them to set within the temple as well. They had chosen something different. In this case it was the large grounds of a manor that was a few blocks from the temple. Mostly so they had their own separate area to work yet still close to me and the King.

This was do to the fact we decided to put them in charge of the interrogation of all the captured officers. While they could have worked out either the palace of temple the Wolf Scouts had not wanted to get in the way of our projects. Along with the fact since they now had cages full of enemy officers waiting interrogation then shipment to the slave market. It was best not have them around where military planning was being done.

This same reasoning was partially behind one of my changes at the temple. That and Apollon’s and Pallus’s torment of Vestus. They had decided if she wasn’t servicing either of them Vestus would be locked in a small cage. This torment would also apply for her priestesses. They all would also be locked in cages when not performing their temple duties. Those duties had also drastically changed since the city fell.

Before they kept themselves hidden to their private sanctum when not performing their few public rituals and official ceremonies. Now they were a lot busier. Not only were they the ones cleaning the temple instead of the Sisters of Junus they used to keep around for that purpose. Now they were responsible for collecting the offerings required for the new ritual. In this case they had to collect the semen used to bath them and Vestus’s statue during the weekly ritual.

Do to all the horse semen required we needed a way to acquire it. While before they had the stables of city guards and the military providing it for their private rituals I felt an additional source was required. A source that would also better degrade the bitches in the process. So now any one with a male horse was encourage to make an offering to the temple in the form of their horse’s semen.

They would watch as one of the priestesses crawled under their horse. The priestess would then proceed to both masturbate and suck the horse’s cock. Then the priestesses would thank the horse’s owner for his offering by sucking the owner’s cock after collecting the semen. Once the priestess had the horse semen in a bucket and it’s owner’s in her stomach she would offer her other orifices for monetary offerings to the temple. I’ve also offered the privilege of raping the priestesses during a private ritual to the people willing to pay for it.

When not sexual servicing the worshipers for offering or cleaning the temple the priestesses have one final duty. That is sexually servicing the remaining temple guards. Thankfully for them there’s only about a dozen left after the others transferred to the army. Still they raped the priestesses on a regular basis and the priestesses still end crawling back into their cages quite exhausted each night.

The weekly ritual has become quite popular in it’s own right. This has both Apollon and myself planning similar rituals for the other temples. Though we have also been taking a lot of suggestions. In particular Pallus has had few interesting ideas.

In Artimos’s Temple she suggested the statue be of Artimos being fucked by a pig. The statue would also have pig semen running from it’s various orifices. Pallus also suggested that Artimos’s priestesses get fucked by pigs during the course of their own ritual before bathing themselves and Artimos’s statue in the semen.

Caros and Porseron have similar statues. They are on their hands and knees at Apollon’s feet getting fucked by dogs while he sits on his thrown. There is no real special ritual for either of them other the repeated rape of their priestesses. Preferably by multiple men at once in as many of their orifices as possible.

As for rituals within her own temple Pallus hasn’t really suggested much mostly saying her and her priestesses will submit to Apollon’s every desire as proper slave bitches. Though after a nice long ass rape Apollon finally got something out of her. At least one of the statues of Pallus within her temple should be of her getting brutally raped by Apollon in his canine form. Though instead of being used during a ritual the semen running from the statue would be a sign of when she is being raped by Apollon. As with Vestus’s statue this particular one of Pallus should have semen running from the orifices during key parts of the her rape. When Apollon first mounts and penetrates Pallus’s orifices semen would start running from the statue’s pussy or ass hole depending on which of the two Apollon is raping at the time. Then when Apollon knots Pallus the semen starts running from the statue’s mouth. Her priestesses then lick up the semen as their way of accepting the blessing of subjugation of slave bitches.

As for the remaining goddesses we haven’t enslaved yet we’re reluctant to plan anything yet. We basically are waiting to what the costs will be for putting them in chains. We then will come up with rituals that the humiliation and degradation of the goddess and her priestesses that are appropriate to the cost we incurred enslaving them.

How the priestesses we’ll be housed within the temples will also be decided this way. For instance they all will be locked in a dark store room each night. Yet the few comforts provided will be determined by the trouble they caused us prior to and after their enslavement.

This could be just having to sleep directly on the floor the way Porseron’s priestesses are or in stacked cages like Artimos’s and Vestus’s priestesses. Then in case of goddesses that surrender willingly like Caros snd Pallus their priestesses are allowed cushions to sleep on. Though if they are as loyal as Pallus her priestesses are given the added privilege of pleasuring each other for their own enjoyment and not just to entertain the worshipers.

Though until Pallus’s enslavement became common knowledge the privileges of Caros’s priestesses would be used as encouragement for obedience. We also won’t be allowing the reasons for the treatment either of Artimos’s or Vestus’s priestesses’ be known yet. Mostly due we didn’t want when Vestus was actually enslaved known by the remaining unenslaved goddesses. Any more then Pallus’s work under mining their attempts to avoid enslavement.

As for the unenslaved goddesses the only one that had given us any problems has been Arisia. Her forces have launched several attacks into our conquered territory. Mostly that of Porseron in an vain attempt to free some of the bitches. Or given what we now know of Arisia take them as their own slaves. This second theory is based on the fact that all the incursions were in areas we never occupied or had lightly garrisoned. Then in every case they ended up taking all the bitches we hadn’t enslaved yet back with them. While they left the few wearing our collars behind when they learned the collars were unremovable while the bitches were alive and would continue compelling the bitches to cooperate with us.

Thanks to our intelligence sources in Arisia’s domain we learned those bitches they were bringing to safety were actually being enslaved. Then through Pallus this information was passed to the remaining unenslaved goddesses. This helped keep Arisia isolated from any support.

Meanwhile the worshipers of the other unenslaved goddesses took shelter behind their city walls praying for some miracle to avoid enslavement. Mostly due to our strength being strong enough that there was little else they could do. Even Pallus used the excuse that fighting us would leave her forces to weakened to defend her domain from Arisia. Thus helping narrative that Arisia was just as big of a threat as we are while at the same time justifying not getting involved.

The intelligence reports about Arisia taking slaves were what prompted my next plan. I would be taking a team into Arisia’s domain. We would then cross into the territory of remaining unenslaved goddesses and began taking captives while dressed as Arisia’s troops. We then would take the captives back the way we came. Though these captives would then be secretly brought back to our territory and our slave markets. But before that point everything would appear as Arisia’s forces were responsible.

Unfortunately this meant we needed to have bitches pretending to be our officers. We also couldn’t rape the captives until we got them back to our territory. We also would need to allow a few to escape our clutches both during the initial capture and a few getting away while we’re in Arisia’s domain. That way there was someone to tell of the horrors Arisia’s forces are committing and furthering the resentment and distrust of Arisia.

Not that this was going to be easy there was quite a few details left to work out. From a way to have an open camp for the captives. Yet a hidden camp to avoid detection by Arisia’s forces. Then we needed a way to control the captives once we caught them and we couldn’t use our standard slave collars and shackles. Plus I had several things to handle here before I left including the reason I was walking through the market with the two lines of priestesses behind me on our way to the central city square.

In the weeks since we took the city I have been putting off having the bitches branded. Normally they would’ve been permanently marked as slaves following their gang rape during the celebratory orgy following our victory. Yet Vestus, her priestesses, and the two royals were given another semen dip into the statue’s basin instead. Mostly to see which ones ended up being able to drink the most horse semen either Vestus, her priestesses, or the two royals. Then in the heat of their humiliation and debasement we ended up gang raping them all again then forgot to brand them all at the end.

The next day we were to exhausted to even think about it. Then came all the distractions from the logistics from establishing our long term presence within the city. Finally King Edward mentioned that he was going to have the queen publicly branded today and the rest of us decided it would be and opportune time to publicly brand the other bitches as well.

This morning they were pulled from their cages had their collars chained together. Once their arms were shackled behind their backs and hobble chains attached to their ankle shackles the priestesses marched out of the front gate of the temple. I even decided on a way to humiliate them some more their branding would be witnessed by the High Priestesses from the other temples. Marching in a line next to Vestus’s disheveled priestesses were each of the other enslaved High Priestesses with their collars chained together in a line.

First was Kita followed by Kathleen who was already branded back when I first enslaved her. They then were lined up in the order of their enslavement by me with the exception of Ingrid Pallus’s High Priestess who couldn’t be there for the reasons I’d already mentioned. Not that either her or the rest of Pallus’s priestesses wouldn’t be witnessing this thanks to the new display crystals. They will get to watch the bitches getting branded in their temple while trembling in terror for the day it’s no longer necessary to conceal their own enslavement and their publicly branded themselves.

Arriving at the square I see the large cage set up next to the speaker’s platform. Even from where I stood I could see Vestus, the Queen,and the princess inside of the cage with a couple dozen merchant bitches needing to be branded. Yet between me and the stand was a large crowd of spectators. I was seriously tempted to use a spell to get through until they saw me and made a path to the cage for us. Though as we passed through the crowd I felt the bitches’ chains began to jerk in my hands several times.

Looking back I could see the crowd was taking this opportunity to grope both lines of helpless priestesses. They all were crying as hands rubbed and squeezed their asses. All of their breasts got a similar treatment. Though only a few of them had fingers shoved up their pussies and ass holes. Even with this slowing our progress we were at the cage fairly quickly though I’m certain the bitches felt it took a lot longer.

While the unbranded bitches joined the others already in the cage I took the others on to the platform. Once on the platform I saw there was a slightly raised area to the back with an even higher section behind that. On that highest level sat Apollon with his other bitches kneeling at his feet. The next highest level sat King Edward and Prince Daniel and like all the rest of us they had all their royal bitches kneeling at their feet. I headed towards the empty seat on King Edward’s left side and once my bitches were knelling at my feet I sat down so the spectacle could get started.

The bitches were taken from the cage and brought on to the lowest level of the platform. They were then made to kneel at the back of that level as they waited for their turns. The first would be the merchant bitches to warm up the crowd. The priestesses then the royals would be next. Finally Vestus would be branded by Apollon himself before the merchant bitches were thrown to the crowd.

One by one the bitches were secured bent over on a special rotating stand in the very edge of the speaker’s platform. They then we’re rotated completely around allowing the crowd to see their bodies from all sides before they then are positioned facing towards the crowd. Each bitch then looks over her shoulder in dread as they watch the branding iron being brought over to them from the brazzer.

Each one reacts a bit differently as they are branded. Some just weep uncontrollably until the branding iron is pressed into their ass cheek. While others vainly plead not to be branded. In the case of the royals and few of the priestesses this pleading is more panicked. Yet they all share one reaction in common. Once the red hot branding iron presses against their left ass cheek they loudly scream in agony. The stand is then rotated around so the crowd gets to see each sobbing bitch’s freshly branded ass.

Soon only Vestus remains as Apollon steps up to her bound form he places a curse upon her and the other sobbing bitches on the platform. He then pulls the special enchanted branding iron from the brazzer. As he walks towards Vestus she begins frantically begging him to stop. As with the other bitches’ pleas it is in vain as the branding iron is pressed against her anyway. As the red hot enchanted metal sears her flesh the curse activates and each of the freshly branded bitches’ brands start glowing. As Vestus screams in unimaginable agony her suffering is transferred to the other bitches making them all scream as well. Until like Vestus they all them wet themselves then pass out from the pain.

It then took thirty minutes to wake Vestus. As we waited I saw the side effect of Apollon’s curse. Not only had had Vestus’s agony from her branding been felt by the other bitches but so had her devine healing abilities. Though most of this healing ability was cancelled by the enchanted branded iron used to permanently mark the left side of Vestus’s ass cheek her’s and the other’s brands were now healed to the point they wouldn’t feel any more physical pain from these slave markings.

Once the bitches were awake they were marched before the crowd so they could see the bitches’ brands on last time. While the merchant bitches get given to the crowd we take the others from the square. Strangely getting out of the square is a lot easier then getting in was. Mostly due the crowd is now spit into a couple of dozen groups as they brutally rape those merchant bitches. Still we use back ways around to better avoid the frenzied mob out to rape any bitch they see as the effects of the breeding ritual covered the city.

I easily made it back to the temple before the effects of the ritual started to effected me to badly. Though the bitches with me didn’t enjoy it much do to the temple guards already being transformed and waiting to rape them when we got back. While I let the guards have all of Vestus’s priestesses to rape. I took my collection of High Priestesses to my quarters and took turns raping each of them over the next several hours.

The next day I sent all of my collection of High Priestesses back to their temples to see to their duties of whoring themselves out in the name of their goddesses. Meanwhile I began making plans for my next mission within enemy territory. I was tempted to take the Wolf Scouts but this trip was just check border patrol routes for Arisia’s forces and look into ways of concealing our base of operations while at the same time not concealing it. Once I had my supplies acquired and packed up I set out on my own.

My route took me first through the domain of Pallus via her temple. I end up staying there a couple of days to help get caught up with her priestesses. After raping those lightly used bitches for those couple of days I felt I’d be okay for the next month or so without any available bitches.

I next moved to the border of Pallus’s domain a the shared domain of the twin Goddesses Doinus and Dionus. These two were two of the few remaining unenslaved goddesses and highly wanted in Apollon’s collection. They were also being pressured to align themselves with Arisia instead of Pallus.

I already know that the remaining unenslaved goddesses knew Arisia’s price for protection was the goddesses submission to her. The remaining unenslaved goddesses also had reason to believe Arisia was secretly working with our forces mostly thanks to Vestus’s few efforts on our behalf. Though following the recent fall of Vestus’s domain there may be some doubts to the credibility of Vestus’s claims.

As I spent the next week making a series of teleports towards the border of the three domains I refined my plan more. As much as I hated being underground I knew a large network of caves would be the best location for our base camp. But they still needed to be close to one of Arisia’s border outposts. I then could use several spells and planning around patrols to detection by Arisia’s forces.

While at the same time other spells could be used for the deception of the captives. I’m thinking about spells that make the entrance to the cave look like that of the outpost similar spells could be used for deceiving the captives we allow to escape regarding the inside of the outpost. I’ve got several ideas as to other tricks I wish to try out. But first thing I need to find out exactly what I’ve got to work with.

Two weeks later I’ve got a lot of my plans in place and refined. I’ve even got two locations for base camps. One that is our preliminary site for our entry and exit and a secondary site. This one is closest to the outpost and will be used for the deception of the captives. Now the next phase will be to assemble the team. Then I’ll transport everyone to the preliminary site using the target crystals.

We then dawn our disguises and I cast the necessary spells over the secondary site. At this point we cross the border heading to the nearest village. Once we reach the village we start burning and pillaging. Though hard part would be avoiding patrols on both sides of the border. However I’m also wanting to time the patrols so we could be seen crossing the border with our plunder and captives by the appropriate side’s patrols.

I personally held back from the team as they headed towards the village. Mostly to covertly help if the need arose. But also I need to be able to put in place and remove the necessary spells without being seen by witnesses. Sadly that meant I had to watch the chaos the team left in their wake through my distance glass.

I would have loved to see close up the looks of panic on the villagers’ faces as they suddenly had Arisia’s armed troops attacking them. I especially would of loved to hear the screams as the villagers sought out whatever shelter they could. Though it was quickly over and those villagers that hadn’t fled for safety casino şirketleri into the woods were lined up.

While a few of the team guarded the prisoners the rest started looting the village. Soon wagons were being loaded with anything of value. Meanwhile each of the prisoners were examined. The children and older ones were left behind. While the remaining ones were loaded into the wagons. Once most of the team had the wagons moving those that stayed behind started burning the village down.

Within three hours the village had been attacked, looted, then burned to the ground. Those who had fled would sound the first alarms. When those alarms were responded to they would tell what the team had said. Those responders would set out in pursuit of the team and their captives.

They would of course be to late to do anything but watch the team crossing the border with the loot and captives in the wagons. At this point they would loose sight of the team thanks to a well planned spell. But should they try crossing the border they would quickly run into a patrol Arisia’s troops. If we’re then lucky they would get into a skirmish that would allow extra time to put the next phase of the plan in place. That would be the first of the escapes.

Having cought up unnoticed with the team I place few spells on last one or two captives. The spells consist of first a concealment spell for myself to go unnoticed. Then a compassion spell on the selected captives to make them want to make a run for help. I use another spell to help the captives navigate safely across the border.

As they get in sight of our fake border out post I activate the various spells and slip back to watch the rest happen on it’s own. The last two people in line a husband and wife quickly and silently free themselves when the team isn’t looking. They then slip into some nearby bushes for concealment as the distance between them and team begins to expand. At this point their escape is noticed and couple of the team go looking for them.

Realizing they’re being pursued the two escaped captives make a run for safety. As they are pursued by a couple of the team the captives loose the path that brought them there but also the their pursuers. They would wander lost for a day and a night having to hide a couple of times to avoid detection from two genuine patrols of Arisia’s troops. Unknowingly they cross the border into Pallus’s domain quickly find one of her patrols. They are panicked until they realize these are Pallus’s troops and not the solders of Arisia’s they had escaped.

I slip away at this point but I know the two escaped captives are telling Pallus’s troops everything that happened to them. Pallus had already been ordered to have her troops see to the safety of any one found like this. They also more in likely have either seen the fires from the burning village or heard word of it being destroyed. I return to the fake outpost for the next part of the plan. That was the next successful escape. This one requires me to make my presence known to the captives and will give support to the belief of the secret alliance between Arisia and Apollon before hand.

Prior to riding up to the fake outpost I cast a spell that created the illusion the Wolf Scouts were riding alongside me. As climbed down from my horse the illusions of the Wolf Scouts did the same. Though once my real horse and the illusions of the Wolf Scouts’ houses were tied to hitching posts the illusion split into two. Half of illusions of the Wolf Scouts remained with the horses. While the rest stayed with me.

Making my way across the courtyard towards where the captives were being kept in a large cage I was met by Cammander from Arisia’s border outpost. Really she was a Cammander from Vestus’s army willing to do anything for a slightly better life as slave. Yet the spell cast over her changed her facial appearance and hair color so her true form couldn’t be seen let alone her slave collar and shackles.

Even before we reached the captives we locked in conversation. Yet once we were close enough to be heard by the captives we made it point to be discussing the alliance between Arisia and Apollon. I was made certain that the captives heard all the things Arisia wanted to do Doinus and Dionus once they were her slaves. Though I also mentioned that Arisia had plan to force Pullus into become her slave also. Yet the commander’s statement about Apollon being to kind to his slaves and Arisia being cruel enough to so all three of the goddesses the eternal suffering a true slave deserves was the part I wanted the captives to hear the most.

We stopped the conversation for while as each of the female captives were brought out to me one after the other. They were stripped of all their clothing then their bodies were examined. Personally I checked all of their pussies and asses. Though their mouths were also inspected along with their breasts before I started bargaining to buy all of the female captives.

The bargaining was heated for while but I eventually got to a price that was actually low for slaves of this quality. Yet that was the point to humiliate them some by making think their lives had less value then pig or a cow. Though this was we brought up where the to male captives were going.

The mines we talked about were horrid places were the slave labours were lucky to last a year alive. Though this was where we decided to take the evil of Arisia to another level when it was revealed to the followers of Arisia including her priestesses were cannibals and if I hadn’t purchased the females they would’ve been cut up and eaten by the priestesses. Though the cammander suggested the males may end up suffering the same fate instead of the mines.

We ended our conversation and the females were lead away with me. At the same time the males were left alone to think about what they heard. Since those two were the ones selected for the important part of this plan the females weren’t really important. Though I just couldn’t let them go either.

They were all good quality bitches and would bring a good price. Plus we played this in such a way that if they were found wearing our slave collars it wouldn’t hurt our little deception any. So within a minute each of these bitches were wearing collars and shackles. Next each bitch was gagged and had hood placed over their heads. Their collars were chained together in a line before being hooked to the saddle of my horse

My next bit of deception was to be seen riding away with the female captives struggling to keep up with my horse. Though once we were out of sight I unhooked the new slaves. Not needing them with me for what was next I put each bitch in a stasis spell before transporting them all to the preliminary site to retrieve later. After reconcealing myself I headed back to the outpost to finish this.

Given all the two men had heard was planned for them they actually didn’t need me to influence them to want to escape. But I did need to help them some by weakening their bounds some. Then it was just a matter of creating an opportunity to make a break for not just their freedom but their lives. That was when the cammander ordered every member of the team to go after me and the Wolf Scouts saying they were going to secretly take me out so Arisia could have all the other goddesses as slaves.

The two men didn’t need anyone to tell them to run when they thought they were left alone unguarded. Within a few hours they were across the border telling the story of what they witnessed. The team had gone back to the preliminary site to wait for me. I on the other hand had a final task to handle before we could leave.

First several spells left our fake outpost looking like the it did before we found it. Next I got an idea when I heard they were going to let the other goddesses’ solders search the real outpost to prove their innocence. If the wagons of looted goods were actually found in the real outpost then more people would believe it was actually Arisia’s solders and not us.

A spell put everyone inside the outpost to sleep for long enough for me to work. Then it was just a matter of transporting the wagons, cage, and as a final touch the discarded clothing from the bitches were left in the cage. I released the sleep spell just before I saw two groups of solders approaching the outpost. One was Arisia’s but riding next them were a combination of those from the armies of the Twin goddesses, and Pallus. As I slipped away I heard the outpost commander telling the other goddesses’ solders there was no truth to the acquisitions and there was going to be nothing to prove them in her outpost.

I would’ve loved to have seen the cammander’s face when the first thing they saw was the wagons and cage right where the witnesses said they were. But it was best I not risk being there for this next part. I still waited from where I could see the outpost as the other goddesses’solders ended having to fight their way out of the outpost. It was a hard fought escape that only a few ended up surviving. Those few would guarantee that there would be no alliance between Arisia and any of the other goddesses anytime soon.

Yet now I needed to get back to the preliminary site quickly. Now the surviving solders the the three goddesses had gotten away Arisia’s troops were going to be searching for us. I also was certain they wouldn’t be happy with us either since they just committed an act of war. As rode as fast as I could towards the preliminary site I could see search parties already fanning out from the outpost.

Once I found the other’s trail I realized I needed to wipe all of our tracks away. Otherwise Arisia’s troops could just follow then back to the others. The words to a extremely difficult spell was passing over my lips as I got closer to my destination. I was in sight of the cave as the spell was completed. A gesture towards the sky and it opened up in torrent of rain.

Once at the cave entrance I wasted no time as slipped from my saddle and lead the horse inside. I soon was met by one of the others as I ventured deep underground. Until at last we found the others waiting at the preliminary camp site. I immediately order them to gather everything we brought us at the target crystal.

I transport several of them with the horses first thing. Then the next group goes with the supplies. The final group handles both the bitches we acquired there and the one we brought with us. Finally I’m the only one left and I’ve got one last task to handle though I need to be careful.

Before I transported the last of the team to safety our look out reported searchers were headed for the cave. We took everything else with that could point to us being there in mass but one thing. I couldn’t just leave the target crystal behind but I also couldn’t take it with me. Creating that rain storm had drained to much of my energy to transport myself without it. Quickly grabbing it I headed deeper into the cave knowing there were several passages that following me would be difficult at best.

Going through several tight passages I cast a barrier spell and ventured deeper. Finally I found a section of sloping ground in front of a deep drop off. Looking down into the dark cavity I finally saw the solution to my problem. As I accidentally sent a round rock rolling down the cavity made a quick plan in my head. My foot would prevent the target crystal from rolling over the edge at least until I transported myself.

Quickly getting everything in place I started chanting the transport spell. Just the spell activated an arrow slammed into my shoulder. Barely keeping my focus through the pain I was surrounded by light as I was hit again in a leg. Just before the transport took effect three more arrows broke through. Two harmlessly hit beside me but the third hit right next to the other one in my shoulder. Yet it was now to late to stop me a second later I was gone and the target crystal rolled into the cavity never to be found again.

I was in bad shape when we rode back into the city. The arrows had been removed and the wounds sealed but I had lost a lot of blood. Unfortunately one thing we didn’t think to take with us this time was someone besides me with medical training. Or at least I thought it turned out the bitch that had been in Vestus’s army did have some and for some reason didn’t hesitate to help me. Though the help I really needed she was a bit more hesitant to provide.

The wounds were really bad and while she had been able to slow the bleeding she was incapable of stopping it entirely. Looking from her to the other bitches cowering together next a large rock near the fire I knew what was required. Sadly this required me to change my plans for them slightly. I had hoped to sale all of them as fresh unraped bitches but that would only apply to the four virgins amongst them now. If I wanted to live I was going to need to let the men rape the other three while I raped the commander during the breeding ritual.

Summoning my staff took more effort then normally let alone getting up to position it. Calling the men to bring the three bitches to my staff I initiated the ritual. The men quickly had the three sobbing bitches properly positioned and then transformed. As the bitches’ rape commenced the green glow of the ritual spread over us all. Soon I felt the effects as the bleeding finally slow to a trickle though to stop it completely required one more bitch’s rape.

The cammander had already experienced the ritual repeatedly since her enslavement. She also knew she would be experiencing countless times in the future regardless of our agreement. Still she was still slow and reluctant to willingly assume the position until see saw my look of anger over her hesitation to obey me. Letting out a light sob for a bitch knowing this little bit of hesitation could’ve ended our agreement and her chance at the better. Though even with this knowledge the cammander got in breeding position fairly quickly.

Even though the cammander had technically broken her part of our bargain when she didn’t instantly submit to my every order I would still honor the agreement. She had shown herself to be a obedient enough of slave as she helped to enslave seven more bitches. Along with the fact she didn’t even hesitate for a moment to save my life so I could over look a little reluctance to be raped this time. As prepared for my transformation told her this.

” The deal isn’t dead yet as I’m going still going to give you a better life than a barracks slave or you would have in the brothels that buy military bitches like you. Though you will still be getting raped quite frequently you won’t be just a bunch of rape holes that are past around.”

With knowing what I wanted her to know I transformed and weakly climbed on top of her back. There was definite difference in the way I raped her compared to the bitches in the past. My weakness from the injuries played a definite part in the softer thrusts of my cock within her pussy. But also noticed I wasn’t taking my anger out on this bitch. Not that I knew why I still had a lot to be of angry about at the moment.

My shoulder and leg were still in pain. This injury limited my magical abilities to only the simplest tasks. Then the fact my movement was also limited due the risk of opening my wounds fully again. These same wounds left me so weak I couldn’t even climb into the saddle of my horse. Yet even with all of this frustration and pain I wasn’t angry as I raped this bitch.

Instead of whimpering or screaming with each thrust of my cock this bitch was grunting between her moans of pleasure. The bitch’s grunts and moans did little to hide the other sounds of her arousal. Her breathing had drastically deepened and then there were the sounds coming from her pussy. It was getting wetter and wetter the longer my cock was within it making this delightful swishing sound with each movement of my cock. Telling me something was going on with not just me personally but with this bitch as well during this rape.

Only two bitches have responded this during rapes with me in the past. One was Pallus when Apollon let me have her for a couple of days. There was no hesitation to obey any order. She didn’t flinch when I raped her ass hole or face fucked her in canine form. However I used her body she got as much enjoyment out of it as I did.

The second bitch was Kathleen at least since I reclaimed her. Everytime I rape her it is a experience of each of us pushing the other one to new heights of pleasure. As with Pallus she is always willing and obedient to my every order and demand. Though during public rituals Kathleen is able to flip the coin and become a proper whimpering terrified slave bitch. This ability to transition from willing to unwilling participant in her rapes made Kathleen the perfect bitch in my eyes.

I was beginning to see this bitch beneath me had similar potential. She was showing me how willing of a bitch she could be by the way she was thrusting herself back to meet my own thrusts. But I wondered if she could flip to the other side of the coin and be the unwilling terrified slave bitch when the situation required it. If that was the case then she was definitely too valuable a bitch for the brothels former military bitches usually ended up in.

So as I sank my knot into her pussy and set off her own orgasm I wasn’t really regretting my decision to spare her from that fate. Though I needed to test her some more before I could be certain either way. As my semen flowed into her I looked at the others raping their three bitches and saw the opportunity for the first test. The three bitches had all but three of the men occupied raping them. Those three men were waiting some what patiently for their turns.

Though they were also giving the virgins appreciative glances. So I needed to get another bitch available for those three soon. Otherwise the virgin bitches would have more reason to be terrified then us raping of their friends and family in front of them. Lucky I managed not to tie with my bitch and I was able to pull free fairly quickly.

Once free from her pussy I climbed off of my bitch and was about to transform back to my human form. When to my surprise I felt my bitch’s lips wrap around my cock. Having almost forgotten this bitch had been a slave for some time now I was temporarily surprised by her sucking my cock after I’ve raped her. Though I quickly remembered she had been trained to follow proper slave bitch protocol for cleaning any cock after it’s been used to violate one of her orifices. Though the enthusiasm she was showing at this task also seamed like she was trying to get me ready to rape her some more.

Any other day I would have loved to oblige her. Yet not today my wounds were closed and the regenerative effects of the ritual had restored some of my strength. However what I needed now was time to rest while I healed the rest of the way naturally. But as I transformed back to my normal form I knew she wouldn’t be disappointed. She was going to be raped some more and at the same time remove the interest the men were having with the virgin bitches.

As my human form returned I looked down at the bitch still trying to bring my cock back to life. Pulling her away from the object of her affection wasn’t easy. Yet I soon had her kneeling nervously in front of me. While she had done an excellent job of satisfying my desires I could see she was trembling slightly in fear of disappointing me. I could see my smile did little to calm these fears but I hoped my words could.

“You did well pleasuring your master using your body and I was very impressed not only by your obedience but also your willingness. Unfortunately I’m no longer able to continue raping you at this time. Though I have an idea that will allow you to farther prove your worth by demonstrating you can be a proper unwilling bitch when necessary.”

I then called over the three men waiting for their turns. As they approached I nodded to the bitch and moved back to my bed roll to watch. The bitch was still in the same submissive kneeling position she’d been in since I first pulled away from her. But I watched as she shot a quick look to me before smiling at me. She then took several deep breaths and it was as if her personality suddenly changed.

The bitch start weeping uncontrollably as she pleaded not to be raped. It of course did more to encourage them to rape her but I could tell that was also her intention. For some reason this bitch was on a mission to prove to me how obedient of a bitch she could be. I partially wondered if she thought I would call the three men off at the last second if she showed her acceptability to my control over her. I wasn’t in any shape to move from my bed roll let alone intervene to stop her being gang raped so if that was her belief then she was in for a surprise.

Yet as her rape commenced I would never once hear her beg me to make them stop. She pleaded with them plenty as each of her orifices were violated. Yet all I saw directed towards me was an occasional hopeful glance. These glances made me wonder what she was so hopeful for. She hadn’t shown that much enthusiasm when I told her what my definition of a better life for her was.

It was shortly after she had first bandaged my wounds that she gathered up the courage to ask me what I had planned for her. Before I was injured these plans were for all the men to take turns gang raping her then sale her to a little better quality brothel then she would normally go to. But since she pretty much saved my life I felt she deserved something better. I then told her she’d become a temple slave servicing the guards when not doing various duties around the temple. Yet I could see this wasn’t what she’d been expecting. However I’d also assumed she was hoping to be freed and had told her that once the collar was on her it couldn’t come off until she died.

Strangely she didn’t react to much to that information unlike other bitches when they’ve been told. Her only question was if it was possible for her to become the bitch of a solder she knew in the army. I could only shake my head as I explained how the bitches of individual solders were usually treated. Barracks bitches were kept in cages within the barracks until it came time for them to be gang raped by the entire platoon and sometimes the entire regiment.

The personal bitches of officers were usually reserved for the exclusive use of their masters. Though it wasn’t uncommon for some officers to loan out their personal bitches to the men under their command as a reward. Or if the officer got a new personal bitch the old bitch would be sold or given permanently casino firmaları to their men. Basically they became a barracks bitch or ended up in the same type of brothels I was trying to spare her from. Still there was a sense of longing in the tone of her voice when she asked that I had me wanting to know more about this solder she wished to belong to.

Though I choose not to ask her due to her being a bitch and the wants and desires of bitches didn’t matter much to me. Yet as I watched her knotted ass to ass with one man and a second one was raping her ass hole. All the while she was obediently sucking the cock of the third. It made me wonder if I understood her motivation for this level obedience she was showing so I could better predict her actions. But I wasn’t going to be able to to ask her then my exhaustion caught up with me and I soon fell asleep.

The next morning I woke covered in a blanket and with someone sleeping next to me. Looking at the strawberry blonde hair laying against my chest told instantly who was sleeping with me. I found this extremely surprising since most bitches wanted as far away as they could get after we raped them. Looking at the others the men had raped last night confirmed this assessment. After the men had finished with them they crawled back to the virgins and they all we’re currently holding each other for comfort as they slept. The men on the other hand had pretty much just curled up where ever they wanted not even bothering to transform back to their human forms.

Yet this bitch had decided against seeking comfort from the other bitches and then not only chosen to sleep with me of all people. But top of that managed to sleep so peacefully themovement of me waking up hadn’t disturbed her. In fact I think my movement made press herself tighter against me.

Shaking her slightly caused another surprising reaction when the bitch not fully awake reached up and kissed me passionately on the lips. I briefly wondered what she was up to as she started talking to me about a dream she had been having. Though based on her reaction when she was fully awake I knew she believed me to be someone else and had momentarily forgotten her situation. Still there was something familiar about the name she called me before she realized who she was with and where she was. Yet there was something in what she said about her dream that was more concerning she had said my name and no one outside of Vestus’s temple and Apollon himself were supposed to know what my name was.

Signaling her to be quite I called for the other men to wake up. Once they were back in human form and dressing I told them to wake and feed the other bitches. I on the other hand was going to take this bitch outside the cave to deal with a little issue that had just arisen. Dressing in my robes was challenging yet that didn’t compare to trying to walk. I finally created a crutch using a branch and slowly made my way outside with the bitch fearfully following me. Yet once we both were far enough away from the cave I decided it was time this bitch told me everything about herself including how she knew may name was Antealie.

Understanding what I found out requires a little more information about my past that I didn’t think was relevant at the time I started documenting my service with Apollon. After my mother’s death I was given to the temple and marked with the symbol of Vestus’s Temple Guards. At the same time my younger brother was given to the army and I was forced to forget about him figuring we would never see each other again. However my brother excelled in the military rising through the ranks. Until he couldn’t advance any further due to the rule all the goddesses had against males being officers.

Though he was better appreciated by his cammander who turned out to be kneeling in front of me. They had fallen in love and planned to leave the military together to marry and have a family. However a little over a year ago Vestus decreed that marriages were outlawed and military service was to be for life. She took things one step further and decided that the temple had to decide what women were allowed to have children and who the father would be. Apparently even the queen and princess had to get permission from the temple to have a child and again the temple got to decide who the father would be.

With their plans dashed they secretly continued to have an affair while they searched for a solution to their problems. Already facing execution should their affair be discovered they were planning to escape to the domain of another goddess. They then planned to transfer to a border outpost then slip across to border while on patrol one day. Unfortunately we made our intentions known to go after Vestus and the military was concentrated in the capital waiting on our attack. From that point of her story she was enslaved and never saw my brother again

As to why she knew my name was because of my brother. While I put my memories of him behind me he hadn’t. Though like me he knew we would never see each other again and even if we did we wouldn’t be aloud to have any contact. Mostly due to the rules against temple guards socializing in anyway with nonguards. Still my brother told his lover about his history including his only family a brother in the temple guards.

At this point the bitch told me my offer of a better fate then the brothel had made her agree to come. However once I was injured and she saw the mark of the temple guards on me she realized who I was. It was due to my brother that she didn’t hesitate to help me with my injuries. It was also why she was so willing when I raped her last night. She had been able to think of me as him instead of Apollon’s High Priest. This also allowed her to express her only true desire since accepting her enslavement. This desire to be my brother’s bitch caused her to forget who I was last night and in her exhaustion after being gang raped seeked comfort from me believing me to be my brother.

I then asked her if being my brother’s bitch was what she really wanted. Even though he wasn’t an officer and she would be officially a barracks bitch. Not that I thought she would actually choose such a life for herself even if it meant being with the man she loved. Yet I forgotten my own experience with Kathleen. So the enthusiasm she showed as she answered my question surprised me.

“Yes Master I want be his bitch more than anything. As long as I’m your brother’s bitch it doesn’t matter who else gets to rape me Master.”

Letting out a sigh I began to lead us back to camp as I thought about what I was considering. I owed a debt to this bitch. However I couldn’t just give her to my brother the way she wanted. Out of principal if nothing else I couldn’t let such a valuable bitch like her be squandered like that. She had the potential to provide years if not a lifetime of pleasure to her Master. Not the few weeks or months barracks bitches normally lasted before they were cast aside. Yet it was her sudden question part bribe that stopped me in my tracks

“Master are you going to give me to your brother. I promise to willingly do anything you want if you do.”

Giving her a hard look that seriously scared her into silence. I told her she wasn’t never to mention my name or my brother where anyone else could hear. As to wether or not she would be given to him was dependent on first how obedient of a bitch she was. Next I wouldn’t give anyone I didn’t feel deserving any bitch. So before anything could happen she first had to prove she was a worthy bitch to be given as a gift by me. At the same time my brother needed to be proven worthy of the bitch I expected her to be.

I was expecting her ask what a worthy bitch was. But her dropping to her knees and pleading to be trained to be a gift worthy bitch left me momentarily speechless. Once I regained the ability I agreed. I even started her first lesson then and there. As I explained a gift worthy bitch should be just as dedicated to bringing the benefits of female subjugation to the world as her Master. For it was only through female subjugation that this world could become the lush paradise her Master deserved to live in.

Not surprisingly she looked at me in confusion as I said that last part. I suspected her belief was our only interest was the physical pleasure we felt during a bitches’ rape. She probably never suspected there could be anything more to what we were doing then having an unlimited supply of bitches we could rape whenever we wanted. Not that I thought she believed me yet when I explained the effects the breeding ritual had on the world. I did promise as part of her training she could watch these effects for herself once we got back to the temple. Though this would be the only time she would get such concessions from that point on nothing but her complete and absolute obedience to the cause would be accepted.

Three hours later we left that place. The men of the team returned to their regular unit and all of the bitches but the cammander were sent to the slave auction. The cammander I took back to the temple with me to finish her training. Not that I could do much as I healed but there was still a lot to teach her that didn’t require me to move much.

She quickly became quite proficient at pleasuring men and other bitches with her mouth. She also learned how to make best use of her various orifices by watching the priestesses. Yet her ability to provide pleasure was only part of her training. To truly understand the importance of not only her subjugation but that of all bitches required to step outside of the temple for a while. It also allowed an opportunity me to demonstrate this to the High Priestesses in my collection.

After they had planted new flowers and seeds in the garden they got to watch demonstration of the true effects of the ritual. As Vestus’s Priestesses were raped in the temple they watched the flowers start blossoming before their eyes. They then watched the seeds start to sprout only minutes after planting. Only once they saw did I ask if they all understood the true importance of their subjugation to the world and why nothing but total and absolute obedience from them could be accepted.

Once each of them told me “Yes Master this bitch understands the importance of it’s subjugation to the world.” I Had them join the others in the temple so they could contribute through their own violations. Except for Kathleen and the cammander who I took back to my quarters for a private training session. I sent the next two hours taking turns with their each of their orifices. Unfortunately this day also marked my last day of rest before events required me to take a active role again.

First was word reaching us that Arisia had initiated attacks on the domains of Doinus, Dionus, and Pallus. These were massive attacks using a bulk of her forces. This was made worse when we learned every man in Arisia’s army has been castrated so we couldn’t turn them to our side. This thankfully came with some good news. Arisia had suffered heavy losses and gained next to no territory.

Still we had began to fortify our own borders with Arisia’s domain. I also needed to step up the plans to enslave Doinus and Dionus before Arisia could. Thankfully we had the benefit of having Pallus wearing a collar. Not only did the twins emulate Pallus. They had allowed a large portion of Pallus’s forces into their domain including the capital. Infact the very forces now being welcomed into the capital with open arms to man the city’s defenses were now loyal to our cause.

Unfortunately this was also the last of the good new due to a development with Pallus. She wanted to try and get the twins to voluntarily surrender themselves as slaves to Apollon. While I was inclined to deny the request both me and Apollon had major concerns now that Arisia was showing this level of aggressiveness.

Apollon’s concern was while his power has surpassed that of all his sisters normal power levels. Arisia’s power was bolstered by Junus’s power Arisia had been siphoning away since her imprisonment. He could probably prevail in a battle. But not if he is forced into the battle while weakened from having to defeat the twins.

While Apollon grappled with his problems I had my own to deal with. Primarily a way to be able to to bring our forces into the fray quickly. Getting most of our forces to the location of the fighting was just a matter of a week or two of matching and a small advance force could be there in half the time. Yet I needed to get a quarter of our forces there unnoticed in a similar time frame to the advance force.

I had an idea using a grouping of a dozen of the target crystals yet I needed a way to test it quickly and quietly. Unfortunately with our experienced troops now tied up with combat preparations this left me with only the untried additions we got from Porseron’s and Vestus’s armies. Though this also gave me a chance to finally get to know my brother.

I had been watching him for a few weeks now and I trying to gage his character. From what I saw I had been impressed by this sergeant attempting to rebuild some semblance of a life in a city we drastically changed. With his only interest outside of the military now sitting in a cage within the temple he had focused on the only thing he had left his platoon and the regiment.

Like the armies of the other enslaved goddesses most of Vestus’s was in disarray with all the officers enslaved and sold into prostitution. Normally we began to put in our own officers until suitable men within the ranks can be found. Though with the quick conquests of both Porseron’s and Vestus’s domains one right after another. Throw in the size of Vestus’s army we had only been able to put a few people in key positions. This left both armies unable to function coherently with a few exceptions.

One of these exceptions was a regiment that was possibly the only combat capable unit in what remained of Vestus’s army. While other units were focusing all their time on raping bitches in the brothels. This one’s time was focused was running drills and training. In fact during the week they were the only one that could be found within their barracks not that they didn’t partake in the benefits we offered. They were just the only ones that seamed able to maintain their discipline while on duty and not dissolve into an unruly mob.

I was curtain the sargent I watched walk into the temple was the reason for this. I would’ve normally gone to his barracks to meet with him but wanted see how he reacted to meeting on unfamiliar ground. The look on his face as he saw the new statue of Vestus told me he held no loyalty to her. Still I wandered how he would react to my next surprise.

This was first being met by the High Priestess herself. Granted this was Vestus’s replacement and not Kathleen. She was also the one who announced each of the decrees that ruined his dreams. The smirk of satisfaction on his face seeing her naked collared and leaking semen from her pussy and ass told me more then his almost rude response of “What do you want me for bitch.”

I had to admire his bluntness but I could tell he was barely holding his anger in check. Though I suspected the High Priestess would survive what thoughts were going through his head at that moment. Thankfully it was the sound of another bitch’s voice that probably helped prevent any violence.

” This inferior bitch will show our Master’s visitor the way High Priestess. That way you can personally collect the offerings of semen from those five horses as our Master ordered. Please follow this inferior bitch to the High Priest Sir.”

My brother’s anger turned to shock at seeing his former cammander and lover Samantha. Unlike the High Priestess who was kept naked Samantha had earned the privilege of a semi-transparent loin cloth.Though save for her pubic mound and her ass crack it didn’t cover much else leaving her legs, hips, and slave brand totally visible. Still her crotch wasn’t exposed the way her breasts were not that it bothered her being seen by him naked or even partially naked. Samantha wanted to display herself to him as the proper slave bitch she’d become and had actually wanted to be naked when she saw my brother again.

Once they were out of the main temple on their way to the sanctum I saw him stop Samantha. First thing he did was look for signs of her being abused. Not seeing any marks on her besides her brand I saw him start asking her some questions. All of which Samantha answered with short one word responses while keeping the smile she had since first seeing him. Though eventually I saw her remind him of her Master waiting for him before they continued towards where I was waiting.

I was sitting on the floor in what looked like meditation when he entered the sanctum. Though my collection of High Priestesses were lounging naked on cushions all around me. As rose from the floor and told Samantha she would be joining us while we discussed our business. I then directed her and my brother to fallow me to my quarters keeping a close eye on his body language as he followed us.

I had my concerns about how he would react to Samantha being in my possession. Mostly due to the anger I saw directed towards the High Priestess and the partial reason for that anger now standing practically naked amongst us. Though he seamed calm as he took a seat in the chair opposite my own. As Samantha knelt between us I started of by telling him I had been I’d been impressed by his professionalism by keeping order within his regiment. Something that wasn’t easy during chaos from liberating them from Vestus. I then told Samantha she could inform him of the next information.

“Sir it’s this inferior bitch’s great honor to tell you that you’ve been promoted to the rank of Cammander. Furthermore as a reward for your hard work and dedication to preparedness in the glorious cause of female subjugation you are being given this inferior bitch to violate and degrade however you please.”

My brother was looking back and forth between Samantha and me in shock. I could see part of him was not wanting to believe his ears. While other parts were overjoyed to have Samantha back. Though I could also see he had had some serious concerns about this development as well. Mostly what she said about her being his to violate and degrade as he saw fit. But before he could ask the questions I decided it would be best to mention a couple things first.

“I’m sure you have a lot of questions about your gift that Samantha can answer along filling you in on what is expected of you as her owner. Now before we can start the claiming ritual I most mention that there is some military matters we must discuss. Though it would probably be best to wait until after you had properly claimed your new bitch.”

With that said I watched as Samantha presented him with his new rank insignia then her leash. I then lead them back to the sanctum. This is where Samantha removed her loin cloth and dropped to her hands and knees. Looking over her shoulder at my brother Samantha began to plead to be raped.

“Please Master demonstrate the inferiority of this bitch by brutally violating it before these witnesses. Please Master allow this bitch to experience your superiority to it by ruthlessly laying your claim of ownership over it’s very being.”

I watched expectantly as my brother took several deep breaths to prepare himself for what he knew was expected of him. To be able to keep Samantha he was going to have to rape her in front of all of us. Once he had accepted this fact he showed no farther hesitation and began removing his uniform. By the time he was naked the transformation had already begun. At that point Samantha began sobbing as was expected of a bitch about to be raped for the first time by it’s new owner.

Samantha let out a cry of terror as she was mounted and my brother’s fore legs wrapped around her hips. This cry turned into a full fledged scream when his cock was thrust brutally up her pussy. With each subsequent thrust Samantha began whimpering as her tears flowed freely down her cheeks. My brother was working off of instinct has his cock moved within Samantha’s pussy with as much force as he could manage. Samantha was being shoved forward each time she was impelled by the cock. In reaction to this my brother tightened his hold on her hips and began pulling her body back to meet his thrusts.

As she felt the knot began to slam against her pussy Samantha’s face took on a look of humiliation. Samantha’s eyes were closed tightly as her Master’s knot was shoved into her pussy the first time. A whimper of shame escaped her lips as the knot swelled within her pussy locking them together. Still once her Master turned ass to ass with her the ordeal wasn’t finished for Samantha. She could only wait for the next part of her claiming to start once the knot shrunk enough to free her.

Once her Master was able to pull his cock from her violated pussy. Samantha let out a series of sobs while her body began trembling. Taking a quick breath Samantha turned around and bowed to her Master. Taking a few final breaths raised her upper body off of the floor. Samantha abandoned her pride as she began to plead with her Master again

“Please Master allow this inferior bitch the privilege of sucking your glorious cock clean. Please Master allow this inferior bitch to degrade herself by licking the cock clean that just violated it’s pussy.”

A quick bark followed by a threatening growl was the only answer Samantha needed. She crawled beneath her Master and as fast as she could her tongue was running over his cock and balls. Samantha next focused her efforts exclusively on the shaft her Master’s cock working her way towards the tip. Samantha’s lips were soon wrapped around her Master’s cock once her tongue finished it’s exploration. A loud slurping sound soon was heard as her Master’s cock began repeatedly disappearing into her mouth

The cock went deeper with each movement of Samantha’s head. Samantha would momentarily allow the cock to leave her mouth. When this happened Samantha resumed the exploration of her Master’s shaft with her tongue. Before long her lips were back around the cock and it was disappearing into her mouth again. Normally Samantha would’ve continued until her Master’s semen flowed down her throat.

Yet Samantha’s purpose was to clean her Master’s cock while he rested momentarily in preparation of the final part of the claiming. Samantha’s body was begining to subtlety shake in fear as her tongue swept over her cock a final few times. With a slight whimper Samantha planted a kiss on the tip of her Master’s cock and crawled out from under güvenilir casino him. Bowing to her Master again Samantha could be seen taking deep breaths to prepare herself for what was coming next. Rising to the same begging pose she held during her earlier pleading Samantha started her next plea in the claiming ritual.

“Please Master allow this inferior bitch the honor of being painfully ass raped by you. So through the agony inferior bitch will never be able to forget your superiority over it.”

Samantha screamed in terror as her Master grabbed her again. Though this scream couldn’t compare to the one when Samantha’s ass hole was brutally penetrated by her Master’s cock. Each of Samantha’s screams marked the forward thrust of her Master’s cock. I could see each of my bitches watching in concern at the way Samantha was screaming during her rape. Yet they continued to watch helplessly as their companion for the last few weeks appeared to be suffering in agony.

Even I would’ve been concerned if I didn’t know the truth. Samantha wasn’t actually suffering as badly as she made out to be. Through the control of her collars all the emotions felt by a bitch during her rape was enhanced during the claiming ritual. Even though normally Samantha would’ve been affected by any them normally. Since the start of the claiming ritual she had been flooded with these enhanced emotions.

This also applied to the pain she was experiencing during the violation of her ass. Samantha loved being sodomized during her training. However her being claimed required this normally pleasurable act to be painful and degrading to the bitch. She actually wasn’t suffering any physical damage that would normally warrant that level of screaming but it just felt that way to Samantha during the ritual.

Even Samantha’s favorite part of being sodomized now felt like the most painful moment of her life based on her scream. Once her scream of agony from being knotted up her ass had died down Samantha could be heard crying uncontrollably. As her shoulders hit the floor Samantha hid her head from view by pressing into her crossed forearms. Samantha then cried in shame as she waited for her Master’s knot to shrink enough to free itself from her ass. With her tears of shame flowing like a river Samantha began the most humiliating and final part of the ritual

“Master this inferior bitch is grateful for the privilege being painfully ass raped buy your glorious cock. Please Master allow this inferior bitch to farther degrade itself by licking your cock clean. Then this inferior bitch can forever remember it’s Master’s superiority over it.”

A bark and growl signaled Samantha and she was once again under her Master licking his cock clean. As Samantha’s tongue continued moving over her Master’s cock and balls he began to transform back to his human form. Until my brother was once again standing over his bitch as she planted a final kiss on the tip of his cock. Samantha then bowed down before my brother before starting to kiss his feet. Once she had kissed each of my brother’s feet several times Samantha bowed to my brother again as she began to thank him for raping her.

“Thank you Master for brutally raping this inferior bitch and claiming it as your own. This inferior bitch vows to serve it’s superior Master with all of it’s being for the remainder of this inferior bitch’s life or until it’s Master decides to discard this inferior bitch.”

Letting out a sigh my brother looked down on his new bitch bowing at his feet and smiled at her in approval. Samantha true to her training couldn’t look up from her bowing position with her forehead pressed against the floor. Yet I could see a fair amount of worry and fear on her face as she waited to hear if her Master was pleased with her. Yet for some reason my brother seemed unable to speak at that moment. Though I also realized my brother hadn’t spoken once to Samantha. I finally told my brother he needed to give his bitch a verbal answer.

” If you want her to know you’re pleased with her you’ll have to tell her. Otherwise as obedient as that bitch is she isn’t going to brake position to be able see that smile on your face.”

Since our take over of the city my brother’s interaction with the bitches had been limited. Like all the men in the city he’d been effected by the breeding ritual and raped several bitches the first few nights. Like all solders he had nearly unlimited free access to several of the brothels. Though I also knew my brother’s visits to the brothels have been limited to raping a bitch or two and getting back to the barracks. So he probably wasn’t quite ready to control a bitch of his own.

Not that those brothels afforded a chance to control any of the bitches in them. Going to one of the brothels in question involved selecting bitch’s secured special pillories. Or basically what you would see is a line of low quality bitches with their legs and asses coming out of holes in a wall. Or on the other side of the wall it would just be the bitches’ heads coming out of the holes. Once you selected a bitch you had your way with it’s helpless body then moved aside for the next man to have at the bitch. Once they finished with one bitch they were able to move on to another one and then another and so on until they left the brothel.

Personally I wasn’t that found of those brothels myself. I really didn’t mind raping bitches after another man and having the bitch’s orifices already full of semen. Nour did I think it was wrong the way the bitches were treated. All of the bitches were either deemed defiant or uncontrollable or were deemed unfit for any service but hard labor in the mines. Which was a waste for bitches worthy of at least a few years of service being raped before they were sent to work the fields or mines exclusively. I also didn’t have a problem with where many or most of these bitches came from. I actually got great enjoyment out of seeing former royal guards, military officers, nobles, and rich merchents put in such places.

My problem was I liked my bitches taking a bit more active role in their rape. After a little bit of time these bitches just sat there while you raped them. Eventually it just felt like you were raping a bunch of semen filled holes in a wall. Though my view was also tempered by my recent experience with raping more willing bitches like Kathleen and Samantha. Taking a helpless and unwilling bitch was still fun. Yet it didn’t compare to having a bitch happily beg to be raped then be just as happy as they willingly degrade themselves in the process. Compared to that those brothels were only a small step above stroking yourself with your own hand.

I also suspected my brother’s visits to the brothels had another personal purpose that was now knelling at his feet. Granted I also didn’t see anything wrong with him wanting a particular bitch. At least as long as he remembered both his and the bitch’s place in the world. Though I also knew if he wasn’t as committed as I hoped Samantha was and could help fully convert him to the cause.

Once my brother acknowledged what a fantastic bitch Samantha was we returned to my quarters to began discussing what I needed from him and his regiment. Over the next week or so they would be trained to strike the rear of the enemy’s lines. I also wanted him working with the Wolf Scouts to get the other regiments in his brigade back in line. They then would be undergoing the same training as his regiment. Now the reason for the problems with the other regiments was also discussed. Granted during this whole discussion both Samantha and Kathleen were sucking our cocks so the issue of other regiments wanting to rape any available bitch rather then training did come up more than once in the discussion.

While a bit earlier then normal I decided to arrange barracks bitches for the regiments under his command. His existing regiment would get their barracks bitches as a reward first. Then once the other regiments started shaping up we would reward them with their own barracks bitches. This would then help teach the men under his command to better balance their duties as solders and their duties as individual males to the cause of female subjugation. We agreed we wanted men that would do their jobs as solders first then start raping the bitches of any town or city we took and not solders that would ignore everything else to rape the first bitch they saw.

Once we concluded our discussion and the two bitches had swallowed our semen I sent a messenger to the slave pins. I knew they had a bunch of bitches from Caros’s and Porseron’s domains available for use as barracks bitches. By the time my brother got back to his regiment their barracks bitches would be waiting. He then could give his men their reward to help them better celebrate his promotion.

Once my brother had left I had a meeting with the Captain of the Wolf Scouts. This was mostly to discuss the same things as I went over with my brother. I did go over several specific aspects that his men needed to be particularly involved with. Though I mostly wanted him better briefed on the purpose of this training and why his men needed to be handling certain things. Plus I needed to inform him why I wouldn’t be there for most of the training.

I on the other hand needed to take a quick trip back to King Edward’s castle. With everything going on it was well past time we made use of the oracles’ abilities. I just needed to figure out the best way to do that. I hoped I could just torture and rape their siblings until I got what I wanted from them. Yet I wasn’t sure what would be needed. Unfortunately with as busy as we had been since the oracles’ capture we haven’t had time to learn how to best make use of their abilities.

As I sat on my horse’s back holding my staff with a flag of truce hanging off of it while looking at the archers on the city’s walls. I couldn’t believe I was going through with this as I subconsciously rubbed the scars on my shoulder through my robes. Yet here I sat just outside of bow range waiting out in the open like a target. To make matters worse Kathleen sat on a horse next to me as we waited for a messenger from the city to be sent out to us. As of yet all we have seen was a assortment of officers going to the top of the walls to look at us.

Finally I could recognize both the queen and High Priestess of Fortunus on top of the the wall. Before long the city gate opened and a squad of solders rode consciously towards us. I had a spell ready that I could activate with just a gesture should they be hostile. But as they got closer I wasn’t going to provoke them either by doing anything hostile first. For I wasn’t here to fight I just needed a few words with Fortunus and I would be on my way.

I wasn’t really surprised when halfway towards me the solders pulled weapons and charged. Noir should they have been surprised when I used that spell I had prepared in advance. A wave of energy swept out to each of the solders sending all of them and their horses writhing to the ground in agony. Letting out a sigh I released the horses from the spell but kept the men and their commander suffering.

Letting out another sigh I decided to make my intentions known. Gesturing to the cammander I watched as she rose into the air in front of me. Looking her over I found her to be a good quality bitch and had an idea come to me. Looking from the cammander back to the city walls I could see both the queen and Fortunus’s High Priestess were still watching me and I knew what I needed to do. Taking a breath I began chanting in the sacred tongue as the spell took effect I knew everyone on the walls could hear everything I said.

“I have come here in peace and have business to discuss at the temple with Fortunus. You will allow me and my bitch safe passage to and from the temple. Otherwise I’ll forget my peaceful intentions and unleash my wrath upon the city. If you wish this city to still be standing when I leave you will grant us access. Otherwise every bitch in this city will join this one in chains.”

Another chant in the sacred tongue had the cammander’s clothes falling from her body. As the spell progressed a slave collar appeared around her neck. Followed immediately by shackles on her wrists and ankles. As a final touch her wrists and neck were then secured in a wooden stock before a chain attached it to Kathleen’s saddle.

Only once the chain was in place did the new bitch float back down to the ground. Looking back to the city I saw Fortunus’s High Priestesses walking out the gate towards us. Finally getting some results I went ahead and left the spell in place so those on the walls could hear what was said. As the High Priestess got close to me I saw her looking from me to the two bitches with fearful glances. Yet she was still somewhat able to stand calmly in front of me as she started talking.

” If you wish not to have every solder within the city slaughtering you the cammander will be released this moment. As for your request you will give me your message for Fortunus and I will deliver it myself while you wait here.”

Letting out a growl over how unacceptable this was I fixed her with a withering stare. I couldn’t help the smile when I saw her tremble slightly in terror. Still I wasn’t going to except these terms. I needed answers from Fortunus herself and not to be passing messages back and forth that may or may not be given to her let alone either answered or not answered. So I made my position clear when I answered the High Priestess.

“This is unacceptable. My Lord Apollon wishes some answers that only Fortunus can give and not you. So you will grant my request or I will make good on my threat. Only then Fortunus and the rest of the bitches in this city will be wearing collars and we will still get our answers after your brutal rape. As for that bitch she will be left to her fate for the insult of violating a flag of truce.”

While I had seen the look on her face many times now I never got tired of it. High Priestesses and royals were just not used to anyone speaking down to them and they always got the same incredulous expression. It always shocked them any man would dare to talk to them with anything but the utmost respect for their positions. Only with the case of this High Priestess their was also some fear hidden behind the incredulous expression. Word of most of what I had done had gotten out and I was a source of nightmares for many bitches including this High Priestess.

Realizing that she wouldn’t be able to intimidate me like most men the High Priestess shot a worried look towards the people on the walls. In particular the queen was the focus of this glance before her attention again focused back on me. I could tell she was still at a loss for words and was trying to think up a response. Unfortunately thanks to my earlier demonstration with the solders she was well aware threats wouldn’t work with me. Taking a deep breath she finally gave in and agreed to escort me to the temple herself. Though before we moved I felt it best to remind her that I wouldn’t tolerate any further attacks.

“Then let’s go but I warn you again should any violence be tried you and your fellow Priestesses will be joining the cammander on the trip back with me. Otherwise I’ll give you and the other bitches of the city my word you’ll be able to go on with your lives normally until we eventually come for you or the situation arises that mandates all of your enslavement.”

As the High Priestess gave the people on the walls another worried look both me and Kathleen got down from our horses. With the High Priestess leading the way I took ahold of my horse’s reins and followed behind her. As we got closer kept a close watch on both the High Priestess and the people on the walls. The archers were especially a focus of my attention yet none of their bows had arrows notched so I began to focus on other possible threats. Yet as we passed through the gates the solders made a wide lane for us to pass through.

The same was true of the walk to the temple as no one wanted any where near us. As we moved through the city the streets cleared of people once they saw us coming. A few people could be seen watching from windows but there was no one outside anywhere near us. Knowing one day I would get different reaction while walking these streets I mostly ignored this. I was more interested in the building that had just come into sight.

Fortunus had probably the smallest of the domains and temples based on her rank amongst her sisters. Her domain was limited to the fields surrounding the city. While her temple was about the size of most merchents’ manors. Compared to Vestus’s temple for example it was about the size of the guards’ barracks if not a little smaller. Still it had some impressive architecture despite it’s size.

Still I fought the urge to smirk about the difference but I saw a little of Kathleen’s old self emerge when I saw her smirking. Something I quickly reminded her was improper behavior for a slave bitch who was supposed to be humble at all times. Once she gave me her apologies and promised to behave properly from then on. She then knelt down to present me with her leash and the chain pulling to the cammander behind us this entire time. We tied our horses outside of the temple and followed the High Priestess up the steps.

Once inside I stopped by the offering plate. As the High Priestess watched me suspiciously I emptied my purse into the plate. I then nodded for the High Priestess to continue on the rest of the way into the temple. Once we were at the large statue of Fortunus I finally began to find myself worrying some about what was coming next. I was about to tell the High Priestess to summon Fortunus when she appeared on her own As her High Priestess quickly bowed before her Fortunus started talking to me.

“Had been wondering when you or my brother would show up. Though will admit I was expecting to see my Priestesses looking like those two when did see you or my brother appearing before me. Now based on the fact my priestesses are not in chains you are here for another purpose then to enslave the women within my domain. So tell me why my brother’s High Priests seeks an audience with the Goddess of Fortune and Fate.”

Taking a breath I gave her a quick look over. Her light brown hair was full of curls and reached past her perfect ass. Her rounded hips and narrow waist were further enhanced by her full chest. Yet it was her face that gave Fortunus the elegant beauty she’d passed down to her followers. I would’ve loved to get a collar around the neck of this bitch but that wasn’t of as great of importance as the answers we needed. Looking Fortunus in those blue eyes I began talking.

“Mistress Fortunus my Lord Apollon requires some questions answered. In exchange we are offering to forgo the enslavement of you and your followers until after we have all your sisters in chains.”

I was surprised to see her torn between my offer of keeping her freedom for little while longer or telling me leave her sight. Though I was just guessing for Fortunus’s face was hard to read. I couldn’t see any anger or fear on her features but their was definitely something going on in her head. Or she had something unexpected planned for me should this not go her way. I just never thought the unexpected surprise she had planned would be what she said next.

” If the question is can Apollon defeat Arisia the answer is No. The power Arisia gets from the crystal my mother is imprisoned in can not be over come with just the powers taken from my sisters he has and yet to enslaved.”

I could see Fortunus was struggling to reach a decision about something as she waited to continue. She took several deep breaths then look back and forth between me, her High Priestess, and Kathleen. Finally it was as if she had resigned herself to her fate as she continued speaking.

” Unfortunately given the options I must make a hard decision in regards to myself and the people within my domain. I of course do not want to be returned to slavery any more than my sisters. However Arisia’s plans for this world are even more unacceptable. So to prevent this I offer this deal to you. Me and my Priestesses will go back with you in chains while the rest of the women in my domain remain free until after Arisia is defeated. Once Apollon has drained my powers during my rape and combined it with the rest of my sisters he will then have the necessary power to defeat Arisia.”

It was now my turn to have the incredulous expression on my face. Though I wasn’t the only one Kathleen and all of Fortunus’s Priestesses shared my disbelief at what we had heard. My own first thought was this was some type of trick to get me to let my guard down. Though while we watched in disbelief Fortunus let the clothing fall from her body and dropped to her knees in front of me. Fortunus then further explained the reason for this decision.

“With the choice between spending eternity being locked in a power crystal being raped a Gorgus or spending eternity kneeling at by brother’s feet waiting for him to rape me I have only one true option. So here and now I the Goddess Fortunus give myself willingly as a slave bitch to my brother Apollon the rightful heir to the thrown.”

While I was at a loss for words Kathleen wasn’t. She got down on her knees in front of Fortunus. Looking closely at the kneeling goddess Kathleen looked for any signs of deception. Not being able to to see anything but resignation on Fortunus’s face she began giving instructions that finally shook my out of my indecision.

“Goddess Fortunus by your decision to willingly give yourself over as a slave bitch you have placed yourself at the mercy of your owner the God Apollon. If this is truly what you want then you must crawl on your hands and knees to Apollon’s High Priest. You will kiss his feet and beg him to place your slave collar around your throat. Once you are properly collared and shackled you will then beg to be presented to your master so he can brutally rape you as he sees fit.”

I didn’t think she would do any of that but sure enough Fortunus started crawling towards me. The next thing I know she was kissing my feet and begging just as Kathleen told her to. Once Fortunus was wearing a collar Kathleen had her priestesses strip and present themselves in a similar fashion. Until only Fortunus’s High Priestess remained. Her I decided to wait on so she could inform the queen and other city leaders of Fortunus’s decision.

Once I could be sure they wouldn’t try and stop me would I collar and shackle the final bitch. Then they all would be fitted in stocks and a chained in a line. With Fortunus in front of the others the bitches would then be lead back to the new capital behind my horse. Meanwhile I would hopefully have figured out how to explain what happened by the time we got back.

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