Confessions of a Panty Stealer #3

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Confessions of a Panty Stealer
: It’s about time too

A double bubble panty steal mission has been successful!! Read on and enjoy, folks..

Ok, firstly, I have two episodes to account that have taken place in the recent past. It’s funny sometimes, how opportunity sometime lands at ones feet? After a long dry spell (almost 3 months), I get two good sniffs and one of them a steal; it’s Number 4 Bus theory all over again!

Some background is required for the first part of the tale: A good friend of mine has a girlfriend in a different country – they met via a chat room and began to make phones calls, then basically ended up going out with each other over long distance. This week, she decided that she needed to meet him in person, and caught a flight over to London. I am lucky enough to have my own place, so I offered it to my friend and his missus, you know, so they could have some private time together – i.e. shag their little brains out. In turn, he let me crash at his house that he shares with 3 other people, one girl and two guys. (More on this later..)

So, after work, I needed to get changed and collect my things for the stay at his house, and thusly I asked him to be in the flat around tea time so I could get in – I’d already provided him with the only keys, so that she could drop her suitcases off once he’d picked her up from the airport earlier that morning.

Ok. So, around 4pm I call him to check he is going to be back there.. turns out the two lovebirds are at a nearby pub, and was it ok if I go there first, pick up the keys, go back to the flat and sort myself out, then back to the pub to hand the keys over again. Not a problem. Keeping up, guys? Good.

I pick up the keys as agreed; also this was my first bahis firmaları look at the lady: I’d say she was just coming up to her 30’s, shoulder length brown hair.. not what I’d call ultra slim but nice to look at. We three chatted for a while, and I headed off to the flat. Already my mind had been mulling over the possibility of getting a look at her panties – I figured that the only dirty pair she had at this time were nestled next to that pretty foreign pussy, as it was the start of her trip.

I opened the door and literally right in front of me was her suitcase – wide open! Some clothes were lying on top and also strewn about, and the front room had the look of frantic activity about it .. Immediately I bent down, heart beating a little, and began to lift off items of clothing v.carefully.. until.. thar she blows. A scrumpled up white thong, sitting in my own flat, behind a locked door and with no chance of being sprung! Incredibly leisurely, I lifted the panties, and looked inside at the gusset.. I was wrong, oh so wrong. These knickers were soaked through! Ahhh .. I figure, they’d come back, kissed and played around a little, then got down to it. I pressed the tip of my fingers into the crotch and it actually stuck on! And then the test.. a little sniff.. heavenly. Pure girl essence it was – no pee, or poo.. just girl cum. Wow she had been turned on. Around about were another pair of red knickers, pretty, with a matching negligee top thing, a pair of black tights (instead out therefore worn) and a white bra. I took these lovely items and .. well you know the next bit. It was lovely to have a near complete stranger’s private dirty under things in the comfort of my own home. I also checked the case, found a stash of clean undies and let kaçak iddaa them be.. no point risking a very embarrassing situation if something was noticed to be missing.

OK onto part two, yes it gets better.

That night I went straight down to my friends house, as agreed, arriving late in the night and going straight to sleep, knackered. As I explained before he lives in a shared house with 3 flatmates – two guys and one girl. I’ve never met the girl, and never did (sorry, I know this detracts from the steal slightly) but I know she has auburn hair, is aged 23 and is quite tall, a nice figure from what I was told.

In the morning I had decided to lie-in a little, but awoke around 8 to hear the members of the household making breakfast, getting ready, then going out. I counted one, then two.. only two people leaving? hmm. Eventually I had to get up, so I jumped in the shower and got myself sorted. By the time I’d gotten dressed a mere 20 mins later I hadn’t detected a single sound in the house. So.. there was a risk factor that someone was still in bed? I knew they all had jobs, but..

And now a touch of fortune. The shower room I had used was downstairs – and it had NO mirror that I could find. Needing to shave, I had good reason to venture upstairs for the other bathroom (my friend’s room is the only one on the ground floor) so I could trim the whiskers. Grabbing towel and kit in hand, I slowly paced up the stairs, ever vigilant for any noise whatsoever. Nothing harkened. Now beginning to feel confident, I shaved with the bathroom door open, and gazed back at intervals. The door next to the bathroom – open, slightly. The next, closed, hmm could there be someone sleeping in there? The one opposite – Bingo! door wide open, I could kaçak bahis see a red dress lying on the bed.. it had to be her room. I finished shaving, then took the plunge and called out ‘hello, anyone about?’ Zero zip zilch was the response.

Immediately I crouched down (never can tell if a neighbour is watching the windows) and crept into Jane’s room (her name, I forgot to add). A small room, long in length, with a single bed, a white set of drawers, and a tall wooden wardrobe at one end. A quick gaze revealed NO hamper. Dash. Well I knew they had to be there somewhere.. I decided to check her drawers (excuse the pun) anyways – top drawer first: undies, everyone of them clean though. Next drawer down, some bras, next, some tops – no score there then.

Time was moving on, but I kept going – next I was creaking open the single door of the wardrobe. This time, aha! I spotted a flung-looking pair of black panties! I picked them up and turned them over, no stain could be found though?? I could tell they had been worn by their crumpled state, but neither stain nor smell greeted me. I looked again into the wardrobe, this time spotting a white plastic bag at the bottom. Heart beating I reached down and opened the top, gazing in like a child in a toy store as my eyes hit pay dirt – a bag half full of Jane’s dirty clothes. Not bad at all. I removed the bag completely and pieced through the contents, wow quite a few pairs of pants, it had obviously been a while since she’d put a wash on.

There were all around the same style, tanga ( 1/2 thong 1/2 full panty) and to my dismay, in general, they were not heavily stained or scented. In the end I choose a sweet old purple pair of worn panties, and a black lacy pair that contained the best stain, a white discharge covering the crotch – maybe she’d had a night out in the past week, or a sweaty day? Who knows. Placing the bag back and leaving the room as I found it, I hid the illicit goods away in my bag for later use.

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