Computer Problems

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Katherine wasn’t known as the coolest person around. She was more of the community volunteer type. She spends most of her time doing “constructive” things, so it’s safe to say sexuality/romance isn’t on the top of her to-do list. You would never guess these things by the way she looks. Her beautiful body has all the perfect curves in just the right places, and her clothing style certainly didn’t reflect her lifestyle.

Other than her gorgeous face and hair, her body was something you could get off on just by looking at it. Her breasts, so full and round, sticking out from her chest. Her waste line is slim, and curves outward perfectly at her hips, tapering back down to her knees. Her skin tight jeans shows off her curves every time I see her, not to mention the amount of cleavage that makes it impossible to focus on anything else.

We had known each other for all of middle school and high school, even back then she was the same “nerd” as she was now. She was always more focused on school clubs and homework than boys/sex. Not that this was a bad thing, but people didn’t really consider her dateable material.

Even though we both attended different universities, we still lived in the same area as during high school. We kept in contact through instant messaging, having the occasional conversation, and that’s where the story starts.

It was the holidays, so we were both at home for a few weeks. Since we both were online, I started a conversation with her. We did the regular small talk using internet slang for a few minutes until she asked me a rather strange question.

“Do you know how to work a Mac?” she said, typed rather.

I’m much more familiar with PC’s, but I thought my little bit of experience might help. “I know a bit, why?”

“My parents got me a new Mac laptop for school, but I’m having trouble working it.” She said.

“Your parents bought you a Mac and they can’t show you how to use it?” I said.

“It’s not that, my dad is actually quite the genius when it comes to them, it’s just that they had to leave Christmas evening to visit some relatives, so I’m stuck here for a few days to figure this thing out by myself, and I have a report that needs to be done by the end of the holidays.” She said.

She’s a smart girl, so I know she probably has a better chance of working it than me, but I thought I should give it a shot anyways. “Well, tell me what you’re having problems with, and I’ll see if I can help.” I said. I then waited almost a minute for an answer.

“It’s really hard to explain in text, I was kind of hoping you could come here and take a look at it for me? That’s if you’re not too busy.” She said, with a blushing smiley face.

Most guys would be jumping up and down thinking this is an opportunity to get in her pants, but I wasn’t expecting anything from Katherine, after all, she had been the “nerd” all these years. I wasn’t expecting anything but a failed attempt at teaching her how to use a Mac. “I’m not doing anything today, if that’s okay with you?” I said.

“That would be awesome :):) Thanks Mike!!!” she typed. “What time can you come over?”

“I’m about to get in the shower, after that I’ll eat lunch and come right over.” I said.

“I have tons of leftovers from Christmas you’d love, come eat lunch here!” she typed, rather fast.

“Sound good to me, I’ll see you in 45?” I said.

“45 it is, talk to you then.” she said.

I turned off my computer and jumped into the shower. I did the regular clean up, got dressed and made myself look decent. I locked the door and started the fifteen minute walk bursa escort to her place. Once I got there, I was shivering from the cold, I didn’t wear nearly enough clothes. I rang the doorbell, the door opened within seconds. We said our hello’s, then she realized how cold I was.

“You’re freezing Mike!” she said, as she grabbed my hand.

She took my hand and held it between hers, rubbing them together. She then did it to my other hand. That was more contact then I ever expected from Katherine.

“Come sit by the fire, you need to warm up!” she said.

I obeyed and sat down in front of the fireplace. She sat down beside be and continued rubbing my hands. I just now noticed her beauty in the light of the fire. Her breasts nearly popping out of her shirt, her gorgeous curves stretching her jeans to where it looked like they would tear. As she leaned over me to grab the other hand, her legs rubbed up against my now warm hand. This was enough to start getting me hard. I thought I should put an end to this before I end up embarrassing myself.

“I’m pretty warm now, thanks Katherine, what’s for lunch?” I said.

“I’m slow cooking some leftover turkey and stuffing, should be ready in about 30 minutes.” she said.

“Sounds good to me.” I said as I stood up. “Where’s this troublesome Mac I’ve heard so much about?”

“It’s upstairs in my room, follow me.” she said.

I followed a few feet behind her through the hallway until we reached the stairs. As she started climbing the stairs in front of me, her beautiful ass was inches from my face. I couldn’t do anything but stare as it wiggled all the way up the stairs. It was one of the hottest things I’ve seen, I could have taken care of myself right there on the stairs. By the time we reached the top of the stairs, I noticed a lump in my pants. This wasn’t the time and place to be sporting a tent. I think of something unattractive like a sewage pipe or a old sock whenever I’m trying to relieve myself of a raging hard on. It helped a bit, at least she won’t notice anything. As we walked over to the computer, she sat in the chair and I stood beside her.

“See, I can’t figure out where any of my documents are being saved, I can’t even figure out how to open the right programs, never mind type a report!” she said.

It was almost impossible to focus on what she was saying when the view from up here was mouth watering. The most amazing tits I’ve ever seen were forcing their way out of her shirt, and I was on lookout duty from above. I felt myself getting hard again, so I tried to focus on the reason why I was here.

“Yeah, uhhh, if you open this window you’ll get a list of your programs, and if you open this window here it will show you all of the documents you’ve saved.” I said. I wasn’t all that bright when it came to Mac’s, but even I knew how to do that.

“Nice! one problem solved, but I have more.” She said. “I have these nice speakers that came with it, but I can’t get any sound out of them. I’ve tried sticking the plug in every hole but still no luck.” She said.

That’s not something an extremely hot girl should say to someone trying to restrain a massive hard on. I got up, clicked a few things on the computer, to make it look like I had a clue what I was doing.

“To be honest I have no idea what’s wrong with it. Maybe you should call the tech support number?” I said.

“I guess I’m going to have to.” she said.

She picked up the phone and dialed the number that was on the manual. She then leaned over the desk, resting her elbows on the top of it while reaching for a bursa escort bayan pen and paper. I walked backwards and sat on the couch directly behind her. The view was another amazing one. She was bent over the desk, talking to tech support on the phone while her gorgeous ass was sticking up in the air. As she wrote notes on the paper, she shifted her weight from one side to the other, making her ass do a sexy dance inside her jeans which were now even tighter because she was bent over. This went on for about five minutes, and I sat staring at her ass the entire time. By the time she hung up the phone, my cock was harder than I thought possible. She kept on writing notes on the paper after she hung up the phone, but I knew this sexy position was soon going to come to an end. I had to do something before she sat back down in the chair.

Her full attention was still on what she was writing. As I stood up, a tent formed in my pants that wasn’t there when I was sitting down. If she turned around now, I would be busted. I decided to go for it. This is probably the lamest tactic I’ve ever used, but it was all I could come up with at the time.

“Katherine?” I said.

She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out as she was still focused on writing. Finally she said “Yeah, what’s up?”.

“Don’t move, there’s a bug on your back…” I said, sounding confident.

“Ahh!! Is there? Get it off!” she said.

She stayed perfectly still as I slowly walked up behind her. Once I was right behind her, It felt as though my cock was being sucked towards her ass. She might get mad at me for doing this, but I was going to do it anyways, because she just looked that good there, with here ass sticking out. I took a deep breath, and in one swift move, I lunged forward thrusting my cock up against her ass and wrapping my hands under her arms to grab hold of those huge tits. I thrusted forward, pushing her up against the desk, allowing my cock to push harder into her ass. My chest was on her back as I pushed down onto the desk, my hands being crushed between her tits and the desk. I put my head beside hers as I grinded my cock on her firm ass. It was better than I ever thought it would be, I could bust right there in my pants. This intense grinding went on for about 15 seconds, then I noticed that she hadn’t resisted or even said anything, which shocked me.

“A bug on me huh?” she said, as she turned her head to look at me, giving me a smile and a little giggle.

I guess she wanted this too, because she started backing her ass up into me. I couldn’t take it anymore, I slid my hand down between my cock and her ass and started rubbing her pussy lips. She thrusted her hips back into me as I pushed her back into the desk. I backed away and gave her ass a firm smack, she slid forward, a moan escaping her lips. I knew she was ready to go all the way.

I quickly dropped my pants and ripped of my shirt, and continued grinding against her ass in just my boxers. I leaned over her, taking her hands and moving them above her head towards the back of the desk so I could slide her shirt off of her, followed by her bra. She grabbed my hands and put them back on her tits. Her nipples were now rock hard as I squeezed them between my fingers. She let out another moan. I slid off my boxers started grinding my bare cock against her ass. I took my hands off her tits, reached around her legs and forcefully started rubbing her pussy. I then unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, and in one quick motion, pulled them down to the floor.

As she stepped out of them, my eyes were fixed on her ass, escort bursa which was possibly the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen in my life. She was wearing a black thong which I slid down right after her pants.

There she was, completely naked, leaning over the desk with her ass pointed towards me. And there I was, standing a foot behind her, my cock pointed right at her ass. The urge to rush forward and drive it right into her was impossible to resist. As I approached her, I decided to slow things down a bit, make her beg. I ran my finger from the back of her neck all the way down her back to her ass with the slightest touch that made her quiver and push back towards my cock. I backed away, to prevent her from making contact. She let out a moan of frustration.

I walked back over to her, giving her ass a few light taps followed by a hard smack, which made her tighten up let out a moan.

“Put it in Mike, you’re fucking killing me here!” She yelled out.

“Put what in? I’m still trying to figure out what’s wrong with the computer.” I said, sarcastically.

“Cut the shit Mike! Fuck my pussy now!” she yelled with anger.

I grabbed hold of my cock and let it lightly rub up and down on her pussy, causing her to moan and push back at me. I punished her by smacking her ass, causing her to move forward with a moan. I was starting to get impatient now, I couldn’t take much more of this.

“Mike! Put it in now or I’ll——-“

Mid sentence I slammed it into her all the way, pinning her to the desk with my cock buried all the way into her now drenched pussy. Her back arched inwards as she yells out in pleasure. As she arched her back, her tits stuck out, which I was sure to grab hold of as I started thrusting in and out. I noticed a bottle of lube on the shelf. I made a mental note, it might come in handy later.

I was about to cum when I pulled out, she let out another moan as the head of my cock escaped her pussy. I teased her by pushing the head of my cock up against her asshole.

She turned to look at me and said “You know, I don’t think I’ve tried that hole yet, maybe that’s the one tech support was talking about?”

I didn’t even have to speak. I grabbed the bottle of lube, rubbing some on my cock, and some on her ass. I pushed her body down onto the desk, forcing her to relax by letting the desk support her weight. Her ass loosened up, giving me better access as I slowly pushed into her warm, tight ass. I could hear the hum of hear moaning as I was about halfway in. I pulled back out and waited for her to try and push back into me. As she pushed back I slapped her ass hard, causing her to tighten up around my cock.

As she started to relax again, she let out a slow moan followed by “you better give it to me soon, I’m ready to cum”.

“Be careful what you wish for” I said.

I slammed into her all the way like I did to her pussy, slapping her ass hard at the same time. Her ass tightened up around my cock as I tried to force it in and out. As I started thrusting faster and faster, her moans started getting louder and louder. I reached around her legs and started rubbing her clit. I smashed the full length of my cock into her over and over again as I rubbed her clit. I could tell she was about to cum. I put my last bit of effort into fucking her as my hot cum shot out of my cock, filling up her already warm ass. I could feel her body shaking as she yelled out in orgasm. My hand became drenched in pussy juice as she came all over the floor.

I kept thrusting until I slowly came to a stop. Just as I pulled out, the oven timer went off.

“Ready for lunch?” she said, as we both got dressed.

“Sure am.” I said.

“That’s two problems down, I’ve got a few more for you to look at after we eat.” she said as we walked down the stairs.

“Sure thing.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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