Commuter Train Lust

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The train approaches the platform and the commuters from our village to the big city make their way, shuffling together like emperor penguins as they assemble, ready to board the 07.06. I look around and see a few familiar faces. We nod to each other discretely, in the courteous but distant way British train travellers do. Heaven forbid that we actually speak with each other, even less get to know one another. Maybe it’s because we are an island race that we behave in such an insular manner.

The doors hush open, and I find a vacant seat. A woman sits next to me. She’s about 58 years old, the rounded side of overweight, straw coloured hair, a gentle but “lived-in” face, carrying a cloth covered shopping bag and wearing a heavy-weight coat. It’s really not that cold, and for once, the heating in the carriage works. She smiles as she sits down, gathering her flapping coat around her to achieve two things… to make a warm physical and psychological cocoon around her; and to not impinge on my personal space. The barrier is created efficiently. Even this close, we do not even greet each other. Sad. We enter life alone, leave it alone, and during our rich years, we are often alone.

I reach for my MP3 player and search for something special; something that will enliven me in my privacy. Inserting my earphones deeply ataköy anal yapan escort to trap the sound so that only I can hear, I press the “play” button and listen to your voice. I have downloaded your story from Literotica and can hear you, and in my minds eye I can see you as you touch and caress yourself into blissful orgasm. I smile wryly to myself and wonder whether I could smell you if I had a minds nose. My senses are awash with your sighs, groans and murmurings.

Under my briefcase that nestles in my lap, my penis engorges with blood as I become erect. I am erect for you, and because of you. In my ears, you encourage me to grow, and I know that I will have to masturbate when I arrive at my office. I need the release that you can bring.

I am disturbed by the woman next to me. She too has earphones embedded in her ears, linked to her phone. She’s not talking, but I can tell she’s listening intently. My mind wanders and wonders what is making her smile. She has a pretty mouth. I imagine her kissing her children, her husband, her lover, her friends. Each kiss is different. The lips take the shapes demanded by the circumstances.

Opposite me sits a man… ordinary… and next to him a younger woman, over 21 but much less than 30. She is on ataköy bdsm escort her way to work. She is clutching her office security pass. She has Indian/Asian features but a Welsh name. Curious. I know her name, and her company; but her secret is safe with me. Her eyes are closed as she listens to her music. Is it music? She shuffles in her seat and presses her bottom down into the cushion. She is doing more than just riding on a train. She’s riding the train. Her knees press together and she gently chews her bottom lip in concentration. What is she listening to? I need to know.

Her eyes fly open as she catches me watching her. She smiles at me. It’s warm and personal. She looks at my lap and sees me squeezing my buttocks as I try to force more of my life-blood into my hard cock. She thinks that she knows. She realises that she really knows. And I return her smile.

Your voice in my ears calls out to me, and I am very aroused by it. The lady next to me understands the link between us and gently moves towards me. The girl opposite “accidentally” bumps my foot with hers, blushes and mumbles an apology. My automatic response brings a pretty smile to her lovely face.

I hear you cum and lick your fingers clean of your juices. I hear you slurp greedily and doubt ataköy elit escort that the woman next to me would be so un-ladylike. Mind you, the girl opposite could be a noisy one. Maybe she shrieks and writhes as her orgasm floods her.

I think about the real you and your pussy, and make the link from you to the women on the train. I know that you shave, your cunt is clean and available…. a wanton peach ready for plucking, sucking and eating. I love your taste. Rich, delicate and fresh. I love your scent, alluring, passionate and heady. I love the way you hold me to you as I search out the inner folds I know so well. I love the way you sleep after it’s all over. I adore the touch of the drying stickiness on your thighs as you rest. From your foetal position, we spoon together naked in repose. My still hard dick rests in the cleft of your buttocks. You are satisfied and I know my turn will come.

As the train slows, I come to my senses in the train carriage once again. The young woman looks at me intently and reads my mind. As the train draws in to the station, we motion to get up and leave.

“Come on, mum”, says the younger to the older woman. The older woman smiles and passes me as she goes towards the door.

“Ladies first.” I say to both of them.

The younger woman drops her train ticket. Ever the gentleman, I pick it up. As I return it to her, she looks at the floor, not wishing to make eye contact, lies and says “It’s not mine”. Of course it is. I look at the ticket and she’s written her name and phone number and a message which read, “I hope you liked your story. I enjoyed mine. Same time tomorrow?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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