Community Involvement Ch. 02

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We had not seen each other for a few weeks, which was nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, there had been times during the fifteen years we had been neighbours when it had been months. As you can imagine though, I was always on the lookout for any sight of her, particularly after what had occurred just after the start of the new school year. However, in my usual silly way, with each passing day, I was starting to question if she might be avoiding me, embarrassed and disturbed by what had taken place. The more I tried to tell myself to be positive of mind and that it was just a matter of time and all would be okay, the more my negative, insular side took over; and it was starting to win.

All I wanted was to see her and hear her voice, even if was a brief hello, like it used to be. I would have been happy just to know she was okay with where things were between us, so to speak. The memories were still fresh for me as I climbed the ladder to prune the Orange Jasmine trees out in the front yard. Those wonderful salacious memories which constantly threatened to distract me totally, ensured maximum concentration to achieve anything worthwhile. It was still warm and humid, even though the season was officially Autumn. The sweat was literally pouring from me (which is a tad unusual for me but an indicator as to how sultry it was) and causing my T-shirt to stick to me so much I had trouble reaching.

“A top up of the tan won’t go astray,” I thought to myself, tossing my discarded top onto the veranda. I took another large swig from my water bottle and moved the ladder down toward the 3 meter gap between the end of the Orange Jasmine hedges and the house line. This was also the gap where I could see, from ground level, straight into Michelle’s carport, and where, those wonderful few weeks ago, I got the first amazing look deep inside her gapping top, which also proved the catalyst for a deepening of our neighbourly interaction. Well, a deepening which lasted an afternoon, and as I have said, not progressed in any way, shape or form since.

I climbed the ladder. Precariously poised near the top rung, to maximise my reach, started the pruning machine and commenced to trim the top, trying for all I was worth to get it flat and even. The loud noise of the pruner and the total concentration I had to give to the job, lest I topple over and land in an embarrassing heap, masked the sound of her car as it entered her drive and stopped in the car port. Due partly to my position and not until I had stopped pruning and climbed down, did I notice her car.

I was crestfallen, to tell you the truth. My dark forebodings all came crashing in at once. My heart felt heavy. A great sadness, or was it self-pity, welled up in the pit of my stomach.

“Fuck it,” I thought. “What is the use of sulking? I need to finish the job at hand and then I can……..” I did not know what I was going to do after I finished pruning, my thought processes were blank.

I repositioned the ladder by thrusting it down hard, a little harder than necessary, against the wall of the low fence. In part to ensure stability, in part out of sheer annoyance and frustration, and lose.

“After all that happened the other week! For sure she knew I was there and yet she just walked away.” I growled inwardly then chastised myself for my ridiculous outburst.

I climbed the ladder and proceeded to finish the pruning. I checked along the row of hedge and all seemed good; nice and flat and tidy. Well, at least that went well. I climbed down, my shirt still off and sweat running in rivulets down my back. Once back on solid ground I surveyed my efforts from the side and then front-on to check for any unsightly defects. Satisfied with what I saw I trundled back over to the ladder, collapsed it together and hoisted it under my arm, with the pruner in my other hand, and started to head toward the back of the house to put everything away.

“Hi Ray.”

Her voice floated to me like I was in a dream. It was not the usual bright, breezy sound of her voice I was used to. There was timidity to it, a nervous tremor. My body went cold and my arms began to visibly tremble as a nervous fear mixed with excitement swept over me.

I had not seen her as I had moved the ladder as she was standing in the far corner of her carport, deep in the shadow. I had no idea how long she had been there and I felt guilty at not having seen her and for the angry thoughts.

“Michelle!” I gasped, a huge lump swelling in my throat. “Hi. I…. I did not see you there, sorry.”

“I obviously heard you and knew you were there when I drove in. But I could not get your attention over the noise.” She looked down at the ground as she said this. I wondered if that was really the truth of it.

“Obviously.” I replied, making a forced attempt to laugh as well and not show my confused feelings.

She moved forward as I spoke to her, coming around so we were now standing in the same position where our first physical interaction had sprung from. I placed the pruner and ladder on the veranda as a flash back of aksaray escort events swam into my mind and as quickly disappeared.

“Michelle it is great to see you. You look great; I hope the wedding plans are going great.” I was babbling and inwardly I cringed.

“What a fucking idiot I must sound,” I was saying in my head, “great, great, great.”

She stepped closer, only an arm’s length away. She smiled but it was not her usual bright beaming smile. I followed instinct and hopped over the fence. She started to meekly protest but as I neared her, Michelle’s eyes rose and looked into mine. Her eyes looked sad and there were the first hints of tears welling in the corners.

“I was scared, Ray.” She said looking straight at me. “Scared of what we did, what I did, scared I had lead you on, scared for myself that it would all get out of hand……” She sobbed and sniffed, and then apologised for the loud sniff which made me chuckle. “I don’t know what I am saying, sorry.” Her tears were flowing quite freely now, streaming down her cheeks and onto my chest, as I wrapped her in my arms to comfort her.

“I feel exactly the same as you, dear neighbour.” I said softly into her hair as I cradled her in my arms. I suddenly remembered I did not have a shirt on and that I was sweaty as well. I started to pull away explaining why but she told me not to move, to hold her; it was making her feel better to be near me.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, my member was getting restless, feeling her body against mine, and it began to swell. I felt like I was back in high school where any contact like this always produced a ragging hard-on. This sort of reaction was a rarity with my wife nowadays, but the fact that is was Michelle, the centre of my erotic fantasies for so long, as well as the (for want of a better phrase) sinfulness of what we had done and were doing now, up it came, sensing the nearness of this sexy woman.

We embraced for some time, each murmuring to the other about our feelings surrounding our current situation. All of a sudden, I heard the door close of a car. It came from one door down from my house, two doors down from Michelle’s. This particular “neighbour” was not a very nice person, a right piece of work, and would definitely exploit any opportunity to cause mischief for either or both of us if he caught us as we were. Fortunately Michelle had not heard the noise, so I gently eased us back toward her garage door. We were now deeper in the shadows and shielded from general view by her car and the start of the wooden paling fence that ran toward the rear of both our properties.

I kissed her forehead and stroked her hair back away from her eyes. She smiled up into my face and kissed me lightly on the lips, and smiled again, this time it beamed brightly and despite the tears, which had subsided by now; her eyes seemed to have a renewed glow.

“Arrggghh,” she exclaimed jokingly and attempting to pull away. “You’re sweaty and dripping on me.” I retained the wrap of my arms about her slender waist as I felt a drop of sweat run down my back and spread across her arm.

She had on a similarly styled sleeveless top as she worn during our last (first) encounter, it may have been the same one, for all I knew, as the colour was the same. She had paired it this time, though, with a hip hugging denim skirt that finished just above her knee. She looked smashing. As I had manoeuvred us out of direct line of sight from the street, and as we repositioned, my leg logged between hers. This was not intentional but it certainly came in handy right now.

“I bet your equally wet, my dear lady.” I said in a hushed tone as I looked deeply into her eyes. “If not more so.”

With a sweep downward of my right hand I quickly moved my hand up under the hem of her skirt. Michelle instinctively moved her knees together and brought her hand around to stop my progress. There was a hint of distress on her face at my sudden movement.

“You think so do you?” She said, her cheeks flushing with colour.

Her hand moved aside and the tension in her torso melted away as suddenly as it had arrived.

My hand moved under her skirt, gradually working higher along her soft thigh. I pressed my body against her and leaned her back a little so she was arched onto the bonnet of her car.

My fingers found the heat of her womanhood. I pressed the tips into the cleft through her underwear, and found her hardened clitoris. She bucked noticeably at my touch and fixed me with a searing look of passion. I moved my finger lower, pressing a little more firmly into the cleft as she responded by widening her thighs slightly.

“I was right.” I whispered.

My fingertips received a rather moist reception as they pushed into her labia, the wetness oozing through the thin veneer of her knickers. I could not stand it, I had to have her and here seemed the right place and time. I kept my right hand pressed against her mound and moved my left to undo my fly to release anal yapan escort my ragging member and hopefully fill her with it. Her arms were about my shoulders as I quickly tugged myself free. Just as I started to try and move her underwear aside she realised what I meant to do. She grabbed my cock.

“No Ray. Not here. Please?” She pleaded. “I want you too, but not here. Please for the sake of all we have………”

I heard her plea despite the high octane urges I had to ravage her body. My breath was laboured and my chest heaved with the intensity of the desire to fuck her. She held my cock in her gentle fingers and softly stroked its length.

“If feels and looks bigger this time.” She said, laughing lightly. “It also feels thicker. Must have been the shorts you had on last time masking the real you. I meant it when I said I want you just as much as you want me, as I’m sure you know full well from your exploration up my skirt.”

I smiled like a child being caught with their hand in the biscuit tin.

“You know, you are 100% correct.” I said in a confident tone. “But I know what to do.”

I brushed her lips with mine as I reluctantly removed my hand from under her skirt. Even more reluctantly I removed my pulsing member from her grasp and zipped my shorts up. As luck would have it, Michelle was neither large of body nor long. To put this into perspective, she has a slight build, standings about 5’2″ tall and would weigh about sixty five kilos, so it was no trouble at all for me to whisk her off her feet and up into my arms.

She laughed gaily and rested her head against my shoulder. Now, I am no giant either. I stand only 5′ 8″ tall and weigh 72 kilos but I do have good muscle bulk, although I do not work out at gyms or anything. It is all as a result of natural toning and, as I said, Michelle was not hard to lift.

“Phew!” she exclaimed, taking another whiff of my skin. “You smell!” She wrinkled up her cute little nose.

“So would you if you were doing that.” I nodded my head in the direction of the hedge. “However, I know what to do. Something that will make us both feel, um……. Better.”

“Oh?” She clung tightly to me as I made my way across the short brick path and onto her veranda. The fly-screen security door was closed but the actual front door was open. I managed to open the outer door and hook my heel behind it and closed behind us. I then got us balanced so that I could get my right heel behind the heavy main door and swing it closed as well.

“Bravo, my sweaty neighbour.” She congratulated.

I kissed her again and moved along the shadowy hall. Michelle nuzzled into me but still complained (in jest) that I was stinky. I pushed the bathroom door open with my foot and entered, and like I had done with the front door, hooked my left heel this time around the door and closed it.

‘If you think I smell so bad, how about you help me to freshen up?” I asked, gently letting her to the floor.

“Me shower with you?” Michelle said in mock shyness. She turned into me pulling me hard against her body. “What a great idea.”

I watched her as she seemed to glide her way over to turn on the shower. Leaving her hand dangling in the flow she asked what temperature I would like the water.

“Very hot I would think,” she said in a thoughtful way, “to get all that sweat off you.”

“Lukewarm will be fine.” I suggested. “With you in there too, it will be hot enough soon enough.”

“Is that so?”

Satisfied the water temperature was right Michelle made her way back to me, with her hands behind her back. Her pert breasts strained against her top. My cock strained against my shorts.

“What if I decide I do not want a shower?”

I moved to pick her up again but she wiggled clear of my grasp. I jumped forward and barely reached her waist but managed to pull her closer. Her hip made contact with the front of my shorts and she gasped and pulled back in surprise. Regaining her composure, she moved in close again, grinding her stomach against my hardness, and wrapping her arms about my neck.

“You certainly know how to convince a girl.” I lent to kiss her but she danced away.

“Well, get in there.” She put on her commanding mothers voice and pointed to the shower.

“Okay. Okay.” I said hopping about as my foot got caught in the leg of my sticky shorts. I turned my back to her and removed underwear and quickly made my way into the rather spacious shower. In fact the whole room was spacious and the decor was modern without being over the top. The colouring was predominantly white paint and light grey tiles, not exactly my taste, but effective. The water was warm and welcoming as it poured over my head and ran down my sweaty body.

Working the shampoo into my hair I lathered it vigorously, massaging the scalp to remove the grit and grime from my pruning activities as the soothing water cascaded over me. I washed my face in some of the descending foam leaving my whole head with a refreshed sense of cleanliness. As I ran atakent escort my hands over my chest I suddenly felt her presence behind me. My mind sprang to the scene from Skyfall, when on the motor-yacht; Bond entered the shower and embraced the girl from behind. I smiled to myself enjoying the thought of the roles being reversed.

Her arms folded around me while her hands gently caressed me as if I had breasts making my nipples stiffen in response to her touch. Not for the first time that day, my penis sprang back into life. Michelle pressed her body into me, her beautiful globes squashing into the small of my back. They were firm yet soft, all at the same time and I could feel the hard nubs on my skin as her hands caressed my chest and glided down across the flat of my stomach. I caught my breath as her finger made contact with my pubic hair. I could feel her mouth broaden into a satisfied grin as she withdrew them quickly, teasingly, while kissing my shoulder. I reached behind us and pulled our bodies more firmly together, the heat of her lower body spreading over my buttocks like warm quilt cover in winter.

“Are you all clean yet?” She asked, her mouth lightly pressed to my shoulder.

“There are a few bits I haven’t got to.”

“Is that so?” Her fingers trailed over my stomach again.

“I bet you left this bit for me………..”

Question or statement of fact, I did not care, all I wanted was for her to move her hand lower. I groaned low and long as her hands found my jutting member. I gasped at the wonderful feeling, as Michelle nuzzled softly into my neck while she stroked my thickness and cupped my balls.

“Not quite as long as my husbands, but my word, it is thick.”

“I’m glad you approve.” I said huskily.

As she had done during our first encounter, she worked intensely on that most sensitive of spots on the underside of the shaft just below the bulbous head. My body jerked with desire each time she pressed in on me there and I sucked in my breath with each contact she made.

“Someone likes their shower?” She cooed, her hand now pumping me with a firm hard motion.

I could not answer. The feeling of her masturbating me, again, was sending me quickly to the point of no return. My whole body quivered with the sheer lustful delight she was delivering to my cock. However, I knew I had to stop her because, although I desperately wanted to come, I did not want it to be like this. I wanted to fuck this beautiful woman, to feel her heavenly body, not just pressed into or against me, but wrapped around my cock.

With an effort of will, I broke our embrace and as the water of the shower fell on us like summer rain, I kissed her fully on the mouth. She immediately responded, our passion pulling us together, tongues probing, our bodies melting as one, in a heated exchange of mutual desire. My throbbing penis pressed hard into her lower tummy as our arms wrapped tightly around each other’s backs trying to pull our two bodies into one. My need to enter her was getting urgent so I reluctantly by-passed giving her inviting breasts any attention and moved my hand down, gliding across the softness of her lower tummy, through the light tuffs of pubic hair at the top on her mound and straight between her heated thighs.

Michelle was pressed against the wall, her back arched and her arms urging me closer to her. With our foreheads locked together, I looked directly into her melting eyes as I grabbed hold of my male probe and stroked it firmly along the heated cleft of her vagina. She groaned loudly as the bulbous head parted her labia and struck her swollen clitoris. I masturbated my cock head against her clit making her grunt even louder. I repeated the firm strokes over and over, parting her outer lips with the purple head of my manhood and then mashing her clit with it. Her whole body was responding to my every movement, with every contact my hardened penis made with her soaking cleft.

“Oh…… fuck.” She groaned as her hips involuntarily humped forward seeking my invader.

“Please, Ray……. need you………… in me.” Her breath was ragged and I could barely hold from blowing my lot as well.

I could feel her legs shaking and, fearing she might slip, I hoisted her legs up to wrap around me and pinned her body to the wall as my length arched up inside her. With one deft thrust I entered her womanly depths, feeling an excitement that only comes from having achieved something that I had only thought possible in a dream. My cock slipped in fully and pressed her backside against the wall as I proceeded to grind myself into her flesh. Her hips were trembling, her moans echoing around the walls as I looked down between our joined bodies and watched, mesmerised, as my cock disappeared deep inside her. It was out of sheer bloody mindedness that I did not come almost instantly as my cock entered her with one long, slow, hard stroke after the other. But now I could feel her touch, in every sense, and it felt so magical, the whole union was so passionate that all I felt between us was an intimacy that can only be shared by two people that truly desire to give pleasure to the person they are with. Each inward thrust was greeted with a guttural grunt from deep inside her throat. Michelle’s head was rolling from side to side against the wall and her torso trembling with the building of her climax.

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