Coming Over

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“Good evening,” I say, as you welcome me into your apartment. Tonight, you’ve invited me over to share a few drinks and conversation.

“I brought the wine,” I say.

“Merlot?” You ask, knowing my appreciation for what you consider just a step or two above bath water.

“No, this is a bottle of 1973 Yves St. Laurent Cabernet Sauvignon. I thought you might enjoy tasting something a little more mature for a change.” I smile at the double entendre, and smile even more as you realize what I just said. I am feeling rather mischievous tonight.

“Ha ha, very funny…” you say, and reach for the bottle to examine what I have brought. You seem satisfied with my choice, and you wander off towards the kitchen. I watch you as you go; your hips subtlety swaying with every step. You look exquisite. You are wearing your blue dress. I recall the first time I saw you in that dress, as you were walking up to the tents during The Lakes End. When I saw you then, you took my breath away. Not like this is the first time for that. The first time I saw you I was enraptured by your beauty. It’s more than just your outward appearance; it’s the way you carry yourself, the way that you are so decisive. I wonder how it is that you…

“Are you going to have a drink, or are you just going to stand there?” You snap me back to the present. I find that I daydream about you quite a bit.

“Thank you. So, what do you think?”

“It’s wonderful, even if it is a little old.” Ouch. You smile at me, and we make our way to the couch.

The hands on the clock and the level in the bottle both progress along in their appointed paths. We have been chattering on about everything and anything. We swap war stories, reveling in the freedom that we have found in our association. It is a good thing to have someone to vent to. It amuses you to no end to hear about my foibles from the past decade. But then I impress you from as I relate an experience to a Rumi poem.

“Just because I work with my hands doesn’t mean I don’t read the contemporary romantics,” I say with a slight harrumph. I can feel the warmth of the wine in my belly, and it gives me the courage to say things that I otherwise wouldn’t.

“It’s a damn shame you’re my boss, you know. That means I don’t have a chance with you.”

“That’s not why you don’t have a chance with me,” you shoot back with a gleam in your eye. “You don’t have a chance with me because you have never made a move. Am I supposed to read your mind and see if you are interested? I don’t play that game.” “But you told me that you didn’t want to hook up this summer!” DAMN!!! Is that all it would have taken?

“What was I supposed to say, ‘I sure do hope that someone throws me down and fucks me like they mean it?’ What kind of a slut would that make me? Besides, I didn’t know you.”

“And now you do. And I am interested. I have been able aksaray escort to think of nothing else but you ever since I saw you that first day in the office. I want you Renée. I want to show you how much I want you. I want you to be able to let me love you like I want to. I want to take you into my arms and make you feel your femininity, my body, and the beauty of this evening.” And with that, I kiss you. Long and hard. My heart is racing a mile a minute. And the best part is, YOU KISS BACK! You open your mouth to me, and I explore your lips, your tongue. I feel as if I am being nourished with your kiss. I run my hands thru your hair, grab hold, and pull your head back. With a subtle gasp, you yield to my touch and expose your supple neck to me. I run my tongue along your clavicle and up to the side of your neck where I sink my teeth into your soft flesh. You moan with pleasure, and look at me with longing.

“Bobby, let me…”

“I am taking you on a journey tonight. I want to explore you, and you will experience me. Now, you must let go.”

With an almost imperceptible nod, you accept my words. Deftly, I lift you into the air, spinning you around as we kiss yet again. I carry you into the bedroom, where I gently lay you down upon the soft mattress. I stand up, and gaze across your beauty. I begin to get lost in you again, but realize my place. I find your candles, and light them so you are now lit with only their soft glow. I pull from my pocket a silken scarf, and tie it across your eyes.

With the loss of your sight, you draw your knees up, but I softly take your ankle in my hand and guide your legs back down. Having long since removed your shoes, you are left in your stockings. I raise your right leg, and lift your dress to expose the porcelain skin of your upper thigh. I take your foot to my mouth, and gently suckle your toes. Your body reacts, and you relax into the situation. I remove your stocking, and again take your toes into my mouth and kiss and suck them one at a time. You moan. Then, I begin to work up higher. I kiss along the back side of your calf, and along the outer edge of your thigh. I lift your dress as I go until it can go no further. I sit you up, and kneeling behind you, I undo the zipper and slide the dress off your shoulders.

I draw my nails across your back, with just enough pressure to make to arch into me. Then I take them back up your sides, just grazing your beautiful breasts. I caress your shoulders, soothing away the trials of the day, intermingling soft kisses, then as I lay you back down. Your dress I leave dress bunched up around your waist. I draw my hands across your chest, inscribing soft circles around your bosoms and lean down to take a swelling pink nipple into my mouth. I flick my tongue along the base of your breast, and tease the tip while I gently bite down on you. All anal yapan escort the while, my hands slowly explore the rest of you. My fingers trip down your arms, and I intertwine my fingers with yours. I go lower, kissing your stomach (and marvel at the result of your sit-ups). Inspired, I as well sit up, and I remove my clothing. (A tisket, a tasket…) Now both naked, I lower myself down to your womanhood. I inhale deeply, and savor the scent of you. I run my fingers across your neatly trimmed hair, and spread open your soft folds. I lick slowly at first, exploring you, and discover where you are the most sensitive. The taste of you is intoxicating. I lick you fully, and you writhe in ecstasy. I draw you onto my mouth, holding you tightly. I plunge my tongue deep within you.

“Oh yes!” you cry out in pleasure. With your senses heightened by the blindfold, and no point of references other than my touch, you quiver with each lap of my tongue inside you. Your body begins to shake as you near orgasm. With a white knuckled grip, you take handfuls of the sheets to try and drive yourself down onto my face. Then you begin to cascade over the edge, convulsing, clamping your thighs around me and squeezing tightly. You make the most delicious sounds as your pussy contracts with the waves of your orgasm. I lap at your juices, savoring every drop. You tremble as the waves of pleasure wash over you. You begin to catch your breath, but before you can recover completely, I lift you and wrap your legs around my waist. You kiss me, hungrily, and revel in the taste of yourself on my lips. While we kiss, I position myself so my throbbing member is poised at the edge of you womanhood. You sense my presence, and you wiggle your hips trying to draw me inside you. I tease you by moving the tip of my cock to just touch you. I can feel your juices drip down my shaft, and you whimper with desire. Your tongue caresses mine, in a wordless plea for me to fill you. I do.

“Oh my GOD!” you gasp. “You feel so good in me!” You speak in barely a whisper, lost in pleasure. As we continue to kiss, I grasp your hips and slowly rock you back and forth. The sensation thrills you, and you join in the motion. With each thrust, you shudder, and you quickly come to the brink again. I remove the blindfold.

You look at me with wide eyed amazement as you again reach your zenith. What an amazing feeling to have your pussy clamp down on me deep within you! I pause, letting you enjoy the moment.

“Now here is something special,” I tell you. Staying inside you, I open your legs and slip my arms under your knees. In a sweeping motion, I stand to my feet, lifting you with me. Feeling the motion, you wrap your arms around my neck, and hold on. Now standing, I begin to thrust into you, hard. You become lost in ecstasy. The sounds of my body crashing into yours, the feel atakent escort of my rock-hard cock filling you over and over again thrills you.

“M M M M M M M M M,” is all you can manage to get out, in tempo with my thrusts. You throw your head back, enjoying the ride. You love the way this feels – you feel feminine, weightless, and loved. Even in the midst of the forcefulness, you can feel the underlying emotion.

“Mon dieu, tu es étonnant, Renée. Exquis! Je suis prêt éjaculer!” I call out to you. You are right along with me, and our moans and gasps become louder and louder. The very walls echo back to us the sounds of ecstasy. The world melts away, and we are caught up in swirling passions and emotions. Suddenly, with an enormous rush, we both climax together. Our bodies play off of each other, alternately convulsing as we cum, and stimulating the other. This serves only to keep us going. I bring us both back down to the bed, and lie with you on top of me. Still as one, we again share a magnificent kiss.

You roll off of me, and into my arms. We hold on to each other tightly, relishing the moment, and basking in the afterglow. We stay here for a few moments, with your head on my chest. As I remove the condom, I am still hard, and you look at me with a devilish grin. “You did such a nice job on me, I want to return the favor.”

So with that, you remove your dress, which has been living around your waist all the while. Then, your slowly draw your hair down across my chest on your way to taste me. You pause at my swollen cock, then slowly take me in. I moan as I feel the warmth and wetness of your mouth surround me. You fondle my balls as you slowly bob up and down, circling me with your tongue. While you are taking me in, you remember something. Inspired, you moisten a finger and press it against my ass, teasing me. I thrust against your finger, and gasp as you enter me. Now, you finger me as you take me in. The sensations are wonderful! As I rock with your rhythm, you add one finger, then one more. You pump my ass hard, and I love it. The experience is amazing, and I feel I am getting close. You sense it as well, and pound my ass harder, and take my cock all the way in.

”I’m going to cum! Renée… oh… my… god!!!”

I explode, filling your mouth with my essence. You hungrily take it all in, and then come up and kiss me. We share in the taste of my cum, while we enjoy another deep kiss. You lay back down with me, contented.

“That was wonderful. Thank you for sharing with me. You really touched me, Renée.”

We chat for a while, playfully toying with each other while staying in each others’ arms. I see you yawn, and figure that to be my cue to leave.

“Well, goodnight. Have sweet dreams!” I give you one more kiss, and I start to get up. You take my hand, and give a slight tug.

“You can stay; I would like you to stay.” Smiling, I lay back down, kiss you deeply, and take you back into my arms.

“We’re getting up at 6 for sit-ups, right?” I ask.

“Of course, that’s a non-negotiable part of my day!”

“Perfect, goodnight. Sleep with angels.”

I know that I am.

The End

Eros Literally

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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