College Reunion…of Sorts

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The following story is an original work of pure fiction. This is my second story that I’ve written and posted. Hopefully there may be more to come. Thanks for reading.


I couldn’t wait to leave for my trip. My bags were packed and even as I kissed my wife goodbye, I thought of what might be awaiting me. It had been almost eight years since I had last saw her and I wondered if she still looked as good as she did when we were last together.

On my way out of town , I thought about the times that we spent together while attending college. The sex was simply incredible, but the best thing was that there was no romantic relationship between us. We were friends. Good friends. We did everything together. She was just like one of the guys, most of the time. But when we were in bed she was nothing less than a sexual wild cat.

Well, I was now on my way to a business conference, but more importantly I would reunite with Robin in less than five hours. She told me to meet her at the bar that she worked at. A bar. That really suited her I thought. Robin was a drinker, but weren’t we all back then? I had gotten her phone number from Corrie, whom I’d met at a club about a month ago. Corrie was the fourth corner of the rowdy bunch that Robin and I belonged to at college. Denny was the other. He was my best friend and roommate at school. It worked out real well. He had the hots for Corrie and they occasionally got together, but not like Robin and I.

I talked to Robin for the first time since my college days the following Monday after I ran into Corrie. Her voice hadn’t changed and it drove me wild. She still flirted with me as we talked. So did I. We always flirted heavily with one another, back in the good old days. It was so great to hear that type of conversation from her again. She told me that she was living in a small town, which is just North, actually adjacent to the city limit of my destination. I told her that once or twice a year I get down her way on business trips. She said that the next time I was down, I would definitely have to look her up.

Well, the following day at work I scrambled to find some week long business trip to go to. I had to find something quick. And I did; a seminar set for December that lasted five days which meant that I would or could have up to seven days with Robin. Great! Every day from then on, I thought about this trip constantly. It seemed like the first of the month would never come. Halfway up to that point, the anticipation began to eat me up.

Who knows what will happen? She might have a boyfriend. I’m sure she is seeing someone. I do know that she lives with a female roommate so at least she doesn’t live with a guy. Who knows she might be a lesbian now. Wow what if I could do her and her roommate? Oh, the thoughts. What will happen? I realized that she might not want to do anything with me. She may just want to together as two old friends. I pray that this is not the case.

I’ve been married for over five years now and quite simply, I am dying to have sex with someone else. At times I feel like I will burst if I don’t get someone new into bed. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my wife and sex with her is never boring. At times it is still incredibly amazing. But the fact remains that she is still the same person. The same lay for the last five years. Actually more than that. Probably more like seven years. We dated for four years before we were married, but I did fool around on her quite a bit then. This includes Robin. I have been with a total of thirteen women in my life. Fifteen if you count two girls that simply gave me head with nothing else happening. But I’m not complaining. You see, I love sex with different girls and back then I always seemed to find another new one when I felt the need to.

Anyway, as I was nearing my destination, I was formulating my strategy to get Robin into the mood for a week long fuck fest. I mean I was fantasizing about the ultimate sexual encounter. I’m sure that I have had better fucks than what I was thinking about, but I was determined to make this week best ever. In reality, I don’t think anything could top the one night with Wendi. Mmmm. But that’s fodder for another story.

Maybe I could try to get her drunk. Who was I kidding? She could drink me under the table. I could lie to her and tell her that sex at home was rotten when, and if, my wife was ever in the mood. Or I could tell Robin that my wife was cheating on me. I thought of a lot of stories, but the best one I thought of was the simplest. I would just get her in the right place and in the right mood and just tell her. Or ask her. I wasn’t sure, but just to come right out and convey to her my real motive for this trip. Even if she said no, I felt for certain she would laugh it off as a compliment and we could still have fun. But just not the fun I had counted on.

Here was the exit. The path to paradise. I pulled out her directions, but really I didn’t need them because I had them memorized bahis firmaları by heart. I followed them anyway, I guess, because I was just too worried that I might miss a turn and waste precious time that we could spend together.

There it was. I could see the sign from three blocks away. The House of Blue Lights. I pulled into the parking lot, came to stop and checked the way I looked in the rear view mirror, before I ventured outside of my company car.

I walked up to the door and paused. I said to myself, “Please let this be what I dreamed of.” After a good deep breath, I opened it up and went in. The place wasn’t all that crowded. Really just the right amount of patrons. It reminded me of a working man’s Cheer’s. It had all the bright neon lights and smoky haze was layered across the room. I scanned the place looking for her and over at then end of the bar there she was.

Robin was leaning over the bar chatting with some guy on a stool. They were laughing. As I approached unnoticed, I could her them talking. Major flirting was taking place. Same old Robin, but it wasn’t with me. She still looked great. Even better I what I was anticipating. I walked right up to her and she never took her eyes off of that guy. Standing next to her at the end of the bar I thought of something memorable to say.

Not thinking of anything outstanding to say, I said, “What do ya’ got to drink?” She raised up on her elbows and looked at me. Then her eyes sparkled. Her thin lips looked definitely edible. After about a half second pause, her eyes opened wide and a big smile formed. “Mikee!” That’s what she used to call me, whenever she didn’t refer to me affectionately as her “fuck bunny”. She used to introduced me to people at parties and clubs that way. I liked that.

Robin jumped up, threw her arms around me and gave me a big kiss on the lips. She hugged me long and hard, giggling like a little school girl. Afterwards she stood back and said how great it was to see me. I responded with the same then turned and looked at the guy sitting there. Robin then introduced me to Bill. She explained that he and her were “best buds”. Shit I thought. She’s fucking him. Will she fuck me now? Then came the relieve. A gorgeous brunette came up to Bill, put her arm around him and said, “Honey are you ready to go?” Yes, there was still hope.

Robin and I talked for about fifteen minutes before she had to get back to tending bar. She wasn’t the only one working back there, but the other girl wasn’t too keen on serving everyone by herself. It wouldn’t be long though. It was almost eleven o’clock and she would be getting off work at midnight. We talked between drafts and mixes about all the old times, except for the sex. I didn’t bring it up for hope that if she brought it up maybe that would open the door for us that week.

Midnight came and out to the parking lot we went. Immediately she was holding onto my arm talking as we strolled to her car. She still had the same old Firebird, but I was surprised at the good condition that it was in. Robin was hungry so I followed her to the Iron Skillet. We ate breakfast, talked more but still the sex thing didn’t come up. Soon we were back out to the parking lot and again she hung on my arm. You would have thought that we were a definite couple in love. I followed her to her apartment and in we went. It was what I would have suspected. Not fancy, a little cluttered, but definitely a step up from her dorm room she shared with Christine. I nailed her as well on several occasions while at college, but again, that’s a story in its own right.

We sat on the couch, dangerously close to one another. We talked more and more. Flirting filled the air as it once did. As we laughed and chattered, Robin would touch me in various places. She would lay her hand on my leg, arm, shoulder, everywhere. Once she gripped my thigh just as she was reminded of something she thought was important and I swear her fingers weren’t two inches from my already harden cock. I was tingling all over. I felt as if I was in high school again and fixing to get my first piece of ass from the head cheerleader.

She asked where I was staying and I told her the Driskill Hotel. She teased me about having lots of money to stay at a place like that, but I told her that it was on the company’s tab that I worked for. I lied and said that I had never stayed there, but was told that it was a really nice place. The truth is, I always stay there. Mainly because its right on the bar and club strip of downtown. I told her that hoping she would take me up on an invitation to see it with me when I checked in. Her answer was heaven to my ears. Yes.

She complimented me on my nice, new company vehicle as she climbed in. As we drove she slid over to the middle of the seat to pick a good station to listen to. She never moved from that spot for the rest of the ride. Again she was touching and caressing me, but all the while it was just friendly talk. My god! It was just like before! kaçak iddaa The past has come to the present. And I loved every minute of it. My pants though were about to burst. Every hair on my body seemed like they were standing on end. We got to the hotel and I gave the keys to the valet as we got out. I checked in and off we were to the room. As we got there the bellboy opened the door, turned the lights on and put my bags away.

I tipped him and shut the door. I caught a glimpse of Robin falling back on the bed as I turned around. She looked lovely. She was right were I wanted her. I went over to the window and looked out over the city night. I heard Robin softly moan and as I turned around I heard her exclaim how soft the bed was.

Now who was seducing who? I went over and sat on the edge of the bed. She sat up and pulled me over next to her. We looked at each other, smiled and she hugged me saying that it was so good to see me again. I told her that I wouldn’t have missed this trip for anything. Our noses were about two inches from each others this whole time. Brazenly I brushed her soft hair away from the side of her face around to the back of her ear and moved my hand back to her face and held it. We gazed at each other again. She smiled and in return I traced her lips with my thumb. She responded by slightly parting her mouth and running the tip of her tongue out to my thumb. I stopped and she gently licked all over it. I then just came right out and said it. I told Robin that I was dying to have sex with her. I added that if something didn’t start happening soon, I would most likely explode from the massive tingles that I had moving about me.

With that, a devilish grin overcame her face and she sucked my thumb in all the way, found my rock hard crotch with one of her hands and starting sucking and rubbing me in a real sexy style. I was in heaven. I removed my thumb, gently grabbed a handful of her hair and planted a kiss to end all kisses on Robin. Then in an expert manner, she freed my cock and had her little hand in my shorts rubbing me from the tip to the base almost touching my asshole.

This was more than I could stand. I had to see that beautiful body that I once had held and caressed. Robin fell back onto the bed and sitting up I straddled her and removed her cotton shirt and much to my pleasure she wasn’t wearing a bra. Laughingly Robin said, “Surprise!” Robin didn’t have big tits. Probably a 32B. I can’t believe that I did not notice she wasn’t wearing a bra. In college she only wore one about fifty percent of the time. That tidbit of information had evidently been lost somewhere in my mind.

I smiled and wasted no time in moving down to unbutton her 501s. As I undid her jeans, I marveled at the incredibly smooth skin below her belly button. That light colored streak of fine hair, just as I had seen many times before was still there pointing the way to what I’ve been yearning to reunite with for weeks. Moving back I slowly removed her snug Levi’s from her hips and she responded by bringing her knees up to aid me in my endeavor. The white cotton panties she wore tightly covered her mound and the small bikini straps hugged her sculptured hips up high.

I rubbed her legs back and forth decreasing the distance from my hands to her pussy with each stroke. Robin closed her eyes and stretched her arms up above her head, giving me a hot look of her breast as she slightly arched her torso. She sighed and smiled as I ran a hand over her covered treasure. With that as a cue I leaned forward and kissed her panties hard. I slowly began to eat her through her underwear driving both her and me wild with pleasure. Robin’s moans added to the sexual excitement that filled my hotel room.

I moved her white panties to the side just enough to expose one of Robin’s pussy lips covered with light brown hair and licked up and down the outside before moving to the tasty, juicy wet side. She tensed with pleasure as I sucked her soft flesh. My anticipation overcame my willpower so I swiftly removed her bikini bottoms to expose luscious cunt and began to work on the other side of Robin’s pussy.

Robin was squirming all over as I began making circles around her clit. Then in one swift motion, I swiped my tongue down the full length of her slit. I thought she was cumming, but was wrong when she told me she that she was fixing to burst. I repeated the swipe, pausing occasionally to stick my tongue deep into her pussy. Robin bent her knees, bringing her socked feet up even with my head giving me a good view of the bottom of her ass. I brought my hands up to squeeze and fondle her ass cheeks. My thumb accidentally brushed against her tiny rosebud and Robin squealed with excitement while flexing the muscles in her ass. I found this to be very stimulating myself so my pussy licking gradually began to extend further down to just above her asshole. Testing the waters, I quickly lapped across her anus and she answered with, “Mmmmmmm.”

Taking that response on kaçak bahis a positive note, I moved a finger up to fuck her pussy while I concentrated on pleasuring her ass. As I explored her pussy with my finger, I attempted my best anal rim job. Robin tasted so good, in every place and crevice. Previously we had never had any anal experiences and this opened my imagination up to many things that I have always wanted to do. My wife occasionally likes finger stimulation on the outside of her asshole, but that’s it and she doesn’t like to return favors. Once she even let me fuck her ass, but she just did it because she knew that I wanted to so badly. It felt good, but afterwards I felt bad, because I knew that she didn’t like it. But anyway, back to the Driskill.

Robin said through a heavy breath that I had to make her come now. So I moved up to concentrate on her clit with my mouth. As I started sucking her stiff little bean, I plunged not one or two, but three fingers into her cunt and pumped them in and out feverishly. I sucked, licked and nibbled on Robin’s pussy like a sexually starving wild cat. Then it happened. Her body began to contort. Her stomach muscles contracted and with clenched fists she elevated her head off the bed, moaning uncontrollably. I kept on going, forcing her to beg me, make me stop.

Finally she had enough. Robin grabbed my head and literally threw me to the side, panting like she had just ran a hard mile. She complimented me on my mouth saying that she remembered it being good, but not that good. I moved up to take a nipple into my mouth, but didn’t suck long before she told me to take my clothes off.

I stood up next to the bed and began to undress. After I finished I bent over to remove her socks. While I performed this task, Robin moved over to provide some more attention to my dick. As I raised up she engulfed my cock, down to the base in one fluid motion.

I sat back on the bed and Robin put her mouth back on my cock. She was, and still is, an expert cocksucker. Of all the girls that have given me head, and there have been many, she was the one that could make me cum the fastest. She knew how to do everything right. And I found that Robin still had not lost her touch. I told her to slow down a little, because I was about to cum and wanted this to last a while. With that said she stopped, looked up at me, offered me a devilish grin and gave me a slow, deliberate lick from just above my asshole all the way up to the tip of my cock. I was in sexual heaven. Robin then started licking my balls and dick all over and our eyes never left each other.

Suddenly I felt her finger lightly brushing my ass. Oh, God that felt good. Her licking got lower and lower until she her tongue was at a place no other girls had ventured. A hand came up to slowly jack me off as she concentrated on giving me a most incredible rim job. She had definitely done this before. Robin lightly rippled her tongue around and across my anus. Occasionally I had to move my hand down to my cock to make her pause her hand work because I did not want to come yet. She would always comply by temporarily moving her caressing fingers down to my balls and work on them for a while. Then the most incredible feeling, up until that point happened. She began tonguing my asshole. As she drove her tongue deeper and deeper into my ass, her hand job increased with speed.

I told her that I couldn’t stand it any longer and that I had to cum. Robin said, “Okay, you asked for it.” And with that said, her lips came back up to the tip of my cock, formed the most perfect circle and swallowed my entire dick. At the same time I felt something for the first time. Robin easily slid a finger into my ass and wriggled it around. It felt, oh, so good. As Robin picked up the pace of deep throating me so did the speed with which she fucked my ass with her petite finger.

I told Robin that I am going to cum and she suddenly stops and straddles my body, looking like the cat who just ate the canary. She says, “Not yet you don’t.” She then raised up and positioned herself over my cock and I watched in jubilation as my dick disappeared. She then slowly raises up and then slams down onto me and repeats this over and over. I tell her I can’t take it anymore, fuck me harder. Now, Robin likes to control a man in bed. She loves to stretch it out for the guy and sexually torture him as long as possibly. But the time had come for me to, well, cum.

She senses this, pulls off and dives back down on my dick, sucking and bobbing with the likes I’ve never before seen. I don’t believe there is a volcano around that spewed as much, or with the force, as what my cock was in Robin warm, soft mouth. She eagerly drank my cum for what seemed like a full minute.

After she drained me, she continued to suck my cock like it was her favorite candy. I couldn’t stand the sensation any longer. Her mouth and tongue were too much for a mere mortal man like me. Forcefully, I grabbed her faced with both hands and flipped her onto her back, raised her legs up over my shoulders and began fucking her hard and solid. I reached down and started fingering her ass. This made Robin’s groans turn to joyous screams of “Yes, yes, fuck me hard!”

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