College Dreams

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I was just thinking about how much I wish I was back in college and younger. I only went to school for a year and fooled around with a few girls but no guys. I wish I would have.

It would have been amazing to have a roommate to suck and fuck anytime, or found a senior or frat guy and be his “girlfriend”. I would have been available to him whenever he wanted me. Go to the frat house, slip into his room, put on a miniskirt and stockings. Wait for him to walk in and find me waiting on his bed. I’m laying on my stomach, ass cheeks peeking out under the skirt. He walks over, I reach out and unbutton his pants, pull out his cock and start licking and kissing his soft dick. It gets hard in my mouth as I work him. He reaches down and starts fingering me, working my hole, getting it nice and ready.

He removes his clothes and lays in bed, I hover over top of him blowing him nice and sloppy. When he is as hard as he can get I climb on top and lower onto him. I feel every inch of his cock sliding into me. I feel my balls lower onto his stomach and know he is all in. Every vein pulses inside me and throbs with pure excitement. I start riding up and down, nice and slow, teasing and squeezing my muscles around him. I pick up the pace and start gobbling his cock with my ass. He holds my ass cheeks and drives into me with all he’s got. I can feel the head pounding into my prostate, its casino şirketleri the best feeling I’ve ever had, I ride like it will never end and I hope that it never will. Suddenly he moans and shoots hot cum deep inside me. I’ve gone into such ecstasy I explode instantly all over his chest and stomach.

We lay there for a few moments to catch our breath. I get out of bed and strip off the stockings and skirt, if I am even still wearing them, and head to the shower. He doesn’t have his own bathroom, its a communal bathroom with a few urinals and stalls. On the far side is a couple shower pits, each about 8 by 8 with 4 shower heads and a curtain for each pit. Most of the guys in the frat know who I am and who I belong to and are jealous as hell. They all know not to mess with me especially those guys that aren’t cool with our situation.

I walk into the bathroom with a towel around my waist but lose it once I’m inside. A few guys are in there already, two at the stalls and one in a shower pit. They stare as I approach the empty pit and hang up my towel outside and step in. One guy finishes at the urinal and heads towards the other occupied shower. He looks me up and down as he walks out of sight, cock stiffening as he drools. He gets a good view of me from behind, my tight body, round little ass, if I had long hair and tits he would swear I was a girl. I rinse off listening casino firmaları to noises in the next shower, sounds like they are blowing each other, probably thinking about me haha. My guy comes in a few minutes later to join me. Now its my turn to stare. His towel drops off revealing his sculpted body, he’s no muscle bound jock, but he is toned and well proportioned. The one thing that’s hard to take my eyes off of though, is his beautiful cock, hanging in all its glory, all 8 inches, all mine. He steps in and starts to wash himself, still a little sticky from my cum on his chest and abs.

I watch the water running off him, I can’t resist helping him wash, lathering him up paying extra attention to my favorite areas. He helps me finish cleaning up, and as I’m rinsing the last bit of soap from his body I find myself on my knees with his cock in front of me. I stroke him and lick until he is at full attention. I stand up stroking our cocks together. Now I said he wasn’t muscle bound but I didn’t say he wasn’t strong. He picks me up and lowers me onto his dick. I’m still stretched from before so he pops in nice and easy. He pins me against the wall and starts fucking me as hard as he can. I can do nothing but moan with pleasure. Now the other 2 guys are outside our pit stroking like crazy while watching us. He’s hitting my prostate so hard, my cock is pressed between our stomachs, güvenilir casino I can feel is balls slapping against the bottoms of my ass cheeks. I blow again all over both of us, cum dripping down my cock and balls and onto this hard driving dick. My cum lubricates his thrust, he can’t take any more and blasts my ass for the second time. His cum runs out of me, I’m in heaven. The other two blow their loads watching me lick his cock clean. Nothing tastes better then a hot cum covered cock.

Finally back in his room we get ready for bed, both exhausted from the evenings excitement. He likes when I sleep in a satin miniskirt and nothing else. He likes the feel, makes it a little naughtier then just being naked and yet still gives him easy access if he is in the mood again. I happily oblige. He sleeps naked, just the way I want him to. We sleep through the night, a smile on my face as his soft cock sits against my ass.

I awake in the morning, a little earlier then him, and start playing with his dick. He opens his eyes to find me softly sucking him. I take special care and give him the softest most sensual blow job he’s ever had. Hands behind his head, he let’s me do what I love, worship his cock. I blow him for almost an hour, swallowing every spurt of cum as he quietly finishes. He thanks me and then returns the favor, he’s not afraid to suck a hard cock and I melt feeling his tongue on my dick. I cum hard, then take the cum from his mouth and swallow it myself. He may suck good but doesn’t like to swallow like I do. We eat breakfast and then leave for classes. Time to start planning my outfit for him tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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