College Break at Home Pt. 02

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A few hours had passed since Mark fucked Jamie in the bathroom, and last-minute party preparations were underway. The house had a chaotic energy, brimming with movement as Jamie’s family and the hired caterers, bartender, and entertainment rushed around to complete every detail before the first guests arrived in about 2 hours.

Jamie had put on some athletic clothes in anticipation of his mother asking him to move some furniture around. Knowing that Mark would be watching, he threw on the most flattering gym outfit he could find in his closet: White sneakers with calf-length athletic socks, short gym shorts that accentuated his tanned, muscular thighs, and a tight-fitting tank-top to make visible his beefy torso and strong arms. He was looking like a true gay gym-rat.

Jamie’s instincts were right – the second he arrived in the living room, his mom was barking orders for him to move the furniture against the wall, shuffle the carpets, and clean the surfaces. He spent a half-hour going through the laundry-list of chores, in which time he had worked up a serious sweat. His skin glistened in the hot air of the house, his armpits emitting a testosterone-fueled scent.

Just as he finished up, Jamie’s mom returned to the room in a hurry with Mark. He too was wearing athletic clothes, a slightly more modest pair of mid-thigh shorts, a sweat-wicking t-shirt, and a baseball cap on backwards.

“Thank god you’re done,” Jamie’s mom said, exasperated. “Can you help Mark grab all the folding chairs from the shed out back and bring them inside?”

Mark gave Jamie a smile, jolting Jamie with energy at the thought of them being alone together.

“Sure, Mom. We’ll be back in a bit.”

She rushed off, and Mark strutted casually over to Jamie.

“Your mom’s great, but damn she’s stressed right now.”

“She always gets this way before an event,” Jamie replied. “C’mon, I’ll show you where the shed is.” Jamie nodded his head towards the back exit of the house, leading Mark outside to their tool shed.

The shed was just 30 feet away but hardly noticeable from the house. Tucked back in some bushes, it had a single entrance that faced the house and a small window pointing out to the side-yard. Jamie opened the unlocked door, letting Mark inside the tiny space cluttered with gardening supplies, holiday decorations, and the folding chairs.

“Well, here they are,” said Jamie, motioning towards the chairs. But before he could do anything else, Mark closed the door and stared right at Jamie.

“Fuck the chairs, let’s chat.” He unfolded two of them, beckoning Jamie to sit down with him. He continued.

“I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable earlier, Jamie. It’s just that, well, I’ve had a hard time controlling myself since the divorce proceedings began.”

Jamie hadn’t seen Mark so vulnerable about the divorce before. If anything, his openness casino şirketleri made him sexier than ever.

“No need to apologize, man. Besides, I came on to you more than the other way around. After all, I barged into the bathroom with an exposed erection.”

“Well I’m glad you feel that way, Jamie. For what it’s worth, I had an incredible time. I’ve fucked around a lot, and you were easily one of the best.”

Jamie was flattered. “Feels pretty good to fuck a guy’s ass, doesn’t it?” He asked rhetorically with a slightly wink. “Have you ever done that before?”

Mark seemed surprised by the question. “Of course! I can’t believe you didn’t know this, but I’m actually bisexual. Honestly, I’ll fuck any hole I can get my dick near.”

“Wow, Mark. I had no clue. I guess that’s not something I’d ever discuss with my parents.”

Mark chuckled, then leaned in and grabbed Jamie’s knee with his right hand. They made eye contact, and Jamie felt a sexual pulse surge through his body.

“Despite all my infidelity though, there’s one thing I’ve never done: Get fucked in the ass.”

Jamie was stunned at Mark’s forwardness. He was more like a horned-up teenager than a 40-something dad!

“Well, Mark,” Jamie replied back, “I could probably help you out with that.”

Jamie felt his dick grow as he noticed a bulge in Mark’s gym shorts. There was no hiding their shared horniness.

Mark yanked Jamie up from the chair, ripping off his tank-top and pulling their bodies close. He began to kiss Jamie’s chest, licking his armpits as he gripped him tightly.

“You smell so fucking good, Jamie.”

He continued to move his lips down Jamie’s torso, kissing his abs as he tugged down his gym shorts. Jamie’s fully erect dick sprang free, sticking straight out at Mark’s face. Then, Mark removed Jamie’s gym shorts entirely, leaving him fully naked except for his gym shoes and socks. Jamie couldn’t believe this was happening again so fast, but he also didn’t want to wait any longer.

On his knees, Mark wrapped his lips around Jamie’s hard member, quickly going deep on his shaft. Mark pulled on Jamie’s balls with his left hand as he grabbed Jamie’s left ass cheek with his right. Jamie groaned in pleasure, loving the feeling of Mark massaging his lower half.

After a few minutes, Jamie pulled up Mark from his knees. Without a word, he pulled off Mark’s baseball cap and shirt, and then pushed his back against the wall, making it slam with the force of their bodies. They kissed, as Mark held Jamie’s body tight to his.

Jamie grabbed Mark’s ass from outside his gym shorts, massaging the flesh that he would soon fuck.

“You have the perfect ass, Mark. I can’t believe I’ll be the first to fuck it.”

Jamie tugged at the bottom of Mark’s shorts, slowly pulling them down from his waist until they fell to the floor. Mark was wearing casino firmaları a white jock strap, tight from his massive erection and perfectly rounded ass. His cock poked out from the side, unable to be contained.

“I want you to fuck my ass with this on,” Mark said directly.

Jamie yanked on the straps beneath Mark’s ass, letting them slam back with a loud clap.

“It would be my pleasure,” replied Jamie.

He spun Mark around, his arms propping up his body against the wall and ass pointed directly out. Jamie got down on his knees and pulled apart Mark’s ass with his hands. His pink hole was glorious as before, made even better knowing he’d be the first to fuck it.

Jamie spit directly onto Mark, then ran his tongue along his taint to warm him up. Mark moaned in pleasure, his body squirming anxiously.

“Finger me, Jamie.”

Jamie licked his right pointer and middle fingers and ran them along Mark’s cheeks. He had barely touched Mark’s ass before, so fully fingering him would be new territory. He pressed firmly against Mark’s hole, waiting for it to relax and let him in. After a few seconds, Mark exhaled deeply and Jamie slid inside. He was extremely tight.

“Fuck,” sighed Mark. He felt both the discomfort and pleasure of having something enter his anus, but quickly began to enjoy the sensation.

Jamie started slow, pushing his two fingers fully in and out. He loved the warm sensation of another man, the softness of his prostate and gentle throbbing of his asshole. As he sensed Mark relaxing, he fingered him harder and faster. Mark grunted, loving the feeling even more than Jamie.

Meanwhile, Jamie spit on his other hand and began to stroke his own cock. After lubing it up a bit more, he knew he was ready for the main act. He pulled out his fingers from Mark and stood up, positioning his dick directly behind Mark’s ass cheeks.

“Are you ready to get fucked?” He whispered into Mark’s ear from behind.

“Yes, Jamie, fuck my virgin hole!” Mark begged him excitedly.

Jamie knew to go gentle for Mark’s first time. He began to press his cock against Mark’s wet man pussy, the hole relaxed from being fingered. Still, it held firm against Jamie’s erection.

“Just relax, Mark, and let my big dick inside you.”

Mark exhaled, allowing his ass to open and Jamie’s dick to slide in. Mark gasped uncontrollably, not used to the feeling of such a large object inside him.

“Holy shit, you have such a big cock Jamie,” Mark moaned back in pain.

“Just wait, I’m still hardly halfway in!”

Jamie pinned Mark’s body against the wall with his strong arms as he continued to thrust his cock inside. Soon, his shaft had fully entered Mark, exploring his anus and pushing against his prostate.

“Now how does that feel?” Jamie asked Mark with a smile.

“That’s fucking amazing. I can’t believe I waited so güvenilir casino long for this,” Mark replied in ecstasy.

Jamie began to thrust quickly as he held tightly onto the sides of Mark’s jockstrap. He saw Mark’s stomach rapidly inflate and deflate with each thrust, as his groin slapped loudly against Mark’s firm ass, the sound echoing in the wooden shed. He loved how someone could walk in at any moment, bearing witness to this unexpected fuckfest between two muscled jocks of very different ages.

Mark got into the groove, pushing out his ass to allow Jamie to move deeper inside him. He moaned loudly, turning his head around to kiss Jamie passionately. His cock throbbed inside his jockstrap, yearning for release.

“I’ve never fucked an ass so tight, Mark!” Jamie exclaimed.

The shed window fogged up from their body heat as sweat rolled down their torsos. Jamie reached around and pulled Mark’s cock out from his jockstrap, giving it a few strokes.

Immediately, he knew Mark had been pushed over the edge. Jamie felt Mark’s asshole convulse around his dick as his breathing became sharp. He was about to explode.

“Fuck fuck fuck!!”

Mark screamed as a powerful orgasm overtook his entire body. His cock unleashed, pulsing uncontrollably in Jamie’s hand as it began to spray. Cum shot against the shed wall in big globs, covering wide swatches as his groin shook from Jamie’s continued pounding of his asshole. He moaned uncontrollably, losing control of his body and nearly forcing Jamie to hold him up against the wall.

The sight of Mark’s muscled body orgasming made Jamie knew he was close too.

“I’m gonna wreck your virgin ass with my load,” Jamie growled into Mark’s ear.

“Fill my hole with your cum, Jamie!” Mark begged, still catching his breath.

Hormones seemingly surged through Jamie’s body, coalescing at his dick as he rammed it inside Mark one final time.

“FUCK!” Jamie screamed.

His cock flooded Mark’s ass with cum for the first time, spewing load after load deep inside. Jamie moaned as his balls emptied, tightening up against his body in the most powerful orgasm of his life. Jamie kept rocking his hips against Mark, enjoying the ease of each thrust now that the inside of his ass was fully coated in jizz.

Mark loved it, savoring the sensation of a hot young jock breed his asshole. He felt Jamie’s sweaty body press again him, his labored breaths against his neck. The smell of sex permeated the air, a salty combination of cum and testosterone from his college-aged lover.

Finally, Jamie pulled out and let the cum stream down Mark’s ass and legs, making a small pool on the ground. Mark spun around, staring deeply into Jamie’s eyes before giving him a firm kiss.

“I can’t believe you just took my anal virginity, Jamie.”

“I could fuck your ass all day, Mark.”

Just then, they heard the house door slam, indicating someone was coming out to the shed. In a hurried frenzy, they threw back on their clothes, barely getting everything on before door opened up.

“What happened in here?!”

To be continued.

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