Coast to Coast Ch. 02

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This is part 2 of my first story Coast to Coast. You can find it under First Time

“The next day”

Kyle spent the whole day showing me southern California, but all I kept thinking about was last night, it was finally true, I lost my virginity!

I realized Kyle had opened something in me that was waiting to get out for a long time! All I could think about was Kyle’s dick, how it made me feel and how my pussy reacted to it!

My body was sore from all the positions he had me in but my pussy was wanting more. I couldn’t help but notice how moist my pussy stayed all day from the flash backs!

I had to do something special for Kyle!

I told Kyle I wanted to go to the mall but I needed some private time, my plan was in effect.

I snuck into the lingerie store, got some thigh-high red stocking, a see-through red and black lace, tank top and the sexiest red panties I have ever seen!

My plan was almost complete, I needed some black, four-inch, spiked heels and I would be done!

I told Kyle I wanted to get a cheap, hotel room because his roommates would be home, and we needed to be alone!

After driving around for a while we found a reasonable motel, checked in and headed for our room.

I told Kyle I was gonna take a shower and that I had a special surprise for him!

I was finally ready, I told him to close his eyes until I told him to open them.

I dimmed the lights, brought a chair close to the bed and sat down on it.

“Open your eyes baby.” I whispered seductively.

When he opened his eyes there I was with one leg over the arm of the chair, looking very, very horny!

“Sit in front of me on the edge of the bed. I want you to watch me masturbate.” I whispered.

I had masturbated enough thinking of him, so why not do it for him!

“Kyle, just sit there and watch, no touching yet!” I teased, rubbing my tits all over before squeezing my nipples.

I could tell he was really gonna like my show because his breathing had already gotten deeper!

“Do you like when I pinch my nipples?” I teased as my fingers toys with my hard, little buds.

In a daze he just nodded his head.

“Would you like to see me play with my pussy?” I teased again taking one hand off my tits and rubbing my pussy through my hot, red panties.

The material was so thin. Kyle could see the whole outline of my puffy, excited lips.

My fingers would slide up and down the crease, taunting Kyle as I told him how hot he made me and how bad I wanted his cock in my pussy again!

Kyle reached out bahis firmaları to touch me. I had to use my free foot to push him away!

“Kyle, no touching until I say big boy!” I scolded.

Disappointed, Kyle said ok.

I started pulling my panties to the side so Kyle could get a good view of my fingers playing with my swollen clit, rubbing on my small hard button faster then slowing down, letting Kyle hear the wet sounds coming from my pussy!

I knew I was driving Kyle insane, I could see the evidence sitting hard in his pants throbbing to be let loose!

I kept playing with my wet pussy, bringing myself almost to the verge, then letting up, sticking my long, slender finger inside my slippery warm cunt, sliding it in and out, sticking that same finger in my mouth, teasing Kyle with how sweet it tastes.

“Is this where your long cock was last nite night?” I teased.

He was speechless. His sexy, brown eyes were begging to touch me!

I felt Kyle had enough teasing so I fingered myself to orgasm throwing my head back, letting out some soft whimpers!

Before I knew what was happening, Kyle grabbed my feet by the heels, threw my legs up, open and all the way back, almost bending me in half!

Within seconds he was inside me, pumping hard and fast.

He felt even better than last night, still tight, I could feel every ridge in Kyle’s cock, rubbing against my velvety walls!

He grabbed my thighs and pulled me to the edge of the chair while not missing a stroke!

He fucked me so hard, I couldn’t catch my breath!

“You want to tease me, you slut? You’re gonna see what teasing is!” he grunted ripping down my panties until they hung from one foot.

My pussy was dripping I was so excited by his forcefulness.

Kyle dropped to the floor, putting pressure on my already splayed legs, before piercing his tongue inside my wet slit, then swirling his tongue on my twitching clit.

It almost sent me over the orgasmic edge. My body started trembling, my legs were shaking uncontrollably. I was on the brink and Kyle knew where he had me.

I heard him whisper…”I want you to see what teasing feels like Darlene.”

The next thing I knew he stopped! No more licking. He pulled me up, out of the chair and threw me onto the bed.

I anxiously watched as he slowly took his jeans all the way off. Then he took off his Stevie Ray Vaughn tee shirt exposing his sexy chest with just enough hair to excite me even more!

Returning to me he lifted up my tank top and started sucking on my nipples, taking turns kaçak iddaa giving them equal time.

“Kyle, I want to suck your cock!” I moaned. “I need to feel you in my mouth!”

“No!” he yelled startling me. “You need to wait and plead for this cock to be in your little mouth!”

He then started fucking me again, holding my legs high and opened to the maximum width. He was in so deep I could feel his balls hitting against pussy! I could feel an orgasm coming on, my pussy walls were tightening around Kyle’s stiff cock.

“Darlene are you gonna cum?” he asked with a wicked look in his eyes..

“Yes, I’m so close Kyle!” I panted.

No sooner had I answered and he jerked his stiff dick from me!

“There Darlene,” he grinned. “Now you know what it feels like to be denied something that’s right there!”

I was crazy with frustration. I needed to feel and taste Kyle’s dick in my mouth and I needed it now!

I sat up and begged, “Kyle, I’m sorry. I get your point. Please can I suck your cock? I need it. I want it. I’m sorry for teasing you!”

Kyle inched his stiff, shiny dick close to my mouth.

I thought I was going to finally get my prize.

Suddenly he pulled away from my hungry lips!

How dare he treat me this way! I was ready to explode with want.

He did this a couple of times before finally letting me suck it, lick it, feel it hit the back of my throat.

I made sure I did it just right. I didn’t want Kyle taking my cock from me again!

Kyle was fucking my mouth fast and furious. I knew it wouldn’t be long until I could taste his cum shoot down my throat!

I was making slurping noises, sucking on his tasty head, using my tongue ring to drive him crazy, taking long licks up and down before sucking on his balls.

He loved having his balls sucked on…

Then I opened wide to take his entire cock inside my mouth, letting some spit dribble down the side so I could tease him by licking it up.

I felt Kyle’s hands grabbing my hair. I knew he was ready to blow his load and I was more than willing to receive!

He was pushing my head close to him not letting me loose.

I felt his hot, thick cum fill my mouth, gulping, holding back a choke I swallowed every last bit!

Then I looked up at him with my pouty, blue eyes asking if he would finish fucking me!

A grin crossed his face before he answered, “Of course, now get on all fours slut. I want that ass high in the air!”

Obediently I dropped to my hands and knees, pushing my ass as high as I could.

Kyle kaçak bahis rubbed his cock in my pussy drenching it in my soppy hole.. Then one, hard push and he was where I wanted him, driving it in hard, slapping my ass cheeks, making me tingle all over.

Kyle was hitting that spot deep inside my quivering cunt that was sent thrills throughout my body.

A few more humps and I was grabbing at anything to hold onto.

I grabbed a pillow, put my face into it, bit down and let out a loud, muffled scream!

Some hot, liquid shot out of my pussy and hit Kyle in the groin and stomach!

I didn’t know what just happened to me. This gush of juice was dripping all over. I was embarrassed. I didn’t know what to say.

“That was your g-spot baby. You just ejaculated! You go girl!” Kyle announced with pride.

God damn! Kyle sure knew how to fuck!

With juices still dripping from my pussy, he continued thrusting while rolling me over onto my back.

“Get your ass up on that pillow!” he ordered.

Even being propped up high, I could feel my woman juices dribbling down the crack of my ass onto the pillow, creating a cold, wet spot.

“You’ve been a good little girl. Do you want me to lick or dick that naughty little cunt of yours?” he laughed. ” Come on, answer me Darlene.”

“Do anything you want baby. Treat me like your slut! You know that’s what I want.” I moaned as my pussy quivered and twitched with anticipation.

Kyle decided to have his oral way with my pussy. He sucked, slurped and licked until my whole body was shaking. My stomach tightened.

He knew I was close to climaxing!

Suddenly he pushed two fingers into my already tightening pussy, finger fucking me and licking my pussy at the same time!

I was thrashing around holding Kyle’s head close to my spasming pussy as my body let out another violent orgasm!

Panting, I released Kyle’s head before sighing, “Oh my God…”

“Darlene you won’t ever tease me again will you?” he said before plunging his swollen cock inside my sensitive, quivering cunt.

I didn’t think I could take any more… I was wrong.

Kyle’s cock was pumping inside my slippery, clenched walls… fast then slow… deep then shallow. What a tease he was.

“No Kyle, I won’t tease you again. I promise.” I screamed. “Please… just make me cum one more time. Please Kyle!”

My cries only fueled Kyle’s passion! He straightened up onto his knees and fucked me so hard my head slammed into the headboard! I came like I had never come before!

“Thank you, baby!” I screamed, feeling his hot cum fill me one last time.

All I kept thinking on my flight back to Connecticut was, “God what else could this sexy man, from California do to me?” I knew I couldn’t wait to find out!

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