Coach’s Conquests Ch. 16

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Monique Sellars couldn’t get the image of Lori Hayes eating her pussy out of her mind. Not a minute passed since Saturday that Monique didn’t crave girl/girl sex. Not that the coach joining in hadn’t been fun — it had — but the way Lori made her feel definitely stuck with her. She wanted to experience it again — and she didn’t really care with whom. She found herself looking at female classmates, teachers, department-store clerks, anyone with breasts.

Sure, she still wanted the coach’s cock, but now she had options. On Wednesday, a school assembly on drug and alcohol abuse afforded the opportunity for several area schools to travel to the university at Weston. Juniors and seniors from most of the schools in the league were in attendance, including Valley Falls and Pamela George. Dressed in tight black pants and a tight red sweater that showed her curves nicely, Pamela George had the attention of every guy in the room. She also had the attention of Monique Sellars.

During the two-hour session, Monique found herself not thinking about the hazards of driving drunk, but thinking about what was under the red sweater and black pants worn by Pamela George. When she came out of her trance, she felt the familiar moistness in her panties. She was actually attracted to the enemy, the rival cheerleader from Valley Falls who came to the Lakeville carwash, stripped down to her blue bikini and had all the LHS boys hard as a rock.

Monique remembered the blue bikini, and her nipples got hard thinking about it. At one point, Pamela George caught Monique looking at her. This wasn’t the first time, but the previous occasions usually ended in glares. Not this time. Monique flashed Pamela a smile, and the Valley Falls cheerleader flashed one back. Pamela’s smile was more of a “can we be friends smile,” and Monique nodded in agreement. When the assembly ended, Monique made a beeline for Pamela, hoping to make her move.

Instantly, they were friends. Monique went so far as to apologize to Pamela for treating her badly at the car wash.

“Why the change of heart?” the Valley Falls girl asked carefully.

“I just think we’re probably going to be seeing enough of each other in the next few months. Our football teams are probably both going to state; our basketball teams play each other. I just think it’s healthy to be friends.”

Pamela agreed, and the girls shared a soda before exchanging phone numbers and e-mail addresses and boarding their separate buses for home.

“Hey, see you Friday,” Pamela shouted as she jumped on the Valley Falls bus. “You play at our place.”

Monique waved. Yes, she thought. I will see her Friday, and I wish I could see all of her. Why couldn’t she, Monique thought, and when she got home that night she e-mailed Pamela about the game and about what Valley Falls kids did after their home games.

Suddenly, an Instant Message popped up. Pamela George was asking Monique to add her to her IM list. Monique readily accepted.

“Hi,” wrote Pamela, and beside the text a stunning photo of Pamela sitting on her deck appeared.

“Hi,” Monique wrote back, frowning that the image area for a photo of her was blank.

The girls chatted back and forth until the subject came up about Friday night and the “in” thing to do after games.

“It’s usually entirely boring here in VF,” Pamela wrote. “I’d rather come to Lakeville and party with you guys. You guys seem fun.”

Monique: “We’re really not. It’s a lot of talk. That’s why people think we’re a party school.”

Pamela: “Well, I did go to a party one Saturday at a lake near there. That was fun.”

Monique: “I missed that one, I guess. Really, our parties are lame.”

Pamela: “I’ll probably try to find something to do. Mom and Dad are going to be out of town so I’m trying to pawn my little brother off on someone. I surely don’t want to go home alone. 🙁

Monique: “Ahh, a sad face. I’m sorry. Maybe I’ll miss the bus after the game on purpose and I can keep you company. 🙂

Pamela: “That would be great. Hey, you should plan on staying overnight. I can drive you home Saturday…if you want.”

Monique: “Let me call you. Log off, OK?”

They made their plans on the phone. Monique would get a note from her parents and stay with Pamela after the game. She’d come home Saturday. She knew that would eliminate any chance of being with Bret on Friday night after the game, but she still thought being with Pamela was a good idea. She knew Valley Falls had a chance to defeat Lakeville, and she had never seen Bret after a loss, but he was bahis firmaları so intense even during wins that she wasn’t sure she wanted to be around him after a loss.

Pamela, in her own mind, agreed as well, thinking the coach might not be up for a late-night adventure when he had to accompany the team back to Lakeville. She’d been with Bret before, and she’d be with him again, she thought. So having Monique over would be fun.

The girls talked on the phone Thursday night too, and although they didn’t go into details, Monique assumed from the risqué conversation that Pamela was sexually active. Never in her wildest dreams did Monique suspect Pamela was sleeping with Bret Harris. The thought that Monique had been with the coach didn’t cross Pamela’s mind either.

Monique was overly excited about Friday night. Even if it didn’t lead to sex, Monique had found a new friend, a nice-looking friend with whom she could hang out. She packed her bag Thursday — including the sexiest bra and panties she could find — and waited as time seemed to stand still until Friday night.

Bret acknowledged Monique when he got on the school bus for the trip to Valley Falls, but the cheerleader could tell his mind was on football, not sex. She knew right then and there she had made the right choice by agreeing to stay with Pamela George.

Lakeville had a one-game lead in the league standings with a 4-0 record, but Valley Falls and Highland were both 3-1, searching for that second playoff spot. Highland had been knocked off its perch by Prairie, which was still looming in the background of the playoff scene. Lakeville had stayed No. 2 in the state — no one was coming close to beating Oaktown — and Valley Falls had moved to No. 4. Highland, after its loss to Prairie, had dropped to No. 10. While Lakeville was playing at Valley Falls, Highland was playing host to Weston. The league and playoff picture would certainly come into focus after that night’s games.

At the game during warm-ups, Bret and Pamela exchanged glances but nothing more. Pamela, too, was happy she had invited Monique to stay. It looked like the intense coach would be going home alone tonight.

Lakeville-Valley Falls II was as good as it was built up to be. It was even better than the 6-0 game earlier in the season at Lakeville. And it was better than a lot of close games between the two schools, according to the old-timers. It was back and forth, up and down the field, but without a lot of scoring. Two-point conversions were non-existent for some reason. Both teams scored touchdowns in the first and second quarters, and both teams missed their conversions. The result was a 12-12 tie at halftime. There was no fire-and-brimstone speech from the coach. He preached patience and perseverance.

And that’s what he got. The Raiders came out in the second half and in workmanlike fashion, drove the ball right down the field. But their field-goal try from the 15 — their first try at a field goal all year — was wide to the left.

“Keep your head up,” Bret told the kicker. “You’ll get another chance down the road. Don’t dwell on it. There’s a lot of game left.”

The field goal was something Bret had slowly instituted into his team’s arsenal throughout the season. He felt good about going for two points from the 3-yard line after touchdowns, but he thought a field goal might make the difference in a close game. He told the kicker to be ready and even called a play to put the ball in front of the goal posts.

But the kicker, nervous as he could be, rushed the kick and hooked it to the left. Valley Falls, too, drove the length of the field, but on its fourth-down try, a pass into the end zone was incomplete. It seemed Valley Falls had no confidence in its kicking game either.

The Raiders finally broke the tie with 6 minutes left in the game, but again missed the conversion. Bret toyed with going for a one-point extra point, but he thought if the Raiders couldn’t get it in from the three, they didn’t deserve the two points. It turned out they couldn’t get it in from the three. The score remained 18-12. Down the stretch, the coach called on his staunch defense to seal the game — and it worked.

Twice Valley Falls drove inside the Lakeville 15, and twice the Raiders closed the door. Valley Falls got it back one final time — on its own 40-yard-line with 12 seconds left. But time was short, and the field was long. Two incomplete passes later the game was over and the Raiders had won 18-12.

The Raiders swarmed their coach and players following the game. Shortly thereafter, kaçak iddaa they learned that Highland had lost again, this time to Weston. Lakeville had clinched the league championship and a berth in the eight-team state playoffs. And, more importantly to the townspeople, they had swept Valley Falls. The streak of one team winning both regular-season games since 1984 was continued. The coach was happy he was not the answer to a trivia question. It was great beating Valley Falls twice in one season, but in the back of his mind, Bret Harris thought there might be a Lakeville-Valley Falls III.

“They’re good enough to advance quite a ways at state,” the coach told the radio broadcaster after the game. “And I think we are too. I’d love to play them for the state championship.”

Among those who congratulated the coach were Monique (with a hug) and Pamela (with a handshake). And while boisterous fans that had made the trip swarmed the coach, Monique and Pamela disappeared.

“We’d like to have you join our post-game gathering,” said one fan, which Bret recognized as Clarence Kemp, the banker in town and father of suspended volleyball player Carrie Kemp. “Can you come over to the house, coach?” Before he responded, Bret looked around for Monique, and then for Pamela. Neither was to be seen.

“I’ll be there when the bus gets back,” the coach said. When he jumped on the bus, the driver handed him the slip of paper with the names of those players who would not be riding home on the bus. As the only school administrator on the bus, Bret was in charge of making sure everyone got home safely. And if they weren’t riding home on the bus, he was the man they had to inform.

Some players always rode the bus home — it was a camaraderie-type thing. Others never did. On this night, most players rode the bus home. They were all in a celebratory mood, and they all wanted to relive the game with each other. Among the notes that Bret reviewed from those absent was one from Monique Sellars’ mom, Michelle.

“Please excuse Monique from the bus ride home. She’ll be staying with a friend and won’t be on the return trip to Lakeville. Michelle Sellars.”

Oh well, Bret thought. It’s a good night to get drunk. We’re 8-0, league champions, and I could use a beer or two.

When Pamela opened the back door of the SUV she was driving to allow Monique and her to stash their bags, she opened a cooler that was present.

“Oh, good, he came through,” Pamela said.

“Came through? Who? What?” Monique asked.

“My supplier. Beer, wine, coolers. Will that do?”

The Valley Falls cheerleader, her blonde hair now out of her ponytail but her lipstick and other makeup still in perfect order, smiled at her new friend from Lakeville.

“Sure,” Monique said nonchalantly. Actually, she was extremely excited that booze would be involved. All the better to execute her plan. The pair jumped into the SUV, cruised Main Street of Valley Falls a few times and secretly sipped on alcoholic beverages.

“Gosh, we just came from that assembly and look at us,” Pamela joked. “Drinking on Main Street. Nothing good came out of that, did it?”

“Well,” Monique said, her hand finding the knee of Pamela and slowly sliding upward, “something did.” They smiled at each other and continued to drive around, both of them in their cheerleading outfits, for another hour or so. By then the town was dead.

“No one’s out because we lost,” Pamela said, pretending to be sad.

“Ah, I’ll make it better for you,” Monique said, and with that, leaned down and kissed Pamela’s bare thigh.

“Oooooo,” the Valley Falls girl said. “You go girl.”

They laughed and continued to drink until Pamela drove them home and into the garage at her house. From there, Monique continued her plan without much resistance from Pamela. They changed out of their outfits in separate rooms, Pamela using the bathroom because she wanted to touch up her makeup.

“Getting all pretty for little ole me?” Monique joked. They went online so Pamela could check her e-mail — luckily the coach had not written that night. They sat close in separate chairs, both wearing loose-fitting shorts and T-shirts. Pamela’s, however, was very tight and very low-cut and it was ripped on the side.

It didn’t leave much to the imagination. After about 45 minutes of surfing, including logging in to a chat room where the pair teased some horny guys, Monique made her move.

“This cyber sex stuff,” she said, “it’s nice and all, but the real thing is soooooo much better.”

“I agree,” Pamela said. kaçak bahis “There’s nothing like the real deal.”

With that, Monique moved close to Pamela and kissed her on the cheek. She then turned Pamela’s head to face her, and the next kiss landed squarely on her lips. The kiss was short and without tongue. Then Monique guided her mouth toward the area between Pamela’s breasts, which were almost spilling out of her low-cut shirt. Pamela’s face was drawn toward Monique’s breasts, pressing against a yellow T-shirt she wore. She rested her head on Monique’s cleavage and inhaled deeply. As she looked up into Monique’s eyes, she became aroused by her closeness to another girl. Monique smiled and lowered her head so that the two girls’ lips were only inches apart.

“Pamela,” whispered Monique, “I can’t seem to help myself. I’m soaking wet, and I need to kiss you again.”

Pamela closed the distance between them, and their lips met. It was a magical kiss: soft, yet with fire underneath. Within seconds, their tongues were exploring each other’s mouths, their passion and desire for each other building more and more every second. They began to wildly grope each other, and within minutes were panting heavily. They removed each other’s T-shirts, freeing their beautiful breasts. Monique’s brown eyes and hair accentuated her awesome body, Pamela thought.

She had a nice set of breasts with large pink nipples, the size of silver dollars. They were pointing up at the ceiling and sitting on top of those luscious, juicy breasts. As Pamela’s eyes continued downward, they encountered a cute little innie belly button in the middle of a well-proportioned stomach.

The tiny yellow bikini panties hid what Pamela was sure was a neatly shaved, delicious pussy. Further down were well-toned legs and professionally pedicured and painted toenails. Simply put, Pamela George was not in love, but in lust. Pamela rubbed her nipples against Monique’s and then they took turns licking and sucking each other’s peaks of pleasure.

Then Monique took the initiative and slid her left hand into Pamela’s soaking wet panties. As Monique felt her way around Pamela’s pussy, Pamela let out several encouraging moans to let her know that she was doing pretty well. As Monique settled in with her middle finger on Pamela’s clitoris, Pamela returned the favor by sliding her hand into Monique’s panties and quickly finding her clitoris as well.

The two girls masturbated each other until they both needed more. This time it was Pamela who got things rolling. She reclined on her bed and guided Monique over her into a sixty-nine position. Each girl began by slowly removing the other’s panties and inhaling the musky aroma emanating from within the depths of their love boxes.

Monique bent down to take the first lick and licked up and down Pamela’s pussy before settling on her engorged clit. Pamela let out an involuntary gasp as Monique’s tongue found her clitoris. As she felt the pleasure begin to rise within her, she guided Monique’s pussy over her mouth. After feeling her way around with her tongue, she moved it over Monique’s erect clitoris. The two girls sucked and nibbled and licked each other’s clits, while wrapping their arms around their partner’s asses. As they got more and more excited, they licked faster and harder. The pressure was rising deep within each of their bodies, and it was only a matter of time before they would both spasm in simultaneous orgasms.

Monique felt it first. It was like a hot wave of passion that started deep within her and traveled throughout her body until it reached her brain like fireworks and made her entire body shudder with delight. As the orgasm swept over Monique, she struggled to maintain her contact with Pamela’s clitoris. This paid off greatly as Pamela was swept into the throes of one of the most powerful orgasms of her life.

Her entire body shook as if she were in the middle of an earthquake. As both girls’ orgasms finally subsided, they collapsed on the bed, rolling off of each other and falling fast asleep, naked, in each other’s arms. They repeated the act throughout the night and into the morning.

They immediately made plans to be “slumber party buddies” as often as possible. They talked about the state football playoffs and how, if both teams made the finals, they’d stay in probably the same hotel. “God, I’d love to spend the night with you in a hotel room,” Monique said, and both girls laughed before sharing a hot, wet French kiss.

They made love for a good part of Saturday morning before Pamela’s younger brother came home and nearly interrupted them. Pamela drove Monique home and then thought about dropping in on the coach. But she was drained and needed sleep so she returned to Valley Falls without stopping at Bret’s house.

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