Co-worker’s Man Ch. 03

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Frank rolled off and slumped into the pillows piled against the headboard.

“Whew,” he said, halfway sitting up. “That’s a good way to work up a thirst.” I noticed the glistening sheen of sweat on his skin. It made him look even sexier.

“Why don’t you go grab me a couple of beers…..Oh yeah……There’s some wine in the fridge and glasses are in the first cupboard next to it….help yourself. There’s a robe on the back of the bedroom door you can use.” And with that, he grabbed a remote from the bedside table and turned on the TV they had in an armoire down past the foot of the bed. As I walked towards the bedroom door, I heard the sounds of a sports channel coming into the room.

The door to the room had been wide open against the wall and when I looked behind it there was just a pink silk robe hanging there, obviously one that belonged to Lori. I guess Frank must have seen me pause because he said, “Yeah, that’s the one I meant. It should fit you pretty good….and besides….it suits you,” he said with a grin.

“Now…..where’s that beer?”

I slipped on the silky robe and knotted the belt about my waist. The fabric felt so cool and smooth against my skin. If it made Frank happy for me to wear it, who was I to complain. Besides, I was already starting to like it.

I made my way to the kitchen and found a half-open bottle of white wine in the fridge. I grabbed a large-mouth wine glass from the cupboard Frank had mentioned and poured some for myself. I then opened two beers for Frank and returned to the bedroom.

Frank was watching the game from his propped up position against the headboard and had pulled the sheet up to about his waist. He looked so incredibly sexy laying there, his muscular chest on full display, rising and falling slightly with each breath. He looked over as I handed him the two bottles. He placed one on the table beside him and immediately tipped the other one into his mouth. I saw his adam’s apple bobbing as he downed about half the bottle in one gulp. I sat on the side of bed and sipped from my wine glass, feeling the cool liquid slide down my throat to provide a soothing sensation after being ravaged by his huge cock and multiple loads of thick cum.

“Have you ever had anybody in your ass?” Frank asked. I slowly shook my head from side to side.

“Oh…..a virgin eh?” I simply blushed and nodded. “Oh, you are in for a real treat then. I think tomorrow will be the day we bust that cherry of yours.” I looked alarmingly at Frank’s huge love-muscle lying on his stomach under the sheet.

Frank must have seen the direction of my glance because he laughed, “Relax, we’ll take our time. It’s going to hurt a little at first but before the weekend is over, you’ll be begging for 10 ½” more…..again….and again,” and with that he finished the last of his first beer and exchanged it for the full one beside him.

“There’s a DVD over there by the TV; why don’t you go put it in.”

I walked over with the robe sailing around me. I saw the DVD case next to the TV was a straight porn movie with the cover showing two gorgeous woman and guy. I slipped the disc into the machine and Frank hit play on the remote. It must have picked up where they were watching it previously as it was midway thru a scene with a hot blonde getting fucked by a guy doggy style while a gorgeous redhead was lying beneath both of them, using her mouth on the junction of the guy’s cock and the woman’s glistening pussy lips.

I returned to my place sitting on the bed beside Frank who took another slug of his beer. I took my last sip and finished my glass of wine. Frank took my glass from me and set it on the table next to him. He raised his right arm and said, “Come over here, I want to feel you in that robe next to me.”

I moved in under his raised arm and kind of snuggled in against the right side of his chest as he dropped his arm around me. I felt the cool sensation of his skin against my cheek as he pulled me in close to his muscular pecs. That beautiful intoxicating smell of sweat and sex combined was emanating from him. I traced my right hand across the firmness of his chest and rubbed my fingers across his nipple. I felt it harden under my caress and continued to run my hand delicately back and forth between both sides of his chest, paying equal attention to both of his nipples which were standing up like little pebbles.

From my position with my face at his side, I tentatively stuck out my tongue against the slick moist skin at the side of his chest. I tasted the sweaty saltiness there and after a loving swipe, brought my tongue back into my mouth to savor my prize. I could tell Frank had noticed what I had done as casino şirketleri with his arm around me, he pulled my face closer to him, “Keep going……” was all he said as I extended my tongue and took another lick of the sweat from the right side of his chest.

“Oh…..that’s good…..,” he moaned in pleasure as I continued licking.

I cleaned the right side of his chest, swallowing the salty flavor I found there. As I moved closer to the junction of his thick arm with his shoulder, Frank raised his right arm, “There you go, get your tongue right in there,” he said as he used his other hand on the back of my head to direct my mouth towards his armpit. It was hot and slick, much like his asshole had been earlier. I pushed my tongue into the hot moistness and Frank moaned as I continued to lick and kiss that tender area. I spent about 5 minutes working lovingly on his armpit and I noticed Frank continued to watch the movie between occasional glances down at me and between swigs of his beer.

“I think the other side needs the same attention now,” Frank instructed as he slid slightly over to allow me room on his other side.

I moved one leg over his body and with the silky cool fabric of the robe draping against both of us, I bent my face forward and used my tongue to clean the left side of chest from his neck to his stomach. When I had completed that task to his satisfaction, Frank once again used his hand to direct me to his left armpit. Equally hot, but with a clean sweatiness brought on by our earlier exertions, I spent a considerable time probing, kissing and licking with my lips and tongue.

When I felt I had given enough attention there, I returned to lay at his right side but slid down a little further so my face was again pressed against his side but a little lower, near where the top of the sheet was pulled up over us to Frank’s waist. I lovingly kissed his side and as I glanced down at the sheet, I was amazed to see that Frank’s huge cock had once again started to re-fill and was causing the sheet to tent up slightly under its sheer thickness. Holy fuck! I thought…..this guy was almost ready to go again! Unbelievable! But who was I to look a gift horse…..or horse-cock in the mouth!

As I continued to lick away at the area between his chest and waist, I slid my hand under the sheet towards his cock. I lightly touched the swollen head and ran my fingertips past the massive ridge and down the length of him. I felt it pulse and throb as more blood continued to fill it. Frank gave another moan as I ventured down and caressed his giant balls nestled between his legs. I gently rolled them in my hand as his cock continued to make its way towards full hardness.

I moved my hand back to the thick base, wrapped my hand as far around it as I could go and gave a firm but gentle squeeze, I felt his dick throb and looking down from my vantage point, I saw a wet drop starting to soak thru the sheet at the head of his cock. His cock has once again risen to its full 10 ½”. I then used my fingernails to once again scratch the taut skin at the base of that giant monster. Frank moaned as it once again gave a lurch and the wet spot on the sheet got larger and shinier.

“Why don’t you lick up that little bit of pre-cum right thru the sheet,” Frank said from above me.

I moved my mouth forward and down to where the sheet was sticking up. With my hand around the base of his cock holding it still, I extended my tongue and licked across the wet spot on the sheet. I tasted the salty warmth of his pre-cum that I had already come to love….and need….so badly. My moan of pleasure was louder than Frank’s. I pressed the flat of my tongue across the sheet, hoping for more. I pushed forward and took the whole clothed cockhead between my stretched lips, using a gentle sucking motion to try and draw more of his delicious juice thru to my waiting tongue.

“Let’s get rid of that sheet now,” said Frank from above me.

I pulled the sheet away from us to the bottom of the bed and was able to gaze down on that huge throbbing cock. I shuddered in pleasure just looking at the magnificence of it as it pointed straight up towards both of us, the huge flared mushroom head capping that incredible thick length.

“Here….take this,” said Frank and I sat up as he handed me a jar of Vaseline he had taken from the drawer in the night-table.

“I want to see how good you are with just your hands,” he said as he propped himself up against the pillows on the headboard.

I moved between his legs as he drew them up and apart to once again give me full access to his rearing cock. He took the last swig of beer from his bottle and set it aside.

I took casino firmaları the lid from the jar and reached in to scoop up a generous amount of the lubricant. I then put my hands together and rubbed them together slowly to ensure each one was covered. The sleeves of the pink robe were short enough to not interfere with my hands and as Frank had not instructed me to remove it, I left it on as I moved forward to kneel between those powerful thighs as I reached out for is cock. I finally noticed that my own cock had come back to full erection as well. Servicing Frank was turning me on more than anything I had seen or done in my entire life!

“I want you first to pull the skin of my bag taut with one hand…..and then use your fingernails to scratch it with the other,” Frank instructed.

I did as he asked and felt the slipperiness combine with the silkyness of his sack. His huge balls hung below as I stretched the skin and then drew my fingernails from the thick base of his cock towards me. Frank moaned, “Oh fuck…….I love that……” as I repeated the scratching movement and then varied it by switching hands after a few minutes.

“Oh yeah… learn real fast….,” he said in approval. “Okay, you can get back to work on my cock now…….”

I moved my hands from his sack up to his cock, one hand as far around the base as I could get it and the other one above it. My fingers and thumb did not close on either hand! As I started a slow, firm, up and down motion with both hands, Frank let out another groan of pleasure and I noticed on my next up-stroke a large dollop of pre-cum launched out from his piss-hole and slid slowly down the underside of his cock to mix with the lubricant on my hands, turning a frothy white under my movements.

His cock was hot, and the lubricant seemed to amplify both the intense hardness and supple smoothness that it held at the same time. It was amazing to feel the power of that monster cock in my hands. I switched my hands top and bottom and varied my manipulations by sometimes moving both hands in the same direction while other times moving one from the center of his cock to the top while the other went downwards. It didn’t take long for his whole cock to become a glistening throbbing pillar. A generous amount of pre-cum continued to leak from his piss-slit and run down his throbbing rod, coating my hands. Frank started to give little bucks and jerks as he continued to moan constantly.

“Oh yeah……you are so good at that!” he said as he continued to buck.

“OH MAN!………..nice and slow now……I’m so close,” he said thru ragged breaths.

I slowed down but kept up a nice firm up and down motion with a gentle twist. I could feel his cock get even harder under my hands and knew he was close……

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Frank reach over to the night-table and pick up my wine glass. I watched as he took the glass and put the open end over the head of his cock. It was a big glass but the huge width at the flared ridge of his cockhead just made it past the opening.

“Oh fuck…..,” I said to myself with pleasure as I knew now how Frank was going to give me my reward.

With beating heart I continued my slow, firm jerking of his huge cock, careful not to pull the end out of the wine glass. After just a few more strokes, Frank let out a low growl and his legs seemed to go rigid as he bucked through his orgasm. I looked at the glass he was holding over the head of his cock and saw the side of his piss-slit flare open and the first huge glob of semen launched itself against the side of the glass and then pooled at the bottom. Another blast shot out to join the first, and then another and another…..A large helping of whitish fluid was filling the glass as I continued to stroke his pulsing cock with my slippery hands. I could feel the veins pulsing through my fingers as he continued to shoot into the glass.

His moaning was constant now as I tried to coax every last drop out of him. His body started to relax as the shots started to recede into a gentle white dribble into the glass.

My God!….I thought, looking at the amount in the bottom of the glass. The mass of pooling cum was more than the amount of wine I had poured myself! This guy was a definite cum machine and I couldn’t have been happier.

I slowed my manipulations of his thick cock as Frank carefully withdrew the wine glass from the head, careful not to spill any of his precious seed. He whiped the last drop of cum from the head of his cock on the side of the glass. As his cock pulled away, it created a thin bridge of cum that eventually snapped and fell against the side of the glass. Frank sat forward and swirled güvenilir casino his load of cum around in the glass, seemingly pleased with his work. He held the glass under my nose and rolled the whitish pool around as I inhaled the intoxicating scent of his cum, his body and the combined sweat we had produced. I moved forward anxiously hoping Frank would feed me.

Frank put his arm on my shoulder to stop me, “Whoa…….easy there….you’ll get your reward soon.” Frank dropped his eyes to look down at my own throbbing cock.

“You look just about ready to burst, boy,” Frank said, looking back into my pleading eyes.

“Since your hands are already lubed up, when I feed this you, I want you jerk yourself off…..only this time I want you to shoot it on my cock and balls.”

I moved forward and as Frank raised the wine glass to my lips, I wrapped my hand around my cock. With my extended tongue, I tasted his cum at the edge of the glass and quickly swallowed that initial sample. I was already addicted to his cum! I mewed lovingly as he continued to tip up the glass as my lips and tongue waited in anticipation.

The first mass slid easily between my lips and I savored the salty thickness as I swallowed, loving the feeling as it coated my throat on its way down. He tipped up the glass some more to feed me more of the precious white liquid……this second mouthful was all it took….I groaned out load as I swallowed that second mouthful as my cock started to lurch under me hand. Frank sat back a bit as I moved forward and directed my shots of cum onto his crotch.

“Thataboy….,” said Frank as I continued to milk the cum out of my cock.

For me, it was a huge load. As I finished, I could see that Frank’s cock and sack were criss-crossed with my load of cum, layers of whiteness against the glistening monster beneath.

Frank once again raised the glass to my lips and tipped it up so I could finish receiving my reward. I swallowed a few times more to complete my duties. He then laughed gently as I delved into the bottom of the glass with tongue in an attempt to get every drop.

“My little cum-boy,” he said. “Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty more from now on…….but right now…..don’t you have a little cleaning left to do?” he asked as he leaned back against the headboard.

I quickly dove forward and extended my tongue into my own mass of cum that I had shot onto his body. I licked and licked until every white morsel was safely in the pit of my stomach. The combination of his massive load of cum from the wine glass, followed by my own load of cum, gave me a nice warm feeling of fullness in my mouth, throat and stomach. I felt so content, this is what I was meant to do, to serve a man like Frank.

“Let’s grab a quick shower and then hit the sack,” said Frank, getting up off the bed and heading into the en-suite again.

I put the robe back on the door hook and joined him as he stepped into the stall with both shower heads going.

He handed me the soap, “Get my cock clean first,” he said as he stood with his legs shoulder length apart, back to the spray.

I lathered my hands and proceeded to caress his thick heavy cock to wash away the stickiness of the lubricant. His cock was heavy and beautiful in my hand, I could never get tired of it.

“That’s good,” he said as he took his hands and started to press down on my shoulders. He didn’t have to press very hard as I instantly dropped to my knees in front of him and raised me head to look up at him.

“Oh….that is good…….you are a little more anxious now….I like that,” he said as he stepped in front of me and lifted his cock in front of my face,…..

“Open up….,” he said and I immediately opened my mouth as wide as it would go.

“Now…..don’t waste a drop,” Frank said as he pushed the head of his cock between my lips.

I locked my lips behind the ridge and waited. He set himself and seemed to give a little sigh of relaxation and then the first blast of his hot piss spewed forth. I started swallowing right away as fast as I could, the hot salty liquid overwhelming me with pleasure. I was happy that I was keeping up as Frank kept pissing and pissing, filling me with his golden fluid. He pissed for such a long time, I thought he’d never stop! I kept swallowing and swallowing, not wanting to displease him by losing any of his piss. Finally, the power of his stream started to diminish and eventually came to a complete stop. I noticed that I had made eyes closed and had been moaning in pleasure the whole time. I looked up to see Frank smiling down at me.

“That’s my boy…” he said as he withdrew his cock from my mouth and turned back into the spray to finish his shower.

“Remember what’s coming tomorrow……” he said as I remained on my knees behind him, my stomach completely full of his cum and piss….yes….I knew what was coming tomorrow…

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