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I listed this under Erotic Couplings but there is sex between two men and two women. This is just a warning should you not be interested in that. If you’re offended by it well I just don’t give a shit. Enjoy!


Sam pulled his last clean shirt out of the pile of laundry on his floor and pulled it on. He was leaving Boulder the next morning and he’d already thrown everything into his old station wagon and was just heading out for a drink before he left.

He hated the heat but it was a job and a year out of college he’d take what he could get. It was blog that would have him traveling the southwest and writing reviews for college grads looking for a place to move. He could appreciate the irony, he had to convince young twentysomethings to move to a part of the country, that he a young twentysomething, hated.

He was put up in a cheap hotel since his lease had run up but his new place in Arizona wasn’t ready yet. He typically avoided cheap hotels and the bars attached to them but he didn’t really want to chance his car. He didn’t trust it to make the end of the block let alone Tucson but he couldn’t afford a new car and he didn’t want to chance starting it again if he didn’t have to.

He walked into the bar and found it as he expected, dimly lit, a few people sitting alone and a bartender who looked overdressed for the part. He walked up to the bar and ordered gin on the rocks. As he went to slide onto a barstool he saw a small piano in the corner.

“You mind?” he asked the bartender.

The man nodded and walked back down the bar to fill a man’s whiskey. Sam slid in behind the piano and ran his fingers across the keys. He pressed his fingers down slowly and began to play a slow melody befitting the mood.

Sam drifted off into the music, he had loved the piano since he was little and his mom got him a small keyboard, it helped him unbottle some of his emotions. As he finally emptied his glass he went to make his way back to the bar when a woman came into the bar.

She was stunning, far too pretty to be in a bar like this. She was about 5’5″, with short brunette hair that was done up with curls on one side but shaved on the other. She wore a body hugging deep green dress and wore heels the same color. Sam got to the bar as she did and waved the bartender over.

“Let me buy you something?” he said.

“That was quick,” she said with a smile, “usually I have to at least bat my eyes first.”

“I’m not saying you can’t,” said Sam, “I just had to talk to you.”

“I’m Kara,” she said, “and I like rye.”

“Rye whiskey neat,” said Sam, “and I’ll have another gin.”

“Gin?” she asked sliding the glass over, “not many people have that straight.”

“My grandfather did,” said Sam, “my dad drank Gimlets but I hate Vermouth.”

“Ah so it’s a family thing,” she said taking a sip, “so what do you do for a living mystery man?”

“I’m Sam,” he said, “I am actually moving to Tucson tomorrow to write a blog about the wonders of living in and around Tucson.”

“Just my luck,” she said, “A nice man in a bar who is leaving town in the morning, at least I know the dress works.”

“It is very pretty,” he said, “but only looks that good because it is on someone as beautiful as you.”

“And he’s a sweet talker,” she said draining her glass.

Sam flagged the bartender down again and he refilled her glass.

“The dress is my roommates,” she said, “well ex-roommate, bitch slept with my boyfriend, in my bed.”

“Jesus,” said Sam, “so you’re here to forget?”

“I’m here to make new memories,” she said, “plus I can’t afford to get drunk and I’ve never met a writer with an overabundance of cash.”

“Guilty,” said Sam, “can I play you something?”

“A writer and a piano player,” said Kara, “did you major in unemployment?”

“For a while there it felt like it,” he said.

“Alright I’ll listen,” said Kara.

Sam went to the piano and played Say Something. He couldn’t sing but he loved playing even though he only had an audience of one. As he finished the song Kara came up and took a seat next to him.

“I always wished I could play,” she said, “music is so relaxing.”

“You don’t play an instrument?” he asked keeping his hands on the keys.

“I play the clarinet,” she said, “but there’s something so elegant about the piano.”

“Kiss her,” muttered one of the men across the bar.

“Better give your audience what they want,” she said biting her red lips.

Sam wasn’t going to disappoint his audience, he leaned over and planted a long kiss on Kara.

“Get me out of here,” said Kara grabbing his thigh.

“I have a room here,” he said.

“No offense,” said Kara, “but this place is a dump.”

“Agreed,” said Sam.

“My place,” she said taking his hand and leading him out of the bar as Sam threw a wad of cash on the piano.

Kara led him outside to a Range Rover that was parked out front.

“There’s no way you can afford this,” said Sam.

“It güvenilir bahis belonged to my ex,” she said.

“Wait,” said Sam, “you can’t drive, and neither can I.”

Kara unlocked the car and climbed into the back seat, “then let’s not go anywhere, not yet.”

Sam climbed into the seat next to her and no sooner had he closed the door then Kara had her lips pressed to his. She was on his lap in a matter of moments and had her hands on his head holding his lips to hers. Sam grabbed her waist and began to kiss Kara’s neck when she’d finally let go of him. Kara yanked at Sam’s belt buckle, he couldn’t believe what was happening but Kara was too good to be true.

“Protection?” asked Kara as she got his belt and pants undone.

Sam reached into his pocket and procured a condom which Kara yanked out of his hand and opened. Kara freed Sam’s stiff cock from his pants and slid the condom down onto it. She hiked her skirt up and slid her panties to the side as she slid down onto him.

“Fuck,” moaned Kara.

Sam grasped one of Kara’s breasts, he could feel her nipple poking through the thin fabric and rubbed it with his finger. Kara grabbed a clump of Sam’s hair and pulled his face back so she could kiss his neck as she grinded her hips on him. Sam grabbed Kara’s waist and held her steady as he started to thrust up into her. Kara held Sam’s shoulders for support as she planted her lips on his again, her lipstick smearing on his lips and hers.

Sam quickened his pace ran his hand over the shaved side of her head before grabbing a handful of her hair pulling her head back so he could kiss her neck down to where the dress covered just above her breasts. Sam tried to slide one of the thick straps off her shoulder but Kara stopped him.

“For later,” she muttered, “so close.”

Sam gave her a hard thrust and Kara’s eyes went wide.

“More,” she moaned as he thrusted again, “faster.”

Sam did as he was told, he was so close to cumming but he wanted to give Kara a reason to let him take her dress off. Sam held her hips quickening his pace with each thrust and the look on Kara’s face said it all, she was close loving every second of it. Kara buried her face in Sam’s neck and moaned. After a few more thrusts Sam busted and Kara lay on him as they both caught their breath.

Kara looked up at Sam after a moment, “are we continuing this back at my place?”

“Yes,” said Sam, “hell yes.”

After cleaning himself up Sam and Kara got into the front seat and a few minutes later they pulled into the garage at Kara’s complex. He followed Kara up to the apartment and she let him in. The apartment was sparse, aside from a bed in one room there was a folding chair and a box that seemed to be serving as a table.

“The bed was my roommate’s, figure she ruined mine I’d take hers,” said Kara, “haven’t had a chance to buy furniture.”

“Not judging,” said Sam.

Sam leaned towards Kara and the two kissed softly at first then more passionately. Sam finally pulled away from Kara but her lips followed his. Sam walked around to her back and slowly unzipped her dress. He slowly slid the straps off her shoulders one at a time. On her neck was a tattoo of the elder scrolls from Harry Potter, so they had a love of Harry Potter in common, her right shoulder also had a sun on it. Kara pulled the front of her dress down exposing her bare breasts. The dress still hung from her hip but Sam wasn’t ready to see her just yet.

He reached around and cupped her breasts with his hand as he kissed her neck down to the tattoo on her shoulder. Kara reached back and grasped Sam’s head as he ran one of his hands down her flat stomach, he slid the dress off her waist on one side and then the other. All she had left on was a pair of black panties and Sam slid his hand down into them and rubbed her wet pussy.

Sam rubbed her nipple with one hand and her pussy with the other and Kara melted in his hands leaning back against him for support.

“Fuck,” moaned Kara.

The grip on his head was tight, he could feel her nails digging into his head. Her free hand grabbed the one he had on her pussy and finally pulled it off of her. She turned to Sam and leaped into his arms kissing her with enough force that their teeth rubbed against each other.

He carried her into the bedroom and laid her down on the bed as he pulled his shirt off and undid his pants. Sam kicked his shoes off before sliding Kara’s panties off and tossing them to the floor. He took another condom from his pants and slid it on before approaching the bed.

Sam climbed onto the bed over Kara who reached up and grasped his shoulders pulling him towards her so she could kiss him. After a long aggressive kiss Sam kissed Kara’s neck as he cupped her breasts with both hands giving them a firm squeeze.

He brought his lips down to her breasts and sucked each nipple as Kara writhed underneath him moaning softly. Kara pulled Sam’s face back up to hers and planted a long soft kiss on him. Sam moved his hand türkçe bahis down between her legs and slid two of his fingers slowly into Kara’s wet pussy.

After moving his fingers in and out a few times Kara pushed Sam onto his back and climbed on top of him. She held his erection in place and slid slowly onto him keeping one hand on his chest for support.

Once she had taken him all the way in she leaned forward grabbing Sam’s hands and pulled them onto her breasts as she started to grind on him. Sam pinched Kara’s nipples softly and she held his hands in place on her chest, her hips working up and down on him. He finally pulled his hands free and slid them down to small waist holding her steady as he thrusted up into her.

Kara leaned down towards Sam planting a kiss on him as he continued to drive himself into her. Sam reached down and squeezed Kara’s gorgeous ass as she continued to kiss him. Kara finally ended the kiss her soft moans letting Sam know she was enjoying it but Sam preferred to be on top. He grabbed Kara and rolled them over so he was on top before driving himself into Kara.

“Fuck,” moaned Kara as she clung to Sam.

Sam kissed her cheek and nibbled her ear as he humped her slow and deep.

“Faster,” moaned Kara, “just a bit.”

Sam did as he was told and within a matter of moments Kara was on the verge of climax. After a few more thrusts he watched her eyes roll back into her head and she moaned loudly digging her nails into the skin of his shoulders.

Once her orgasm had finished Kara let go of Sam’s shoulders and he pulled out of her slowly. Kara rolled onto her stomach and scooted her ass towards the edge of the bed and Sam got to his feet before entering her from behind.

Kara clung to the sheets as Sam thrusted into her slowly trying to keep from busting. Kara’s beauty coupled with her moaning was making it difficult from Sam to hold back so he closed his eyes and tried to regain his composure. Kara leaned forward burying her face in the bed as she moaned. Sam couldn’t hold back anymore and groaned as he busted.

“Bathroom?” asked Sam as he caught his breath.

Kara pointed towards a door and Sam went to clean himself up. He came back in a moment to find Kara curled up in a mess of sheets, the bed was a mess, and most of the sheets had come off the mattress. He curled up next to Kara and was asleep in a few moments.

Sam woke up at a little before six in the morning. Kara was still sound asleep curled up next to him. He had to get on the road if he was going to make Tucson in time to start his new job. He pulled his clothes on and took a seat on the edge of the bed as he tied his shoes. Kara still looked beautiful, curled up in a nest of sheets, he didn’t want to leave, and he wanted another kiss, or breakfast or more. He made his way to the door and stopped for one last glance before heading out.

***Four Years Later***

Sam crawled out of the tent and into the brutal Arizona sun. He had gotten a significant tan since moving here and he’d come to like the area, just not the heat. Today he was camped at the western rim of the Grand Canyon. He had been tasked by his boss to write what life was like on tribal land and his tour guide, a local girl Sarah was showing him around. She insisted on taking him here on his last day.

Sarah’s real name was Seeing Eagle, her parents were convinced she had a gift but Sam hadn’t seen anything to prove it so. He had however noticed how pretty she was. She had short dark hair, dark skin and a voluptuous body. He got to his feet outside the tent and found Sarah staring off towards the rising sun.

“Good Morning,” she said.

“Morning,” said Sam stretching.

“Are you ready to see one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see?” asked Sarah.

“More beautiful than the one in front of me?” he asked.

“You have a gift for words,” said Sarah, “come.”

He followed Sarah towards her Jeep. They drove for a bit before she stopped the car. They parked and within a little while he saw the canyon stretched out before him.

“Go,” she said pointing to the glass bottom ledge, “see.”

Sam stepped out slowly onto the ledge, he knew it could hold a lot more than just one person but it was still unnerving. Once he looked out though he was frozen. This was a once in a lifetime view, he was at a loss for words, writing about towns and complimenting women was one thing but this view was something else. He didn’t know how long he stared for before Sarah came up behind him and put her hand on his shoulder.

“Thanks,” he said still looking out, “thank you, so much.”

“A good end to your story?” asked Sarah.

“Yes,” he said finally turning towards her, “it’s amazing.”

“I’ll take you back to your hotel then,” she said.

“I don’t have to go,” he said, “not yet.”

Sarah smiled at him before turning to walk off the platform.

“I know you desire me,” said Sarah.

“I do,” said Sam as they made it to the Jeep.

Sarah drove güvenilir bahis siteleri him back to the campsite without another word. When they were in their site Sarah climbed into the tent, she had slept on a bedroll under the stars the night before. Sam had offered her the tent but she didn’t want to be confined.

“Are you going to join me?” asked Sarah from the tent.

Sam didn’t need to be told twice, he climbed into the tent with her.

Sarah was laying on the sleeping bag, her arms crossed on her stomach. Sam zipped the tent closed and Sarah smiled at him.

“This is the last time we will see each other,” said Sarah.

Sam leaned in and kissed her. Sarah wrapped her arms around Sam as she kissed him back pushing her tongue into his mouth. Sam slid his hand up under her T-shirt and to his delight she wasn’t wearing a bra. He squeezed Sarah’s breast and she pulled her shirt off. Sam licked her nipples as he unbuttoned her shorts. Sarah pushed him off of her as she slid her shorts and panties off, Sam undid his shorts and took them and his boxers off.

Sarah spread her legs for Sam who positioned himself between them before entering her slowly. Sarah wrapped her legs around Sam’s waist and Sam pushed himself all the way into Sarah. She grabbed the back of his head with one hand and put her other hand on his chest.

Sam drove himself into Sarah again drawing a long moan from her. Sam took it slow, each thrust seemed to be ecstasy for Sarah whose eyes went wide every time he pushed into her. He squeezed her breast again and began to pinch her nipple softly and Sarah squealed, she grabbed his head tightly and he felt her nails dig into his chest.

“Too much?” he asked.

She shook her head no so he squeezed her breast again. He thrusted a little faster and Sarah let go of his chest clinging to the sleeping bag. Sam felt his orgasm building but he wasn’t wearing protection and he wasn’t sure Sarah had finished. He closed his eyes blocking out the image of the gorgeous woman beneath him. He finally went to pull out but Sarah grabbed his ass with both hands and held him to her.

“Don’t,” she gasped.

Sam wasn’t going to argue, he quickened his pace pushing himself back to the verge of orgasm again. He didn’t slow down humping Sarah until he came. After a few more weak thrusts he leaned in and kissed her before laying down next to her. There was silence for a while as Sarah cuddled up against him.

“You will return to Tucson?” asked Sarah.

“Yea,” said Sam, “I’ve got a few more nights though and the hotel is paid for so I’ll probably stick around.”

“I must return to my family,” said Sarah.

“I wish we had more time,” said Sam.

“We have had what we needed,” said Sarah, “you will find the woman you seek soon.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Sam.

“A girl in green,” she said, “from your past.”

He didn’t need to think long, Kara, he thought about her a lot when he first got to Tucson and she still visited his dreams. He should have stayed, but if he had he wouldn’t have met Sarah and he wouldn’t have gotten this job.

“The man I love will return to me in time,” Said Sarah, “but I’m glad we had our time together.”

After a short nap and some time to get dressed Sarah drove him back to his hotel. He dropped his stuff in the room and washed the dirt out of everywhere before heading to the bar. He had tried to put Kara out of his mind but it was like the day he arrived in Tucson all those years ago.

A familiar looking bar attached to a cheap hotel. He’d been here before. Half a bottle of gin later he stumbled back to his room. First Kara, now Sarah, if he knew where he was going to be in a month he would say he needed to settle down.

He woke up sometime around noon to a headache and hunger. He had planned to explore the area but he decided staying inside with the curtains drawn would be for the best.

Another day passed and it was his last night at this hotel. He made his way to the bar again but this time there were people younger than thirty. The group of people his age was at the far end of the bar, it seemed like they knew each other so he thought he’d keep his distance. He didn’t need to say anything to the bartender before there was a glass in front of him.

He took a sip and looked down the bar. There were two girls and two guys who seemed to be involved and another girl who seemed to be there against her will. She had the sides of her head shaved and the green hair on her hear was slicked back. She wore a loose black dress with a low back showing off the Elder Scroll tattoo on her neck and a sun on her shoulder.

Sam flagged down the bartender and sent a drink down to the girl, rye whiskey. The bartender brought it over to the confused looking girl. The bartender pointed down the bar to Sam who raised his glass to her. She turned and looked at him, it was her, here, in the middle of nowhere, at this shitty hotel bar.

Kara took the glass and walked slowly down the bar towards him, did she want to draw it out, to torture him?

“Sam,” she said as she walked up next to him, “out of all of the places in the world to see you.”

“What um,” he started, “what brings you here?”

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