Cleo’s Fall

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Book One

Chapter 1
Cleo watched Ralph stuff papers into his attaché case with the same sloppy abandon he approached every job, large or small. As usual, he wasn’t watching what he was doing, staring at a tall well-developed blond sitting with her skirt hiked above her knees. The woman looked up and caught him staring, reddened, and attempted to pull her hem down. Ralph gave no indication he was aware of her embarrassment, fixing his beady little eyes hungrily on her crotch.
Such a disgusting slob, Cleo thought as she observed him lick his moist fat lips.

She’d been working for Ralph Edwards for almost a month and had suffered in silent humiliation each time he’d stared at her in the same manner. He was an overbearing, fat ugly little troll with a nasty word for almost everybody. When the company downsized recently, her old boss had been let go and Ralph asked for her – by name. Needing the job to help with escalating expenses she and her new husband Mike had acquired lately, she’d stifled her anxieties and accepted.

Then last week at the last moment, Ralph had substituted her name in place of his old secretary, to accompany him on the company’s annual conference in Chicago. Mike hadn’t been all that pleased about her being gone for a full week, but he would also have to go out of town as soon as she returned, so he couldn’t complain too much. Besides, he knew how much they needed the money.

Ralph followed her onto the elevator as usual and she suspected it was because he was watching her butt. Tired as she was, she didn’t care much. Cleo had been an aspiring model when she met Mike in college and they suddenly decided to get married. There were many who thought she could make it big in the business, too. At nineteen, she was five-seven, slim, amply busted, long tapered legs, and as her high school friends had always said, a fantastic ass that looked great in blue jeans. She’d kept her blonde hair long because Mike liked it that way.

Throughout her high school years she had dated the “nice” boys in school — the most popular jock types. Mike easily fell into that category. He was good looking, athletic and well mannered. Just the type boy she was used to being around while growing up. It was natural that she would end up marrying someone like that. Secretly though, it’d always been the rough-talking, rude crowd from the other side of town that had excited her the most, made her give way to erotic, yet unfulfilled and frustrating fantasies.

Cleo didn’t know what it was that drew her to dominant, coarse-mannered men. Her father had been like that, both of his brothers, too. She’d been terrified of them all. She could be strong enough with other women, but when it came to powerful abusive men, she suddenly lost her voice and her strong will. She hated it when she turned into a stammering little fool around them, and supposed it was one of the reasons she hadn’t told Ralph to take his job and shove it. Every time she got up her nerve, he growled at her and her knees turned to rubber; causing her to timidly withdraw back inside herself. The feeling she experienced was like a mixture of excitement and revulsion that never failed to confuse her. She couldn’t understand it, because just thinking of his pudgy disgusting hands touching her in an intimate way, caused her to shiver with revulsion.

“Cold, sweetheart?” Ralph wheezed out his breathless little laugh, draping his arm over her bare shoulders.

She jumped away, letting his arm fall back to his side, as she pulled her thin sweater over her bare shoulders. Laughing again, he followed her into her room, her face flaming. He dumped the briefcase onto the bed.

“Go through those papers and categorize them by tomorrow’s meeting.”

Cleo nodded mutely, avoiding his eyes. She was wearing a mid-thigh, strapless summer dress and two-inch heels that showed off her tanned thighs. Over her perfect shoulders, she wore the soft Kashmir wool sweater Mike had bought for her last birthday. The room’s air conditioner felt cold after the warmness of the hotel lobby. She shivered again. Then, suddenly self-conscious, she slumped slightly forward, aware that even though she wore a silk bra beneath her sweater, it was thin and she was aware the coldness of the room made her nipples stick out. Without warning, Ralph took a long stride forward, reached out and grasped one erect nipple between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing firmly. Caught totally by surprise, she stiffened as the sudden pain of it registered, attempting to pull away. He grinned nastily, applying even more pressure, then more, until she became rigid, shocked into inaction to avoid any more pain. They stood that way for a full minute as he, with an almost clinical detachment, rolled her nipple between his pudgy fingers, periodically giving it a gentle but firm tug. She realized she was emitting small sounds of pain from her lips and tried to stifle them, sensing that he was somehow enjoying her discomfort. Confused and terrified, Cleo’s eyes darted to the door. Ralph laughed softly. “Sure. Go ahead and try it, Sweetheart. You’ll leave your tit in my hand if you do.”

Ralph suddenly pulled more firmly on her breast, forcing her to come closer. Eyes squeezed shut, breathing only through her mouth she could feel her heart pounding wildly within her chest. Cleo was terrified, yet unable to react, entirely immobile. Seeing she wasn’t going to cause him any trouble, Ralph smiled and grasped her other erect nipple, slowly twisting it too. This time he was rewarded by a low pitiful moan of pain, and a soft “. . . please . . .” He silently observed her expression; her tortured breathing, her tightly clinched eyes as he slowly rolled both nipples between his fingers. Suddenly, he squeezed harder and heard her grunt, seeing her knees buckle slightly from the sudden pain. That excited him – a lot. He studied her long eyelashes, the delicate line of her aristocratic nose, and her full, moist, pouty lips – the pink tip of her tongue flickering across them. She was the most delectable thing he’d ever had working for him, in fact, that he’d ever seen. He rolled both her nipples some more, listening to her labored breathing grow louder, a panicky quality leaking through.

Cleo was scared and confused. Something was happening that she couldn’t explain. A strange feeling was slowly spreading throughout her body, culminating in that damp spot between her long tapered legs, threatening to overcome her fear and despair. Each time he pinched her nipple harder, it was like a thousand small electric shocks shooting through her body. Like tiny little . . . orgasms. It was exquisite. She groaned softly.

Ralph quickly recognized the subtle change in her breathing, laughing coarsely. It sounded loud and crisp in the silent room. Damn, he’d been right about her all along. She was one of those who wanted to be treated like a whore. She may not even know it yet, but she did. He couldn’t believe his luck. He could always spot ‘em though. Just figure out the right buttons to push and they’d follow you around like a whipped little puppy dog. He slid one hand under her sweater, forcing it beneath her cup, lifting her bra over the top of her breasts while forcing her to remain frozen by his grasp of her other nipple. He slowly rubbed her bare nipple with the soft palm of his warm hand. She moaned quietly in humiliation, clinching her eyes tighter.

After a few more minutes of enduring her discomfort, Cleo felt him loosen her left breast, placing one hand on her shoulder and firmly forcing her downward. She resisted, her legs trembling with effort, but he steadily pushed her downward. Ralph seemed terribly strong despite his flab. Finally, maybe because she realized she had no choice anyway, but not fully understanding why, she quit struggling and just sank all the way to her knees. The rug felt rough and hard on her bare skin, but she hardly felt it because Ralph was now gently tugging on both nipples again, rolling them around against his fingertips. She was having difficulty simply with the act of breathing, her heart hammering so hard in her chest, that it was all she could hear. Then above the pounding of her racing heart, accompanied only by his deep, ragged breathing, and the ringing in her ears, Ralph’s zipper sounded loud in the quiet room. She clinched her eyes tighter as she caught a whiff of male musk. Please, oh please, no.
His voice cut through the cold. “Lick it.”
No! Her brain screamed.
“Do it right now or I’ll pull that hard little tit off.” The hold on her nipple tightened a bit and his hard commanding voice left no room for disobedience.

No! She couldn’t do that! God, how could he force her to do something like that? This was rape! He’d go to jail! She clinched her eyes tighter, his musky smell growing stronger as he shifted forward, moving closer toward her face. After a moment, as if she had no will of her own, she slowly opened her eyes and a scant four inches in front of her face was Ralph’s erect purple cock. Stunned, she gasped! It was . . . huge! Although it was no longer than Mike’s, it was unbelievably thick, nearly as large as her wrist. God was it ever fat! Twice as thick as any she’d ever seen. In truth, except for pictures in various magazines, she’d only seen Mike’s penis, but she realized this one was simply abnormal. The huge fat knob at the end of Ralph’s dick was startling – terrifying – filling her with instant dread.
The entangled fingers in her hair, twisted slightly. “Do it, you precious little bitch,” he whispered hoarsely. “Just think of it as a wonderful tasting ice cream cone and lick it all over.”
He tugged her hair just hard enough that she felt a slight discomfort, but she knew more would follow if she tried to hold out. Terrified to her core, whimpering softly, she still attempted to draw back from the fleshy monster jerking up-and-down in front of her face, but he tightened his grip, this time causing her to cry out in real pain. Her heart was hammering so loudly it threatened to deafen her now, nearly exploding inside her chest. She gasped for breath, fighting for oxygen. She wanted to scream at him, hit him, make him let her go, but she couldn’t get out a single word, as she tried unsuccessfully to get her breathing under control. Ralph applied more pressure to her hair, and tears stung her eyes. Pulling on her hair, he forced her to inch forward. Her mind flooded with too much pain to resist further, she finally opened her mouth, stuck out her pink tongue, and . . . licked the tip.
She was surprised it didn’t make her instantly ill. Without having to be told, she did it again. The cock felt spongy against her tongue and tasted a little salty, but other than that, it was not nearly as unpleasant as she’d expected.

“That’s it, my sweet little whore. Lick it all over now.” His voice was hoarse and he applied just a hint of pressure to her hair to let her know he was still in control.

No one had ever called her a whore in her entire life, and she felt like biting him, but fearful of the pain he could cause her, she continued licking as if she had no will of her own. Cleo was more scared than she’d ever been in her life. She was terrified of this pudgy little man who had once been her boss – and was now seemingly her – what? Rapist – Captor – Master? Following the pressure of his hands, she licked down his fat cock to his hairy sacs, under it and back up the thick vane on the bottom – all the way to the silver drop of nectar at its tip. Her heart, still pounding uncontrollably, threatened to explode from her chest. She was trembling almost violently, shaking all over, her legs especially. Fear – confusion – excitement, mixed up inside her head. Then without having to be instructed further, she simply opened her mouth and enveloped the fat spongy head completely. She held it there for a moment, savoring the feeling, the taste – her helplessness – and then she sucked it deep into her throat, instinctively lashing it with her tongue as it passed by. That caused Ralph to moan softly, which gave her a confusing sense of power that insinuated itself into her fear.
“Oh, you pretty little cunt,” he said softly. “Only someone who truly loves cock can suck one like that.”
Although she hated his name for her, and the tone of absolute ownership in his voice, she felt a strange sense of pride for the words. He held her head between his fat hands as he slowly fucked in and out of her pretty, pouted mouth as though it was a pussy. She felt humiliated, dirty – unaccountably thrilled.

What is happening to me?

She clutched her thighs tightly and felt an immense wetness there. Sliding them together, she rubbed her slick, swollen clit between them. Moaning, she redoubled efforts with mouth, teeth, and tongue, hearing a grunt of satisfaction from above her.

Ralph pushed her head away until his cock slipped from her mouth with a loud sucking noise. Holding her at bay for a moment, her greedily sucking mouth working just a scant inch from his throbbing cock, she looked like a dying fish attempting to reach the water she was starving for. Frustrated by his denial, Cleo moaned as though in agony, pushing back against his restraining hands. She squirmed, sticking her tongue out as far as possible, still trying to lick the fat spongy head. She barely succeeded in touching its throbbing tip, rewarded as pre-cum stung her tongue. Unaccountably, it was like life-giving nectar to her hungry mouth – something she desperately needed. The fat cock jerked twice right in front of her face, as Ralph groaned again. Then with a long desperate groan, he grabbed the sides of her head and roughly jammed his fat cock down her throat, lodging it, holding it there. She felt his cock jerking deep in her throat, and her own muscles hungrily massaging its fat head. She gagged violently, backed off a bit, but then slid it back into her open throat, slick saliva running down her pert chin, dripping onto her breasts.

He dropped his hands, no longer forcing her – just leaving his cock lodged in her milking throat all the way to the base, his wiry groin hair tickling her nose. Her slobbers now fell in a steady stream, landing on her knees, her thighs, making her shiver with delight. Ralph’s throbbing cock was so thick, there was barely room for her to continue sliding her hungry tongue around its incredible base, so she stopped trying, just keeping up a steady suction as more pre-cum began to flow. Its thick, syrupy substance completely coated her tongue. She swallowed it with gusto, hungry for whatever followed. She was nearly out of her mind now. Wanting it – needing it. Desperate for whatever came next. What was happening to her?

Ralph suddenly stiffened, gripping the sides of her face again, this time, even harder. She knew what was going to happen next. She couldn’t stop it if she wanted to. He would just use her mouth, and she would have to accept that which was inevitable. In her mind’s-eye, she could almost see the thick white substance Mike’s orgasm left in her vagina – the same stuff that would now be filling her mouth, sliding down her throat. The vision was so nasty it made her shudder violently. She had never tasted a man’s sperm before. Would it be salty? Make her ill? Doomed to drink this repulsive little man’s hot sperm, she simply accepted it, taking him in until his groin hairs again touched her nose. She was instantly rewarded with a mouth full of thick scalding cream. Gush after gush quickly followed, spurting like a hose, hitting the back of her throat, sticking there. It swirled around her tongue, coated the roof of her mouth, clinging momentarily before sliding over her quivering tonsils to pool in the pit of her soft belly. The bitter taste made her gag at first, but she swallowed it frantically, feeling lumps of it slide downward, dropping into her belly like molten drops of hot lava. Something was happening to her she couldn’t explain. Suddenly wanting it all, she reached up and grasped his fat ass-cheeks, pulling him even deeper down her convulsing throat, hold his thick cock in place. She withered frantically beneath him, thrusting her pelvis upward as though inviting a fantastic invisible cock to ruthlessly invade it. None did, but she couldn’t stop herself from moving. During the entire ordeal, she’d been totally unprepared for her own reaction. This thick, strange cum was like sweet nectar, ambrosia, something she instantly knew she’d craved her entire life – forced to be subservient – to kneel before her ugly master – taking his nasty cock in her mouth – tasting his vile cum. She moaned pitifully, swallowin every drop, sucking, licking, seeking more, desperate for all of his hot cream.

The seemingly endless gobs of thick cum finally subdued, and eventually satisfied, Ralph attempted to move away from her greedily sucking mouth. Cleo wasn’t satisfied even yet. She whimpered softly, gripping his clenched ass cheeks, continuing to hold him deep inside her clinging mouth – not licking or sucking any longer, just holding his cock there as though reluctant to let go. Unable to look at him throughout the ordeal, Cleo still tightly clenched her eyes. As long as she kept them closed and didn’t look at this repulsive little man whom she had just been forced to suck off, she could shut out her own wanton actions; refuse to acknowledge them. Until then she was safe from her own guilt. Mike was the only man she’d had sex with up to now. A few times she had let Mike put it in her mouth for a couple of moments, but never to completion. She had never wanted to do that and out of respect for her, he’d never demanded it. He was just too nice, a small voice in her mind acknowledged, with distain.

Ralph stood still, letting her hold his thick meat in her mouth, as he stroked her silky blond hair, staring down at her closed eyes as she lovingly mouthed his softening cock. He seemed fixated by what she was doing, watching as she gently glided her cum-slimy lips over and around its tender head while lightly scratching his hairy ass with her long painted nails. Except for a few tear-tracks of mascara streaking her pretty face, her make-up was still perfect, lips red and pouty, long eyelashes covering her tightly-clinched eyes. Ralph thought she looked like one of those high-priced models you see in fashion magazines – with the exception of his thick cock buried deeply inside her white throat. He could clearly make out its thick outline under her creamy skin. That sent another thrill through him, causing his cock to jerk, thickening as it started filling with blood again. For several moments they remained that way – her, with a reluctance to stop the manipulations of his thick cock – him, overcome by the erotic sight of this beautiful, cold, young beauty expertly licking his genitals. The effect was finally too much for him, and soon he responded more quickly, stiffening against her warm soft tongue.

“You beautiful greedy little bitch,” he whispered softly. “You lovely little cocksucker.”

In answer, she moaned softly in protest of his name for her, but kept sucking and licking as he continued to grow until he was just as hard as before. Throughout its metamorphose – from hard-to-soft and from soft-back-to-hard – Ralph’s thick cock never varied much in size. Almost lovingly, she slid her hands under his hairy vane-lined sacks, now holding his large balls in the palms of her soft hands, feeling them draw upward as his excitement returned. She licked, sucked, and softly bit the head of his cock for the next five minutes. The only sound in the room was their ragged breathing and occasionally, a soft moan. Suddenly Ralph’s cock jerked rapidly in her throat and he groaned loudly, roughly pushing her away from his throbbing cock. Off balance, she tumbled onto her back, staring up at him wide-eyed – partly in fear of his action, but also with something like anticipation – as if daring him.

“Take off your panties,” he growled hoarsely, licking his thick lips.

The ownership in his tone made her cringe, but for the first time it also forced her to lock eyes with him. His little pig-like eyes were thin slits – hungry, demanding. She quickly closed her eyes again. Frightened, repulsed, but more excited than at any point in her young life, Cleo quickly slipped off her thin blue panties, leaving her skirt rumpled above her waist. Her legs were wantonly spread, but she didn’t move to close them. She felt like the whore Ralph had called her earlier, completely caught-up in this drama and knowing she couldn’t fight it.

Ralph dropped his pants around his spindly ankles, lowered himself to his knees, and crawled between her wide-spread legs. His unbelievably bloated cock bobbed between his hairy thighs, instantly banging against her swollen vagina lips. With little regard for her comfort, he pushed it roughly against her opening, grinding ruthlessly against her. As wet as she was, the grotesquely fat head at the end of his cock, was far too thick to enter anyplace that small. Cleo groaned in frustration, lifting upward, trying to help him. She felt empty. She needed something inside her. Grunting, he repositioned himself between her splayed legs and viciously grinded his cock against her wet opening again, unrelenting as he tried to force himself inside her pulsing lips. The intense burning from friction of their bodies rubbing together, threatened to overwhelm her, and she groaned again. She wanted to beg . . . wanted to . . . what? Make him quit? Help him? Even though he was painfully persistent, he still couldn’t enter more than half-inch of the fat head inside her moist opening.

God! I have to have it in me now, her mind screamed. Ignoring the burning pain, she grunted loudly, pushing upward with unbridled desperation.

“Help me, you horny little bitch!” he grunted.

“I’m trying!” she gasped, her pretty face now strained with pain, and an animal-like desire to mate. She didn’t understand how her cunt could be painfully burning from friction, but still throbbing with an ever-increasing lust. She whimpered like a small hurt animal, lifting her knees to her chest, opening herself further to his terrible assault. That was all it took. Instantly, he sank to the hilt, taking her breath. Ralph paused, savoring his entry for a moment, then he lowered his face, his hungry mouth seeking hers. They groaned into each other’s open mouths, overcome by total ecstasy as their tongues fought. She’d never felt anything so intense in her entire life!

As though with a will of their own, Cleo felt her pussy walls clinching around the huge fleshy pole inside her, milking it, urging it deeper inside her. She tossed her head from side-to-side, crying out in delirium, moaning, tears flooding her sightless sky-blue eyes. Instinctively opening her parted lips, she sucked Ralph’s thick tongue deep into her mouth as she had done with his cock only moments before. She pushed her hips upward, using her slender thighs to grasp his large buttocks, attempting to pull even more of the fat cock inside her. Ralph grunted and settled in now, pounding savagely into her hot sloppy pussy, rushing to fill this prim little bitch with his hot sperm. He longed to use her, impregnate her, own her. She may not know it yet but she was his now.

His long, insistent strokes were taking their toll. “Oh God, yes, yes, yes!” Cleo screamed, thrashing wildly beneath him. Ralph covered her mouth with his thick wet lips, in an effort to keep her quiet. “Aggggh!” The last was muffled due to Ralph’s thick tongue, but still sounded loud in the quiet room. She sucked mindlessly on his tongue, whimpering softly as she heaved against his thrusts.

Ralph may have looked out of shape but he was strong, relentlessly pounding his thick cock into her willing pussy, their excitement climbing with each stroke. He looked down, watching as his over-sized cock pulled the lining of her vagina outward, and then pushed it back inside as he pounded into her again. What didn’t move aside for the battering ram hammering away at her tender core, tore a wider path to make way for this unnatural thickness. Her clit looked painfully red and swollen, as it was battered mercilessly. As for Cleo, she felt it happening, every ridge, every vane, each time it slammed against her core. She didn’t care. Completely gone now was the image of Mike. Gone, their life together, Cleo’s clean, orderly little world. That world was absent now as Cleo stuck her tongue between Ralph’s wet lips, moaning into his open mouth as she strained to find the release she so desperately needed. All that mattered at this moment was the hot driving cock between her violently trembling thighs.

As he hammered into her softness, Ralph watched the cold, distant beauty squirm franticly beneath him, now mindlessly fucking him like a bitch dog in heat. He’d coveted her silently for weeks since she first came to his office, feeling her rejection, seeing distain in her eyes each time she’d looked his way. Grinning maliciously, he ground his groin viciously against her swollen clit, rewarded instantly by a low pitiful whimper. Then he shortened his stroke, silently observing her slack mouth, sightless eyes and excited grunts as he brutally rode her. He suddenly realized he was probably the only man other than her husband who’d ever been inside her. He felt ten-feet tall.

“You really are a . . . slut, aren’t . . . you?” Ralph said breathlessly between thrusts. “Women like you . . . think your shit don’t stink . . . treating men like scum. But inside . . . you’re just like all the others . . . ain’t you? Whores . . . sluts . . . cunts,” Ralph forced the words out between gasps, punctuating each word with a savage thrust of his hips.

Cleo knew he was right, of course. She was a slut – a whore. She’d felt like one, kneeling before this repulsive little man, willingly sucking his cock. She knew what a slut and a slave must feel like now as he pounded that same fat cock into her greedy cunt, over-and-over. Hating herself for her weakness but unable to do anything about it, she moaned between clenched teeth and searched for his tongue again, straining upward to capture more of his hard pleasure. This feeling was something she’d never before encountered, and she knew she would climax like she’d never before in her life. That was all that mattered right now.

Ralph suddenly stopped thrusting and slowly pulled out, letting the huge ridge around his cock head lock him inside – just the head of his bloated cock resting between her swollen pussy lips. He paused, watching her closed eyes, her frustrated features as she strained upward, automatically reaching for his fat ass cheeks to pull him deeper again. She moaned in desperation, and he smiled.

“Well? Are you a selfish slut?”

“H . . .huh?” she muttered, her eyes glazed and confused.

“Tell me right now, or I wipe off my cock and leave.”

She knew then that he would leave nothing of her self-respect intact – knew that now she was in- deed his whore. Somewhere deep inside she didn’t want him to leave her with self-respect, and she certainly didn’t want his cock to leave her unsatisfied like this. Not like this. Not before he quelled this raging fire between her legs and released her mind so she could think.

“Yes,” she muttered. “I’m your slut . . . your whore. Satisfied now? Just do me!”

Ralph laughed, and then redoubled his vicious pounding. “It’s a start, sweetheart. There’ll be more.”

She didn’t like the sound of that, but her mind quickly returned to the overwhelming sensation captured in that dark wet spot between her legs, where all conscious thought was now centered. She was so close . . . so very close. Gasping with effort, Cleo strained upward even more, increasing her efforts, raising her hips to meet Ralph’s thrusts. Digging her nails into his soft ass-cheeks, she urged him deeper as he stretched and tore her pussy channel as no man had done before; making it so that now, few men would ever be able to satisfy her again. She didn’t care. It was wonderful! Just this once, that’s all. Then she would walk away, never be alone with the little fat bastard again. Suddenly, she had a fleeing, but terrifying thought. Had she taken her birth control pill? With this fire raging in her belly, she couldn’t remember, couldn’t even think. What if she became pregnant with Ralph’s ugly little baby. Oh god!

Sensing her hesitation, Ralph redoubled his effort, slamming his entire length into her, sending little skyrockets soaring into her brain. Her train of thought wavered, and then disappeared completely. She didn’t care. She’d face that if it happened. She was too close to the end now to worry about babies. She clutched his ass-cheeks tighter, scratching them with her long nails, rushing toward what she needed so desperately.

“Ahhhhh, God! Do it! Do it . . . do . . . it.”

Cleo groaned, opening her bent legs as wide as they would go and pushing upward in an attempt to capture more of Ralph’s hard cock deep inside where she needed it most. When it finally collided with her cervix, she clamped her thighs tightly around his driving ass and held him there as she squirmed around his hardness, crying out against his open mouth. Ralph smiled as he felt her quivering inter-thighs against his buttocks. He had her now. Before he was done, he’d turn her into the nastiest little slut in the county.

Mindless with desire, eyes glassy, Cleo strained upward and groaned. She was nearly out of her head, moaning, “Agggoddddd! Don’t stop! Please don’t . . . stop! Do . . .me . . . do . . .me!”

Ralph suddenly stiffened, grunting loudly. Without warning, Cleo felt his spunk bouncing off the inside walls of her steaming pussy. That was the final straw. She screamed loudly into his open mouth, convulsing into the most powerful orgasm she’d ever thought possible, as she tried over-and-over to frantically climb his stubby body.

“Oh, God! Yes! More, agggh! More!”

Time-after-time, like it would never end, the climax racked her body as she held on for dear life, trying to hold him as deeply inside her throbbing pussy as possible. Fireworks flashed behind her eyelids, over and over again, making her cry out in unashamed lust. Streams of hot cum ran down her thighs and into the crack of her butt, sending her into an even harder climax.

So nasty. Oh so nasty, kept running through her mind. This is so nasty.

Despite his earlier blowjob, Ralph’s heavy balls unloaded an incredible steady stream of spunk into her quivering belly, causing her to tremble with lewd excitement, whimpering like a hurt puppy. It was the first multiple organism she’d ever experienced, and when it was finally over she felt totally exhausted – a pile of quivering, used human flesh. Drained, they collapsed against each other, the only sounds in the room was the air conditioner and their loud gasps, as they fought to suck air back into their tortured lungs.

They lay that way a long time and when Ralph eventually rolled his heavy weight to the side and propped himself on one elbow, he stared down at her as though studying a bug. She just stared up at him expectantly, wanting to believe there was something more to this man now that she’d given him her most treasured possession. All she could see was his lewd wet smile and his cold little pig-like eyes. His first words destroyed any hope that she could turn this into something more than just two people rutting like wild dogs.

“Kinda like that fat dick, didn’t ya?”

She didn’t answer, her face flaming with embarrassment.

“That’s okay, Sweetheart. You’ll soon get to where you’ll do anything just to be allowed to lick it – and you’ll lick it anytime I want.”

Angered, she pushed against him with her hands, trying to move away. He grasped her wrist painfully, snarling, “Don’t fuck with me! Get your ass up on the bed and don’t think about giving me any trouble, Bitch! We ain’t nearly through yet. Now move it!”

Cowing fearfully, she crawled past him and pulled her aching body onto the cool bedspread. Laying curled in the fetal position, she kept her eyes closed as before, feeling the dip of the king-sized bed as he followed behind her. A wet, sticky river of cum ran from between her legs and down her thighs, feeling cold and sticky under the air conditioner. It felt so . . . nasty. She hated him and she hated herself. All she felt now that her passion was spent, was total disgust at what she’d done, and humiliation. She flinched as she felt his pudgy hand trace the line of her hip, slide across her flat belly, coming to rest between her wet thighs, cupping her shaved pubic mound. Despite her revulsion, a thrill shot through her loins.

“I know just which buttons to push, little girl. Believe what you want, but you’re mine now. From now on – anything I want you to do, anyway I want you to do it until I get tired of you – you’ll do what I tell you.”

He rested his back against the headboard and sit with sprayed legs, his tubby belly nearly hiding his fat flaccid cock. “Crawl over here and wrap those pouty lips around this big wet sausage, sweetheart. I’ve been wanting to do this for months and I haven’t had my fill yet.” When she failed to respond, he snarled, “Get your ass over here!”

The savage tone of his voice instantly galvanized her into action. Frightened of him once more, she hastily crawled into position to do his bidding. She paused slightly at the sight of the fat slimy cock resting snugly between his hairy thighs. It was wet and still sticky from both their juices. Although his cock was soft now, she could see no appreciable difference in its girth or length. The fat knob at its head was easily as big as her tiny fist, and the rest as thick as her forearm. She shivered uncontrollably as she stared at it, remembering how it’d felt pounding between her legs – and into her mouth – shooting its load into places none had ever gone before. In spite of herself, the thought made her pause quicken and her mouth began to water again. She drew closer, smelling their scent.

His chubby hands wrapped painfully in her hair and she opened her mouth to gasp. The next thing she knew, her mouth was once again full of Ralph’s slimy, stiffening cock. Without encouragement or threats this time, she began her task. Ralph’s hands dropped away. She wasn’t going anywhere. He knew he had her. She could have retreated, but she didn’t. She hated what she was doing, yet couldn’t seem to stop – licking the thick cock from its slimy slit at the tip, back down to bottom, up the other side, then starting all over. As she did it, she tasted their combined juices . . . and it reminded her of what they’d done only moments earlier, somehow exciting her more. Nasty. Yes. So nasty. She reached the thick base a second time and continued on to his scrotum, this time, voluntarily taking each of his large hairy balls into her mouth, sucking gently, nibbling.

Oh god, how nasty this is.

“You hungry little cunt,” Ralph was panting. “I’m gonna love turning you into the biggest slut in the whole fucking country.”

Ralph grasped his knees and pulled them against his flabby belly, leaving his fat butt-hole exposed, open to her. Bracing his right knee again his thick forearm, he used his hand to push her face downward towards his exposed anus. Instantly she realized what he wanted her to do and resisted, but his brute strength was overpowering, and finally sighing in resignation, she simply lowered her face into his steamy crevice and did what he wanted. Nasty. So nasty.

She felt her pussy gush. It suddenly felt empty, lacking something. Her nostrils were immediately assaulted by the mustiness of his sweaty crack, and once again, she tried to draw back, but pressure on the back of her head held her motionless. It was the nastiest thing anyone had ever made her do. That thought alone, took her over the edge.

Yes, nasty. So nasty.

Suddenly she was kissing and licking her way toward the puckered ring of his asshole. When he felt her tongue press against his nether lips, his tangy taste assaulting her tongue, he grunted with joy, hissing loudly as air escaped like from a deflating tire. Knowing that she was in control at this very moment, she worked her hot moist tongue lower and lower, feeling him lift against her assault, grinding his hairy ass against her pretty, tear-streaked face. She finally tasted the acrid rubber rings of his inter-nether hole. Far from disgusting her, she was trembling uncontrollably, excited casino oyna beyond belief. One of her hands found his throbbing cock, gripping it hard. Imagining her tongue as a small cock, she fucked Ralph with it as he wiggled with glee against her face – both of them now moaning with abandonment. Her rigid tongue probed deeper and deeper until it finally popped through the tight sphincter muscle, wiggling freely into the musty depths of his bowels. Ralph was beside himself with pleasure, grunting and groaning from pure joy. His pre-cum ran freely down her working hand, and suddenly, she was afraid he would cum. She wanted him to wait. She wanted it in her mouth. All of it.

After another moment of her tender administrations, she withdrew from her task and engulfed his rock-hard cock inside her wet mouth – all the way to its base. He groaned loudly before roughly pushing her head away.

“Jeeze, baby,” he grunted. “Take it easy. Ya almost made me shoot my load.”

She made a small sound of frustration as she pushed against his protective hands, trying to get back at the fat jerking cock just inches from her hungry mouth. That’s exactly what she wanted, she admitted to herself fiercely – to taste his hot thick cum once more. Why didn’t he let her finish him off? She groaned in frustration, then felt him lift her bodily, turning her around to face away from him, leaving her on her knees. The bed sagged as he knelt behind her body, her puckered asshole and wet open pussy exposed to him. She was his to do whatever he wanted. Accepting it, she didn’t care any more. Just do it! She felt his breath against her ass cheeks. Then he ran his tongue the length of her exposed crack – and it nearly sent her over the edge.

“Oh God!” she screamed loudly. “Ahhhhh!”

“Shut-up! You want the whole fucking hotel to hear us?” Ralph stuffed a pillow under her face to muffle the sound.

She flinched as she felt his thick rigid tongue lick wetly against the dry entrance of her ass, pushing persistently against the tight puckered ring of her nether hole. Cleo’s legs were shaking violently and she couldn’t get her breath. She was trembling all over as she gasped for air, straining backward for the forbidden pleasure she’d never known existed until now. She felt as if she were having a heart attack. Ralph’s tongue was larger than her own and much thicker. It felt like a big wet cock worming its way into her tight little asshole – stiff, yet wonderfully soft. Awful, yet wonderful – painful, yet exquisite. The feeling was indescribable. She whimpered into the pillow, pushing backward and relaxing her body to let his tongue slide deeper into her bowels, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her trembling young body. She was totally helpless, his toy to use anyway he wanted – but she loved it – wanted it – needed it.

“Oh please,” she groaned into the pillow, and Ralph chuckled somewhere behind her.

“Oh please . . . please . . . PLEASE!”

She came without warning, trembling violently, screaming into the pillow. It went on and on forever as she squirmed frantically, pushing desperately back against the pleasure of Ralph’s huge tongue and thick lips on her asshole.

“Mmmmmp. Og . . .ahhhh . . .gh god!” her muffled screams spoke of the pleasure she was experiencing. Over-and-over, the multiple orgasm shook her thin body, stealing her mind – taking her guilt away. Slowly, it began to subside just a little, but the unrelenting tongue and lips never slacked, licking her entire crack now, sipping her juices, sucking at her swollen pussy lips, biting her hard little clit without mercy. It was taking her upward against her will once more.

“Oh . . .please. Don’t,” she whimpered. “No more . . . I’m dying.” Ralph just chuckled lewdly and kept his manipulations of her body going until she was panting heavily again. Finally, he heard a soft, whispered, “Yes.”

Half -conscious a few minutes later, she felt the bed sag again and the head of Ralph’s wet cock brushing against her sopping wet cunt. Pushing back to accept it, she just wanted him to fuck her and get it over with. She was so tired – so horny – and the excitement was consuming her again. She groaned. How many times had she cum? Three, four, maybe five. Oh, would it never end? What had she become? Unconsciously, she found herself pushing her ass back to Ralph once more, waving it in the air, trying to capture his jerking cock inside her wet, hungry pussy. She felt like she was going out of her mind, losing control of everything. Ralph easily slipped his thick girth halfway into her swollen pussy. He let it stay there for just an instant, but then it was disappointingly gone, only to return an instant later to press against her exposed anus. Cleo grunted and tried to pull away, eager to have it re-enter her willing pussy, but Ralph’s pudgy hands held her fast as he pressed against her nether-hole, tearing tender tissue as it pushed the channel apart to allow the fat head of his cock entry into her most secret place.

“Nooo, please,” she gasped loudly in pain. “Wrong place. It hurts, Ralph, please just fuck me the same way again. Oh, please stop.”

“Shut up! Just press back against my cock like you’re trying to take a big crap! It’ll be easier for both of us that way.”

She begged and pleaded, and then finally realizing he wasn’t going to relent, did as he’d ordered. He appeared to not even hear her tortured pleadings anyway as he pressed ever deeper into her moist steamy depths. With a blinding white flash of pain, the fat cock head slipped past her sphincter muscle. Cleo clutched handfuls of the bedspread and screamed against a mouth filled with pillow.

“Oh god it hurts so much! It feels like a fence post! Get it out, please . . . please . . . ple . . .!”

Ralph paused, resting, neither of them moving except to breathe. “Damn, baby. You are so tight in there! Just about tore my dick off getting in.” He laughed softly. “And only got the head in so far, too. Lots more to come.”

Then the pain returned as he slowly slid the fat cock deeper into her asshole – more and more of it sliding, tearing, pushing tender un-violated tissue apart, to achieve its goal. It seemed endless, burning like fire, slowly impelling her.

It feels like a fence post, she thought, grunting with pain. White lights flashed behind her eyelids as she felt its relentless path pushing the inside walls of her bowels apart, entering her virgin colon. Then, she felt the course hairs of Ralph’s groin against her tender ass cheeks. He rested again, panting hard, letting her grow accustomed to the unnatural invasion of its first cock.

Cleo was afraid to move even the slightest, less the pain grow worse. But she was also slightly surprised. Now that it was finally all the way in, it wasn’t as painful as it had been. Ralph flexed his thick cock a couple of times and its surge felt almost pleasurable inside her. His words jolted her back to the present.

“Help me with this, bitch! Rub your pussy or something!”

His tone left no room for protest, so she reached between her legs and touched the exposed swollen knob that was her blood-gorged clit. Electric volts shot through her, nearly making her climax at once. Its intensity caught her completely by surprise. How could she be enjoying this humiliation, this defilement? Letting this fat, repulsive little man stick his thick cock up her ass, was one thing. Enjoying it was another altogether. This was a place where even let her husband hadn’t gone. She groaned as another thrill shot through her, faintly hearing Ralph’s acknowledging laughter from someplace far away.

“Think about what you’re doing, slut. A man has his nasty cock buried to the balls up your virgin asshole, and you are loving it. Think about how nasty that is.”

She groaned aloud, letting him know. Yes, so nasty.
A nasty cock buried deeply inside her tender virgin asshole. Nasty, so nasty, and yes, Ralph was right about the rest, too. He knew just which buttons to push, as far as she was concerned. She knew now that he was right. She was now his to use in any way he wanted. If she couldn’t stop him from doing this vile thing to her, how could she keep him from doing anything he wanted, anytime he wanted?

Without warning, she came so hard it felt like the top of her head had blown off. Over-and-over, just as one climax was beginning to subdue, she went over the edge with an even harder, soul-jarring one. Groaning, she pushed her ass back against Ralph’s thrusts, trying to get as much of his thick cock inside her ravaged anus as possible. All the time, he kept saying, “You’re an ass-slut now, baby. The ones who can cum with only a cock up their asses, are called ass-sluts. You should be pleased. You’re a rare find.”

That’s how it went for the next ten minutes as she suffered through and enjoyed multiple-orgasm after multiple-orgasm. When Ralph finally did erupt into her tortured bowels, she had her last and hardest, mind-numbing jolt. When it was finally over, she collapsed onto her face, exhausted, completely drained, totally spent.

After a few moments, she came around enough to focus. Ralph was standing beside the bed, his fat slimy cock only inches from her face. “You know what to do my little ass-slut. Clean it up nicely for me now.”

Completely exhausted and totally compliant at this point, she didn’t even argue as she engulfed his slimy cock in her tender mouth, sucking it clean. His faint laughter echoing in her mind, she collapsed into a coma that lasted for ten hours.

Chapter 2

The next morning when she met Ralph in the hotel coffee shop before work, he acted as though nothing had even happened. At first, she did her best to avoid his eyes, but then, actually became a little miffed that he’d thought so little of what they’d done the previous evening that he wouldn’t even acknowledge her the following morning. She was sore everywhere and he didn’t even seem to care. In anger, she thought, Fuck you, Ralph! You . . . fat slob!

At 10:00 A.M., he told her to load the papers into the trunk of his rental car. He curtly told her they were going to drive to a nearby hotel conference room for a presentation. As Ralph drove, she sat as far away from him in the big Lincoln sedan as possible, pressing her side against the opposite door. She shuddered as she remembered the awful things he had forced her to do last night. Well, maybe forced wasn’t exactly the word. But he had made her do it. She hated this evil little man and promised herself that she’d somehow forget it’d ever happened. As soon as they got back home, she would resign and that would be the end of it. She’d leave right now, except for the fact that Ralph had held onto the airline tickets, and she knew there wasn’t enough in their bank account to buy another one. Once home though, she’d quit. The money wasn’t that important. One thing was for certain, what had happened last night would never happen again. That was final. She had Mike to think about, and she was still worried about being off the pill.

“Been thinking about us fucking last night?”

His words jolted her back to reality. She glanced over at him and saw he was sneering at her. “Bet you’re a little sore today, huh? Especially that tender little asshole of yours.”

She jerked her face back to the front and stared straight ahead, determined to ignore him. What she couldn’t ignore was the images his words provoked inside her head. She glanced sideways at Ralph and shuddered, her tender nether-ring clinching at the image. Last night he’d made her feel like a whore. Now, he only made her feel sick.

“Come over here and take care of this. We don’t have much time.”

She glanced over before she could stop herself. Ralph had unzipped his trousers and removed his thick cock. It was stiff and throbbing, staring back at her with its one glistening eye.

“Come on girl! Get your ass over here.”

She shook her head in denial. “No, I won’t do that anymore, Ralph. What happened last night was an aberration. It can’t ever happen again. It won’t happen again!”

“Look at it, Cleo.”

She ignored him.

“Look at it damn you!” he growled viscously.

Suddenly, she was just a frightened little rabbit again. Terrified, she did as he ordered. Ralph’s cock was so hard it was almost purple. Large vanes lined the shaft, causing its gigantic knob to jerk and throb. The vane along the bottom was every bit as large as her small finger. A silver drop of nectar had already formed at its spongy tip. As she stared at it uncontrollably, without knowing, she unconsciously licked her dry lips. Ralph laughed lewdly and a familiar, unwanted thrill shot through her loins.

“Think about how it felt sliding over your tongue last night, sweetie. Think about how it coated your lips, tasted like warm cream to a starving kitten, as you lapped it all up. Makes your mouth water, don’t it?”

She jerked her head away, back to looking out the window on her side of the car. No! She wouldn’t let him do this to her! Not anymore. Her mind was quickly betraying her however, as vivid pictures from the previous evening flashed through it, causing her breath to come in shorter gasps. She heard Ralph chuckle again, hating him even more.

“You’re sure you’re not interested? You absolutely sure you don’t want to kiss it goodbye, maybe even lick it a little – slide it slowly over your tongue – feel it shoot a thick load into your beautiful, hungry, sucking little mouth? Okay, that’s fine. Didn’t hurt to try though.” He started to force the stiff organ back inside his trousers. Involuntarily, Cleo uttered a small sound, her hand shooting out involuntarily.

Ralph paused, a knowing smirk on his lips. “What was that? I didn’t hear that.”

“Wait,” she muttered softly.

“Wait? You said you don’t want it. Why wait?” Ralph looked bemused. She hated him for it, but her need was growing stronger by the heartbeat, and suddenly that was the only thing that mattered.

“Well shit, do you want to kiss it or don’t you? I ain’t got all day. We’ll be there soon and I can’t walk around with a boner, all day.”

“I want it,” she heard herself muttering softly.

“What? I don’t think I heard that either.” Ralph was smiling thinly, like he’d known all along what she’d do.

“I want to do it,” she said it a little louder, this time.

“Do what?” Ralph made as if to stuff his rigid cock back inside again.

This time she didn’t hesitate. “No, wait! I do . . . want to suck your cock. Lick it, suck it, whatever you want me to do. ” She sounded pathetic, completely resigned to her fate.

“Then get your worthless ass over here and do it, before I don’t let you,” he growled.

She hesitated for just another instant, but his hard tone had finally jolted her into action. Terrified, but growing terribly excited, she slid over, reached out, and grasped it – her small hand appearing like a child’s against its thickness. As she lowered her head, she took a deep whiff of male musk before she took as much of his cock down her throat as she could on the very first try. She savored the velvety texture as it slid over her tongue, tasting the drop of pre-cum that had formed on the slit, feeling her toes curl with pleasure. It was like a strong drug, nearly making her swoon from the now familiar sensation. The large bibulous head bumped against the back of her throat, lodged there, gagging her for an instant, but then popped through, like it knew where it was going. Suddenly, she had her nose buried in Ralph’s thick pubic hair. She’d taken it all and was nearly climaxing from sheer pleasure. Imagining her throat to be like a deep vagina, she held it there, completely buried, using her throat muscles to milk it gently. She immediately tasted more of his bodily fluids, sweet, thick.

Ralph sighed loudly. “What a fine little cocksucker you’re going to be, Cleo,” he whispered hoarsely. “I believe you’d keep a cock in your mouth all day if I’d let you, wouldn’t you?”

He was right of course. She would. She loved the taste of it, the musty smell, its velvety feel – especially the nastiness of the act itself. She loved it all, everything about it. She sucked harder, wanting it as she’d never wanted anything in her life. The only reality that mattered to her was this moment, wanting to feel Ralph spurt his hot semen down her throat. She felt as if she could cum just by him doing that. As Ralph stopped at traffic lights, Cleo could hear pedestrians crossing the street a few feet from their car, and wondered if they or the cars next to them could see what she was doing. Her fears were confirmed a moment later as the loud motor of a big truck pulled up beside them at an intersection, and a coarse voice shouted. “Go for it baby! When you finish there, I got one too!”

Her ears flamed and she tried to pull back, but Ralph used one hand to hold her head firmly in place. “Keep sucking, bitch. And hurry, we’re almost there.”

She could feel his bloated cock, throbbing beneath her tongue, twitching as she brushed the thick head with her tonsils, loving every second of it. She gently cupped his hairy sacs in one of her tiny hands and Ralph groaned loudly, causing her to redouble her efforts, running her tongue along the thick vane underneath, nibbling, sucking, licking.

“Ah, suck it you little ass-slut. Suck it dry! Remember, it’s been up your ass, too. How nasty is that?””

At his remarks, Cleo actually felt her pussy squirt with tiny climaxes, and she sucked even harder on the thick piece of meat ramming down her throat. After about another moment, she felt Ralph’s body stiffen, heard him catch his breath and knew what was coming. An instant later, he was coating her mouth with thick gobs of bitter cum. It came out in lumps, fast, steady, unending. The sticky substance stuck to the roof of her mouth, coating it, pushing against her sealed lips as she hungrily struggled to swallow it all. Ralph moaned, humping against her face as he admonished her to not soil his trousers with any spilt semen. Almost too quickly, the hot stream dwindled to a few hot, thin drops. He sighed, letting her know that he was through, but her lips still clamped tightly to his thickness, sucking more gently now. Finally, he had to literally force her hungry mouth off his flaccid cock.

“Jeeze, baby. You are one horny little ass-slut. Once you get going, you don’t want to stop. I’ll see you after the conference tonight and you can have some more of it then. Be in your room and don’t have anything on. I want you naked, kneeling in the middle of the room on a pillow, ready to go. Got that?”

Her face flamed. She needed to cum. The little ones she’d just had hadn’t done it for her. She felt like she was ready to climb the walls, tackle some stranger in a bar and rape him. She started to beg him but then clamped her lips together because she knew he wouldn’t care. Desperately longing to tell him to fuck off in humiliation, she finally just meekly nodded. She watched him walk away, leaving her with a tart taste in her mouth – to carry in the presentation charts – alone.

Around six o’clock Cleo ordered dinner in her room and ate alone. Then she showered and pulled on a short, flimsy black night-gown, nothing under it. If she stood against the light, someone could see right through it. One thing was certain. It wouldn’t be Ralph. She was determined to never let him ever get inside her room again; nor would she ever again do what she’d done to him in the car today. She’d been weak – lonely and weak. She was over that now. She swallowed, imagining she still tasted Ralph’s tart sperm, fighting the quivering feeling it caused in her belly.

Just outside her room Cleo heard the elevator doors open, and then close, frantically rushing to slide the deadbolt into place. It was way earlier than Ralph had said he’d be there, but he would not get in tonight if he did come by. She curled up with a book she’d bought in the hotel gift-shop, pausing to stare at the door each time she heard the elevator door or footsteps outside. She would not become a slave to her sick lust!

Trying to concentrate on the pages before her, she found herself losing track of it. Angrily, she thought about her boss’s new pet name for her – ass-slut! Was it true that most women didn’t experience a climax with a man’s penis inside their butts? Was she abnormal because she could? She shivered unexpectedly, remembering how Ralph had hammered unmercifully into her, back there. With the tip of one finger, Cleo touched her tender anus, feeling a sharp thrill shoot her loins. It had seemed so natural, not that she’d ever do it again.

Despite her resolve, Cleo’s mind wondered back to the previous night and the other things Ralph had forced her to do. Well, maybe not forced exactly, but she had felt threatened hadn’t she? Remembering the smells, the taste, the overall nastiness of it all, another thrill shot through her belly, a slight wetness seeping from between her legs, dampening the sheet beneath her. God, what was wrong with her? Just thinking about her repulsive little boss’s fat dick and meaty tongue made her gush like a school girl. She hated him, no, despised him. He revolted her in every possible way. Yet, here she was, trembling at the very thought of the things he’d done to her. She fought down the urge to touch her throbbing pussy, because she knew it would produce only momentary relief, and she knew why. It simply wasn’t nasty enough to excite her in the way she needed.

She heard the elevator door slide open outside her door. Without thinking, she rushed to the door and slid the deadbolt to the rear. Then she unlocked the door completely and went back to lie down on the bed, her mouth dry, heart pounding inside her chest. With a heavy drumming from within her ears, she waited in dread . . . and anticipation. Ralph did not come.

Okay, damn you! I’m here. This is what you want, isn’t it? Come on you bastard and get your vile, nasty act over with. I can’t stop you. Take it! It’s here waiting for you!

Frustrated and angry, Cleo fell asleep around 1:30 P.M., the sheet sticking to her dampness.

Ralph was busy right then, but even if he wasn’t, he knew very well what he was doing. Let the little cunt wait – think about it for a while. Let her get a little angry – feel neglected. Then when he was ready, she’d climb all over him begging for it anyway he wanted to do it. He still couldn’t believe his good fortune. He’d always been able to read people well, especially women. That day in his office when he’d growled at her to do something, she’d gotten a certain look in her eyes. That had told him he’d hit a hot-button. Yeah, it was that little thing when they start to breathe through their half-open mouths, softly licking their lips unconsciously every so often, looking a bit confused – and you could be assured their little cunts were getting wet. Most of them didn’t even know they were doing it. To be certain though, he’d tried it again a few days later with the same results. That’s when he knew which buttons he’d have to push to get her started. He smiled. Boy was he ever going to get her started.

The next day, Ralph was with another group the entire morning, then in the afternoon they withdrew to a larger conference room where he disappeared altogether. She searched for him at every break, but he was nowhere to be found. At the close of daily events, tired and angry, she trudged across the lobby toward the elevator. She was stopped dead in her tracks by the sound of Ralph’s raspy voice.

“Sleep well last night, my little ass-slut?”

Stunned, Cleo whirled to find him standing no more than four feet behind her, puffing on a long cigar. As usual, he was leering at her legs beneath the short mini-skirt. As usual also, he made her feel completely naked. She fumbled for some stinging remark, but nothing came to mind. Although it disgusted her, she had reverted to being that timid little fool, once more.

When she couldn’t answer, he went on. “I’ll be by to see you at eight o’clock. I got tied up last night. It was that long-legged redhead bitch in the short skirt. Acts so cold in public, but she crawled on her knees for me last night, baby. Sucked my cock like it was sugar. Not as well as you do, though. You’re a real pro. Now, pay attention. I want the door unlocked, you undressed, and kneeling on a pillow in the middle of the fucking floor, when I get there.”

He suddenly reached out and grasped one nipple between thumb and forefinger, just as he’d done on that first day. Cleo gasped, glancing around to see if anyone had noticed, but they were out of sight behind a large potted plant.

Ralph stepped closer, his other hand finding its way under her short skirt, coming to rest between her legs. She tried moving away but he grasped her nipple even tighter, causing her to half-sob with pain. Despite herself, Cleo felt her pussy gush liquid.

“Did you know your pussy is already wet, my dear? Sopping wet, as a matter-of-fact. I could fuck you right here on the floor with everybody watching and you’d love it.” Holding her motionless by her nipple, one of his fat fingers wormed its way beneath the elastic band of her panty leg, slipping easily inside her. It was joined by another, then, a third. He was right of course. She was wet and open, ready for him. How did he do it? How could she find this repulsive little troll desirable? She moaned softly, involuntarily pushing back against his hand, but Ralph quickly removed it, causing her to groan in disappointment. Ralph chuckled, smelling his fingers. She hated him. Hated him!

“Want me to forget about fucking you tonight?” He twisted her nipple for emphasis.

Head down, unable to meet his piggy eyes, Cleo mutely shook her blonde curls, glancing around to see of anyone else had heard his lewd remarks. Ralph released her nipple, chuckling again as she hurried away without looking back. As she did, she vowed she would never do as he commanded this night. Last night was the final time. It was over!

As she’d done the night before, Cleo showered, brushed her long glimmering hair, and pulled on a silk robe. After her encounter in the hotel lobby that afternoon, Cleo was aware that her pussy was still so sensitive that even a slight brush against it from her silk gown, caused her to tremble. She curled up with the same book, trying without success to concentrate. Unconsciously, she glanced at the clock. It read 7:30.

I will not!

When she looked again, it was two minutes until eight. Go to Hell, Ralph Edwards! Go straight to Hell!

The elevator door was loud outside her door. Without even thinking about it, she suddenly threw-off her robe, dropping to the pillow in the middle of the hotel floor, heart pounding uncontrollably against her chest. She was literally trembling all over, gasping for breath as she heard the doorknob turning. Ralph walked in followed by one of the biggest and ugliest men she’d ever seen. For a moment, in her fear and embarrassment, she forgot she was naked.

“My God, Ralph. She’s a fucking knockout, just like you said!” The giant’s voice was wet-sounding, deep, and rough.

Cleo, trembling, terrified, glanced around for an avenue of retreat. Ralph laughed knowingly. “Just stay right where you are little ass-slut. There ain’t no place to go.”

Resigned, she settled back on her heels, waiting in dread for whatever was to come. It wasn’t long in coming. “She loves to suck cock, Al. Once she gets started, she don’t want to stop. Give it a try.”

The big man grinned, showing crooked, stained teeth as he unzipped his baggy trousers. Reaching inside, he pulled out a dick longer than Ralph’s. No – curved, with a mighty knob on its end, it was twice the length of Ralph’s – though not nearly as thick. He walked up to her so it was waving in her face, and she could smell his scent. Cleo clamped her jaws, glancing pleadingly at Ralph, but when she saw the glow of anger on his face, she unaccountably just opened her mouth, leaning toward the foul-smelling hunk of meat. She didn’t want to do it but she didn’t know what else to do. Two strange men were in her bedroom, she was naked and helpless, and they were determined to do terrible things to her – nasty things to her. Suddenly, the long cock twitching in front of her face caused her mouth to water.

Even half-soft, it was almost more than she could do to get the huge head inside her mouth. It stung her tongue, tasting warm, musty, and a little tangy. It began to grow as the blood rushed into its tip and her jaws ached, as she struggled to get more of the meat down her throat. It was as if she was starving and this thing was her nourishment. She wanted it. No, she needed it.

What is happening to me? she wondered as terror gripped her guts in an icy fist. She nibbled and sucked the huge foul cock forcing its way down her milking throat, a desperate hunger was growing inside her for this stranger to shoot his vile load into her hungrily sucking mouth, painting her throat with his nasty cum. A few short days ago, she’d just been a young, inexperienced house-wife and the only man she’d ever fucked was her husband, Mike. Now she was a tramp – a total tramp who’d take any man’s cock down her throat – or up her ass. She shivered uncontrollably at that thought, and her young pussy gushed as she felt the soft velvety head slide over her tongue and down her throat. How she loved the nastiness of it, she finally admitted. How she loved the taste of a strange man’s cock. Just sucking it was bringing her to the verge of an orgasm.

“Look at this hot little bitch go!’ Ralph chuckled. “I told you she loved it, Al. She’d live with a cock in her mouth if she could.”

She did, she admitted it! She loved the taste of cock! Cleo deep-throated the huge slab, her cheeks bulging. Try as she might, she could swallow no more than two-thirds of it. Even then, she felt it all the way into her stomach. She heard the big man groan, and ran her tongue up the underside of it, feeling his legs stiffen, his body arch backward. He’s going to cum now, her brain screamed at her – a strange man’s semen was going to shoot into her mouth and she didn’t care. She wanted it. She really wanted all of it in her mouth. She didn’t care who was doing it, she just wanted to taste this man’s cream. It had been two days since the last time, and she needed it.

Without warning, she was suddenly struggling to swallow a thick lumpy load of the big stranger’s discharge, as slimy gobs of the stuff slid down her milking throat, coating her insides all the way to her stomach, pooling there in a molten hot lump. She sucked harder, rewarded by another huge deposit. She swirled it around her tongue, savoring it as if it were desert, opened her mouth to let the men see she still held it there – and then swallowed it all – nearly swooning. So nasty! She reached for the tall man’s ass-cheeks so he couldn’t pull back, continuing to attack the half-hard cock in her mouth with her lashing tongue. With a strong shove, the giant sent her sprawling away, flying onto her back. She lay there gasping for breath, cum leaking from the corners of her mouth, dripping onto her nipples, legs spread like the most wantonness of whores, staring up at the big man as though daring him to finish the job.

Ralph grabbed her arm and hoisted her to her feet. “On the bed, bitch. This evening ain’t started yet.”

He literally tossed her small body onto the king-size bed, where she lay as though dazed, her legs spread in invitation as the two brutes leered down at her.

“She can hardly wait to be filled with two cocks at once, Al. Look at how wet that tight little pussy is.”

Cleo tried to will herself to close her legs, but they wouldn’t obey. Finally, she gave up and simply lay back, waiting for whatever was to come. She didn’t have to wait long. The bed sagged and she was instantly aware of her betraying body as it was pulled and positioned just as they wanted it. She was a rag-doll with no will of her own, simply wishing they’d get inside her. Her pussy was inching, burning up, and she was ready to scream at them to hurry and get it over with!

Ralph lay on his back with his unbelievably thick stubby cock poking straight up. His rough hands pulled her over on top of his rounded stomach where she sat for a moment on his thighs. Then her soft hands found his thick cock and she rubbed it lovingly until he growled, “Get on it, Baby. I can jerk my own dick!”

Shamed-faced by her own haste, she positioned herself over the unbelievably fat mushroom head and pressed downward. It started in and then hung up, but she wiggled frantically, feeling it force aside the walls of her pussy as it fought its way deeper.

“Oh God! Oh . . . !” she groaned as the two men sniggered at her urgency.

At last, she was sitting on Ralph’s rounded stomach, his pubic hairs tickling her ass cheeks. It felt like she had a fence post buried inside her cunt, and she was hesitant to move, but Ralph pulled her face forward and buried his tongue in her mouth. That was the last straw. She wrapped her arms around him, moaning loudly, pushing down on his cock as hard as she could, squirming in wet circles on his round stomach, trying to force more of his thick meat inside her.

Her wetness finally created room for the thick cock to move, and she tentatively slid up to its bulging head, and then back to the base. After only a few times doing that, she began slamming herself against it as though to impale herself on his cock. She bit her lip tasting blood, groaning desperately, seeking completion. She felt the bed sag again and it didn’t register until there was a prodding at her tender anus.

She tried to pull back, suddenly alarmed “No! Oh please, Ralph. Both of you just fuck me . . . I’ll suck your cocks, anything. But please, not that! Not that again!”

Ralph laughed nastily. “You love a dick up your ass. Remember? You’re my little ass-slut. Just shut up and move that ass or we’ll both get in it at once.”

Al’s persistence was beginning to pay off, for she felt the thick head of his monster cock slip past her nether lips, pushing aside the tender tissue Ralph had initiated only a few days earlier. Even though Ralph’s thick cock had forever stretched her tender virgin asshole earlier, it still felt like molten fire as Al’s huge cock forced its way past her clinching muscles! She squealed loudly, causing Ralph to stick his tongue deep into her mouth to keep her silent. She struggled, moaning, then, whimpering around his thick tongue. He held her helpless as a child, Al forcing more of his huge cock into her dark bowels. At a certain point, the resistance simply ceased and he slipped in all the way to the base – probing her colon.

“Ugggggh! Oh, no, wait, please.”

They froze there for over a minute, letting her grow accustomed to their double penetration. Then, as if by mutual consent, they began to pound at her from both ends. At first, it was unbearable. White hot pain was tearing her apart from both ends. Then Ralph said the magic words.

“Just think, baby. Have you ever been this nasty before? Two hard cocks, buried as far as they’ll go inside your tender belly. You’re gonna get a belly-full of cum this time.”

Yes, she was. A belly-full of hot thick slimy cum. God, she loved it – so nasty . . .nasty . . .nasty.

She was grunting with the two men now, wiggling, first slamming her ass back against Al’s long cock, then squirming down on the fat one in her cunt. One of the men laughed at her haste, but she was past caring. She didn’t last long. It was too intense. Fireworks exploded inside her head, rocking her small body, over-and-over. But Al had already cum once and Ralph had busted a nut inside her mouth in his car earlier, so they took their time, enjoying her soft whimpers, her repeated urgent gyrations – and the desperate moans as she tried to capture more of both cocks, at once.

“Uh!” she grunted, as Al slammed to the hilt in her ass. “Oooooh, Baby, yes,” she cooed as Ralph cork-screwed into her hungry pussy.

“What do you want, baby? Tell me.”

“I want your cocks,” she grunted into his open mouth. “Cum in me. Fill me up with it. Don’t ever stop! Please cum slot oyna in me!”

“Then you can clean up our cocks? Right, my little ass-slut?”

“Yes, yes, anything you want. Just don’t stop!” she pleaded. Although she’d cum several times already, and hating the way she sounded to these two men who were violating her at both ends, she couldn’t seem to stop.

Suddenly Al grunted and slammed his monster cock into her without mercy, nearing his climax. Then he stiffened and Cleo felt him empty himself deep inside her bowels – just as she went over the edge once more. Ralph wasn’t far behind, pounding her pussy from below, stiffening and grunting loudly as she felt him spurt his load deep inside her. She simply couldn’t stop cumming, squirming around in the men’s sticky juice flowing from her anus and pussy, running down her thighs, causing her to slide on Ralph’s ample belly. Then, as one, they all collapsed onto the bed for several moments without moving.

Although exhausted, when Ralph ordered her to do so, she obediently cleaned their slimy cocks with her mouth, until they were satisfied with her efforts. By then, Ralph had another boner and continued to shove his cock into her tender mouth. Half-conscious, she lay without responding, just letting him slide in and out of her slack mouth for another twenty minutes, using her as a repository for his cum, at last grunting loudly and shooting partially into her mouth, the rest flying into her numb face. Through half-closed eyes sticky with cum, she watched Al peel off a hundred dollar bill, and hand it to Ralph. She sighed, staring at the transaction with dim recognition. That settled it once and for all. She was officially a whore now. She still hadn’t moved a few minutes later, and didn’t even hear them leave.

Chapter 3

Cleo was only half-awake, the drone of the engines lulling her to sleep. The conference was finally over and she would be glad to get home to Mike, forget the nightmare of the past few days. After the night with Ralph and the ugly giant, they hadn’t come back the next two nights. On the third night, Cleo knew she and Ralph would leave the hotel around 1:00 a.m. to catch their flight. The last day, the conference lasted until only 10:00 a.m. so she went back to her room. Almost three days since Ralph had visited her, and Cleo was ready to climb the walls already. She tried calling his room, but no answer. Taking the elevator to the next floor, she quietly moved down the hallway, stopping to stand just outside Ralph’s door. She could hardly breath, legs shaking, hand trembling as she reached to knock. What am I doing here? she thought. Am I that much of a slut that I will go to a man’s hotel room to get laid? Control yourself!

She tapped timidly. She tapped harder. No answer. As she turned to leave, fighting back a soft sob, the door opened. “Why, if it isn’t my little ass-slut,” Ralph said. “Whatever do you want?”

“Please,” she muttered timidly. “I need you.” Then remembering, she said, “I need your cock. Please Ralph. Please?”

Laughing softly, Ralph unzipped his pants, and pulled a limp cock out. “Well, hurry it up before somebody comes by,” he said with a smirk.

“H . . .here?”

“Hurry up, or go back to your room!”

She’d quickly knelt and engulfed his entire length in a single try. He’d cum quickly, but she had not. He had practically slammed the door in her face when she was done. Remembering now, she felt her face flame, as she dropped off to doze once more. They were seated near the back of the sparsely populated airplane. The redeye special, Cleo thought bitterly as she slipped into sleep. The cheap little bastard could afford first-class.

She was still dozing several hours later, suddenly awakened by Ralph’s pudgy hands touching her crotch through her silk panties. The half-empty plane was completely dark now. The only source of lighting was the small lights dimly illuminating a path down the center isle. Sleepily, she groaned in disgust and attempted to shove his hands away. He persisted and finally resigned to his advances, she laid her head back against the seat, closing her eyes.

For fucks sake! Just leave me alone. Please just leave me alone.

She hadn’t cum that afternoon when Ralph did, so after just a moment of Ralph’s manipulations, Cleo’s legs slowly slipped apart and Ralph’s stubby fingers forced their way past the elastic band, slipping easily into her wet snatch. She groaned softly and Ralph chuckled. His zipper was loud as she watched him pull his inflated cock into view. She felt his hand slip behind her head and apply pressure.

“Please, Ralph,” she whispered frantically, flicking her eyes toward the lone occupant of the seat across from them, a large overweight black man who appeared to be sleeping. The plane was about half-filled and almost everyone else appeared asleep. More pressure from Ralph’s hands forced her head forward, and finally, sighing deeply, she lowered her mouth and swallowed his hard cock. She didn’t look up all the time, just thankful no one had to visit the lavatory. Soon, she was completely lost in the sucking, licking, tasting, savoring a cock in her mouth. Ralph hadn’t fucked her that afternoon in the hallway and her pussy was gushing, making her thighs wet as she rubbed them together. After only a few moments, Ralph coated her mouth with hot cum. Cleo moaned softly, disappointed it was over so quickly. Raising her head, she wiped her mouth with the back of her slender hand, wanting more. Her thighs were drenched in her own juices, and she wanted Ralph to fuck her. Just do it, right there on the darkened plane. She watched in disappointment as he smiled, stuffing his deflated cock back inside his pants.

“Ralph,” she said pleadingly.

“Sorry, Hon. Gotta get some sleep.”

Startled, she suddenly glimpsed movement from the man in the seat across the isle – the one she’d thought was sleeping. He was slowly stroking a gigantic black cock, silently staring at her in the dimness.

“Go ahead, my little ass-slut,” Ralph whispered, sniggering softly. “Go get it. You know you want to.”

She drew back, staring out the window, trying to chase the arousing sight from her memory. Minutes dragged by before she slowly turned back to see the man still administering to his bloated cock.

“Go ahead and do it,” Ralph whispered hoarsely again. “We both know you’re a slut. You want it.”

Oh, she did want it. She did! Cleo fought against it, knowing in the end that she’d eventually lose. Giving up, she hurriedly crawled over Ralph’s lap, glancing up and down the long walkway. It was empty. The black man didn’t say anything as she settled into the seat beside him, starring hungrily at his thick meat for an instant before she slid her hungry mouth over the head of the first black cock she had ever seen. The man grunted in surprise, and heaved upward, shoving it down her willing throat. It was delicious.

Every bit as large as the giant Al’s had been, Cleo struggled to engulf it all. Even though she desperately wanted it all, she was unsuccessful, but kept trying until she felt the man’s hands pulling her up to straddle him. He was strong, lifting her by her ass cheeks and positioning her over his stiff cock. Hastily, she pulled her soaked panties to one side, allowing him access to her steaming pussy. His hard cock pushed against her lips insistently, wanting inside. Slowly, cautiously, she settled back on to it, letting it penetrate her soft belly. She nearly screamed with pleasure when it finally hit bottom, but he hurriedly pulled her head to his face, crushing her mouth against his to keep her quiet. Eagerly she took his thick tongue, sucking hungrily as though it too, were a large cock.

The cock was splitting her in half but she was rapidly growing used to it, grinding her ass downward against his hairy belly to get more of it inside her. She was truly a slut now – a little whore who fucked black strangers in the back of a dark plane. How would she ever be able to face Mike again without showing her guilt? On top of that, she was in her fertile period. She’d stopped taking the pill months ago because she and Mike wanted a baby. She hadn’t even brought them along on the trip. What would she do if she had a little Ralph? Or worse. What if it was black? How would she explain that? The degradation of it all only helped to speed her toward an awesome climax.

She didn’t last long, letting out with a small squeal as she came, the black man frantically crushing his mouth against hers to keep her silent. She felt the huge cock twitch once, again, and then begin to spurt, time-after-time, deep inside her churning belly. That caused her to go over the edge again – then, once more. It was so nasty. She didn’t care if she did get a black baby at that moment. She’d worry later. All that was important right now was the wave-after-wave of climax carrying her toward complete bliss.

Finally exhausted, she lay against the man’s wide chest and slept. After a while he gently shook her, kissed her mouth tenderly, whispering that they were getting ready to land. Without having to be told this time, she willingly cleaned his limp dick with her mouth and scurried back to her own seat. As she settled in, she heard Ralph chuckle softly, hating him for it. At the baggage area, she saw Ralph and the man talking, exchanging cards.

Chapter 4

Cleo was glad to be home, but try as she might her mind was never far from the events of the past week. It’d strike her right in the middle of something and at first, if Mike was handy, she’d try to seduce him. It did little more than confuse him, seeming to make him outright angry sometimes, so she’d finally quit doing it. Whenever she was overcome with the strange hunger, she’d hide in the bathtub for hours, masturbating savagely. It didn’t help much. Neither did Ralph, who seemed to be ignoring her ever since their return. She told herself that was fine with her, but in secret, she longed for the fulfillment only this toad of a little man seemed able to provide.

After a week, she was ready to climb the walls, attempting to catch his eye over the copy machine, to no avail. He continued to ignore her, adding to her frustration. One morning she was told to take some papers to his office and upon arrival, found him seated behind his desk, all business. She laid the stack on his large wooden desk and waited.

“Well, don’t stand there like a dote. Bring them to me.”

Face flaming, she scooped them up and hurried around the big desk. Ralph sat with his pants around his ankles, his fat cock standing straight up. Despite herself, the sight shocked her speechless.

“Like what you see, my little ass-slut? Miss your little friend?”

She stared at it, still unable to speak. After a moment, Ralph sighed and acted as though he would stuff the hard cock back inside his pants.

Cleo made an involuntary sound of protest and half stepped forward, her hand outstretched. Ralph halted what he was doing and waited, staring at her.

“Well, do you want it or not? I ain’t got all day.”

She knew he was just playing with her, like the day in the car, but she couldn’t help herself. Silently, Cleo slipped to her knees and engulfed the fat delicious head of Ralph’s hard cock. She nearly swooned at its musty taste. Ralph rubbed the back of her head, saying, “Yeah, ya did miss daddy’s fat cock, didn’t you, baby?”

Mumbling around her mouthful, she nodded and moaned her agreement. He laughed at her haste, her total submission, causing her face to burn with humility.

“Yeah, old Ralph definitely knows all of little Cleo’s buttons. You’re my slut now, babe. From now on, you will not address yourself as ‘I’ whenever we are alone – ever again. From now on, you will only address yourself as ‘this ass-slut, this whore, bitch, or cunt would also be fine. Nothing else. Do you understand?”

She nodded and kept sucking, now actually making love to his cock with her mouth. She was in bliss.

“And you will refer to me only as Master, or Sir. Got that? Any time you fuck up, you’ll be punished.”

Maintaining her suction on his cock, Cleo nodded, and with that nod realized her life was changed forever more. Her thoughts were short-lived, for she felt Ralph’s hard cock twitch and start shooting gob after gob into her hungry mouth. She swallowed as fast as she possibly could but some of the copious flow continued running down her face onto her white blouse. She didn’t care. She had what she needed now and held on to it, with even deeper suction.

After a while, her continued manipulations brought life back into the fat deflated cock in her mouth, and Ralph pushed her away. “Get up on the desk slut. I gotta have some of that tight pussy.”

His crude words made her face flame, but she willingly did as he directed, taking off her thin panties and spreading her long shapely legs, letting him view her open pussy. “Hurry, please, Ralph. It’s been so long. I need it so badly.”

Ralph stopped, staring down at her. “Ralph? I? Have you forgotten what I told you already, bitch?”

Suddenly she remembered. “Master, please forgive me. This ass-slut is so hungry for it that she forgot her manners. Please sir. This nasty slut needs her master’s wonderful cock between her unworthy legs. Please Master. Please!”

Ralph laughed. “That’s better, bitch. Don’t forget again or you’ll never see this cock again. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.” She was humiliated by his words but willing to do anything to feed her hunger.

Ralph crawled between her long, tan, outstretched legs, positioning himself with his cock in his hand, touching the fringe of her snatch. Then without warning, he suddenly lurched forward, battering her puffy lips with its fat head. It was no use. It was too big and wouldn’t slide in. Groaning in frustration, Cleo pulled her knees against her breasts and both groaned in ecstasy as it allowed Ralph to slide his thick cock in, all the way to the base. They mindlessly moaned into one another’s mouths, tongues going crazy. Cleo sensed he was just as starved for this as she was, because he didn’t even take time to warm her up, just pounded away with a ferocity that spoke of a week of pent-up need. She didn’t care, slamming her belly upward against his thrusts with the same amount of need, twisting her head from side to side, her long blonde hair wildly flying around.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “I need this so. Don’t ever stop. Give me your nasty cock until I die.”

Ralph hammered away, muttering obscenities into her hungry mouth. “You nasty cock-hungry little slut. Next time I’ll fuck you up the ass so hard you’ll beg for mercy.”

“Yes! Yes! Do it now. I don’t care. I just don’t care.”

“I might have you . . . leave your husband and . . . just move in with me so . . . I can pound this tight little snatch . . . anytime I want it,” he grunted between gasps for breath.

“Yes, yes, anything. Harder, oh please, harder!”

By then they were both climaxing together, nails digging into the buttocks of the other, biting one another, leaving bite and scratch marks, straining desperately to empty one another. She sucked on his thick tongue, then, offered her own as she moaned her own obscenities into his panting mouth. “Slam your big cock to me, give me more of it, much harder . . .harder! I love that thing.”

It seemed to last forever, jarring their bodies as they shuttered and trembled out the last of their pleasure. When it was over, cum leaking down her trembling thighs, they both collapsed exhausted on the desk.

Finally, Ralph gulped air, stood and started rearranging his clothing. “I intend to start off my day with a blow-job from now on, my pretty slut. Tomorrow at 9:15 will be the first. Don’t expect to get fucked. I won’t have the time. These morning meetings between us, is for me – not you. I don’t give a shit if you can get off with your fingers, but I don’t want to smell like pussy during my staff meetings. Got it? Be here and don’t be late. I have a staff meeting at 9:30 each morning and I want to be in the best frame of mind for them. Now get out. I have work to do.”

“Yes sir,” she muttered, her face flushing with shame.

Chapter 5
Ralph was suddenly called out of town and wasn’t available for the next three days. Cleo didn’t get to give him his anticipated blow job before work each morning, and at first, she was relieved. By the third day, she was on edge again, having slept fitfully the previous two nights. It hadn’t helped that Mike was also out of town on business for a couple of weeks once more. It was just her, alone in that big old house, except for an ugly old man, for company. Mike’s 70 year-old father now shared their guest bedroom and actually, he wasn’t much company either. He spent most of his time in his own room and when he wasn’t there, he was staring at her like she was a piece of candy or something. It was starting to make her nervous. While cleaning his room one day, she’d found a stash of porno films in his dresser drawer, suspecting that was the reason he spent all that time in his own room. She didn’t care as long as she didn’t have to talk to him. He gave her the creeps.

She’d come straight home after work today. It was Friday and she needed some wine and a little time to herself. She spent a relaxing hour in a hot bathtub, most of it spent rubbing her snatch. It hadn’t done any good, for as usual, she had been unable to reach a climax. She knew what she needed – and it wasn’t Mike. She needed the debasement Ralph provided. Don’t ask why that was so, but she had finally accepted the fact of life, it was what got her off. It would be her little secret. She’d have to be careful so no one else found out, but she could handle it. Recalling what he’d said about making her leave Mike and moving in with him, gave her serious pause. On one hand, it was totally out of the question, but at least, he’d probably fuck her to death. She almost laughed at that. What a way to go.

Dressed in a light cotton wrap-around, she dried her hair with a towel then turned on the hair- dryer, finding a seat on the edge of the big bed she and Mike shared. Imagining having Ralph pounding away at her, twenty-four hours a day, suddenly made it difficult to breathe. She dropped one hand into her lap, pressing it hard against her pubic mound. No, she was married to Mike. How she wished Mike would come back right now. She’d make him want her. Despite the long bath, her pussy lips still felt distended and her crotch damp and sticky. She shook her head wistfully, knowing what she really needed. It wasn’t Mike. It was Ralph – again – soon.

“My, my, my,” the voice craggy voice came from behind her. Startled, she glanced up to see Mike’s aging father standing near the door. He was wearing baggy trousers and a torn undershirt that showed a thick mat of gray hair under it. His flabby belly hung over his belt. The sight sickened her. She went back to her task.

“What do you want, Tom? I have to get ready and go shopping if we’re to have any food in the house over the weekend.”

At one time, she supposed Tom had been a handsome man. Now, he was just old and disgusting. The years had taken their toll and even though he was a big man at one time, he was going bald and now sported a large beer belly.

“Just thought you might need a little company, daughter,” he said, grinning amicably.

Something about his tone made her glance up again. This time she gasped loudly. Tom had his cock out and was slowly stroking it as he watched her reaction. She gasped. It was huge, but bent and knobby, with deep blue vanes. It was also inflamed by the blood pounding through it. A silver droplet hung precariously at its tip.

She jumped up, dropping the hairdryer. “Are you mad? Get out of here before I call Mike!”

He smirked. “Why? You’ve been in there rubbing your pretty little snatch for the past two weeks, now. A little cocky might do you some good.”

“Get out! I mean it, right now you repulsive old man!”

He laughed again, and then got serious as he said, “Maybe I am a dirty old man, daughter, but I got a big cock and that’s what you need right now. Besides, who’s gonna know?”

“Damn you. You’ve been spying on me. You drilled a hole in the bathroom wall, don’t you?” Cleo tried staring him down, but his return glare forced her eyes downward. Unable to meet his hard stare, she locked her eyes on his throbbing cock instead. It looked much the same as that of the big man Ralph had brought to her hotel room their last night in Chicago. Remembering it vividly, she felt her face flaming.

“Please go, Tom,” she whispered. “We’ll keep this between ourselves. Just go away.” She couldn’t seem to force her eyes away from Tom’s rampant cock. The liquid drop forming at its tip had gotten bigger. Without realizing it, she licked her dry lips.

Tom slowly stroked it, pulling the foreskin back and forth over its thick head. “Think how nice this would feel sliding into your wet little pussy, daughter. We both know it’s wet, don’t we? I mean after the way you’ve been mistreating it in there all morning. Tell me, how do you like it? Rough? I’ll make you beg for it after a few minutes. I may look old but I’ve been around sugar. Come on and admit it, you know you want it.”

“Please . . .” she whispered softly. Damn her dry lips.

Tom moved closer, now only a step or two away. “Touch it, daughter. Just touch it, and then I’ll go. I promise.”

“Tom, no . . . you’re my husband’s father. We can’t . . . “

“No one will ever know. Are you gonna tell them? Hell no! Come on, touch it!” His voice had changed now. No longer soft and urging. Now, hard, demanding.

A thrill shot through her body. How did men like this know? How could they tell about her? Why couldn’t she hide her feelings from these crude men? With her traitorous heart thundering inside her chest, reacting as though in a dream, she slowly reached out and grasped the rigid shaft before her – nearly swooning as she touched its smooth surface.

“There now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Tom smirked softly. “Now why don’t you just drop down on your knees, and suck it like we both know you’re going to do before this is over.”

He was right. Why pretend? Fighting back tears, she slid to her knees and licked the silvery drop of dew from its end, hearing Tom’s quick intake of breath. Then she simply engulfed the entire cock inside her warm mouth, holding it there, loving its taste. It was absolutely wonderful. All the days of longing, and now at last, a warm cock to suck, balls full of sperm to hold, a thick load of cream to swallow. She began nibbling on the foreskin, then sucking gently on the head, then sucking harder. Above her, Tom was having trouble breathing. He started lubricating her mouth with pre-cum almost immediately, and she mewed with lust, running her sharp nails down his hairy butt. With one hand, she grasped his balls and squeezed gently, pulling them downward. Without warning, he grunted loudly and shot his load deep inside her hungry mouth, coating her palate with huge gobs of bitter-tasting sperm. It came out in lumps, like he hadn’t had sex in months. She was unprepared for the copious amount that followed, and despite swallowing as fast as she could, some of it still managed to run from the corner of her mouth, down her chin, dripping onto her tits. Still, she didn’t stop, nibbling and sucking like it was a large tit, and she a starving calf.

She raised her eyes once and saw him staring down at her, detached, as she knelt subserviently between his legs and licked his deflating cock. He wore the same demeaning smirk she’d seen on Ralph’s face many times. Men were pigs. She hated them all. At last, her manipulations with tongue and lips began to have an affect on Tom again. He began to stiffen once more as blood filled his massive organ. He had to force her mouth off his cock, pulling her to her feet and pushing her onto the bed, where he climbed between her beautiful, long, spayed legs. Her scent filled the room. She was ready.

He raised her hips completely off the bed with his large hands and she shivered with delight as he blew softly against her puffy lips. The next instant, his tongue was inside her and she was clutching his head, screaming in lust and surprise. Her legs were stretched as widely as possible, the muscles in her firm thighs trembling with unbridled lust as she whimpered and squirmed on his thick tongue. She twisted, grunting softly as she attempted to capture even more of his darting tongue.

“Give it to me you old bastard!” she groaned mindlessly. “Lick it until I cum!”

He didn’t. Instead, just as she was reaching the point of no return, he climbed upward over her wantonly sprayed body, and slammed most of his rampant cock into the depths of her womb. She nearly climbed the walls, screaming and moaning. It felt like a fence post inside her, banging against the very walls of her womb. She reached down and found his damp hairy groin with her fingers, gasping when she realized he was still not all the way inside her. She groaned again, her eyes rolling back in her head. There was simply no way she could take his whole cock.

“Ahggg . .yes, yes, yes . . . fuck me! Hurt me. I want you to.”

Then the top of her head blew off, as a violent orgasm hit her. That was followed by one shattering orgasm after another, shaking her to the core, leaving her feeling like a zombie. After she had come three times without letup, he slowed down a bit and enjoyed himself as he played with her. Finally, all Cleo could do was lie motionless, nearly comatose, whimpering like a hurt animal as they both continued to fuck mindlessly, her cumming over-and-over again for most of the long afternoon. Tom was like a sex- starved mad-man, fucking her in every possible position until nearly dark. Then without a word, he left her lying on her bed in a pool of cum, and went to his room, to sleep. She slept like a baby for the first time in a week.

The next day was Saturday and when she arose, Tom was no where to be seen. Cleo was sore and disoriented from Tom’s horrendous fucking session the previous evening, so she dressed quietly, slipping out of the house. She shopped for groceries for several hours, and upon her return, still did not see Tom lurking around. That was just a well as far as she was concerned. She planned to quickly put away the food and leave again, coming back only when she knew he would be sleeping. She never wanted to see that bald, dirty old man again. Her snatch was nearly raw from the pounding he’d given her the night before. She also, felt sick. Until she’d met her current boss, she’d only slept with Mike. Now, in just a short period of time, she had fucked four, one, her own step-father. She was truly sick and needed professional help. What did they call women who couldn’t control themselves? Nymphos. No, not that. They fucked anybody as long it had a dick. She didn’t do that. She needed repulsive, disgusting men, but only those who were controlling and ordered her to do it. That, my friend, was a sicko.
Deep in thought, unloading the groceries to the floor, she bent down, putting them in the pantry. A sound from behind startled her, but as she attempted to turn around she was held in place by very strong hands. She braced her hands on the lower shelf and tried backing up, but bumped into something hard.

“Who . . .?” she tried to say.

“Just shut up and relax, daughter.”

It was Tom’s rough voice and she realized he was naked – at least as far as she could see – which was from the waist down. His knobby, curved dick stood rigidly, its one eye staring back at her. Unceremoniously, he hoisted her short skirt over her back and she felt a rush of cool air on her crotch as he ripped her flimsy panties away. Frightened and angry, she looked back between her legs and saw his spinally legs, bent slightly at the knees. She could feel his flabby sweaty stomach resting on her buttocks and he was grasping her hips with his huge callused hands. For just an instant she glimpsed his blood-gorged dick again as it withdrew for just an instant, then without warning or preparation, slammed into her soft depth. She nearly passed out from the excruciating pain. Not ready for it this time, it felt even bigger than it had the previous night. Besides, she was still tender from his constant battering.

“Ahggg! Oh god, please don’t Tom. It hurts too much.”

He just grunted, continuing to force more of his stiff cock into her moistening depths. For several minutes the only sounds in the small kitchen were her cries of pain and Tom’s grunts of satisfaction. Soon she felt his hairy groin against her bare butt and knew he was all the way inside her. Without speaking a word, he began pounding against her ass, battering her already sore pussy without pity, his hairy balls slapping against her clit. The image of two stray dogs fucking came to mind, as she endured his assault. It didn’t take long for her body to betray her. Soon, she was painting and pushing backward as she moaned softly. Seeing her response, he now slowed down, taking his time. He seemed to be relishing bringing her to the brink of orgasm time-after-time, only to stop and withdraw for a moment until their organisms subsided. Then he was at her again with a vengeance. She had to admit, for an old man he did know how to fuck, and right at this moment, he was driving her completely out of her mind with that ugly cock.

Her hands braced on the shelf, she used it as leverage to slam her ass back against his thrusts, both of them fucking mindlessly like the animals she’d envisioned. She broke first, begging him for release, urging him to finish her off, whimpering as she told him she was unable to wait any longer. He grunted and slammed relentlessly into her full length, emptying his balls into her womb. Cleo came at the same time, screaming and crying, begging, wanting it as she coated his cock with her own scalding juices. Over-and-over the violent orgasm slammed through her slim body, her long legs trembling with the effort to keep standing. As she slowly returned to her surroundings, she discovered she was resting on her hands and knees, on the cold kitchen floor. Her long hair had come loose, hanging over her eyes, tears streaming down her beautiful face. She was now completely conquered. She wondered if the tears were from the shame of it all, or the intense joy of what she had just been through. Then she felt a hard probing at her puckered anus opening. Reflex made her try to pull away but strong hands still held her in place.

“Ug … “

“Hold still daughter. You’ll love this. I spotted you for an ass-slut the moment I saw you in them jeans”

She’d been through this already, and realizing she had little choice in the matter, relaxed her muscles, allowing him the lewd entry of her tender anus. Yes, she probably would enjoy it, sick bitch that she was. She knew that now. Even though she might hate herself later, she realized there was little Tom could do to her that she wouldn’t totally enjoy. She loved it all, from anyone with a big cock. She was any man’s slut, their whore, a willing receptacle for their spent sperm. She groaned loudly as the large head of his organ slid past her tight sphincter ring, pushing the walls of her bowels apart to make room for a cock the size of a small baseball bat.

“A woman like you would be happy to live with a cock up your ass all the time, wouldn’t you little girl?” He laughed. “Make you walk funny.”

She didn’t answer, so he pulled back on her long hair to get her attention, and she nearly screamed her answer. “Yes, yes! Anything you say, Tom.”

“Call me Daddy, little girl. I’ll be your daddy. Now, beg me not to stop.” He slammed into her moist bowels to emphasize his words.

She screamed, “Yes, Daddy! Just don’t stop. Please, please . . . don’t stop.”

“Don’t you worry daughter. We ain’t even begun yet. Before I’m through with you, you’ll be my little fuck-toy, ready to stick your tight ass in the air anytime I come into the room. You’ll find out that I can fuck all night. Tell me again, do you want it?”

“Please . . . please, Daddy. Do me hard,” she whimpered, meaning it this time.

She hated that she was begging him, almost purring for him to ravage her tender asshole with his huge weapon. Then an immense overpowering pleasure took her mind as she felt him squirting into her depths – and she just didn’t care anymore.

Tired and sore in every crevice of her young aching body, Cleo made it to work on Monday with only three minutes to spare. She was relieved to discover that her boss Ralph was still out of town on another business trip. At least she wouldn’t have to service him this morning. She couldn’t stand the sight of another cock after the weekend she’d had. Her mind drifted back to the last two days with Tom, her husband’s ugly, aging old father. She had dropped him off at the airport before coming to work today. He said he’d be visiting Mike’s sister for a few days in New York, but then he’d be back. She remembered his parting words about how he would have a load saved up for her in his balls, and for her to be ready for a good ass fucking when he returned. She shuddered violently, causing one of her co-workers to stare at her.

The images of her weekend were freshly etched into her mind. After he’d fucked her mindless for over an hour on the kitchen floor, he’d carried her into the bedroom, and dumped her onto her own bed. That’s where they’d spent the rest of the weekend, until she’d left for the office earlier today. All pretense between them was gone now. Tom had simply moved into her bed like he belonged there, and she hadn’t even protested. Remembering now, she fought back a smile. It was no wonder she was so sore. That old man had been at her constantly – four, five times a night. She’d suddenly awaken from a deep sleep to find him fucking her either in the mouth, the cunt, or his favorite, her tender young asshole. And yes, even though exhausted and aching, within moments he’d have her climbing the walls again, screaming and begging him for it – every time.

She hated herself for doing it, but it was true. She had actually begged him. Many times, when they’d finally drift into an exhausted sleep, she’d just held his soft dick in her mouth for most of the night. Awakening, she’d suddenly realize it was there, and clamp down on it even more so that it would stay in place. Yes, like Ralph liked to say, she’d live with a cock in her mouth if she could. Sickening, but true. What had happened to her, she truly didn’t know. A few short weeks ago, she’d been a loving young wife who had only made love to her gentle and faithful husband. Mike, I’m so sorry. I love you. Please forgive me.

Now she would take a stranger’s cock up her ass as quickly as ordering a soft drink. As Ralph liked to say, she was officially an ass-slut. What was she to do? Even now, tired and sore from the weekend’s non-stop sex abuse, she was soaking her flimsy panties just thinking about it. If Ralph were here and called her into his office right now, she knew she’d drop to her knees in an instant, and start sucking his cock.

Tears flooded her beautiful blue eyes as she hurried to the ladies restroom, where she hid inside a stall until she could stop crying. Her pussy ached with . . . What? Pain? Need?

Help me. Someone please help me, she whispered.

Chapter 6
Ralph returned on Wednesday but she took great pains to avoid him. Somehow, if she could stay out of sight until Mike returned from his trip the following week, she might be able to make it. That wasn’t going to happen. Late Thursday afternoon just as she was getting ready to leave, she looked up and saw Ralph standing in front of her desk. As usual, his loose wet lips had a lewd smirk on them.

“How’s my pretty little cocksucker today?” he said quietly.

When she didn’t reply right away, he jerked his head and said, “Close up and meet me in the parking lot. I got a new trick to show you.” He didn’t even wait for her to refuse, walking away without looking back. He was confident she would follow.

Damn canlı casino siteleri you, Cleo thought. Damn you to hell! How dare him to treat her this way. Still, five minutes later she was climbing into his car like he was the Pied Piper and she, his trained rat. Ralph didn’t even look at her as he put it in gear and moved into traffic.

“Let me see your pussy,” he finally said. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it.”

She started to hesitate, then knowing she would only end up doing it anyway, raised her hips and slid her short skirt up to her waist. Then, using her thumbs, she worked the scanty thong panties down over the flair of her hips, feeling the cold air from the air conditioner against her moist crotch.

“My, my,” Ralph breathed. I can smell you from here, my little slut. Is it wet? Touch it and tell me.”

Looking him in the eyes, she ran a finger through her slit and held it out for him to see the wetness on it.

“Lick it off,” he told her, and she complied. “We’re going to a movie tonight.” They didn’t speak again until he pulled into a darkened parking lot next to an adult theater. He opened the door and got out, saying, “Come on. We’re here.”

Frightened and embarrassed, she followed Ralph into the store with downcast eyes, praying no one who knew her would see them. It was the first time she had ever been inside such a place and she was surprised by the large rubber dildos and dirty book displays, right out in public. A doorway with a dirty curtain hanging over it, in the back of the store, displayed a sign saying that only one person to a booth would be tolerated. Sounds of video sex were coming from a darkened area behind the curtain. There was a sloppy older man, and a young pimply-faced boy working behind the counter. Every so often, one of them would make change for someone who would instantly disappear behind the dirty curtain. There were several men in the store and Cleo could feel their eyes boring into her as she stared at the various items on display, faking interest. Ralph spoke quietly with the older man behind the cash register for a moment. The guy turned it over to the pimpled kid, motioning for Ralph to follow him into a small office behind the counter.

Up close, the man looked even dirtier and sloppier than she’d thought earlier. He wore soiled pants and a dirty, once-white t-shirt, his teeth stained by tobacco. His gray-spotted beard indicated he hadn’t shaved in at least a week, probably about the last time he’d had a bath.

Ralph spoke to her coldly without looking at her. “This nice man is named Chuck. He’s going to let us watch a movie together even though it’s against store policy. Isn’t that nice of him, Cleo?”

She nodded slightly, wondering where this was going. She knew she looked completely out of place in her heels and skirt, make-up perfect, long blonde hair pulled back into a fluffy ponytail. She suddenly wanted to run right out of the front door but her legs wouldn’t work. Whatever was going to happen, she knew she would probably end up doing just as Ralph ordered. She was disgusted by that admission, but was nonetheless resigned to the realization of the hold he held over her. He was a repulsive’ pudgy little man with fat wet lips, but just being this close to him again had made her wet with desire. She shuddered uncontrollably as an image of what lay just beneath his baggy pants, flashed across her mind. Try as she would, she couldn’t understand her attraction to this repulsive creature. She hated him, but she needed him too – needed his degradation – his contempt.

“Now, what can we do for you to return the favor, Chuck? Name it.” Ralph smirked at her as he spoke to the shoddy store owner.

Cleo watched in horror as Chuck leaned back in the chair and unzipped his trousers, fingering out a knobby, half-hardened cock. He lewdly grinned up at her. Instantly, she knew what she was supposed to do, but Ralph told her anyway. “Go ahead, baby. Hurry up and suck his cock so we can go watch the movie.”

“Ralph please . . .” she started to say.

“Ralph? Ralph? Get on your fucking knees, you worthless slut. Right now or I walk out.”

Closing her eyes tightly to hide tears of humiliation, she instantly did as Ralph ordered, crawling closer until she was kneeling in front of Chuck’s chair. Up close, Chuck’s poor hygiene was even more apparent. She could smell his crotch from two feet away, and when she finally did open her eyes, she saw that his pubic hair was matted and soiled. She hesitated, an expression of pleading on her face as she glanced hopefully up at Ralph’s unrelenting face. His cold expression said it all. Finally, holding her breath, she edged closer and licked the head of Chuck’s flaccid cock. The first contact stung her tongue but she forced herself to ignore the smell and taste, just trying to get through it as quickly as possible. Finally, she blanked her mind and engulfed the head of his cock, sucking it down her soft throat. It instantly became stiff, increasing substantially in size as it pushed insistently against the back of her throat. Not as large as Tom’s, or even Ralph’s, it was still much larger than Mike’s.

The stinging to her tongue disappeared after a moment and either she had grown used to the smell, or it had decreased somewhat as she shamelessly mouthed this stranger’s throbbing penis. A small spurt of pre-cum coated her tongue and she groaned involuntarily as she hungrily swallowed it, redoubling her efforts in order to bring more. She rubbed her thighs together and found that she was sopping wet between her legs. How could that be? This was disgusting, foul, awful! Yet, she was becoming more excited by the moment. Chuck’s hard dick banged against the back of her throat and she almost gagged, tasting his bitter pre-cum again. He pressed his bulbous head against the small opening of her throat in an attempt o get deeper inside her. She in turn, pushed her mouth downward on it, feeling in slip inside her throat to its base. A soft moan forced itself from her mouth before she could stop it, and she heard Ralph chuckle from behind her.

“Told ya so. She loves a hard cock better than anything.”

Chuck groaned and had to literally force her sucking mouth off his cock. Pulling on her arms, he made her stand on noticeably wobbly legs. “Come on baby get up here on this thing. I’d love to shoot this load down your throat but I ain’t ever had anything that looked like you, and right now I want to sample some of that high class pussy.”

As she eagerly straddled him, she could see Chuck’s long thin cock curved sharply to the right. Like she had no will of her own, Cleo allowed Chuck to position her over his now rampant cock, holding her in place as she squirmed her bare ass in slow circles, wantonly. He thrust upward wildly, erratic, banging the head of it against her buttocks. Unable to wait, she reached down and grasped it, guiding it to the center of her wetness. Slowly, she lowered herself down onto his cock, moaning softly as she did so. Instantly, they were fucking each other without regard for Ralph’s presence. Chuck forced Cleo’s mouth down to his and stuck his foul tongue into it all the way to her tonsils. Mindless with lust, she sucked his tongue until it finally retreated, then followed it into his mouth with her own, searching, probing, tasting. She moaned into his mouth and heard Ralph laugh from somewhere behind her.

She was close now, twisting and sliding on Chuck’s lap, his long curved cock rubbing her insides, finding spots where no one had touched her before. Suddenly Chuck grabbed her hips and his eyes rolled upward as he came hard, deep inside her, shuddering and bucking like a wild bronco. Vaguely, she thought that he must have been saving it up for a month, because it felt like a fire hose spurting like he was actually taking a piss inside her. She could feel his hot spunk bouncing off the walls of her vagina, flooding her womb, a lot of it running down the insides of her thighs. It was so very nasty. That thought was all it took. She cried out loudly out as she came long and hard, shuddering and jerking like she was having a fit. After minutes of quaking on the strange cock and gasping for breath, she slowly regained her presence of mind enough to rise on shaky legs and straighten her clothing.

Chuck looked up through half-closed eyes, breathing through his mouth. “The next time you come here little girl, I’m gonna fuck you up the ass. That’s a promise. A classy babe like you, I won’t get that chance every day.”

Without a word, Ralph grasped her arm and led her out. On the other side of the dirty curtain she’d seen earlier, several men loitered around in the dark, damp hallway. She suddenly remembered her lusty cries, wondering if they’d heard her. They probably had, for they stared hungrily as Ralph chose one of the small rooms and locked the door behind them. He popped several coins into a slot and instantly, a pretty, blond woman came on the screen. She was being fucked simultaneously by two black men with gigantic cocks, one in her mouth and one in her ass. Cleo stared enviously at the woman on the screen until Ralph said, “take off your blouse and skirt.”

As she did, she looked around the small room, seeing there was a screen on one wall, the locked door directly opposite of it, and the other two walls with holes in them. She caught a glimpse of movement through one of the holes and wondered if anyone could see them in the flickering light of the movie screen. The answer came immediately, as a large black cock emerged from one of the holes.

“Go on,” Ralph said. “Suck it.”

“Please . . .”

“Shit! Let’s get the fuck out of here then.”

Terrified that he meant it, she whimpered. “I’m sorry, Ralp . . . Master. Please. I’ll do as you say.”

Heart pounding madly in her chest, Cleo knelt on the sticky floor and slowly took the thick black cock into her mouth. She felt like a complete slut and despite her earlier protests, she loved the taste and feel of the huge silken cock sliding into her warm mouth. She was suddenly aware that Ralph was snapping pictures. Instantly, her mouth filled with huge gobs of sperm and she nearly choked as she struggled to swallow the unexpected gush. She vaguely wondered how worked-up the man must’ve been to cum that quickly. After another moment of licking, sucking and nibbling, the cock withdrew. It was immediately replaced by another one – a short, stubby white cock, unnaturally thick, with a blue vane the size of her small finger. Without being told this time, she started sucking the new cock with fresh gusto.

She felt Ralph’s hands pushing and positioning her for some reason, then saw why. Another large black cock was protruding from the opposite wall. It was clear Ralph wanted her penetrated at both ends. Feeling even more like a soiled whore than before, she just backed up and took the strange cock into her ready pussy. The complete nastiness of it all nearly made her knees buckle, as she squirmed against one cock, sucking the other for all she was worth. She realized that at this moment, she had fallen as far as she could possibly go. She didn’t care right at the moment. All that mattered were these two wonderful cocks throbbing away inside her.

This time it lasted longer and Cleo panted with her efforts to bring the two strange cocks off together, as well as to cum herself. She felt it building from somewhere deep inside her loins, threatening to explode and blow her into a thousand pieces.

“Ohhhh god,” she groaned. A spurt of pre-cum coated her tongue, and then, the impact of her orgasm hit her like a freight train. “Aggggg, yes, yes, YES!” she screamed, not caring who might be outside the room listening. Moaning and crying, she repeatedly banged her face and ass against the two walls, in an effort to get even more of the strange cocks inside her. Lumps of cum coated her mouth and slid down her throat to pool in her soft belly. Then the man behind her thrust savagely into her cunt and his scalding sperm flooded her from that end too. It went on for a long time. Even after the two men had stopped cumming she rolled her hips back against the wall and lovingly licked the huge cock stuck in her face. When they finally withdrew from her depths, she was left bracing herself against the walls, half-sobbing and gasping for breath, the sperm of two strange men on her face and running down her trembling thighs.

“There’s another one,” Ralph was saying. “Take this one up your ass, sweetie. It looks like a whopper.”

Cleo looked up in utter exhaustion to see a huge black dong protruding from one of the holes. She groaned in submission, and simply raised herself up to meet it. It was easier this time, probably because Tom was so well-hung, and liked to fuck her there so often. The black cock slid inside her tender ass as she grunted with effort. Then excited once more, she pulled away and slammed back against it, riding it like a bronco. After only a moment, she heard a loud grunt from the other side of the thin wall. Smiling a strange smile, she began twisting and pounding backward to receive the stranger’s load up her ass. She vaguely noticed Ralph was pulling on his bloated cock, watching her frantic gyrations to reach her peak again. Just as the guy behind her stiffened and groaned loudly, she slid off the end of his cock, turned quickly around and swallowed his slimy cock to the base, swallowing as fast as she could so not to lose a drop of his delicious spunk. She gulped and quacked as her orgasm hit, whimpering like a small hurt animal. When the stranger finally withdrew his deflating cock from her sucking mouth, with a tiny pop, she rested her lips against the hole in the wall as though hoping someone would be there to take his place. But the hole remained empty and she straightened up with a sigh.

Slowly sinking to her knees, she let her head fall forward, exhausted. Behind her, Ralph sounded as if he were in awe, as he said, “Holy fucking shit! What a show, baby. Here, suck my cock and we’ll go.”

She did.

Chapter 6
Exhausted and depressed, Cleo called in sick the next day, sleeping until nearly noon, praying Tom wouldn’t come around and awaken her for more of his acrobatic sex. She’d heard him snoring when she’d returned late last night, so he’d probably taken a cab from the airport. Around eleven, she arose and took a long hot shower. Afterward, she felt a little more refreshed and hungry. Dressing in shorts and halter-top, she went into the kitchen and took some eggs and bread from the refer. From her kitchen window, she saw Tom talking with one of the three guys from her lawn service. He was the old Mexican in charge, about fifty, very big and greasy-looking. She vaguely recalled his name was Gomez. The tall black boy and two stocky Mexican youths stood nearby, listening. She finally put the eggs back and just ate a bowl of cold cereal, cleaning up her dishes when she heard Tom enter.

“Well, daughter. Hard night?”

She ignored him.

“Nice outfit. Makes my dick hard.”

All of a sudden, she was sorry she’d dressed so skimpily. “I’m tired, Tom. Leave me alone.”
She heard him move behind her, but before she could move, his hands were under the halter-top, fingers grasping her tender nipples. She felt his hardness growing against her ass cheeks.
“Please . . . don’t, Tom. Just not today. Please.”

Tom grasped her wrist in a vice-like grip, leading her from the kitchen. “Come on, I want to show you something,” he said gruffly.

He forcibly led her into his basement apartment. Somehow, without her knowledge, he’d placed a large wooden barrel there, with a pulley hanging from the ceiling over it. When she saw it, she shuddered, not knowing exactly why. Before she knew what he was doing, Tom pulled her arms together and handcuffed them in front.

“What . . .? Tom! Stop this! Right now!”

“Shut up. Or I’ll pull off my shorts and stuff them in your fucking mouth.”

She started to retort angrily, but the look in his eyes told her he was serious.
There was a snap-link in the chain hanging from the overhead pulley. Tom snapped it to her cuffed hands. Then he pulled on the rope until her toes barely touched the floor. Grinning, he stepped forward and slipped a blindfold over her eyes.
“There, now, daughter.”

“Please, Tom. Please . . .”

“I said to shut the fuck up! You want gagged?”

Instantly, she clamped her mouth shut, and remained silent. Tom unsnapped her halter-top, and cool air enveloped her pert breasts. She felt his thumbs inside the waistband of her shorts, and more cool air engulfed her as they also fell. Without a word, she heard Tom leaving her to just hang there, alone. Puzzled, she waited, frightened and uncomfortable in the cuffs, growing chilled. After a few moments, the sound of Tom’s returning drifted to her – he had someone with him.

“See?” Tom said. “Just like I told you. For ten bucks apiece you each get two turns with her. Make sure you use all her holes, though. She particularly loves it up the ass.”

Oh no. Please don’t let this be happening to me, she thought. The ropes were loosened and she thought they were letting her go, but then she was pushed facedown over the barrel.
“Stand back, boys and I’ll show you how a real man does it,” she heard the older man, Gomez say.

Her ass cheeks were forced apart, and then the big dirty man’s breath beat against her pussy-lips. Despite herself, she shivered in anticipation, hearing Gomez chuckle lewdly. “She’s already getting wet, boys,” he said, licking her from clit to asshole. Blind-folded, she was unprepared for his invasion, nearly screaming with the shock of his wet tongue. He just kept licking her like that until she finally relaxed, her legs falling apart, letting him reach the places he wanted. A soft groan escaped her lips just as she felt the spongy tip of one of the other men’s meaty cock, brush against them. Gomez buried his thick tongue deep inside her wet pussy and she groaned aloud, opening her mouth to willingly take the waiting cock. She felt like a whore, but just couldn’t help herself.

Gomez pulled away and she pushed her ass backward, trying to capture the hot tongue invading her nether hole again. In about a second, he was back, slamming his thick cock into her cunt all the way to its base. She gasped, allowing the other invading cock to slide easily down her milking throat. From far away she heard Tom laughing, and something else. The clicking of his camera as he snapped pictures.

Gomez was fucking her ruthlessly now, hard deep strokes that were driving her wild. The cock in her mouth was leaking pre-cum as she hungrily sucked it even deeper down her throat. Then the guy stiffened and thick gobs coated her mouth, sliding down her throat to pool inside her soft belly. She swooned, and had it not been for the barrel she was leaning over, she would’ve collapsed. Swirling around her tongue, tasting like ambrosia, she savored it. Swallowing the thick substance, and without any warning, she also climaxed hard and continuously, feeling Gomez’s cock tremble and erupt inside her as she bucked and moaned, pushing backwards to meet his hard thrusts. She felt so dirty. So Nasty. All the while, Tom’s camera never ceased clicking

Finally, Gomez eased himself from her clasping pussy, as did the guy in her hungry mouth. Cuffed as she was, she couldn’t stop them, though she wanted to.

“Man, she sure is a beauty,” she heard Gomez gasp. “Gotta have more of that after I rest a bit.”

“Move, Gomez,” she heard the tall black youth say as he ripped the blind-fold from her eyes. “You’ve got her pussy all sloppy. I wantta try some of her tight little ass hole.”

Cleo could now see the youth’s stiff cock, straining to burst out of its tight skin. It looked like a giant black sausage. Trembling with fear, she shook her head from side to side, moaning. “No, please don’t. Do my pussy, please. It’ll be good, I promise it will. Not my ass. You’re too big. It’ll hurt. Please.”

The black youth paid her no mind as he positioned himself behind her and eased forward until the tip of his monster cock was touching her tender pink ring. “Oh baby,” he said softly. “You gonna get this black meat up the old shit-chute and I’m betting you’ll love it, too.”

“Please . . .” Cleo started to say, just as he shoved it inside her, not pausing until his curly black pubic hairs brushed the cheeks of her white ass. “Yeoool, oh god, . .no . . .nooooo! Aghhhh!” she screamed, tossing her blond hair from side to side.

Her stretched asshole was on fire, the pain nearly causing her to pass out, but fate would not be so kind to her at this moment. The large cock slowly withdrew and she could feel each ridgeline as it slid out of her clinging asshole. Then, it slammed back inside her, until she could feel the curly pubic hairs against her tender ass cheeks once more. She whimpered like a hurt puppy, and he hesitated. She thought at last he might take pity on her, but the hard cock didn’t let up, hammering into her again like a jackhammer, and then like rapid-fire.

“Oh god, it feels like a fencepost inside me! Aggggggh! Please. . .”

“Once you get used to this Nigger cock, baby, you gonna love it.”

She was getting looser back there, and the pain had somewhat subsided. She sighed deeply and relaxed a bit as the long black cock began to slide easily in and out. Cleo felt her clit being pushed against the rough barrel top and felt it throb. The others heard her grunt again, but this time it didn’t sound as if she was in pain. They also noticed she was pushing backward slightly against the back youth’s thrusts, rotating her ass cheeks a bit as his balls hit her clit with each thrust. Tom laughed, but the clicking of his camera had been replaced by a whirling sound now – a video camera.

Cleo was suddenly aware she was pushing backward eagerly now, trying to capture all of the big black cock pounding away inside her hot ass hole. “Yes,” she moaned deliriously. “Yes, yes, yes . . .”

Something brushed against her lips as Gomez shoved his hard cock into her mouth. It was different than the one she’d just sucked. She almost smiled at the revelation. Just a few short weeks and she was already a connoisseur of hard cocks, able to identify them by only their feel and taste. Then she was coming like a runaway train, hard and continuously, going completely wild, delirious with pleasure. If she hadn’t been tied over the wooden barrel, she’d have been all over the floor. Another wave of pain and pleasure rolled over her as she felt the huge black cock throbbing inside her bowels. Then they both were coming together, groaning and twisting, sweat and cum mingling – and the guy in her mouth coated her pallet with his own load of bitter-sweet cum. It seemed to go on forever.

The hammering of her asshole and pussy continued for another two hours, and when they finally left Tom took his turn at her, as she lay limp, not responding to his grunts and groans. Somehow, she even managed to cum again.

Chapter 7
Ralph had phoned Cleo an hour before she was to report to her job, telling her to pack an overnight bag. He didn’t tell her why and she was too exhausted from Tom’s constant pounding over the weekend, to even ask. He hardly spoke to her as he drove north into the country. They passed through three small towns, coming to a community with large estates with nice lawns. He passed them all, pulling into the parking lot of a nice motel. Several pretty girls were squealing and laughing with a couple of young men, as they played in the large pool.

Ralph told her to leave the overnight bag in the car, and they walked up a flight of stairs to a room. He went inside without knocking, and she followed. Sitting on the bed was the same overweight black man she’d given a blowjob on the flight back from their convention. A beautiful black woman walked in from the bathroom, smiling brightly as she entered. Cleo was struck by her beauty.

“Hi baby,” the black man said. “This is Polly, my wife.”

Cleo nodded silently, uncomfortable with being in the same room with the wife of a man she’d had sex with.

“I’ll be back in an hour,” Ralph said, walking out and closing the door behind him. When Cleo looked back at the black man, his pants were around his ankles, his flaccid penis lying against his thigh like a giant sausage. Cleo gulped, staring. She felt the woman move, and saw she had also removed her clothing.

“Don’t be a prude, Cleo,” she said smiling kindly. “You’re the only one still dressed.”

Staring at the floor, Cleo did what was expected of her, slowly removing her dress, then her underwear.

“My god, Jeffery” gasped the woman. “She’s even more beautiful than you said she was.”

“Come here, baby girl,” Jeffery said softly. She moved over, stopping between his sprayed legs, looking down at his endowment now growing larger against his thigh. “Make it hard, baby – like you did on the plane.” He lay back, waiting. There was loud roaring in her ears, pounding in her chest as, like a robot, Cleo sank to her knees and started licking his limp penis. Fascinated, she watched it slowly stiffening, growing into the formidable monster she’d known on the night-flight back home. Somewhere in that short process, her heart began to pound even harder, she had that tell-tell shortness of breath again and she felt her pussy gushing copious amounts; all signs that signaled she was hooked once more. When his cock was completely hard, she took most of it into her mouth, working the huge head into the tightness of her throat. She heard him gasp above her as he wrapped his fingers in her hair, humping against her face. He slid farther onto the bed, dragging her up and forward with him. She never once lost contact with his delicious cock. After a moment, he groaned and pushed her away, watching as she strained to recapture his raging cock inside her hungry mouth.

“One moment, baby. I want this to last.” After a moment, he released his grip, hearing her sigh as she slid his cock between her lips again. She felt weight on the bed beside her, then the black woman’s head sliding under her where she began to suck Cleo’s right tit. Cleo groaned loudly, rubbing her tights together, enjoying the friction.

“I think she likes that,” the woman said, her words muffled around the full breast. “Ralph said she was a total slut. I can see that she is.”

Then she heard the woman say, “Get the fuck out of the way, Jeffery. I gotta get on this white bitch, or I’m gonna die.”

The man moved over and his wife flipped Cleo onto her back, with ease. Cleo gasped at how strong she was, but then she was staring up into a bushy crotch, the pussy was a bright pink on the inside, its curly cunt hairs, dripping wet. She felt the woman’s tongue lap her pussy from end-to-end, and then again. Cleo screamed. The man was now near her head. He stroked her face with his fingers. “Sheeesh,” he said. “Be quiet, baby. We don’t want the cops in here.”

The woman licked her pussy again, lowering her own bush until Cleo was engulfed in her smell, its wetness rubbing against the sides of her face. It was plain what she wanted, so Cleo, who’d been programmed lately to do whatever was expected of her, stuck out her tongue. After a moment, she could feel an intense orgasm forming somewhere deep within her belly. She wrapped her arms around the woman’s large ass, pulling her even closer, struggling to bury her face deeper inside the woman’s sloppy opening. When she came, she screamed hysterically into the dark wet cunt where she feasted, blubbering against the wetness. Quake after violent quake shook her body, and by the gyrations of the black ass she held onto so tightly, she could tell the woman was sharing one of her own. It seemed to last forever, and when it was finally over, they didn’t move for a long time, just continued lapping at each other’s core, sucking up the sweetness until they were soon moaning and crying inside each other’s vagina again. The man just watched quietly, and when his exhausted wife finally rolled off Cleo, he replaced her pussy with his cock, shoving it down Cleo’s throat with one strong thrust. He came almost at once, flooding her gut with the warm, thick cream she remembered from before.

After catching his breath, Jeffery roughly flipped her over on her stomach, lifted her into a doggy position, and rammed it in her, right up to its base. Cleo moaned in soft protest, but was soon pushing back, to meet his hard thrusts. The woman assumed the same position as Cleo, directly in front of her, lifting her ass so Cleo was staring right into her used, puffy snatch. She knew what was required, so she inched forward and licked the juice from the wet cunt, listening to her gasp loudly. Her face buried inside the black woman’s crotch, hammered from the rear, she couldn’t last. Soon she was screaming into the woman’s dark “V” again, sobbing and blubbering in her juices. Then they all went over the edge together.

They didn’t stop at that. Cleo came several more times as the man fucked her in the ass, and the woman sat on her face. Ralph returned two hours later to find her mouth red and raw-looking, body fluid matting her long hair. She looked as if she’d been completely and thoroughly used but both parties. Sore and exhausted, smelling like dried cum and pussy juice, she watched as the man handed over a large roll of bills, which Ralph shoved into his pocket. Weak and wobbly, she silently climbed back into Ralph’s car, and slept as he drove them back toward the city. As she drifted off, she heard him say, “So, how did my little ass-slut like that?”

Chapter 8
Mike retuned the following day and for about a week and things went back to something like normal. Cleo and Mike had sex of course, but it always left her achingly unsatisfied. On her way out one evening, Ralph stopped her at the door.

“You know that pavilion you have in your back yard?

“Yes . . . why?”

“I’ll be there around 11:30 PM. Sneak out. I’ve got a boner that needs servicing.”

“Ralph, ah . . . Master, I can’t do that. What if Mike wakes up or someone sees us?”

“I’ll be there. You better be there too,” he said, walking away.

That night, Mike was in bed at his usual time, 10:00 PM like clock work. He was snoring ten minutes later. Cleo was wearing her blue night gown, nothing on under it, the way she liked to sleep. She wouldn’t go! She couldn’t go. What if Mike were to wake up? No. Definitely not! At 11:30 she got up as though sleepwalking, and went outside to the patio. Walking across the damp grass felt good against her bare feet, a cool breeze tickling the hairs on her bare pubic mound under the silk nightie. Ralph sat in the swing, the moon reflecting off his cock as it stuck straight up. She didn’t say anything. There was nothing to say. She just knelt in front of him, licked the spongy head once, and then took it all in. Ralph groaned softly.

In seconds, she was lost in the act. The smell, the taste, the total nastiness of it was wonderful – something she couldn’t live without now that she’d found it. It disgusted her, but still excited her, and somehow, it made her feel alive. Ralph moaned again, grasped her head, ramming his thick cock down her convulsing throat, already beginning to cum. Long, heavy gobs coated her mouth and tongue, sliding down the long passage of her gullet to pool in her soft stomach. For a long time, she continued nibbling and licking the head of his throbbing cock, waiting because she knew he wasn’t finished with her yet. She didn’t want him to be either. She needed it, had to have him finish her off too.

After a few minutes, Ralph stood, pulling her arm. She arose and he led her to the railing, turned her around, bending her over it. In seconds, he had his cock buried to the base inside her wet pussy, ravaging her like a bull in some farmer’s pasture. She came instantly. Then, she slowly climbed the mountain and came again – this one much more intense, this one shaking her entire body, this one leaving her legs wobbly and weak. Still, he didn’t seem ready to stop, and she arched her back to capture more of his exquisite pleasure-giving cock inside her slick core. She was having trouble keeping quiet now, with Ralph hammering into her so violently. The third time she came, it was so intense she had to bite her arm in order to keep from screaming. She finally felt Ralph ejaculate against the walls of her pussy, and when he slipped out, slowly slid to a sitting position, gasping for breath. She looked up to see his shadow standing a few inches before her.

“So? Clean my cock so I can get dressed. I gotta get home.”

She sucked and licked him clean, watched as he faded into the darkness, then stood and walked back to the bed she shared with her husband, a strange man’s cum running down her legs.

When she returned from work on Monday, she noticed Mike’s car in the driveway and realized he must have returned from work early. He had. Sitting, smoking at their kitchen table, shifting through some documents in front of him. She came up behind, slipped her arms around his neck and kissed the back of his neck. Straightening up, her eyes fell on one of the documents he was staring at. It was a large photo of her fucking the black yard maintenance youth as she sucked Gomez’s large cock. It was plain by the look on her face, she was deeply enjoying it.

“Oh God,” was all she could think of to say.

Mike stood, stared at her for a moment, then turned and walked out. In a minute, she heard his car drive away, and collapsed on the kitchen floor, unable to even cry.

She considered calling in sick the following day, but couldn’t stand the silent house any longer, so she went to the office anyway. Around three in the afternoon, Ralph called her into his office, where she saw another man, a large black man with a paunch and thick lips. His thick arms, and as much of his neck as she could see, was covered with thick, black hair. She shuddered. Her first thought was he looked like an ape.

“This is Mr. Chapman,” Ralph said. “I sold you to him yesterday.”

At first, she thought she’d misunderstood him. “S . . sold me . . .?”

“Yeah. Got a nifty price too. Mr. Chapman is also a Master. By that, I mean he trains sub-missives. Like you darling.”

“But I’m not . . . “

“Oh yes you are. You may not even be aware of it, but take it from me, you are. He will train you for six months. Then, I may take you back . . . or, I may sell you to someone else.”

“No, no . . .” She wanted to run out the door, but she realized she had nowhere to go now. Mike had left her. She was on her own.

“Shut up! Go over and introduce yourself to your new owner, Cleo. Don’t make this hard on yourself.”

Ralph started toward her and she retreated across the room to stand in front of Chapman. The new man’s voice was rich and deep, his accent, African. “Kneel, slut.”

Cleo hesitated, looking back at Ralph with pleading eyes. “Kneel!” Chapman’s voice bellowed again.

Depleted of hope, Cleo sank to her knees. She knew what he wanted, so without being told she unzipped his pants and reached inside. She knew instantly that his cock was the longest and thickest she’d ever seen, even Ralph couldn’t compete. Even thicker than Ralph’s cock, it was also longer than the big giant at the convention had been. A shiver of dread shot up her spine, followed by another much like anticipation. No human could take something like that and live.

So nasty. So fucking nasty.

He instantly stiffened in her hand and unprompted, she took his head into her mouth, then stuffed it down throat, working it down until she’d almost captured a third of it. She gagged constantly now, choking, saliva running in gobs down her chin. If she kept this up, she would suffocate on the huge cock. Sold, her mind screamed. Like an animal. She really was a slave now – someone else’s property. Then she thought of Mike and knew she was alone. No, she wasn’t alone. She belonged to someone else, that’s all – her master. She attempted to push another inch of the enormous cock down her throat, her face burning as she heard Ralph’s familiar laugh. With less than half of the giant meat consumed, her mouth was flooded with the stuff she now lived for. She was home, at last.

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