Classical Lover

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My name is Samantha and I am an announcer on the local classical station. A concert by a European violinist named Andre was taking place the following day. Andre was coming into the studio for a brief interview. The station manager told me I would be conducting this interview. I had to quickly check online to get an update on Andre’s career. The next day Andre showed up at the studio. I didn’t realize how tall and thin he actually was.

Andre walked in and I looked him over. He had longish hair and he had a handsome face as well. I guess you might say I was under his spell from the moment he spoke. The interview went well and as he was about to leave he asked me if I was coming to the concert. I said I didn’t have any tickets. Andre smiled and said two tickets would be waiting for me at the box office. That night I got home and my boyfriend Jacob was waiting for me. I told him about the concert but he said he wasn’t interested in going.

I should have know he didn’t want to go. I guess I kept Jacob around because he was good in bed. We didn’t share any interests. He didn’t even like classical music. I thought it was best that he didn’t go along with me as he would just be an embarrassment. That night I got dressed for the event. I have a slinky red dress I like to wear when I want to show off my body. It is low cut to show off my tits. I hoped that Andre would like what he saw.

I got to the concert and I found out I had a seat in the fourth row directly in front of Andre when he was on the stage. I have to admit I don’t recall much of the concert. I had my eyes on Andre the whole time. I could swear I saw his cock bulging from his pants that evening. When the concert ended some assistant came to me and said Andre would like to speak to me. I followed him back to Andre’s dressing room.

When I entered the room it was like a small apartment. There was a dressing table, a small refrigerator güvenilir bahis and there was a bed as well. Andre saw me and stood up. He already had his shirt off and he greeted me with a kiss on the lips.

“Samantha, I am so glad you could show up for the concert.”

I was sort of melting in his presence. Andre didn’t waste any time. He walked behind me and started to unzip my dress. I guess I was shocked that Andre was so bold. I wanted to tell him he should stop but I couldn’t bring myself to say anything. Andre leaned down and began to kiss my shoulders. I could smell his cologne as he started to slide my dress down over my body.

“Andre, what if someone come in?” I was a bit nervous about anyone seeing us like this.

“Don’t worry Samantha, my assistant won’t let anyone inside without my permission.”

Chills were running up and down my body as Andre undressed me. He was like a pro removing every stitch of my clothing. He told me to get out of my nylons and underwear. Like some schoolgirl I did as he asked. Andre then eyed my body.

“You have beautiful breasts,” he said.

My tits are large for being a petite woman. I could feel my nipples were already quite hard. Andre then removed his clothing. When he was finally naked I got to see his cock. His dick was long and thin. It looked like he was already semi-hard. Andre moved me over to the small bed in the room. He had me get onto my back. Andre slid over top of me. He parted my legs and he took hold of his cock. I soon felt his big mushroom passing over my folds. I thought I might just scream from feeling him rub against me.

I never in my wildest dreams thought it would come to this. Andre fitted his cock to my opening and I felt him slowly slide into me. God, it felt so good as his prick began to rub against my pussy walls. Andre started to push deeper into my body.I have to admit I got so worked up. türkçe bahis Andre had all of his cock buried inside me. He pushed my legs up to my chest and gave me a hard fucking.

I was panting as his cock slid in and out of me. Lovemaking with my boyfriend had been sadly lacking lately. Andre seemed to know what buttons to push. I felt his balls hitting my bottom. I reached down and touched my clit. I was getting so wet down below. Andre pushed me right to the edge that evening. I tried to control myself but I ended up squirting on Andre’s groin area. Each time I squirted Andre pulled his cock out. I would shoot my cream onto his body and he shoved his dick into me once more.

I must have squirted four good times. Andre seemed to take delight in the fact he had me so worked up.

“You are mine now Samantha, I want you for myself,” he told me.

At that moment I didn’t want anyone but him. Jacob was so far from my thoughts as Andre drilled me with that long cock of his. I would have let him do anything that night. I guess I did let him. Andre must have taken me for a half hour of so. He finally said he was getting close to cumming. All I knew was that I needed to feel him erupt inside me. He pumped his cock into me a couple more minutes and then I felt him release.

The heat from his male cream made me explode all over his dick. There was plenty of moaning and grunting and I remember screaming Andre’s name as his hot cum splashed inside my belly. I was milking his erect bone as more and more cum filled my body. I know I hadn’t had sex like this in a long, long time. Andre started to slow down. He finally just held his cock inside me as my pussy muscles gripped him hard.

All good things have to come to an end. Andre pulled out from me and I could feel his white seed dripping down my pussy. It felt like he had worked my body over really hard. Andre lowered his face and he finished me güvenilir bahis siteleri off by kissing my hard nipples. He went from one nipple to the next, kissing and teasing each one. I had one final orgasm as he worked his magic all over my breasts. Andre finally got up from the bed and he got some towels for us to clean up with. I got up to the side of the bed and I cleaned myself up. I was wobbling as I got to my feet to get dressed once more. Andre and I had a final kiss as I got ready to leave him.

“I have fifteen more concert dates, would you join me on them?” He asked.

I told him I doubted the radio station would let me follow him around for the next month or so. Andre told me not to worry, he would arrange things. I ended up driving home that night. Jacob was sound asleep when I arrived. It was just as well. I didn’t want any conversations right then. All my thoughts were on Andre. The next morning the station manager called me into his office.

“It must be your lucky day Sam, Andre has asked the station owner if you could travel with him and report on his concert tour. He said he would allow it.”

I was a little shocked. Andre must have had a lot of pull to get the owner to let me take off a whole month and follow him around. I could hardly say no to Andre’s proposal. I got a phone number to contact Andre’s assistant and he gave me all the details.He said plane tickets would be arriving at the station shortly. When I got home my boyfriend Jacob was none too pleased.

“What am I supposed to do while you are gone?” He said to me.

I lost my temper and told him he should get out. I wanted him out of my apartment immediately. He looked shocked. I was supporting him for the most part, where was he going to stay, he asked me.

“Go shack up with one of your other girlfriends,” I told him.

He was pissed but I stayed until he left with all of his belongings.

I am now on the plane flying to Andre’s next concert. I wonder if he is truly interested in me or does he just want sex while he is on tour. I guess I will be Andre’s lover for now and see how everything plays out.

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