Christy the cumslut

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I was dozing off on the couch Sunday morning, the television quietly displaying an infomercial. The sudden presence of another person in the living room woke me up and I looked over at my daughter. Christy was fifteen and beautiful, walking toward me with long smooth legs. She was wearing her sleep clothes, a pair of pink cotton panties and a t-shirt that once had been able to cover those panties, but since she developed breasts it had slowly inched its way up her thighs so that it now left her belly button showing. I immediately grew hard under my robe.

Christy climbed onto the couch with me and draped herself over my lap, resting her head on her folded arms. I stroked her luscious blonde hair and her cheek. She opened her blue eyes and turned over onto her back, resting her head dangerously close to my throbbing erection.

“I think they’re bigger this morning, Daddy,” she suddenly exclaimed, sitting up and hopping onto my lap, her small ass rubbing my prick as she slid herself into a comfortable position. She pulled her t-shirt up over her head and tossed it on the floor.

I looked at my daughter’s perfect pert tits. Of course, it had only been a few days since the last time I had examined them, so I knew that there would be no visible change, but I eagerly cupped her mounds in my hands, bent my head down to peer at them.

“You might be right,” I said, gently sucking on a nipple. She hugged my head hard, holding me against her breasts.

She moaned. “I’m so horny today, Daddy. Can’t we go somewhere together?”

I had switched over to her other breast, sucking its nipple while I palmed the other. “Like where?”

“I don’t care. Anywhere. I want some cum. A lot of cum.”

“How much?”

“A lot, Daddy,” she groaned. “I want to bathe in it.”

I gently moved her off my lap and onto the floor. She knelt between my legs. I opened my robe, releasing my seven-inch cock. She wrapped one hand around it, her fingers barely touching her thumb.

“I’ll tell you what,” I said between deep breaths, “if you can make me cum before your mom gets home from church, I’ll try to give you a cumbath this evening.”

She needed no other convincing. She expertly took me into her mouth, noisily sucking and slurping my hard shaft, her tongue wagging over my cockhead, my balls, and the purple veins in my cock. She drooled over my tool, jerked me off messily. Finally I came, shooting load after creamy white load into her mouth, onto her tongue and teeth, over her lips and chin. She swallowed, licked herself clean, swallowed, licked me clean, and swallowed some more.

“Alright, baby,” I said, taking her back into my arms and on my lap. “I’ll give you a cumbath tonight. Rest that mouth of yours, you’re gonna have to do a whole lot of sucking.”

She grinned, rubbed her panty-covered ass over my semi-stiff dick. Then she got up, put on her t-shirt, and went to her room. I spent most of the rest of the day making phone calls.

I explained to my wife that I thought Christy and I needed to spend some quality time together. I told her we’d be going out to dinner and to a movie. We might stop to have dessert after the movie, so she shouldn’t expect us home early. My wife, ever-trusting and naive, thought it sounded like a grand idea.

I drove Christy to a nice motel. I didn’t want a hotel, as the room would be busy and I wanted us to be undisturbed by bellhops, room service, and the like. However, finding a motel that actually had baths was tricky. They almost all had only showers. One, however, had an equivalent of a Honeymoon Suite, which included a nice sized bathtub and free bubble bath to go with it.

Christy loved the room and immediately looked at the bathtub. She came out with a look of concern on her face. “I don’t think I’ll be able to get that tub full by myself.”

“I have enough donors for you, baby. I’m sure.”

“Yeah, but I’m sure to get lockjaw or something.”

I looked thoughtfully at the tub for a moment.

“I could call some friends. If that would be okay with you,” she suggested.

“This is your day, Christy. If you want some friends to help you, by all means, have them come over.”

Christy went to the phone and placed some calls. “They’ll be over within the half hour.”

“Okay. My guests aren’t scheduled to start arriving until forty-five minutes from now anyway. I wanted some time alone with you again first.”

Christy grinned seductively, pressed her back into me, “Oh yeah?”

I reached around her and unbuttoned her blouse, pulling it off roughly. I tore her bra between the cups, removing that as well. She walked toward the bed and I pushed her face down onto it. She lay still for me as I stripped, then lifted her hips so I could pull her shorts and panties off. She had a great ass, round and clean and tight. I squeezed her ass, a cheek in each hand, then grabbed a bottle of lubricant I had kept in my shirt pocket. I lubed up my first finger and gently rubbed her asshole, then poured some lube into it.

She shivered and gasped as the cold gel touched her deep inside. “What are you doing?”

“I want to fuck your ass, Christy.”

“I don’t know,” she made to stand up, but I pushed her back down, grabbed a pillow to stick under stomach, another for her to bite down on.

“I do know, Christy. I want to fuck your ass.”

I probed her gently with my finger. She cried out, bit down on the pillow, and trembled as I went down to the second knuckle. She was tight as hell, and I was throbbing to get inside her. I pulled out, then pushed in some more, turned my finger around, all the while she groaned and gasped into the pillow. I looked between her legs – she was dripping wet all over the pillow and casino şirketleri sheets. I had made her cum.

I knelt behind her, bending down to position my cock at her shaved cunt, dipped the head into her tight pussy, and thrust inside her, filling her, making her cry out in surprise. I fucked her fast and hard, all the while working her ass with my finger, deeper, harder. She came three times, squirting her cum around my cock. I had gradually moved on to my middle finger, filling her ass up with the thicker meat of my hand. I squeezed one cheek hard and held it as I fucked her cunt and her ass. She came another time.

All the while she had been scratching and clawing at the pillow and sheets, but now I grabbed her hands and pulled them back, digging her head further into her pillow. I placed her hands on her ass and told her to stretch her cheeks apart for me. She obeyed, holding her tiny asshole as open as she could.

I pulled out of her cunt, keeping my middle finger in her ass, and positioned my cock right at the entrance to her forbidden hole. My cock was slick with her juices, and as I moved my finger out I instantly replaced it with the very tip of my cockhead, blocking her sphincter before it could tighten up.

I pressed down, aware of a pain in my prick as I tried to squeeze it too hard. I poured some more lube under the tip of the head, slicking up the asshole enough to get my mushroom cap popped in. She was kicking the bed and sobbing into her pillow. I stroked her back, shushed her, and helped her hold her ass wider. I pushed down, sinking slowly, inch by inch, into her ass. Finally I was half way inside her, as far as I believed I could go with her. I began making slow and shallow strokes, gently fucking her sore ass.

Soon it became easier to fuck her as her ass grew accustomed to my presence. I found myself penetrating her deeper, harder, and faster until I felt my balls slapping her cheeks and then my hips bouncing on the small round globes of her ass. I reached around her and cupped her tits in my hands and fucked her furiously hard, kissing the back of her neck where her blonde hair had fallen away, dark and sweaty, to the side. She had stopped crying, and was now only groaning in the hazy mist between pleasure and pain.

I moved all her hair to one side, baring her ear and her cheek. I kissed them, then grunted in her ear. “You’ve got a tight asshole, baby. Daddy loves your ass.”

“Uhn … uhn … UHN …” she could one groan at first as my cock brought her intense sensations. “I love you Daddy,” she panted at last. “I love you in my ass. You’re so big in my tight ass.”

I couldn’t take much more. I fucked her hard, then whispered: “Are you ready for your first load of cum tonight?”

“Uhm-hmn,” she bit her lip and nodded.

I pulled out, a slight popping noise reverberating as I cleared her. She turned around onto her back and I rushed to stradle her chest. She lay back with her mouth open and her tongue out, panting. I let loose my load, dropping cum onto her tongue, lips, teeth, and face. Her forehead, cheeks, and hair were all splashed with my seed. Normally she would have swallowed my loads down, but now she just closed her mouth and let the bit on her tongue bubble out from between her lips, boil over onto her chin and neck. I kept dripping and shaking my cock so as to get as much of my load as possible all over her face.

There was a knock on the door and I hit the bed with my whole body, exhausted. “Christy?” a young voice from the other side called out.

I rolled off the bed and opened the door, standing behind it so the girls could come in without showing the outside world my nudity. I shut the door behind them and they spun to look at me, blushing and giggling. There were two of them, two brunettes. They appeared to be about my daughter’s age.

One of them looked at Christy and grinned. “Jeez, Christy, you didn’t tell us you were going to be starting without us.”

Christy shrugged.

The other girl said, “I thought you said something about a bath.”

Christy climbed off the bed, my seed still dripping down her face, and led them to the spacious bathroom. “Wow.” I heard someone say from inside.

I looked at the clock. “You girls better get ready. The first wave should get here any minute now.”

I saw clothing getting tossed out of the bathroom, and in a few moments Christy called out: “We’re ready, Daddy!”

I entered the bathroom, leaning against the doorframe so I could listen for a knock at the front door. I had found my robe and put it on, and now I watched the naked girls in the bathtub with a lascivious grin. My cock had once again sprung to life and was peeking out from under the folds of my robe.

“Who are your friends?”

Christy sat between the two girls in the empty bathtub. To her left was Jennifer, a sixteen-year-old girl with perfect tits I feared Christy might never get. They were the size and firmness of softballs, and were placed close enough together — and had enough lift — that they provided her with great cleavage and tit-fuck space even when she was not wearing a bra. The girl to Christy’s right had a chest just about as large as Christy’s — half-grapefruits, I’d say. Her name was Brianna. After Christy made introduction, Brianna put her arms around Christy, cupping my daughter’s tits, and slowly, sensuously, began licking the lines of cum crawling toward her chest and neck. Christy kissed Brianna on the lips, the two sharing tongues for a bit, then broke apart, a string of semen bridging their lips and tongues together.

My eyes were torn between the pretty cumplay and Jennifer’s great tits. As Christy warned Brianna not to swallow any cum yet, so as not to diminish casino firmaları the bath, Jennifer turned her sexy green eyes toward me and smiled.

“If you want to try them, you may, sir,” she said.

I looked up into her eyes.

“My tits. Do you want to fuck them?”

I let my robe fall open and Jennifer got to her knees, thrusting her heavy chest out over the tub edge. I was at the perfect position to place my thick cock between her perfectly round mounds. Brianna and Christy divided their attention between watching us and kissing each other. Jennifer squeezed her upper arms together, pressing her tits tight around my aching prick. I slowly fucked her chest, enjoying the lovely sensation of her perfect flesh.

She bent her head down and opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue, my cock, on it’s up thrusts gliding ride up the pink ramp into her damp, hot cavern. Finally the joy of her mouth outweighed that of her tits and we forwent the titfuck in order to get into the blowjob more fully. She cupped my balls and deep-throated my cock, making me groan in pleasure. Her mouth moved expertly over my cock, and I caught a brief look on Christy’s face that might have been jealousy.

After a couple minutes of intense mouth fucking, Jennifer suggested Brianna taste me. I moved over and let the younger girl, fourteen, take me into her warm mouth. Her blowjob technique was not as expert as Christy’s or Jennifer’s, but as it seemed even more to be the attempt of a child, it was enticing and mind-numbing in its wickedness.

Finally I was receiving a three girl blowjob, with Christy sucking sweetly on the head of my cock and her friends on either side, switching from suckling my balls to salivating on my shaft and slurping it up with eager lips and tongues. I came once again, spreading my heavy load onto all of them, mainly focusing on splashing their tits and necks, though all three once again sought out my load for their hungry little mouths. This time it was Jennifer who let hers bubble out of her mouth and drool down to her left nipple, then reminded the others that they were here for a bath, not a meal.

I’ll summarize the events of the next six hours, as they were largely repetitive. Five men showed up at my invitation moments after the above-mentioned triple blowjob. They were led to the bathroom by myself and shown to the three girls, two more than they had anticipated. Every ten minutes, five more men showed up. The girls had to work quickly and well to get their desired candy from the men as soon as possible. Since there was a goal to the evening’s festivities, exploration of each man’s cock had to be traded for a fast and perfect blowjob. I watched every now and then, but mainly opened the door and led the new recruits into the bathroom. I knew all the men, if not personally, at least casually. I worked with them, or went to school with them, or knew of them from some other sphere of life. Very few of my calls resulted in the refusal of a free blowjob or blowjobs. Indeed, after each man spent his load all over my daughter and/or her friends, I sent them across the street to the gas station to have something to drink, and invited them back when they were able, to have another go.

The girls became experts at giving the individual blowjob. Perhaps it was her anal experience before the bath that led Christy to discover that if she sucked a man’s cock and stimulated his prostate with her finger, his cum was harder, had more volume, and gave him a better orgasm.

They also, at times, shared a man’s cock, though that was rare. A few heads were bumped in the process, but no one was injured. More often than not, they were each dealing with two or more cocks at once. Sadly, Brianna suffered from a cut on her lip when two eager men tried too hard to shove their cocks in her mouth at the same time. She quickly patched up, and after forty-five minutes of sourness and somewhat slowed production, she was as good as new and giving head to three guys at once (not in her mouth at once, of course).

I kept the order and peace, making sure no one cut, and sending home a couple men who had arrived drunk or become so as the night progressed. I would not allow harm to come to any of those girls. I was asked time and time again to allow the men to fuck the girls’ cunts or asses, but I knew that nothing would be accomplished that way. And I didn’t like the idea of another man’s cock in my girl’s cunt or ass. A petty quirk I tried to analyze, but could not find the time to do so that evening.

At a couple points I set a friend of mine at the door and returned to the girls for another donation of my own seed. They all paid special attention to me, and I was usually the rare recipient of two girls’ tongues or lips at once. For their extra care, I gave them more semen than I had believed I could make in my entire life.

As the hours went by, I watched the tub slowly fill with thick white cream.

I especially enjoyed watching Christy struggle to work her mouth over a certain African-American man I had invited from the factory. His cock was a monster, dwarfing even my not-too-shabby piece of meat. She could only get a couple inches past the mushroom cap, but managed to slobber her saliva all over his shaft from the side, and he seemed especially receptive to her amazing ball-sucking.

For her efforts, he came hard on her face, already hidden beneath the cum of dozens upon dozens of previous loads.

I got the girls water to drink to keep their mouths from drying out on all the dick they were sucking. I also held a bucket for them when they needed to pee, so that they wouldn’t taint the cum with the vile taste of urine.

Finally two a.m. rolled around and the girls were güvenilir casino tired physically and mentally. They asked me not to let anyone else into the room, but promised to finish off the dozen or so guys waiting around in the room for their second or third (or more) blowjob. At three a.m. the room was empty, everyone thanking me profusely and promising me their first-borns. I waved good bye, shut and locked the door, and return to the bathroom. Christy was beaming, scooping up handfuls of the seed they had collected and pouring it on her chest, on her head, tilting back her head and pouring it on her face, licking and swallowing it, finally.

Her friends were likewise enthralled with their tub of cum, and they all bathed each other like young children in a bubble bath. “Thank you, Daddy,” Christy smiled.

I said she was welcome, and said the same to her friends when they also gave me their thanks. “Wherever did you get all those guys?” Jennifer asked, flashing her erotic green eyes at me.

“From all over.”

Brianna’s hand was invisible beneath the white foam, but she was leaning back against the wall, her eyes shut, her wrist dipping in just between her legs. Christy leaned over and sucked Brianna’s nipple.

I went back to the room, and tried to take a short nap. I, too, was exhausted. About an hour later Christy called out to me. I returned to the bathroom. She was frowning. “We can’t possibly drink all this, Daddy.”

I smiled. “Of course not, baby.”

“I don’t want to waste it all.”

I left the bathroom and retrieved a box from the closet. I handed washed out gallon milk containers to each of the girls and they happily filled up jug after jug with cum. “I don’t know how this stuff keeps or whether it’ll taste good for very long, Christy,” I warned.

“It’s alright, we’ll try it.”

I had to run to the all night gas station and buy eight more gallons of milk, dump them out in the parking lot, rinse them, and give them to the girls. Finally I enjoyed a wonderful show as the girls brought the level down to the point where they couldn’t fill the jugs anymore. They sucked and slurped the cum off the bottom of the tub floor, wiggled around and splashed in it, sucked and licked each others’ bodies and they each came a few times as they cleaned one another.

When they had sufficiently made use of the cum in the tub, they ran the shower, and I fell asleep on the bed.

I woke up around eleven a.m., late for work, and looked at the three naked girls spooning next to me on the bed. Christy was closest to me, Jennifer in the middle, and Brianna behind her. I called my wife at work, apologized profusely for worrying her, and explained that we’d stopped at a friend’s house and fallen asleep there. I assured her that the bonding experience went wonderfully and that the benefit it would have on Christy’s and my relationship would far outweigh the consequences of missing one day of work and school.

As I hung up, my cock was being gently stroked, and I turned back to find the girls awake, still spooning each other, and Christy holding my cock. They smiled, looking over one another’s shoulders at me, except Christy, whose beautiful blue eyes just stared into my own. I turned onto my back and Christy gave me a handjob.

“Can I fuck your Dad?” Jennifer asked Christy.

She nodded. Brianna lay on her back and Jennifer climbed out from between her friends and stradled my hips, lowering her pretty pink cunt lips down onto my hard prick. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a neat rectangle over her cunt, but far enough away from her lips that one could go down on her without tasting hair.

She impaled herself over and over on me, her cunt clamping down tightly on my erection. She was wonderful. Christy and I kissed, the taste of cum in her mouth replaced by toothpaste. Brianna reached around Christy and pinched her nipples softly. I reached up and roughly fondled Jennifer’s exsquisite softballs, kneading them together and making her tilt her head back in orgasm.

I looked at the young Brianna over Christy’s shoulder. “How about you, Brianna?” I asked.

“I’ve never done it before,” Brianna said quietly, almost sadly.

Both of her friends looked at her. “Really?” Christy asked. “Then you definitely should. My dad is an excellent lover.”

Jennifer climbed off me and Brianna was placed on her back in the center of the bed. Her friends on either side of her, Jennifer kissing the young virgin’s mouth, Christy rubbing the girls cunt, then sucking on her nipples. Brianna eagerly spread her legs and I prodded her with my slippery knob. She opened for me with little resistance, having cum already this morning from playing with her girlfriends. I shoved myself deep inside her, feeling her tightness give way to my powerful cock. Her hymen had been torn already during some previous sex act or contact sport, but she still quivered and moaned as I filled her with something the likes of which she had never experienced before. I fucked her fast and hard, feeling myself unable to take it much longer.

I tore out of her cunt, my balls tightening, my load welling up at the head of my cock. Christy raced toward it, throwing her mouth over my head before the first load escaped. I came and came and came and came, harder and better than I ever recalled having come. Jennifer had her face up to Christy’s, had her tongue slowly lingering on the underside of my cockhead so that as Christy pulled her full mouth away from my prick, Jennifer could catch the ample overflow, as well as the drippings still emptying from me.

I watched once again as the girls shared my cum.

That is where I will end this episode, though, be sure, that this was not the last time I sampled the treats of my lovely daughter and her friends. Perhaps another time I can describe just what was done with the gallons of cum we had preserved from Christy’s cumbath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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