Christmas Pleasure

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I watch you sleeping; your steady breathing is comforting as I see your chest rise and fall. It’s Christmas morning and I know soon our house will be full of the sights and sounds of Christmas. I smile as you murmur in your sleep, turning your face towards me. I lean forward; cupping your jaw I run my thumb across your bottom lip, feeling your breath puff out against my hand. I feel the ache low in my belly; I’m so desperate to get one moment with you before the madness starts. I look towards the window seeing the light peeking through the curtains; I frown trying to work out the time. Turning back to you, I see you’re still asleep. Sighing I roll over, lifting the sheet, they feel smooth and butter soft as they slip past my limbs, I touch my feet to the floor, it’s warm, and I smile, knowing it’s going to be a hot day.

I reach up; linking my fingers and turning my hands palm up I stretch my arms and shoulders. I yawn, looking back over my shoulder at you one last time and see you’ve remained unmoved. I then lean forward; opening my draw I grab my jelly dildo, a condom and some lube. I quietly pad out of the room, leaving the door a jar and move my way to the bathroom. I grin, seeing the sun seeping in through the windows in the front door knowing I wont have long before our day gets busy. Taking a sharp turn I make my way into the bathroom. Breathing in a deep breath I put my things down, I hook my thumbs into my panties and bend at the waist, pushing them down my smooth legs, catching my calves I pull the top of my body forward, stretching the back of my legs, moaning softly as I feel my body open delicately. I stand up again, crossing my arms I catch my singlet and tug it over my head, feeling my breasts bounce and jiggle as I free them. I drop the singlet on the ground, kicking it aside with my panties, I pad over to the bath shower, curling my toes on the cool tiles.

I listen to the sound of the water hitting the bath, propping myself against the wall I watch the steam start to fill the room. Reaching out I test the water, before adjusting it until its hot without burning the skin. Turning I pick up my toys and put them on the ledge of the bath before stepping in. I moan softly as I move under the stream of the water, feeling the hot bullets of water hit my skin. I roll my shoulders as I tilt my head back, feeling my hair soak against my head. I close my eyes, letting the water run down my face and over my chest. Following its trail I slowly slip my hands down my chest, bringing them around the outside of my breasts to cup their full weight. Bringing my fingers up I catch both nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I start to tug and squeeze them rolling them softly as I continue to let the water run down my face. I visualize your lips on my nipples, pulling, tugging and sucking, greedily taking each in turn into your mouth. I squeeze and tug them bursa escort firmly as I imagine you using your teeth on the sensitive skin. I moan softly feeling the water trickle in past my lips. I get flashes of your cum oozing into my mouth, as you tap the tip of your cock against my lips.

Freeing one of my nipples I slip my hand down my body, skating around my belly button and along my navel, I prop one foot up on the edge of the bath, opening myself to my seeking hand. Using my index and middle finger I start to gentle rub my clit, feeling my pleasure pool in my stomach and seep lower. I continue to tug my nipple, timing it so it intensifies my pleasure. Leaning back slightly I shudder as my back comes into contact with the cool tiles, which is quickly followed by another as I drop my hand lower and easily slide two fingers into my aching cunt. Thrusting softly I imagine you kneeling between my legs, spreading me wide as you lap and lick my clit, your thick fingers thrusting into me. In my minds eye I see your head between my thighs your hair slick with water against your scalp as you devour my clit with your mouth. I thrust harder, rolling my hips against my palm, moving swiftly towards my release. I feel myself getting close so I slip my fingers out, taking a more firmer grip on my nipple I squeeze and tug hard as I rub my clit, my eyes squeezed shut, head tilted back as I imagine you working my clit relentlessly, pulling the hood back and revealing the sensitive flesh beneath as you fuck me harder with your fingers. Suddenly the wave raises up, and crashes over me, my body shuddering as I use the wall for support. I splutter as I suck in gulps of air mixed with water.

Relaxing my hand I release my abused nipple and gently rub my clit as my orgasm recedes. A cheeky smile tugs on my lips as I move my hand lower, feeling my pouty pussy lips, coated in my juices. My fingers easily slip over the sensitive skin and as I dip my fingers in I push gently on my entrance, testing the muscles there. I continue to use the wall as support while I slip a finger into my cunt, moaning softly as it easily slides to the third knuckle. I start to thrust leisurely, basking in the afterglow of my orgasm. Sighing I slip my fingers from my cunt, giving my pussy lips a soft rub before bringing my finger to my lips, and sucking it clean. I shudder at the feeling of my rough tongue against my fingertip. The taste of myself fills my mouth, musky and sweet.

I open my eyes, looking at my toy sitting innocently on the ledge. Pushing off the wall I lean forward. Picking up the dildo, I quickly open the condom and roll it down its length. Turning back to the ledge I reach for the lube, flipping the lid, I squeeze out a generous amount onto the head of the dildo. Smiling, I bend forward at the waist, bracing myself on the bath ledge. Using the hand holding the dildo I reach bursa escort bayan back over me, bracing my legs apart, I guide the dildo head until it’s resting against my budded arse hole. I moan softly, feeling the slippery head move over the sensitive skin.

I push slightly with the toy, feeling the tip of the dildo part me and nudge against my arse hole, opening me up. I then shuffle back, until I can feel the cold tiles against my wrist, where it holds the base of the dildo. Carefully, keeping the head against my tight hole, I guide the suction cup so it is pressed to the wall at the right height. Stopping I carefully move my hand away to find it secure. I then use one hand to move up near the head of the dildo while the other parts one of my arse cheeks. I moan as I work myself open for my toy, slowly moving myself back and forth, groaning every time I stretch myself that little bit more, feel more of the head of the dildo push inside me. Soon I feel pretty stretched and the mix of pleasure and pain has my hips bucking back.

Suddenly I feel my arse hole stretch again and the release of pressure as the head of the dildo pops into my arse. I moan arching my back as I slowly sink down the length of the toy. When I feel the cold tiles against my arse cheeks, the dildos balls pressed to my pussy lips I start to work my way back up, short thrusts as first as I bend forward bracing my hands against the other side of the bath so I can take full advantage of the toy. Moving I moan on every impalement. Dragging myself up until I can feel the head of the dildo almost in me, but before it can pop out I push back down. I break this up with fully having it inside me, I lean up, so I can bounce, giving myself hard, short thrusts. With my hands free I rub my clit and tug my nipples, feeling my arse hole squeeze tightly around the dildo as my desire spikes.

My moaning is getting louder now, I know I’m building to a hard orgasm and I have fixed in my mind that it will have to get me through a full on, possibly stressful day. I work my clit a little harder as I imagine your cock in my arse, your hands spreading my cheeks as you thrust in and out of me. I cradle one of my breasts, bringing it to my mouth so I can suck and bite the nipple. Eyes closed, impaling myself heavily on my dildo, as I suck my nipple I am lost in my own state of desire. My eyes flicker open when I feel another hand cup my breast, before the nipple is taken into a hot, wet mouth. Looking down I find you staring at me with fire in your eyes.

“What have we here…?” you ask, smirking as you see my flushed face, my heavy lidded eyes.

“Having fun without me hey?” You tut, while shaking your head in mock disappointment.

“You’ll just have to make it up to me.” You continue, apparently not worried by my lack of responses.

I feel my hips squirm, my own need demanding escort bursa my attention.

“Oh… don’t let me stop you darling..” you comment putting your hands to my shoulders you bend me forward, before taking my waist and starting to impale me on the dildo again. I look up finding myself eye level with your hard cock, jutting out strongly. I watch it twitch as you watch the dildo stretch and take my arse. I know you are enjoying it as you make me take it a little bit harder, a little faster. Staring at your cock has me thinking of your cock inside of me. I watch your cock, my mouth starts to water, I could just have one taste, find out hat it feels like to be impaled by two…right? I ask myself, I lick my dry lips, my eyes rounding slightly as my mind plays out the possible feelings. The next time you pull me forward I stretch a bit more, taking the head of your cock into my mouth. You give a strangled groan as you buck forward, tightening your grip on my middle, pushing a fair amount of your cock into my mouth. You then push me back on the toy, which causes me to slip down your length, we both groan as you start to create a rhythm, making me take both cocks in turn.

You moan softly “open your arse darling… I want to see you take it.” I reach behind me and spread my cheeks, making for cleaner penetration. Sucking on your cock still I feel you shudder as you watch.

“I cant take much more hun…” you groan, picking up the pace a little, making me take both faster. I can feel you pushing the back of my throat with each hard thrust, and I suck hard on your length as it leaves my mouth, focusing on the head as the dildo comes to rest to the hilt in my arse. Your moaning becomes continuous, and I can feel you pulsing in my mouth. I drop one hand, catching my ultra sensitive clit in my fingers I rub it aggressively, feeling my release so close. You suddenly pump me quickly up and down your cock, and I feel you shudder as the first shot of cum hits my tongue. Tasting you as you fill my mouth, feeling my arse full, I work my clit relentlessly, swallowing your cum instinctively I squeeze my eyes shut and moan around your cock as I go over the edge, shuddering and grinding down on the dildo.

My eyelids flutter and I moan helplessly when you pull out, shooting the last parts onto my lips and cheeks, before using the head of your semi hard cock to collect it off my face before popping the head in and out of my mouth past my pouting, swollen lips. Every time you push it into my mouth, I suck the head clean. Once you have gone fully soft I release your hips as you step back and I draw in a deep breath bracing myself on the edge of the bath once again. I can feel my arse clenching and twitching around the dildo where it remains buried deep in my arse.

Sighing contently I look up at you as you grinning down at me. “Well, I better have a shower before everyone arrives.” I comment as I slowly move forward removing the dildo.

Smiling roguishly you laugh, ” Yeah… It wouldn’t do for people, to know Santa sorted out a double penetration for you for Christmas now would it?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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