Christmas Party

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“Let’s get out of here.”

God, I’ve been waiting to hear those words for months. We slip away without saying anything. It’s our company Christmas party, no one’s likely to notice anyway. The office is only a block from the club the company booked for the party, and we damn near sprint back. No one is there, and our lust can finally be unleashed.

All of this had been building slowly. About six months ago, I had relocated across the country to California. It was a huge change for me being a life-long East Coaster. I came here for work and while I had a few friends scattered throughout the state, none actually lived in my city. It wasn’t easy for me. I tend to be shy as a newcomer. The new job was fine. As the company’s research lead, it was my job to keep the various projects on track and on budget. This required quite a bit of travelling between sites. It was during one of my frequent trips that I was introduced to Cassie.

She was my main contact for our downtown office. As a result, I ended up spending quite a bit of time in her office. She was always a treat to visit. She was friendly and easy to talk to. I enjoyed her sense of humor and, as a native Californian, had lots of useful information for someone in my position. Not surprisingly, she was my favorite person at work, I always looked forward to any chance to visit.

At first, I was just happy to have a new friend. It was such an upheaval for me that I barely thought of sex the first few months. As I began to settle into my new environment, things started to change. I hadn’t had a date since my move, and really hadn’t had much chance to cultivate anything like that yet.

I remember the day Cassie first entered my fantasies. I was in her office, doing our regular work. She was wearing a skirt (which I had never noticed her wear before). I had complimented her on first seeing her. In the middle of our meeting, she had to take a call, no biggie. Whoever was on the phone was requesting some project information and she had to go through various files throughout the room. At first she was just listening, her legs were crossed, and her eyes were focused on her computer. My eyes wondered over her legs, I could see up her thigh, but no more. I felt somewhat dirty, I really shouldn’t be peeking, but it had been ages since I had even seen a woman’s legs. My heart started to pound in my chest. Suddenly, she uncrossed and slid on her rolling-chair across the room to another filing cabinet, and in the process gave me my first peek at her panties. As she slid back and forth, I got shot after shot. My god! My hands were starting to tremble. Finally, she got up, and got on her knees and opened the bottom drawer of the cabinet farthest from me. My mouth dropped open. I couldn’t see anything special, but the simple fact of having her on her knees, ass in the air, was almost overwhelming. Finally my cock started to swell. “Oh god, not now,” I thought. But there’s nothing a man can do when this starts to happen. As she flipped through the drawer, I could see her ass flex and move. God, I wanted to drop down with her and grind my hard cock against her. I wanted to pull up her skirt, pull her panties aside, and slide myself into her. Then poof! Her call was over and her focus was suddenly all back on me. Shit, I clearly hadn’t thought this out. I crossed my legs to try and cover my hard cock.

“Sorry about that,” Cassie said. “You okay?”

“Oh sure,” I tried to say.

“You just look a little flushed is all.”

Fuck, she knows. Fuck, I blew it before I even had a chance. Fuck, she’s going to call HR and I’m going to get canned.

“Nah, I’m good,” I said in my most pleasant voice. “Thanks though.”

We got back to work. It took my cock ages to settle down. The pressure against my pants felt good and only made it more difficult to calm down. But by the time we finished, I was back to normal. We said goodbye and it was time for me to call it quits. Thank god I got out of there alive, I was terrified. I stowed my gear, hopped on my bike, and peddled myself back home. The whole ride, the thought of her panties were stuck in my head. I can’t tell you how uncomfortable it is to bike with an erection, but I managed. I sprinted up my steps. I was unbuttoning my pants before I even made it in the door. I pulled them clean off and fell onto my bed. I squeezed out a bit of lube and took my throbbing cock with both hands.

“Oh Cassie!” I said out loud. My cock was on fire, my heart was thumping. I pumped my cock into my hands. Precum was already flowing, further lubricating my cock. I could feel the head of my cock swelling. My orgasm hit. I groaned loud and long, my eyes were clenched shut. My cock erupted with cum, and I could feel it hitting my chest, even getting my face. It felt like forever, but finally I started to come back to life. I couldn’t help but laugh, I could feel the cum dripping down my chest, my neck. I got up and looked at my cum-covered self in the mirror. I looked quite ridiculous, but damn, I was in need of an ankara escort orgasm like that for a long, long time.

I had figured this was a fluke, but after this, I noticed that every time I stopped by Cassie’s office she had another skirt on. Obviously, I was extremely pleased, but initially chalked it up to simple coincidence. More and more though, I was getting longer peeks up her skirts. Our conversations were also turning flirty. I’d find myself staying at her office long after we’d finished up our business. Things never went too far, which only made things more difficult. All I know is that I was spending more and more time hard than not. After leaving her office, it was almost a guarantee that I’d be jerking off in the bathroom, or the supply closet, or anywhere I could find a second to touch myself. Jesus, I was horny.

I was unsure how to continue. We didn’t work in the same office, but even so, I didn’t want to make a move unless I was completely sure. Was she showing off for me? Ugh! I just couldn’t tell. One day I found myself in her office. Again she had to take a call. She was looking at her computer, but her legs were spread just enough to show off the black panties she was wearing. My cock was hard and throbbing against my pants. I looked down, you could clearly see the bulge in my pants and even see the outline of my head. So I figured, what the hell. Normally I tried covering up, but this time I let it go, even shifting so she would be able to get a better view if she wanted. During her call, I tried to see if she would take notice, but I could never be sure. I was a little disappointed, I wanted her to see, I wanted her to tear open my pants and take me into her mouth, I wanted to fuck her brains out right on her office table. Even though I never quite knew, I never tried covering up my erection again.

It was now getting into December and I knew our Christmas party was coming up soon. I hadn’t been able to see Cassie much recently as work at my home office was really picking up. Still, I was masturbating regularly thinking about her. I wanted to find some excuse to go over there, but day after day, I had to stay parked in front of my own computer. Finally, the week of our party was here. Ugh, I was going out of my mind. What do I do? Late one day, I decided to message her.

‘Hey, things have been really busy over here, sorry I haven’t been able to make it over. You going to be at the Christmas party this Friday?’ I hesitated for a minute, but there wasn’t anything bad in it, so I hit send. I started to pack up my things, but a response caught my eye.

‘I know. I’ve missed you’ Oh shit, she’s missed me! Yes!

‘I’m definitely going. I hope you are too. I don’t need much of an excuse to dress up and get a little tipsy on company time. 😉 ‘

Oh damn! My cock was already hard. I got up and locked the door to my office. I started to reply, hoping to catch her at least one more time before she headed home.

‘I missed you too. It’s sucked having to be here all the time. Haha, I’m definitely looking forward to getting a little tipsy. Dressed up huh? I’ll be looking forward to that too! ‘

I hit send. Damn, was that last part too forward? My hands were starting to tremble again. I unzipped my pants and took out my hard cock. I’d never done this right at my desk, but I couldn’t imagine who was going to interrupt me at this point in the day.

Another response: ‘I bet you will. 😉 See you then…”

Oh god it was more than I could handle. I beat my cock like a madman, spilling a huge load right on the floor. From that moment on I felt like I was constantly hard. At home, at work, at home again. I still couldn’t make time to get over there, but I didn’t see much point. Tomorrow was the day, it was now or never.

Even though our office was only putting in a half day, it felt like forever. I had tried to look a little swanky myself, but that’s a bit harder to do for guys. Finally the time was here. We packed up and headed over. The place was nice, it was a good choice. I was looking around for Cassie but didn’t see her. I was going crazy. At last, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Hey you!” I heard her say.

I turned. “Hey! Great to see you!” We hugged and I could feel her breasts push against me. “Wow, you look great!”

“Mmm, thank you. I thought you’d like it!” She was in a red dress and wow, she did look amazing. It fit in to the Christmas theme, yet looked incredible sexy. “Let’s get a drink!”

“Hell yes!” I said.

We walked over to the bar, her in the lead. My eyes ran over her head to toe. The pace of my heart started to really pick up. Though we did have to talk to coworkers from time to time, we got to focus mainly on ourselves. The flirting was starting to get serious. I touched her, she touched me back. I was getting ravenous, and the booze wasn’t helping. Still the opportunity to make a real move hadn’t come.

Thankfully, Cassie’s a girl with guts, and she decided to take the lead.

“You escort ankara know,” she started, “I haven’t caught you trying to peek up my skirt once yet tonight.” She gave me a coy smile and took a sip of her drink.

My heart skipped a beat. She had known after all. It wasn’t my imagination. I tried to play it cool.

“Hummm… It’s still early. Besides, you know how you turn me on.”

“Do I?” she said, smiling again.

“Don’t try to tell me you haven’t noticed,” I said.

“Notice what?” she said with a little laugh, sipping her drink in the process.

I decided to go for broke. I took her hand and slid it under the table, placing it directly on top of my raging cock.

“Ohhh!” she blurted out and she squeezed my cockhead.. “Mmm… I have,” she said, and slowly began stroking me. To my surprise she pulled away, but she knew exactly what she was doing. “I guess this is what you’ve been hoping to see?” She spread her legs, exposing her bare pussy to me for the first time.

My god, was it ever. I’d been dreaming about it for so long. I took her hand, stood her up, and pulled her around the corner. We were out of sight of the crowd. I pushed her against the wall, and we started a make-out session that would have made a couple of horny teenagers say “whoa.” How long we were like that, I have no idea.

“Let’s get out of here.”

She didn’t have to ask me twice. In what seemed like a flash, we’re back at her office, pawing at each other like animals and continuing to make-out. The lights were off when we arrived, so we assumed no one was there. Thank god, we were already grunting and moaning and we had barely even started.

Finally, I pushed her down into her chair. Our eyes were locked. I got onto my knees in front of her and spread her legs wide open. Oh god, there was her pussy. She didn’t say a word but her body was trembling. I moved my head closer, taking her in in all her glory. I couldn’t wait any longer. I started making out with her pussy. This sent her absolutely out of control. I’ve devoured her, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. I teased her clit, sucked her lips, she was soaking wet. Finally, I gave everything I had to her throbbing clit. She screamed out, I was loving it. She started grinding herself against my face. Her moans were filling the whole office. When I finally slipped a finger inside her, I knew the wave was about to break. I held my breath and took her clit fully into my mouth.

“Jordan. Jordan. Ugghhhhh… I’m… You’re going to…” I didn’t let up. I knew what was going to happen. She didn’t need to say it.

She was thrashing, shrieking, shaking. I kept my face against her, letting her orgasm rush through her. Finally I sat back and watched as her it ran its course. Finally she slumped back into her chair. She was panting, her body trembled all over, and her eyes were still shut tight. There’s nothing like knowing you’ve taken your woman over the edge. A surge of pride ran all through me. I was a king.

It seemed to take forever, but finally she opened her eyes. “My god, Jordan. No one’s…” she had to catch her breath. “No one’s ever done that too me before.” Her dress was balled around her waist, giving me a clear view of her dripping wet pussy.

“Oh really,” I said coyly.

“I mean it.” More panting. “I’ve never cum that way before.” Her eyes met mine. “You’re incredible.”

She sat up, then stood. “And now you’re mine.”

Cassie began pawing at my belt, biting her lower lip and smiling as she did. Having a woman ravenously pulling out your cock for the first time is another of the most amazing feelings in the world. I moaned instinctively and pushed my hips closer to her.

Ugh! This always feels like it takes forever! My cock was straining to get out so badly I was in some real pain. But finally my belt was undone, my button opened, and my zipper released. With a final pull, my cock leapt into full view. Cassie let out a gasp, which made me clench for a split second.

“Your cock,” she paused and smiled, “is beautiful!”

This sent a shudder through my whole body and I let out another loud groan. But, oh shit, that was just the beginning. Cassie began to suck my cock like a wild woman. I hadn’t had a woman on me in ages and I literally had to hold her hair to keep myself from falling over.

She would let out little slurping sounds, and “Mmmmm’s” and “HummmUmmm’s” as she devoured me. She took her time giving my head lots of attention, I love that even more than deepthroating, so I was quite happy. She even took a moment to gently suck my balls which was crazy. You walk a tightrope with how sensitive they are, but she knew just to do. It was amazing.

Under normal circumstances I probably wouldn’t have been able to stop from shooting a hot load down her throat, but the craziness of the situation plus the booze I had earlier, kept my urge to cum in check. Wonderful as I was feeling, I wanted more. This time it was going to be more than just my face on her pussy. ankara escort bayan

“Get up here,” I said. Cassie’s face was a bit dismayed. She definitely didn’t want to stop, but it only took her a second to understand what I wanted. We started to aggressively kiss. The lust between us was a throbbing beast. We grunted, gnashed our teeth. We grabbed at each other, damn near tearing our clothes in the process.

I was squeezing her tits, reaching under her skirt so I could touch her beautiful body. I chuckled inside, somehow she had been able to get off her bra (if she had been wearing one in the first place). I pinched her nipples, which to my dismay were still covered. The moaning coming out from where we were was comically loud. Anyone would have heard, but if anyone did, they were nice enough to let us have our privacy. At one point Cassie was practically screaming as I bit her neck, while pinching one of her nipples, grabbing her bare ass, and grinding my cock against the mound of her pussy.

Cassie was trying to unbutton my shirt, but in her lust was having trouble with the buttons. I pulled it over my head and tossed it in the corner. My pants were in a ball around my ankles, so I kicked them away. Cassie was panting and flushed as she surveyed my naked body.

“Now you,” I said. And with one flowing movement Cassie whisked off her dress, finally showing me her bare body. My god… Her tits were perfect size and her nipples were standing up, fully erect. Her chest rose and fell, her breath coming quickly. I squeezed her hips and brought her beautiful belly to me. My cock pressed against her wetness.

“My god, you’re perfect!” I managed to get out.

She held me tight, dug her nails into my back, and let out a moan of the deepest pleasure. I gently pushed her backwards until she was against the heavy table in the corner. I let out a guttural moan of my own as her nails dragged against my skin of my back. She knew what I wanted and hopped onto the table, spreading her legs and presenting herself to me. The lips of her pussy were wet and slightly parted, she was flushed red and totally open to me. I didn’t ask, I didn’t say another word, I took my cock and guided my head to her. I pressed my swollen head against her. Neither of us could take any more teasing. She yielded to me and I slid my whole length inside.

In the first few moments, we didn’t move a muscle but instead let out groans and grunts as our bodies rejoiced in being together. My head was arched back, pointing to the ceiling. Between moans, my teeth were clenched hard, the pleasure was almost overwhelming. I looked down to see my cock buried deep inside her, which immediately caused my body to tense and contort in delightful agony. Finally I gained control of myself and both of our eyes met. We were panting, our bodies heaving. I slid my cock out and pushed deeply inside again. My god, it was amazing. Sex is always amazing, but to be bare inside of a woman you’ve craved for months was nearly more than I could handle. I slowly began to pump my cock inside of her, sliding my cock almost all the way out before thrusting again. Feeling her wetness, her pressure, it was amazing.

It wasn’t long before I was thrusting hard and fast. The tsunami of lust had broke and I was out of control. Our bodies slapped together loudy. Until now, I was so overcome with pleasure that I was barely aware of Cassie’s face, which was contorted in what almost looked like pain. If it wasn’t for her grunting and moaning, I would have thought I was hurting her. Her legs were in the air and I held them, gripping her thighs tightly. For a moment I had felt like I wouldn’t be able to last, but seeing her pleasure took the edge off my own. I watched her as pumped my cock into her fast and hard.

“God! Jordan… Ugh!” It was the first words either of us had been able to make. “Oh god! Ugggghhhh!!”

I began to rock my hips as I thrust inside her. She screamed, moaned, let out every conceivable sound.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Her words took me off guard, we had only been together for a couple of minutes. I didn’t expect she would go over the edge to quickly. My breath was short and fast, I kept up my pace. Finally she lost control of her arms, flopping onto her back on the table. She let out a long, loud howl, then shorter noises I can’t begin to spell. I slowed my pace to a crawl, to let her recover. I was a sex god, that’s the only way to describe it. Any fear I had was gone, I was in complete control.

“Oh Jordan. Oh god, Jordan,” she whispered. I reached down, grabbed her hands and pulled her back to a sitting position. She was putty in my hands. I slid my cock out and pulled her to her feet.

“Kneel on that chair,” I ordered. She did what she was told and pushed her ass out at me, gripping the back of the chair tightly. I looked down at my cock. I was bright red and swollen to a size that even surprised me. I was wet with her cum and ready to give her more. I held her hips and guided my cock into her again, causing her to let out another long moan. Immediately I started fucking her hard again. Her chair was on rollers and it banged against her desk. I was pumping inside of her like an animal. I watched my cock going in and out, in and out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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