Christening the Kitchen

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Big Tits

She entered the kitchen to start dinner. “Do you know what you want to eat?” she asked.

She hadn’t heard him approach until he growled in her ear, “Hell yes.”

He grabbed her arm and whipped her around. The gasp had barely left her lips when his mouth enveloped hers. His kiss was not the sweet and gentle type she was used to, it was hard, hot, and demanding. He used his thumb to apply pressure to her chin, forcing her to open her mouth. His tongue plunged in and began tasting every bit of her. He took complete possession of her mouth. Her knees went weak and she began to sink into him.

He backed her up to the counter, picked her up, and set her on the edge, never taking his mouth from hers, maintaining complete control. Her senses had left her. The only thing she could do was kiss him back. Her hands went around his neck, his went in her long hair, wrapping the hair through his fingers. He pulled her head back so quickly, and with such vigor, that she cried out, not so much from pain but surprise. He trailed fervent kisses down her throat. When he reached her collarbone he ran his tongue back up to her ear. Reaching her earlobe, he took it in his teeth and began to nibble and suck on it, eliciting groans from deep in her throat.

He pulled away from her and, before she knew what was happening, he ripped her shirt from her and removed his own. He pulled her forward and, in a flick of his wrist and fingers, had her bra flung across the room. He took one of her breasts in his hand and began caressing it. He lowered his head and took the already hard tip in his mouth and began suckling. All she could do was moan. Her fingers were threaded through his hair. When his sucking became more energetic, her hands fell to his shoulders. Her nails dug in as she arched into him. He tore his mouth from her and made short work of removing her jeans, pausing briefly to admire the lace panties hiding his newest target. Once that barrier was gone, one hand went back to her head to pull her mouth to his while the other hand slid between her thighs. His tongue delved into her mouth at the same moment his fingers plunged into her wet heat, capturing her outcry before it left her lips. His only thoughts revolved around how tight she izmir escort bayan was, and how much he wanted her.

She couldn’t keep any thoughts at all. His fingers sliding in and out, his tongue caressing hers, they kept her from thinking anything. All she could do was feel the sheer ecstasy of his movements, demanding and rough, controlling and full of desire. He pried his mouth from hers and kissed down her throat to her chest, but he didn’t stop there. He continued down her stomach to her legs. Still sitting on the counter, she tried to adjust her position. He seized her hips and pulled her to the edge, then he leaned down and parted her thighs. Before his intentions could register in her head, his tongue took the place of his fingers. She did cry out then, in both shock and pleasure. She reached out to find something to grasp. But, finding nothing, she could only hold on to the edge of the counter and try not to fall off.

He continued tasting her, licking her clit, pressing his tongue against the hottest part of her. He felt as if he was becoming drunk on her flavor, sweet-sour, like the juice from honeysuckle. With every move he made she moaned and whimpered, encouraging him, making him harder with each gasp and each time she would raise her hips to his mouth, silently begging for more. He forced himself to move away from her. Before she had sense enough to know he was gone, he’d stripped out of his pants. Her eyes fell to the thick, throbbing member, so hard is stuck straight out from between his thighs. She tore her eyes from that which he proudly displayed to look into his eyes. What she saw there shocked and excited her, stopping her breath. His look was hard, determined. There was such a heat in his gaze that she felt as if her face had caught on fire.

Before she could react, he pulled her from the counter and turned her around. He pulled her hips back to his, she could feel his massive piece pressing against her backside. He wrapped one arm around her waist, while the other moved the hair from her shoulders so that he could kiss the back of her neck and her shoulder blades. She leaned over the edge of the counter and braced herself. In one swift thrust he was deep inside her. She shouted out as he entered. escort izmir The arm around her waist slid up to massage her breasts, while the other arm wrapped around and dropped lower. As he continued to slide in and out, his fingers teased her pussy, forcing screams from her throat. Words of encouragement began streaming from her before she knew what she was saying. “god yes…fuck me…harder. God. FUCK ME! YES! HARDER! Oh God!” His assault on her body and senses became more than she could bear. She felt herself nearing climax. She kept screaming his name, telling him how good he was, until she couldn’t speak at all. As she slipped over the edge she could only call out “YES! OH GOD YES!”

He wasn’t finished yet. He spun her around and lifted her into the air. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he buried himself inside her again. She fairly bellowed his name as he laid her on the table and continued thrusting. The table was the perfect height for him to stand next to it as he pushed deeper and deeper. He was soon buried balls deep inside her, all 10″ of him, pulsating and throbbing. He was so thick she felt as if she was being ripped apart. But she didn’t care. The mind-blowing ecstasy was more than worth it.

Every move he made sent shock waves through her system, whether it was just straight in and out, or if he moved in a circular motion, everything felt indescribably amazing. He kept up his frenzied attack, pushing her toward another apex. Her nails scoring his back, her hips rising to meet his thrusts. He leaned his head down and began to suck on her tit again. She nearly ripped his hair out as she pulled his head to hers so that she could have his mouth for her own. Her tongue dove between his lips and dueled with his. She began to suck on his tongue, getting the groans she wanted to hear, which spurred her on to further enjoyment. She moved from his mouth to his ear, taking the lobe between her teeth and teasing it with the tip of her tongue. He groaned again. She then slid her tongue down his throat to his chest. He leaned back and drove into her so deeply and with such force, she arched her back and hips and screamed his name. He continued to slam into her with a self-satisfied smile on his lips and a look of izmir escort conquest in his eyes. All she could do was moan and scream.

“Who’s pussy is this?” he asked. “Who’s?” She tried to reply but couldn’t form the words. “WHO’S?!” he demanded again as he threw himself into her.

“YOURS!” she screamed.

“SAY IT!” he yelled.

“IT’S YOUR PUSSY!” she answered, barely able to breathe.

Then, as if something snapped inside her, she looked up at him with fire in her eyes. “Get off,” she said. He was confused for a brief moment, but, seeing the determination in her look, he slowly pulled out, getting another long moan from those full, rosy lips. She removed herself from the table placed a hand on his chest. “Down,” was all she said. He went to his knees, she followed. She then applied pressure to his chest, forcing him to lie back.

She straddled him, and in one movement, slid down onto him, taking every inch back inside, right where it should be. He moaned in response. She rose up, slowly, allowing him pleasure in the movement. When she reached the tip she asked, “Who’s dick is this?” He simply smiled at her. Before he could respond she slammed herself down his shaft, sending lightning bolts of rapture through his body. “Who’s?” she said again. He could barely think. She slowly rose up again, then dropped back down just as quickly, squeezing him tight as she went. The lightning shot through him again and he cried out in elation. “WHO’S DICK IS THIS?!” she nearly yelled.

“YOURS! GOD IT’S YOURS!” he shouted.

He then pulled her down to him and began thrusting up inside her. His mouth claimed hers in hot, wet, kisses that spurred them both on to fulfillment. She leaned back and began moving with him, back and forth, and up and down, moving her hips in a circle, just as he had done. One of his hands found her breasts and began fondling them, while the other slid between them and began stroking her clit again, finding just the right spot that drove her wild. She kept moving, but she leaned further back to allow him easier access. He moaned in pleasure equal to her own. She felt herself nearing that moment. Their eyes met and she knew he was close too. Their movements became more demanding, harsher, until they reached that point together, shouting each other’s names, screaming as waves of electric white heat passed through their bodies. She collapsed on top of him, then rolled to the side, both trying to remember how to breathe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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