Chris , Sylvia – Jason , Blair Ch. 02

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Chapter 2. Dual Pickup

Once inside, Sylvia excused herself to slip into something more comfortable. Chris headed to the bar and made them both drinks. When she returned in a dark blue negligee, he was standing at the bar fully clothed, member stiff and pointed in Sylvia’s direction. Her hands roamed over her body, unselfconsciously rubbing her aroused body, inviting him to make her feel like a woman.

The first kiss was deep and prolonged, igniting the pent up passion within the both of them. Breaking off the kiss, Chris pushed back her long dark hair from her face and gazed into her eyes, eyes that spoke of her longing. He gently nibbled at her lips, tracing their outline with the tip of his tongue. Then he lewdly tongue fucked her mouth before licking up the line of her jaw to nuzzle the nape of her neck and her ear.

Sylvia, in turn, held his erection firmly in her fist imagining how good it would feel as it pumped his seed into her. She recalled his words, “”I take my time Sylvia . . I take my time.”

They moved into her bedroom. Chris held her in his arms, his hands on her sweet spot, where he could just barely feel the bulge of her breasts. Moaning, she thrust her tongue into his mouth to dance with his. He lowered his hands down her sides and then came back up and under her breasts. His hands found their way under the negligee to her back and unimpeded, roamed across the silky smooth skin of her back. He caressed Sylvia’s back for several minutes while tenderly kissing her and thought how delighted his wife Sandy would be when he brought this one home to her, and smiled.

Chris took his time, allowing his eyes to feast hungrily on her perfect proportions. ‘What a beautiful creature!’ he thought. Her breasts were firm, her waist wasp-like, flaring to wide hips with a perfect ass before tapering into her thighs to her shapely calves and the sexiest feet he’d ever seen. Her ankle was adorned with a diamond tennis bracelet, her toes bedecked with several silver toe-rings.

He stood above her, like some triumphant Vandal Goth, and began to undress. His intentions were clear. She smiled invitingly, approving of her fate. As he stepped out of his neatly pressed slacks, he made a point of hanging them carefully to protect the knife-like creases, and then removed his boxer shorts. Sylvia lay before him, caressing her breasts, legs akimbo waiting for him to start; her eyes riveted on the jutting 8-inch penis, bobbing before them. Lifting her far leg, Chris brought her toes to his mouth. His eyes were locked to hers as he slathered each salty toe with his tongue even as he ground his stiffened cock into her bare inner thigh.

They both enjoyed the toe sucking. Slowly, Chris began his deliberate descent down her leg, kissing, licking, and nibbling along the way, until at last he could lick the crease between her thigh and vulva. Sylvia was neatly shaved, with just a small triangular patch of black wooly hair over her pubic mound. Her coral colored pussy lips glistened with the secretions of her arousal. Hardly stopping at all, he moved to her other thigh and resumed his kissing and licking as the sound of Sylvia’s moans grew in intensity.

Then with impeccable timing, he turned his attentions to her fleshy vulva, which he licked and teased for several long minutes. Sylvia was squirming around and her breasts were heaving as she wriggled free of the negligee.

She had seemingly sucked the air from the room through her teeth, when with the flat of his tongue; Chris licked her juicy slit like an ice cream cone, starting down low and finishing above her clit. The slow tease had done its work, so that when his unhurried tongue finally raked across her protruding clit at a snail’s pace; her stomach muscles began undulating as she murmured, “OH GOD! OHHHHHHH!”

A second raking over her clit brought on a series of lusty howls as Sylvia plunged into orgasmic ecstasy. Chris sent a solitary finger into her; felt her vagina tighten around it as she came. A warm gush flowed across his hand and he hungrily lapped at her pussy, sucking up as much of her sweet nectar as he could. Finally, he pulled his dripping wet face from her pussy, scooted up and kissed her, sharing with her, her own juices as she slowly came down from her orgasm.

She was more than primed. Picking her up from the plush carpeting, Chris carried her to the bed.

Above her head, Sylvia gripped the iron spindles of the headboard, and spreading her shapely legs, unbelievably wide, watched him enter her nubile body.

Chris crawled on top of her and Sylvia wrapped her legs tightly around his waist. Undulating her hips, Sylvia guided the head of his cock to the entrance of her cunt. Chris did the rest, providing a substantial thrust so that his tip shoved aside her pouting labia and formed a sheath for his throbbing prick.

He gazed at her for a moment, wishing that his wife, Sandy were with them at that moment. He truly enjoyed sharing such moments with her as she did with him.

Sylvia was now wild-eyed and crazed with want. He eased his prick back an inch and she cried out at the izmir escort bayan loss.

“C’mon, fuck me! God, I need you in me!”

He did nothing.

“Please fuck me! Please, I need you!” She was begging for it now and he obliged her by slowly penetrating her another three inches.

Sylvia hissed, “YESSSSSS!”

As Chris began to thrust into her with slow, shallow strokes — employing nine shallow strokes followed by a deep penetrating stroke, then eight shallow strokes followed by two deep penetrations, and so forth until all the shallow strokes were used up and only deep thrusts remained. The shallow strokes stimulated her G-spot; the long strokes stimulated her entire cunt. It was as effective on Sylvia as it had been on many other women Chris had known. And by the time he was down to three shallow strokes, seven deep; Sylvia was spasming mightily as she came once again.

He fucked her through her orgasm, keeping to his deliberate plan; finishing his first series with one shallow and nine deep leisurely trips to the clutching depths of her wonderful cunt. On the final thrust he simply buried himself in her and waited for her contractions to ease, allowing himself some relief from over stimulation. Her orgasm subsided and with his orgasm suppressed for the time being, Chris started the series over again with nine shallow thrusts followed by one deep.

A low guttural moan began deep in her throat that rose to a mournful wail. Sylvia groveled and twisted below him as the intense total body experience swept over her.

It was then that he discovered she was the type of woman who, having climaxed once, would continue to do as long as her G was stimulated. Again and again, Chris repeatedly brought her to orgasm. Sylvia became covered in sweat; the perspiration beading up and then running in rivulets down her body onto the sheets. With each orgasm he felt his balls being bathed in her sweet juices.

She was totally consumed with lust; tossing her head from side to side, her eyes tightly shut, babbling incoherently, as she came and came and came.

On her sixth orgasm, accompanied by her lewd urgings; he let himself come. It was incredibly intense. The long suppressed orgasm hit him like a detonation. His vision narrowed to the point of blackness; bright simmering points of lights dazzled him; as the exquisite agony radiated throughout his body. It felt like his cock was bursting as the first thick wad of semen shot into her. With each powerful spurt into her Chris also cried out lustily. “AHHH! AH! AH!”

He pulled his shrinking, dribbling cock from her quivering cunt. Then sat back on his heels he watched her pussy as it continued to pulsate, oozing his sperm; Sylvia’s raw inner lips now protruded from her swollen outer labia.

When she finally recovered enough to open her eyes, he greeted her with a wet glistening semi-flaccid cock, still oozing cum for her to lick clean. She started to protest but he shoved it against her lips and she licked at it then took it into her mouth and cleaned him fully. After a minute or so of gentle sucking, he pulled his cock from her mouth, kissed her on the lips and then snuggled up to her. A few minutes later they were both sound asleep, their passion sated for the moment.

When they both revived, he broached the subject that he had avoided thus far in their relationship.


“Ummm . . . yeah?” She replied, picking some imagined lint from a front tooth.

“Do you do it with women too?”


They had to walk a block to Blair’s place; parking spaces were a premium commodity in her area which was close to a small college. It was a small cottage, nice but a little messy.

How much did this place cost you, if you don’t mind my asking?” Jason murmured into her ear as his hand fondled her ass.

“Nothing,” she said. “My parents left it to me.”

“I see,” he replied somberly, and let his hand fall from her right cheek.

“Better put that hand back there, I kind of like it,” Blair giggled.

“Where do you work?” He asked after putting his hand back on her ass and running a finger through her cleft.

“Mmmm, nice finger . . .” she sighed and leaned against him so that her breast was rubbing against his arm. “Oh, I run a small boutique at the mall.”

“I have a couple of beers left, unless you prefer white wine?” She said, going into the small kitchen.

Jason sat on the couch in the small living room.

Blair returned with two Budweiser’s. “Sorry, no wine left,” she said and sat next to him. He touched her hair. She put her head in his lap.

“I like you,” Jason told her and she purred contentedly. Then they kissed for a long time, during which Blair crawled on top of him and he began to squeeze the cheeks of her ass as her tongue delved into his mouth.

A minute later, his hands were up her dress, caressing her flanks and her tongue was darting this way and that inside his mouth, going faster, each time he squeezed her ass.

Jason tried to touch her cunt and she pulled her mouth from his and scolded him.

“Bad escort izmir boy,” she said, chiding him.

“Sorry,” he said.

“Don’t worry about it,” Blair whispered and kissed him again.

They shifted their bodies slightly and Jason began to fondle one of her smallish breasts over the fabric of her dress.

“Uh huh,” she said.

“Sorry,” he said and hated having to apologize for groping her.

Blair took his errant hand and placed it back on her ass. “Play with that.”

He did and they renewed their kissing. Jason brought both hands into play, quickly raising her dress up to her waist, exposing her panty-clad ass and wormed the fingers of his left hand under the elastic of the panties without hearing a word of protest from her.

Blair broke away from the kiss and made that purring sound again. “That’s a good boy!” she cooed. Jason has to shift his body to alleviate the pressure on his newly risen erection. But having had a few women other than his wife he knew enough to maneuver his cock against her flanks to remind her of its presence, of its availability.

“Hey, big boy,” Blair said, “Rub my asshole.”


“With your finger,” she said, and he found her asshole and pressed it against her hole.

“Small circles,” she said. “Move it in small circles.”

“Yeah, like that —“

A couple seconds elapsed before Blair pulled away from him, and sat. She took the finger he’d been rubbing her with, put it into her mouth, sucked on it.

She smiled evilly at him and licked her lips. “Take my underwear off, baby.” She said and as Jason complied he smelled her musky odor for the first time. It was intoxicating.

Flinging her panties across the room, he bent down and nipped at her ass. She moaned delightedly. Then scampered off the couch and headed into her bedroom. Jason got up and trying to rearrange his erection, followed.

She was sitting on the edge of her bed and he sat next to her. It was a nice, big, comfortable bed.

“It’s late,” she said, moving away from him. “I’m a little drunk.”

“Me too,” Jason said.

“Want to stay here?”

“I’d like that, yeah.”

“What about your wife?”

“I can call her. You have a phone in here?”

“A cell . . . you’re really going to call her and tell her you’re with me?”

“Sure, what’s the address?”

Blair giggled. “My address? You want my address?”

“Yeah, she may want to join us.”

Blair went from giggling to outright hysterical laughter, falling backward onto the sheets and providing Jason with a clear view of her cunt. She had a thick, shaggy bush, with full, swollen lips, but for some reason, Jason found himself concentrating more on her puckered asshole.

He let his hand drop to her upper thigh, but maintained a distance from her center. There was no immediate reaction to his hand on her thigh, but it served to cause an end to her laughing outburst.

“So . . . so,” she began and placed her hand on his giving it a little squeeze and holding it firmly in place. “So your wife . . .”

“Cara,” Jason said, filling in the blank for Blair. “She’s thirty-three and quite the exhibitionist.”

“She’s an artist?” Blair asked puzzled.

“No,” he laughed, “she’s an exhibitionist . . . she likes letting people see her pussy or her tits in public.”

“Really?” Blair said, suddenly very interested in Jason’s spouse.

“Can you give me some example of what she’s done?”

“Will you let me fuck you?” He moved his hand closer to her pussy. She quickly brought it back to the original resting place.

“I don’t think I want to screw,” she said.

“Well . . .”

“I mean, I’m not sure if I can. So, can you?”

“Can I what?”

“Your wife . . . Cara? What does she do?”

“She teases people, both men and women, then tells me all about, that is, if I’m not present at the time.”

Blair licked her lips, “For example?”

“Okay, I happened to see her flashing some teenagers. Oh, this was the first time I’d ever seen her. I arranged to meet her the following day and confronted her. She was eighteen and thought I was a cop about to arrest her. She had graduated high school only a month before and I hired her to work for me. Our understanding was that we would take some out of town trips and she could flash, or whatever to her heart’s content. I would be standing by if things took a turn for the worse.”

“Mmmmm, you know it’s nice having you here with me. Will your wife get pissed if you’re late getting home?”

“I told you, I’ll call her. You can listen in if you want.”

“All right, but wait . . . tell me more about her . . . flashing.”

“You really want to hear this?” He said and placed a hand on her rump. She smiled at him. “Rub away to your heart’s content. Don’t touch my pussy though.”

And so as he teased her puckered starfish he told her of the first evening out with the eighteen-year-old Cara.

I told Cara to wear something nice, but sexy. She selected a very short skirt and a light colored blouse that revealed her breasts for she decided to forgo izmir escort the bra. She put on her heels and we were off, catching a cab to a restaurant I knew. I held her chair for her and she sat, showing the tops of her hose and the garters on her black lace garter-belt.

Cara looked at me and said “My skirt is a little high already, but if you want me to do anything let me know.”

I just said “I will.”

Blair began to roll her rear-end around under Jason’s hand. He moved a finger directly onto her asshole.

“Mmmmm,” she purred once more. By this time, Jason knew she had a thing for anal play and wondered if would get to fuck her up the ass before the night was through. The second thought he had just then, was that Cara would enjoy meeting this strange woman. He began to formulate the means of making that happen as he resumed his story.

“Before our waiter appeared, I told Cara to open up her blouse a little. She discreetly opened three buttons.

“Should I do another?” She asked me. I nodded.

The waiter came to our table glanced down the front of Cara’s chest and coughed in stunned surprise.

She said “What did the waiter do? I was afraid to look at him.” I said “He took a peek and couldn’t believe his eyes.”

She smiled and whispered, “I love this.”

The waiter returned with our order, and I noticed he stood closer to Cara. He was very professional and served us well. He also had a couple good looks at Cara. Once she turned to look over her shoulder, and I had a glimpse of her nipple. I knew the waiter saw it also. He left and we started our meal.

She said, “I think he could see my nipple.”

I said, “I could, so I am sure he could.”

“Anyway, that’s one example, as it happens that was the first time. She’s graduated to running nude through the snow banks after a winter storm hit town, giving the teen aged boys throwing snowballs a rare treat. But of course, that can land you in jail. We don’t let that happen to often. I should add that Cara enjoys sleeping with women.

“Somehow I figured that out,” Blair said, “Just as you’ve figured out I like what you’re doing.”

Her hand moved down and grasped his cock.

“This is nice too,” she purred.

“Yes it is.”

“Very nice . . .”

He kissed her on the head.

You can butt-fuck me . . . I like that. But don’t touch my pussy.”

“I can live with that,” Jason said huskily. He needed release after all this time, and sent a finger up and into her ass. He was surprised at the ease with which she accepted it and quickly added another.

Blair spit into the palm of her hand and rubbed it over the head of his erection. He moved on top of her, Blair reached back, took his cock, and guided it into her ass – where it slid in with no difficulty at all. The warmth of her interior sent a tingle through his body. Blair whispered, “Oh, boy!” and pushed her rear up hard, slamming into Jason’s pelvis.

He would later swear that she came then and there. That quickly – he was stunned and incredulous that she came so quickly. A moment later, he was coming too and he emptied himself in her.

They lay next to each other and Blair was almost giddy with the amount of semen he’d emptied into her. “I like how it feels up there and how squishy it is coming out of my ass too.

“Want a towel or something?” He asked.

“No. I’m not kidding. I really like the feel of it in me. Leave it; I’ll clean up any mess later. Right now I want to play with this lovely dick for a while. Do you mind?’

“Be my guest.”

She cajoled him into another erection and then she mounted him. “This is trickier,” she told him, sitting down and impaling herself on his shaft. She leaned forward to kiss him, and it popped out, covered in semen and several small flakes of shit. Blair giggled as he put his cock back in. He fell out again. “Let’s try it this way,” Jason suggested. He put her legs on his shoulders and didn’t need any help finding his way back into her ass.

“You’re in pretty deep,” she said.

“Is that a plus?”

“Definitely,” she purred once more.

He kissed her.

“That’s nice too,’ she said and groaned as he began to move in her.

“Fuck me hard!”

Jason hammered into her and before he knew it he was coming again. He rolled off of Blair and she pulled him close; bent and bit his nipple.


“That’s for making me come three times!’ she gasped and released him.

They fell asleep in one another’s arms. Jason woke up at dawn, with Blair licking his ass. She had her face down there, licking from his balls to his crack.

“Nice alarm clock you have there,” he said with a wide grin that Blair couldn’t see.

“Mmfff,” she answered, and spreading his cheeks, lightly flicked his sphincter with a finger, then her tongue. She licked for a while before asking if he were really enjoying it.

“Does a bear shit in the woods?” He replied.

“Well, I like it too.” Then her tongue was curled and the firm tip entered his rectum like a thirsty animal at a waterhole. He felt her saliva trickling down to his balls and he found himself incredibly hard. A series of pleasantly perverse sucking sounds ensued, for the good part of an hour, as Jason lay there in ecstasy, vowing to have Cara try her hand — or mouth – at this game.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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