Choosing My Sister’s Partners Ch. 08

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I make myself comfortable on the couch, which I notice has actually been cleaned. The energy in those girls is impressive, looking after their place as well as me. I get through several glasses of water in the next minutes. It occurs to me that the last thing I ate was Marsa’s doughnuts the previous evening. It’s not far from 24 hours since I last ate anything. But I don’t feel hunger, only butterflies as I hear a bedroom door open in the corridor. Jenna? With Bruce? I get up and open the door from the kitchen diner into the corridor to see. There stands my sister, seeing Bruce out of the place the moment our pact moves on by a step. That assuages all the doubt I’ve been having.

“Hey!” I wave shyly and they both look my way. Bruce waves with a smile and appears to be fairly satisfied looking. Jenna almost runs into my arms and nuzzles me quietly. I hold her tight and kiss her forehead softly. My fingers sink into her soft skin hiding under her clothes, her back feels like the plains of paradise on my fingers.

“See you around thanks guys!” Bruce throws an abandoned smile our way as I briefly wave him an afterthought of a farewell. He can go. I have my sister. She’s here in my arms, I can’t let go of her or think of anything else but her. We stand in the doorway of the kitchen diner holding each other tight in silence for over a minute. I touch her back, her shoulders, I stroke her cheek with the back of my hand. We breathe heavily as her hands press into me with determined strength. The longest fluttering sigh leaves my chest as I feel her potent emotional embrace stronger even than when we last parted. The inability to let each other go at this moment brings my racing mind to a total standstill, and the still image is my sister, her wanting lips ever so slightly open, her sure yet soft clamp around my torso with her arms, her breasts pillowing against my chest and her legs close into mine causing her to grind herself gently on my leg.

We stand as statues clinging to a moment in time, as the door into the stairwell clicks on the alighting of Bruce. I don’t want to ask her anything about how it went, she can tell me in her time. I silently want her, words will never put enough meaning on my desire for her. I can only simply tell her.

“I love you sis.” Whispering into her ear makes her soften and retighten her embrace. Her voice catches a little on reply.

“I love you my brother, please don’t leave me again…” A gentle sob, so similar to that first moment she cried into my chest yesterday morning, however with a definite tone of relief to go with that pain.

I’m overwhelmed by her words and have to manifest myself more physically upon her. Jenna’s trembling lips are pressed between my own as I suddenly kiss her with incandescent passion. She moves her head to center our kiss as I suck her lips in mine and offer my tongue to hers. My big hands stroke down her back and press her almost violently against me, taking her off her feet a little. She twirls her tongue around mine, her lips hardly able to accept how much of my tongue reaches into her mouth.

“Mmh, I can never let you go!” I grunt aggressively, my fingers failing to refrain from dragging at the waistline of her little panties and skirt combo. From the small of her back, my hand hooks into her clothes and significantly removes them from her butt which now peeks nudely out towards the exit door of the dorm. My hand returns from her underwear to softly palm into the gentle skin laid bare there.

“Stay with me Elpy, I need you… Touch me!” Jenna’s cute way with words is just one aspect that attracts me to her so much. The internal fight between savouring the moment and touching her where I never have before is agonising. My fingers fight against my failing will to move between her legs and touch her centre.

“Please stop me…” I beg her to slow me down as her silky behind begins to embrace my fingers as they press into her perineum, my lasts ounces of willpower only just preventing me from pressing my fingers inside of her.

“I… Can’t… Sto… Ohhh!” Her fluttering voice fades to a gentle moan as my fingers rest against the very outside of her labia that protect her vagina. The meandering seam where each side of her labia hold close together would be defeated by only the very slightest press from my finger. At the very last moment before my fingers part her labia, I manage to pull my hand away in a tortuous and teasing refrain. Jenna pants with anticipation and assaults my tongue with hers. I take her hands in mine and we merely stand in the corridor kissing and sucking each other’s tongues relentlessly for some minutes. She smell like sex, she tastes like sex, she exudes sexual aura, no thought I can have is about anything else except my sister, the protectiveness I feel for her dissolving into a furnace of need to sully her body with my own, to carnally discover her to the furthest possible reach.

“Come to my bed my brother,” She hangs off my shoulders with her arms as if asking to be carried which I effortlessly achieve my lifting her short light frame so that her face is level maltepe escort with mine, wrapping my arms under her bum to hold her fast against my belly. We continue kissing as her arms squeeze over my shoulders and she grinds excitedly against my tshirt. I do my best to keep my hands away as I begin to feel her wetness on my arms that cross underneath her butt. I try to walk straight as she sucks my lower lip in her mouth and flutters her fingers on my shoulder blades.

“Jenna, oh Jenna,” is all I can manage as I fumble open her door and stumble in, I’m so hard and erect that my jeans are stressed when I move my legs to walk. Jenna is ruffling up my tshirt from the back clearly aiming to get it off of me, and as I gently set her to her bed, she pulls it over my head. Briefly laying back on her bed and smelling my tshirt, I tower over her with muscled presence and start touching her belly, arms and breasts through her thin cotton blouse. Looking down on her front like this I still cannot see her secrets, her pants and skirt only pulled down at her back. I almost cannot picture her beautiful vagina in my mind’s eye, now that the framing is sexual in nature.

I stroke one big hand up her stomach, under her blouse and hit her brassiere. I continue under the frame and she gasps as my big warm hand fills with her breast. A furious virility erupts in me as I take my other hand into her blouse, clasp it along with the bra, and tear them open like wet paper to reveal her pert, substantial D cup breasts, bouncing with the sudden freedom they now enjoy. The bra pings with a pathetic dull slap and her blouse tears loudly, an aural excitement to our already peaking arousal. Only her arms remain covered by the obliterated blouse and the shoulder straps of her bra flop uselessly backwards over her shoulders as I take a second, beastly tear into her clothes. The blouse now opened up at every point and the bra in ribbons, I play with her breasts in each hand. We wonder at each other with gazing eye contact, feasting across each others torsos and panting excitedly as I stand beside her bed on which she lays.

She sits up, leaving a sty of shredded clothing behind her on the bed, looking into my eyes and then beginning to study my chest. Her warm wet kisses soon follow, her sucking and licking on my pectorals and stomach. I press my fingers into her back with massaging care, holding her head to my chest and letting her taste me as much as she wants. I pay close attention to her olive skin, her pristine soft back with constellations of moles and freckly shoulders. Before long, I lean down and bite softly into her left shoulder, her hands pressing flatly against my back and beckoning me onto the bed with her.

I climb on to the bed, our bodies only with waist down clothes remaining. I press her silky neck between my teeth in gentle love bites, moving to share kisses with her lips as well. I take long drags along the top of her shoulders with my tongue, occasionally teasing to move down her pectorals towards her breasts, but refraining and going back to her chin, neck, ears, cheeks and lips for as long as I can bare staying away from the places I have not yet tasted. We softly whisper our feelings to each other as our hands stroke every part of our backs chests and stomach, down her arms, holding her hand, only just resisting the frequent urges for my hands to go under her panties and touch her so sexually.

“I’ve never missed anyone like I missed you today sis…”

“Me too, just things like, your big hands… So warm, I always felt more from your touch.”

“I have waited so long to really know my sister’s body.”

“For some years I’ve felt all fuzzy headed when we cuddled. Something inside me awoke to your touch. My own brother’s forbidden touch.”

“My greatest need for a long time, to just stay with you and hold you really close. I suppressed this feeling and hid it until now, sis.”

“I wonder what people will say about us Elpy?”

“Bah, never even thought about any of that Jenna. I bet my friends won’t have much to say if I choose them as your next match!”

“Oh my!”

“Joking sis, I won’t cheat by asking people I already know to have sex with you.”

“Can we just make it one time instead of a whole day? I miss you too much with a whole day…”

“Huh, yeah that sounds better sis, and hey, there’s nothing to say I have to leave you alone, right?”

“Oh… Oh my god, are you gonna watch me have sex?”

“You know, if I’m not having sex with you myself, watching you have fun is the next best thing.”

“I’d love to look in my brothers’ eyes while I have sex…”

“Sis, I can arrange that right now…”

We lay there talking, whispering our sweet nothings, touching and kissing. I move in close giving her a look that softly tells her we are at a point of no return. She matches my gaze and there is no fear, no doubt in her eyes. Only excitement, lust, love, warmth, sexiness and kindness. I remove my jeans and boxers and return to her side, facing into her so that my penis rests across her leg. She breathes deeply on escort maltepe the sensation of her leg being hit by a hot, large pole of spillingly wet brother meat. She stares long past the ceiling of her room into the next galaxy, as her breathing intensifies and shortens, her thigh taking a hot branding from the penis of her own brother pressing across it. Orgasm? It must be, her breathing crescendos from fast and shallow into a drawn out exhale, followed by very fast inhales and more long exhales. I take her hand across her body into mine and hold her tight, kissing her breasts and neck as she quakes apocalyptically in her concentrated orgasm. The heat, the size, the taboo of her brother’s penis pressing casually against the backside of her thigh has brought about the strongest orgasm I have ever witnessed. As it falls away I press my big hand over her stomach and firmly stroke down across her belly until my fingers toy with her skirt and panties’ waistbands. She cups and squeezes her own breast in one hand whilst having the other hand pressed under mine on my chest.

“Ohh my god, oohh! Mmm!” She finally can open her eyes and look into mine, a startled gaze of disbelief at what the mere touch of my breeding shaft can do to her. We kiss again, with tongues lashing against each other while she stops fondling her breast to take my hand on her abdomen and drag it under her panties to her pubic mound.

“Oh, sis, ohh sis…” My cock presses hard against her leg as my fingers brush through her soft wispy pubic hair and she guides my big fingers over her summit, the super soft, soaking wet bump of silken flesh cresting into her clitoral hood and labia majoris. The audible slide of my fingers driving through her slimy, aroused clitoris strongly hits me along with the feeling of her small little bump surrounded by a blanket of malleable, velvety flesh. Now I understand why she had an orgasm on contact with my penis. The forbidden nature of my now sticky fingers coated with my sister’s pussy slime whilst pressed firmly into the top of her most sensitive place makes me feint and asks so much of me not to ejaculate across her legs immediately.

She can’t seem to help lurching, her thighs tightening together and her back arching as both of our hands slowly stroke across this pronounced, solid clitoris reaching for attention. Along with the anticipation of how near to her vulva my penis rests, enormous orgasm hits her again, this time so strong she does not take a breath for over 10 seconds but simply lies in full tension, nothing between her ankles and shoulders touching her bed. Her clitoris tortured between her index finger and mine either side, pressed together by us and getting slowly dragged around among her buttery soft labia.

“Nngaaaah!” Jenna finally gasps as her torso comes gracefully back down to the bed, My body subconsciously encroaching over her side to position a little more atop her than before. My penis flutters against the top of her thigh, under her skirt in a tantalising tap of precum oozing meat. I slip my hand with a noisy splat from under her pants as I bear over her, our tongues never relenting in their quest for stimulation. I introduce my thickly slimed fingers between our locked lips, letting us both taste her pussy nectar at the same time. Noisy winces of ecstasy sound out as we both immensely enjoy the most precious nectar I can think of, my sisters’ own precum as a result of her brother fingering and cock teasing at her body. She continues to finger her clitoris, firing off little spasms of pleasure every second or so. Her other hand now reaching to touch the most prohibited thing she could ever hope to touch… My, her very own brothers’, big messy phallus.

Having sucked my fingers of Jenna’s sugar, I remove the barrier between her hand and my penis, which is her skirt, By simply tearing it off with no effort. Her buttercup yellow panties now show, with a rather big wet area spreading out from the gusset covering her desperately wet vagina. The anticipation of plunging my big dick into that sister pussy is astronomical, I can barely conceive of how much I want it. Finally her hand can take her first clasp of my searing shaft, And quickly discover all the thick veins and contours, the flared glans and the thick hood that hides my viscous, oozing precum which bubbles out, almost as If to seek towards that sister pussy.

“Ooo, it’s such a big brother dick, ohh yes!” I feel her pull on my cock naively in a vain yet primeval attempt to move it somewhere closer to her vagina. My think skin merely shrugs off her delicate fingers, returning to form with a big dollop of precum dropping out onto her abdomen. A gooey tendril momentarily connects us together before she quickly scoops it with a finger and brings it to her nose.

“Uhhnnnn!” Her reaction to my pheromone rich precum saturates her smell receptors and induces a deeply instinctual sexual reaction. In her panic to taste me, she slips the dollop down her top lip and nose before hitting her target and sucking the honey off her finger.

“Do you like the taste of me?” I tease her as my hand maltepe escort bayan cups her wet yellow panties and moves to tear them right off. Her eyes widen on tasting her brother for the first time. That rich precum deliciousness is an unbeatable selling point for genuine phallus, not imitable and certainly not something you’d usually have any hope of tasting from your own sibling.

“Let me look at you sis.” I beckon her to pull off her panties before I obliterate them from her pelvis in one pull. I sit up on my knees as she obeys, sliding those panties right off her toes and letting them cartwheel over the end of her bed onto the floor. I breathe heavy as she slightly wriggles and twists her legs to show off her toned abdomen, smooth thighs and dreamy, mirage inducing vulva. She keeps her legs modestly together so I can only see the top of that wet, glistening pussy with its soft strips of frilled labia and protruding clitoris. She looks me up and down, hardly able to remove her gaze from my very big, very hard penis that cranes over her little yet busty torso.

Her little bellybutton centres to a short hourglass frame, firm and round pert breasts with soft nipples that quietly ache to be stroked.

“My beautiful sister…” Are all the words I can manage as I slowly drag my fingers firmly over her belly, leaving a trail of her clear slime that snakes towards and then away, then towards her pussy again. Her short gasps of pleasure and the way her body moves in attraction to my hands is perfect. She lifts her fingers to stroke down my shaft and finally cradle my balls in her palm. My shaft cranes upwards as she gently squeezes and toys with them, as if to encourage the production of as much semen as possible.

“It’s so, oh, magnificent, ohhh…” She blinks slowly while her hand learns of the truly mammoth shape of her brother, the big flare on the end that she will feel, the soft skin that blankets a meaty rod of supreme hardness destined to drive it’s way inside her.

“Jenna, I just want to go down and taste you…” I stammer as if it’s a bad thing to suggest.

“Yes but, I need you in my mouth, please brother?” I don’t even try to feign disappointment at her equally joyous request. She gently tugs and plays with my shaft, teasing me to bring it over to her mouth. I just want this moment to never end.

“Let’s play rock paper scissors, loser gets to wait before tasting the winner.” My playful side, having been developed quite a lot in the last 24 hours, breaks out.

“Loser? Hehe, Elpy – oh no, I lost, my sister has to put my penis in her mouth nooo!” Jenna giggles in sarcastic jest. But, she nods and locks gaze with me in solidarity to begin. I softly gaze down at her, still absorbing her curves, her shape, her breasts, neck, the way she gives me brief glances at her vulva by moving her legs ever so slightly… Fuck, just fuck.

“Rock paper scissors!” I softly yell, and take the first win with my scissors over her paper, which she merely giggles at before covering my penis with her ‘paper’ and stroking my cock a few times. I respond by taking the 2 fingers I made to symbolize scissors and stroking through her clitoral hood a few times. We both exhale in pleasure before continuing.

“Rock paper scissors?” I accidentally phrase a question as I pull out my scissors again. She wins with a fist.

“I won’t punch your lovely dick bro…” She delightfully rubs the underside of my shaft with her clenched fingers, stroking along with the back of them and letting her thumb follow in their wake for added pleasure. I can only smile at her as I put my scissor fingers to her mouth, moving them to show how her slime is clinging to them. I gloss her lips with her own precum before taking the rest into my mouth and licking her off completely. Delicious, and makes me want to win so that I can eat her pussy out already.

“I love sis!” I say, rhythmically the same as before so that we offer our symbols to see who wins. Jenna has won, her scissors defeating my paper.

“Oh my, this means…” I glow with anticipation.

“Bro, please come here already and let me onto you…” She slides herself down the bed and lays side on to me, beckoning me to lay opposite to face her side on with my penis up at her dainty, delicate head. Still sheathed, she leans into it and flicks her tongue at the tip. Bubbly precum clings to her and she tastes her brothers strong, long building scent of sexual urgency and power. My penis strains towards her at the touch, and is met mercifully by her hand coming down on top of it to hold the shaft and begin slowly drawing that sheath back. The amount of precum is thick and immediately begins globbing on the lower side of my shaft, rolling slowly down towards her hand that clutches my pulsating cock within it. The dark pink shiny glans now baring itself to her, locking her eyes and demanding, hypnotizing her in towards it. Not a moment passes, she draws my sheath back quite far and her lips slip frictionlessly around me. Her mouth is immediately saturated with my male slime, overwhelming her mind and causing her to involuntarily suck with her cheeks, inhaling at the primeval sensation of incestuous cock that she now inflicts upon herself. I have to quickly close my thumb and index finger around my balls tightly to avoid ejaculating right away into my sister’s mouth.

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