Chinese Takeout Ch. 04

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Chinese Takeout Chapter 04 — Baby Blue

by Chloe Tzang

© 2016 Chloe Tzang. All rights reserved. This story or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a review.

First: this is the fourth chapter in a multi-chapter story with quite a few more chapters to come. There’s still no outright sex in this chapter, but there is more foreplay between Round Out and Jay-Lin. As always, I do hope you all enjoy and for those that have asked, I’m sorry Chapter Four has been such a long long long time coming. Trying to write this and “Happy Birthday to Me” as well as rewrite “Hayley’s Party” and do “Jeong Park’s First Frosh Ball” plus a couple of other short stand-alone stories and working full-time — well, there aren’t enough hours in the day but I love writing them all too much to stop and focus on one at a time. And I still want to write more “Strawberry” stories too… Oh well …

Second, a BIG thanks to everyone whose taken the time to comment online or drop me those wonderfully supportive comments thru the Feedback form. You’ve almost all been so supportive and just plain nice about my attempts to write stories here (and not just “Chinese Takeout” either). So thanks yet again for reading my little tales and feeding me with those comments and feedback emails that provide me with the motivation to keep writing … and for giving me the opportunity to improve my writing and story-telling skills, such as they are, on you all as I write… And while I’m yapping away boring you, thanks so much to everyone who took the time to vote for “Sometimes Harder is Best” for “Best First Time Story” in the 2015 Literotica Awards. Based on the number of votes, it came unofficially second in the end, and while of course I would have loved to have come first, coming second for a story I wrote only a few months after I started writing here is wonderful, especially given the competition! So thank you all so much again.

Third: And, as always, now and for every chapter to come, Chinese Takeout is dedicated to the real Round Out, with my thanks and gratitude for the ongoing help with this (especially in this chapter, on strip bars, with which I have no experience at all…my education has, I confess, been sadly lacking, although my SO has promised to help) and with a disclaimer for any bikers reading this that any mistakes, biker and biker-culture related or not, are mine and mine alone, because there are bound to be a few and they’re not Round Out’s fault if that happens … and now I’ll stop boring you. On with the story… I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it … and before you ask, by the time you actually read this I’ll be well into Chapter 5, which is coming a lot quicker so you won’t have so long to wait for the next installment…

Fourth and absolutely last, I promise: if you’re going on to read this chapter and you haven’t already read Chapters 1, 2 and 3, then I really do recommend you go back and read those in order, starting from Chapter 1. It’ll all make a lot more sense that way…Chloe

Chinese Takeout – Chapter 04 — Baby Blue

…Thought you’d realize that I would know
I would show the special love I have for you,
My baby blue
What can I do, what can I say
Except I want you by my side
How can I show you, show me the way
Don’t you know the times I’ve tried?
Guess that’s all I have to say
Except the feeling just grows stronger every day…”

“Baby Blue” – Badfinger

* * * * * * * *

“Wake up Jay-Lin, you don’t want to be late for the bus.” Mom’s voice floated up the stairs.

“Coming Mom.” I was already wide awake, showered, my teeth thoroughly cleaned, my mouth now tasting of mouthwash and strawberry-flavored toothpaste rather than Keith’s cum, a salty acridity that I’d woken up to and already missed. I was dressed, my gym bag and backpack ready to go. Only, I was sitting there on my bed holding yesterday’s panties next to my face, inhaling. Deeply. God, that smell. Even with my panties now dry, the smell of Keith’s cum lingered, doing shivery melting things to my insides. Making my mouth flood with saliva. All I could think of was that I wanted him more than ever. One last deep inhalation before I reluctantly buried those panties deep in my laundry basket, picked up my gym bag and my backpack and dashed downstairs.

Mom looked up, smiling. “Breakfast’s rea… OH MY GOD! What happened to your face Jay-Lin? Here, I need to look at that. Sit down. Hold still. What on earth happened to you?”

That’s the problem when you have parents who’re both Doctors. Anything happens, they’re all over you checking. I was hungry. I wanted to eat breakfast. I didn’t need checking out. I was fine. A bit bruised and sore and a horrible blue-green-purple-yellow black eye, but otherwise fine. And happy. So truly happy. Keith loved me. He really really loved me. I couldn’t stop smiling.

“Just güvenilir bahis a few bruises Mom.” Well, that and a few aches but they weren’t too bad. Who cared? Not me.

“What happened? Oh my god. That’s awful…your eye… are you sure you’re okay? How did you get this?”

Time to dodge the question. “Mom, I signed up for a martial arts program yesterday, I’m going to be going after school every day Monday through Friday. And, uh, I didn’t tell you but I started yesterday.” Okay, that was a white lie. I did go to Quebec’s gym. I wasn’t going to tell her I’d got into a fight on the bus to school. She’d weird out on me. She knew the Chua bitch’s Mom as well. She’d be on the phone right away. No, definitely not.

“Is that where those bruises and scrapes are from? No dear, definitely not if this sort of thing happens. Those bruises are bad. And that eye… Now keep still while I look at that eye.”


“Keep still Jay-Lin! Now, look up… Look up… KEEP STILL JAY-LIN! … Okay … Okay… Okay … You’re eye’s okay … well, I guess that looks okay, just bruising thank goodness … Now, tell me about this martial arts program you signed up for. What happened? Where did those bruises come from?”

“Uh, I wasn’t quick enough Mom, I got hit by accident.” White lie number two. But all in a good cause. My Mom didn’t need any unnecessary worries. And it wasn’t going to happen again. That was why I was going to Quebec’s after school today.

“And, uh, it’s a tough martial arts school and I’m going to have to work hard at it, but I’m getting a ride there from school every day with one of the guys.” White lie number three. Olaf WAS one of the guys. Just, not one of the guys my Mom was thinking of when I said that. Not my fault.

“And one of the guys that goes to the school is dropping me off home afterwards every day.” Well, that was white lie number four. It was for my Mom’s own good though. She worried too much, really, she did. It wasn’t like I ever got into trouble.

“Well, sounds like you’ve got it all planned but where are these boys from, honey?”

Think fast Jay-Lin! “I met them through Ginny.” Not that THAT was a recommendation, not in my mind. But it would satisfy my Mom. And it was true, I did meet them through Ginny. If it hadn’t been for Ginny I wouldn’t have been at the Imperial Dragon when Keith rolled up on his Harley and rescued me. I had to smile at the memory.

“You like one of those boys don’t you Jay-Lin? Is he why you joined?” Uh-oh. Mom was far too quick to read that smile.

“Ah no, I decided I needed to know some self-defense. And yeah, he’s a nice guy, yes, I like him.” Well, I wasn’t going to tell my Mom I loved him madly. Or that he loved me. Or anything about him at all. Not yet. Not for a considerable time. Not until I was sure the time was right and I’d done my preparation. I knew my parents. I’d lived with them for eighteen years. They were very predictable. Dangerously so in this case. To say they would not approve of Keith was like saying a tornado was a mild weather disturbance.

“Maybe he could take you to the Prom honey? If you like him that much of course? Unless you have someone else in mind already?” God, she sounded so hopeful. I felt bad. I did. I hated disappointing my parents.

“Uhhh, Mom!” I blushed. My Mom smiled. Hopefully. What WAS it with my Mom and Auntie Chrissie and the Prom? What was it about not interested that they didn’t get? I tried to imagine the reactions if Keith turned up to take me to the Prom. No, not good. Not good at all. But I didn’t feel bad about Keith. Quite the opposite.

“Auntie Chrissie and I are taking you shopping next weekend for a Prom dress, remember?”

Oh shit! I’d forgotten about that. “I can get it myself Mom. I’ll go with Sally. Or Ginny.” If Ginny and I were talking.

“Auntie Chrissie wants to buy it for you, she says it’s the least she can do after you’ve babysat for her and Uncle Ernie for the last five years. They’re going to miss you when you go away to College. Don’t argue honey, she really wants to do this for you.”

“Uhhh.” Meeting Keith had driven every other thought from my mind. Including my College applications. I wasn’t leaving Keith. Absolutely not. No way. Which meant I was staying here. Which meant I was going to have to rethink my College plans. Thank god I’d applied for the local College as well as all the other ones I’d sent in to. Our local College was really good, at least. The best in the State. I knew Mom and Dad would like it if I didn’t move away for College even if it was something they hadn’t expected. Which meant I was going to have to break that to my parents along with introducing Keith. Oh shit! Life was just getting too complicated. Maybe I should just run away from home and move in with Keith? I glowed at the thought.

Only that would bring a whole other set of complications. None of them good.

Jesus! All of a sudden my morning wasn’t all sunshine and fluffy bunnies and chirping birds.

Part türkçe bahis of growing up Jay-Lin, I told myself firmly. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Yes! That was it! Except if my Dad found out about Keith by accident, he’d kill me. That wasn’t going to make me stronger at all.

I didn’t usually swear to myself, but honestly, what the fuck was I going to do?

Mom passed me a bowl of congee along with a plate of fried bread sticks she’d nuked in the microwave. I wished she’d cook them in the oven or something. I hated that microwave. I’d tried throwing it out once but she’d brought it back in from the recycling. I absolutely never used that microwave. For anything. Ever. For all my parents were medical professionals, they really had no idea of the health hazards of feeding their sole progeny irradiated food.

I ate those fried breadsticks anyhow. Nuked or not, they sure tasted great.

Dad breezed in. You’d never think he’d just pulled an eighteen hour day yesterday at the hospital, most of it doing procedures in the operating theatres. I guess if you love your work … “Morning Jay-Lin, how was … WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE?”

Oh God! I ended up going through the whole rigmarole again while I tried to eat. By the time I’d finished Dad was looking a bit less upset. Just a bit. Dad was far more concerned than Mom.

“I won’t say no but make sure you don’t get hit like that again, okay. That’s not good.”

“It was an accident Dad.” Well, it was. I didn’t plan on letting the Chua bitch get away with hitting me like that again. That’s why I was going to Quebec’s after all. I looked at the time. I was going to miss the bus if I didn’t run.

“But you take money for a cab honey, and make sure you take your credit card, that’s one of the reasons we got it for you, I don’t want you stuck for a ride, okay.”

“Okay Dad.”

In the end I had to run to the bus pickup at the end of the street with my backpack and my gym bag thumping over my shoulder but I made it. Just.

The Chua bitch pointedly looked out the window. Her nose was swollen and bruised, more like a pug’s than ever. Serve the bitch right. Ginny sat where we usually sat together, looking upset. The seat next to her was empty. I ignored both of them, plunking myself in beside a 9th grader at the front. She looked nervous. That was me, intimidating 9th Graders. Yeah, way to go Jay-Lin. Biker girl, terror of the 9th graders, that was me. I giggled. The 9th grader looked at me, wide-eyed. I giggled again. I couldn’t help it.

I think she thought I was nuts. She definitely looked scared. She didn’t look at me again for the entire twenty five minutes it took to get to High School.

Walking into school, I totally ignored Ginny, Marjorie, Chin-Chin and Ling. All four of them were looking as I stuffed my gym bag in my locker. I didn’t speak to any of them. In fact, I pointedly turned my back on them and walked into our classroom alone. Where I took a seat on the far side from where Ginny and I usually sat. On my own.

Nobody said a thing. Not to me.

The rest of our class watched, twittering and whispering the way they always did when anything out of the ordinary happened.

* * * * * * * *

I ignored Ginny, Marjorie, Chin-Chin and Ling all day. The Chua bitch pointedly avoided even looking at me. Made no difference to me. Honestly, I didn’t care. I was miles away for most of the day, feeling more than a bit nervous about going to the gym, but I was also looking forward to Keith driving me home. Better still, tomorrow was Saturday. I was going to spend all Saturday with Keith. Our first anniversary. Tomorrow, I would have known Keith for a whole entire week. We were going for a ride on his Harley. Me and Keith. That brought a smile to my face. In fact I sat in class smiling happily all day.

High School finished for the day at three on the dot, as it always did. At last! Still smiling, I filed out of the room along with my classmates. Taking my gym bag out of my locker, I locked it again, bouncing happily down the hallway towards the exit and the pickup lane, not even bothering to see what the others were up to. I didn’t care. I wasn’t interested. Ginny looked like she wanted to say something to me. I simply ignored her. Olaf was picking me up. I didn’t want to hold him up. I wanted to be there on time.

I knew Ginny was following me. Okay, maybe she wanted to say something else. She was probably going to get all pissy with me again. Forget it. I was still upset with her. Her and Marjorie and Chin-Chin and Ling. All of them.

Outside, there was no white van. I wasn’t worried. Keith trusted Olaf to pick me up. That was good enough for me. He’d be here. I waited, gym bag slung over one shoulder, backpack at my feet.

“Uhh, Jay-Lin.” Ginny’s voice sounded from behind me, small. Small and nervous.

“What?” Mine was snappy.

“Uhhhh, I’m sorry Jay-Lin, about yesterday, really, I didn’t mean what I said …”

I saw a white van pulling in. güvenilir bahis siteleri Even at a distance, the driver was unmistakable. Olaf. I waved madly.

“Ginny.” I interrupted her, not looking at her. Looking at the van. Olaf saw me, I saw him wave.


I made my voice softer. Forgiving. It was an effort. I didn’t feel at all forgiving, but she was my best friend and I’d make the effort. Even if I was still mad with her. “I gotta go. My ride’s here, how about I call you tonight after I get home? Or tomorrow morning if I get home late. We can talk then.” Now I looked at her.

“Uhhh .. you’re not catching the bus?” Her disappointment showed. “Okay, but Jay-Lin…” Her voice tailed away as the van pulled up beside us. She looked at it, blinking, looking a little like a freshly stunned tilapia. I smiled. Seeing Olaf for the first time had done that to me too. I turned to smile at Olaf, but it wasn’t Olaf I saw first. It was the side of the van.

Yes, the van was white.

I distinctly remembered Olaf saying the van was white. I swear I did.

He hadn’t mentioned that it was decorated down its full length with an incredibly graphic full-color illustrated condom advertisement. A company name. “Condom Vending Machine Services Inc.” A phone number and web site address in foot high letters merely added some textual confirmation to the artwork. The very graphic artwork. Was that sort of illustration even legal? No, Olaf hadn’t mentioned a thing about that. All he’d said was that the van was white. My face burned.

I blinked. Ginny and I glanced at each other. I was sure my expression matched hers. Stunned.

I’d never imagined being picked up from High School in a condom delivery van. Let alone one that was so … graphically … illustrated. Picked up from a Catholic Girls High School by a condom delivery van, no less. Oh well, it wasn’t like there were cabs queuing up to give me a free ride.

If the van had been …vivid, Olaf was more so. In the gym, in his tracksuit and with the padding and stuff they all wore for sparring, he’d looked very big and very scary. On the sidewalk outside my High School, in black jeans, black silk shirt, black Doc Marten combat boots, a black leather jacket and that shaved head with those white-seamed scars crisscrossing his face gleaming in the sun, he looked like Frankenstein’s cousin. When he got out of the van and walked around towards me, every girl within twenty feet except Ginny and I backed up. The Chua bitch was no exception. Ginny shuffled closer to me.

“Hi Olaf.” I gave him a little hug. Not that Olaf was a huggable guy, so that hug was just a quick one. The top of my head was maybe half way up his chest. Keith made me feel small. Olaf made me feel like a doll. I could actually hear the collective gasp when I hugged him.

“Hi Jay-Lin, this one of your friends?” Olaf eyed Ginny speculatively, one of his hands resting on my shoulder for a moment. “Or is this one of those ones from yesterday?” In an instant his expression had turned from merely scary to downright terrifying, his voice icy, just the words a palpable threat, hanging in the air. Ginny paled. The Chua bitch must have heard, she turned white as a sheet. Even I was scared. And I knew Olaf was a brother of Keith’s.

“Uhhh, Ginny’s a friend of mine,” I gulped. “My best friend. Olaf, this is Ginny. Ginny, this is …” well, he wasn’t my friend, he was Keith’s brother … “…Olaf.”

“Pleased to meet you, … Olaf.” Ginny sounded like she was on auto-pilot. Her hand was tiny in Olaf’s. How come he’d shaken hands with her and not me, yesterday? Olaf winked at me, his expression not changing in the slightest. I got it. He knew he was freaking her out and he was enjoying it. Ginny looked quite pale, as if she was going to faint. Yup, Olaf did that to other people, not just to me.

“Likewise, … Ginny.” Olaf lips twitched into that terrifying non-smile. Ginny took a step backwards as his hand released hers. “Ready to go, Jay-Lin?” He was fast, he’d already taken my gym bag from me. My backpack was in his other hand. When had he picked that up? I hadn’t even noticed.

“Uhh,” I said, faintly, eyeing the van. And the artwork. I think you’d call it artwork. It was certainly … artistic. Very. “Uh, yeah, sure.” My voice was still a little faint.

One of the teachers doing ride lane monitoring was looking at us. Horrified. Like, really totally freaked out horrified. She looked like she was going to come over, she even took a step towards us. Olaf must have caught the movement. His head snapped round in an instant, that seamed and scarred face directed towards her. I swear, that look could have stopped a freight train cold. It stopped that teacher in her tracks. She appeared to change her mind. Instantly.

I gave her a weak smile.

“Uh, call you tonight or tomorrow morning Ginny.” I started to climb in on the passenger side as Olaf held the door open for me, brushing a Burger King wrapper and a piece of wilted lettuce off the seat. I guess that’d been Olaf’s lunch. There were a couple more wrappers on the floor. MacDonald’s and Wendy’s. Well, they said variety in your diet was good. The wrapper on the seat joined the ones already on the floor.

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