Cheryl’s Secret

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Southbeach. It is where the beautiful people are. The expensive clubs, the exclusive parties, the celebrities, and the sexual energy of Southbeach are stuff for legends.

We crossed the MaCarthur causeway and headed to the New Year’s Eve party. I was sitting in the back seat of the Explorer with Cheryl just trying to enjoy the ride. I looked out and could see that the palm trees that had been whizzing by my window, were now replaced by the dark empty void of space over which was the clear blue water of the ocean inlet. The city lights of Miami reflecting into the water in glorious rippling colors. It looked almost as beautiful as Cheryl did. I sat back and looked at the beautiful scenery around me, the city, the ocean, the lights, but most of all Cheryl, who was at the center of my attention.

She looked fantastic. Her black dress was slunk low in the front and back, suspended by tiny strings tied atop her shoulders. Her long blonde hair was carefully put up and securely fastened to the back of her head, exposing her long slender neck. The bottom of her dress was short and slit up the side. She sat beside me, legs crossed, with a mature elegance that was well beyond her years. Her legs were smooth and long and led to a pair of long-heeled open-toe shoes. Above her foot she wore the tiny golden anklet that I gave to her. Cheryl looked every bit the lady.

But Cheryl had a secret, and I was lucky enough to know it. Her secret was driving me crazy, and every time I looked at her I thought about it. It was all I could do to smile a devilish grin whenever my mind would wander back to the memory of what happened last week.

You see last week Cheryl and I had made love for the first time. After a couple weeks of some heightened dry humping, we decided to finally go all the way.

She came to my house and I greeted her at the door with a kiss. We hardly said a word as we fondled our way up the banister to the upstairs bedroom, a line of outer garments lining our path like bread crumbs in a children’s tale.

I placed her on the bed naked and pressed on top of her. I continued to kiss her urgently until my mouth worked down to her neck. I nibbled my way down to her breasts and began working on her nipples with my mouth and tongue. Still further down I dropped until I was right on top of the little patch of mohawk pubic hair she kept; it was golden blonde and trimmed. My tongue came out long and wet, slightly bent around my bottom lip. I pressed it against her hair just scant centimeters above her expectant clit, and rolled my tongue in a distinct circle. I could feel her begin to move in anticipation. Then I passed up her pleasure spot to move all the way down to her legs. I sucked the soft fleshy part of her thigh further up by her inner knee. I began rubbing my face down her warm shapely leg toward her opening, using my mouth to occasionally lick, bite, and suck my way down. By the time I got to where my nose started to tickle from the microscopic blonde hairs surrounding her pussy, I could smell the musky freshness of her. I softly put my mouth to her pussy and began to spread her apart using only my lips. Then I began to French kiss her there, running my tongue in and around the whole sealed package. Cheryl was so wet and writhing in pleasure, thrusting her hips, running her pussy up and down my face. I gave her several long gliding licks from low on her bottom to her very top. Then I began working on her clit, chin firmly nestled inside her. I settled into a frenzy of butterfly flurried licks to the spot where she loved it the most.

Cheryl began to shake, her thigh muscles started to tense. I knew that she was about to orgasm. Suddenly she crawled backward and rolled away from me, and I had to stop. I looked at her in disappointment. What had I done, I asked myself?

“I want you to fuck me,” she said in reply and wordlessly began to throw me around on my back, displaying surprising and unnatural womanly strength. “Fuck me.”

She firmly grabbed me around my base by one hand and sat right down on my stiffly hardened cock. I entered her in one continuous thrust, all the way to my pelvis. It felt amazingly hot. Cheryl was not messing around anymore. She meant business. She started to pound on me with an urgent purpose. I was thrusting up to the limit of her movements to get every extra available inch of my dick inside her.

I was so in tune with her rhythm, so full of enjoyment, and then suddenly it happened. Cheryl moaned like a siren, and all at once I was covered in a very warm liquid that I could feel running down my legs and crotch. Our once smooth motions now sounding wet and sloshy, slapping against our legs. I felt like two şirinevler escort pints of something warm had just been spilled on my crotch. I stopped short.

“You didn’t just,” I started to say but did not know how to finish. “Did you just piss on me?” I asked.

“No,” she said. “I just came on you. That’s how I do it.” Cheryl turned red, embarrassed by her little secret.

Now before I go on I have to tell you, I have been with a few women before, believe me. And I know how to pleasure them, and I manage to bring most of them to climax. But never like this. Not like Cheryl. Cheryl was one of those rare birds that you hear about, like an urban legend. Somebody that, even as early as a young schoolboy, you are fairly sure you will never meet. You are not even completely sure that she exists: like Big Foot, or the Abominable snowman. Allusive to say the least. However, here she was on top of me, totally embarrassed about what she just did and how she did it, and I lay there soaking wet from my belly button down to my knees.

“That’s why I pulled you up,” she said softly. “I didn’t want to do that while you were down there.”

I looked at her wide-eyed. “Yeah, I can appreciate that,” I slowly nodded and said, “Do you do that every time?”

She looked embarrassed again and shrugged her shoulders. “That’s how I do it. Didn’t want to scare you off.”

Was she serious?

I was still staring at her thinking of her little secret as the driver turned onto Ocean Drive. Cheryl had been looking out of her side of the car window, while I had been daydreaming of her orgasm in my mind, when she noticed I was looking. Like telepathy she knew exactly what I had been thinking about.

She gave me a stern look with a sly grin. “Stop it,” she whispered and looked embarrassed.

Pam was up front in the passenger seat of the S.U.V. She was second generation Italian, tall with long dark hair, big brown eyes and incredibly sexy. I had met Pam for the first time a couple of weeks ago at a sports bar by the softball fields. I was with Cheryl, her best friend, and I jokingly flipped her off. I was not sure if she knew that I was just kidding or not. But if she did not like me she hid it well.

We were all double dating because Pam had a problem. The driver, Phil, her boyfriend of about five months, apparently was not giving her the appropriate amount of attention. They would kiss, he would become aroused, but every time Pam tried to take the next step Phil would think of a reason to leave. It was very frustrating for her, and quite frankly she did not want to be alone tonight. Actually Pam was thinking this might be the end of her and Phil. Cheryl had told me of Pam’s dilemma, but I was not going to get involved.

Of course Phil was behaving like everything under the sun was just fine. He had no idea about Pam’s desires. He seemed to not have a care in the world, driving us to his company New Year’s Eve party on Southbeach. I did not particular like Phil, but I did not particular dislike him either. He was just one of those people who did not seem to get a lot of things. His understanding of people, especially relationships, was limited.

Be that as it may, Phil turned the car into the hotel driveway, and we all got out. The hotel was only a hundred or so yards on Ocean drive, past the art-Deco buildings, the bright neon lights, and the trendy storefronts. It was tall, facing the rolling Atlantic Ocean and the cool sea breezes. The party, or to be more precise, the dance, was being held in one of the large ballrooms off of the main lobby.

Some of the guys who worked with Phil got a luxury suite up on the 17th floor complete with a full open bar for the evening.

The night began, and I was making the best of it. I did not know any of the people nor did I care about their endless shop talk. After a few drinks from the cash bar I began to cut loose and just be myself. I was being my silly comedic cynical self, and I had most of the people around me in stitches.

Later, up on the 17th floor, the booze was flowing freely, and we generally got shit-faced with the black Atlantic Ocean rumbling below us.

Midnight came with the expectant count-down to the New Year. Kisses were flowing all around. Cheryl and I kissed passionately. I could hardly wait to make love to her.

But after the kisses stopped, Cheryl noticed that Pam was standing in the corner alone looking dejected. She walked over to Pam and gave her a big hug. I felt bad for her. Phil had disappointed her again, he was off politicking with his bosses somewhere, but that’s just how he was: five minutes late and five dollars short. şişli escort I personally could not understand what would be more important than pleasing this obviously beautiful woman, and I told both of the girls the way I felt about it.

About an hour later the three of us walked down to the main lobby to wait for Phil. It was nearly three in the morning, and the lobby was completely empty. It was totally quiet except for our giggling. The girls were sloshed, and so was I. What we were laughing at I do not remember, but I recall that it was funny at the time.

At some point in our drunken stupor, Pam produced a small 35mm camera that she had kept in her purse.

“Take our picture,” the girls roared, and began to pose on the velvety circular seat situated around the large column in the middle of the hotel lobby. They struck an over-the-top pose and held that position until they heard the camera click.

I advanced the film and started to direct them. “You guys put your arms around each other,” I said. They did, and were having a good time with it. I took their picture.

Then I wondered how bold I could get. “Now spank each other,” I laughed. To my surprise Cheryl bent over and Pam drew very close to her and ran her hands up Cheryl’s ass. She then began to playfully spank Cheryl, who was laughing along. The camera clicked.

“Now,” I decided to press on. “Show me something.”

To my surprise, Pam leaned back and exposed her left breast, while Cheryl flashed me her right. Pam’s hand reached over and covered Cheryl’s breast, while Cheryl slid her hand in between Pam’s legs. I took the picture and advanced the film.

After the picture had been taken, Pam cupped her hand and rolled it over Cheryl’s breast, playing with her nipple. At the same time, Cheryl lifted Pam’s dress to display a good view of her friend to me. I swallowed hard in my throat, and snapped another picture.

Both of the girls noticed that I was getting aroused by them. Pam slowly spread her legs and revealed the entire crotch of her panties to me. She then began to lower her panties to reveal sweet spot of bush underneath. Cheryl, making matters even worse, reached down and touched her there; her fingers scratching up Pam’s front side. Pam smiled and arched her back into it. I snapped another picture.

About this time, I was dimly aware that someone was coming. I put the camera down and motioned to the girls that they should stop, and they immediately straightened themselves on the circular seat, trying to contain their laughter and keep their hands off each other. The large column would have blocked anyone from seeing what had just occurred anyway.

It was Phil, coming to pick us up and take us home. He had no idea of what he had just missed. We greeted him like nothing was going on; trying not to giggle, and told him we were ready to go. He just thought he had three drunks on his hands.

Phil brought the car around, we entered, and off we went into the night.

In the car the madness continued. Pam, who was sitting in the front seat, raised her arms in a fake stretch and reached in the back seat for Cheryl. I watched as Pam, without turning around, clumsily searched for Cheryl’s breast.

This made Cheryl hot. She pulled down her dress and exposed her breasts and maneuvered into Pam’s probing hand. Pam finally found her without looking back, and started to tenderly caress her nipples. I leaned over and started kissing Cheryl, as Pam continued to explore my girlfriend’s tits.

At one point I looked up and saw the top of Phil’s head in the rear view mirror. Could it be that this numb-nut cannot really know what is going on here? It was inconceivable to me.

That trip was both the shortest and the longest trek across town that I have ever remembered before or since. But eventually the four of us went into Pam’s apartment.

This was it for Phil. He would either have to put up or shut up. And of course, in typical Phil fashion, he left. That left me alone with two of the horniest girls I had ever seen in my entire life. Things were starting to heat up.

No sooner did Phil leave then the girls started to strip, without any regard that I was there. As a matter of fact, they were putting on a show for me. An occasional stocking would come flying through the air and land across my head and face.

I watched the two girls playing with each other, and wondered how far they would take it. I did not have to wait long.

Cheryl and Pam started kissing, their hands running all over each other.

I made my way to the far wall and turned off the light. I could still see the girl’s shapes moving suadiye escort in the blue darkness, as they stood in the bedroom.

Pam had now dropped on her knees in front of Cheryl, and Cheryl had one leg resting on a chair to give Pam better access. I saw Cheryl working her own tits and arching her back to the rhythm of Pam’s tongue lashing.

I came in the room and Cheryl grabbed my head and forcefully put her tongue in my mouth. We locked in a heated kiss. Next, I could feel Pam’s hand run up the front of my trousers feeling my erection that was fully pressing into the fabric. Cheryl’s hand touched my chest as she continued to be pleasured by Pam. I stimulated Cheryl’s breasts as she began to unbutton my pants.

When I tumbled out of my trousers Cheryl began to manually work me with her hand.

Cheryl put her head into the small of my neck. She kissed me there, and nibbled on my earlobe. Then she whispered to me, “Do Pam please”.

I kissed Cheryl deeply for a long time as she continued to work me. But when our kisses finally broke, I moved around behind Pam. Pam was eager to lift herself up to give me better access. She was ready for me. I touched her ass with my hands and spread her apart. I looked at Cheryl, who was looking at me, as I effortlessly entered Pam. Pam was excited and started to move in time with me, still she had her face in Cheryl. The entire time I had my dick in Pam I remained fixed upon Cheryl, who was writhing against the wall watching Pam. Pam was slamming into me always harder than before. I could tell she was about to turn loose.

Cheryl then gave me a look that I had seen before. She had been trembling but then quickly straightened up, and had to get away from Pam’s probing. She was about to cum, and remembering her little secret, I knew that she needed me. I knew exactly what to do. I gently pulled out of Pam and told the girls to get on the bed.

I mounted Cheryl sideways, with her left leg between mine and her right leg over my shoulder. With my balls firmly lying on her inner thigh, I entered her soaking wet pussy. This position freed my hands to use my right thumb to stimulate her clit, and my left to stimulate her anus. At the same time, Cheryl’s head was resting on Pam’s inner thigh as her tongue explored Pam’s clit.

At first I began to move too fast and too hard, and every thrust of my hips moved Cheryl off Pam’s mark. I was upsetting the delicate balance of our triangle of pleasure. So, I had to settle into more fluid motions that would best be described as long full stroking.

Somehow Pam got herself in a position to squeeze her arm through Cheryl and me, to go between my legs, gently pushing my scrotum to one side, and placing the palm of her hand flat against my ass. It was in that way that every time I would thrust into Cheryl; Pam could help pull me into her. It was all very erotic.

I could feel Cheryl building into a trembling frenzy, her body becoming tense as her muscles began to contract. I continued to butterfly her clit with my thumb, manually engaging her ass with the other. I knew she was about to cum, and the way Cheryl did it, I was preparing for the gush. I did not have to wait long.

Cheryl tensed a final time, pussy quivering, when my balls that had been bouncing off of her leg suddenly flooded with a warm gushing liquid feeling, the result of hot orgasmic juices freely squirting out of her. Cheryl shook with excitement as she reached her climax, that elusive place of total satisfaction that she longed to be in.

About the same time Pam began to orgasm from the sheer excitement too, as Cheryl’s hungry tongue went mad on her at precisely her moment of pleasure.

I did not have much of a choice either. Cheryl’s hot wave of pleasure made me explode my load into her hot pouring wet pussy.

The three of us collapsed entwined into a chaotic tangle of body limbs and parts. At that point we were not differentiated in any way by any single sex. We just were. Totally blended. Totally satisfied in our own unique way.

I had never had an experience like this before (or since), but I had heard of them. And I had heard that sometimes awkward feelings can arise after an encounter like this. But none of that happened with us. We all felt good about what just happened. There were no awkward feelings, and we all remained friends. Only we were closer than just friends. Because now we all kept a powerful secret.

So we lay there. And we kissed each other and lay in a torrent of juices that had just made a mess out of Pam’s bed. Pam said she did not care, and that it was well worth it. We all laughed and started to drift off to sleep holding each other in our arms.

“By the way,” Cheryl said looking at me before she drifted off to sleep. “Did you get the camera?”

“Oopps,” I said somewhat embarrassed. “I think I left it in Phil’s car.”

“That’s okay.” Pam stretched and then rolled over. She yawned, “It was his anyway.”

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